Yemeni Women

Yemeni women: exotic seductresses with jasmine scent

Hot Yemeni girls can amaze any man especially when he’s native to the world of the Western values. Living in a country that has hardly changed since the Medieval Ages, these ladies are deprived of many rights. However, no one can take their main female privilege from them, that is, seductive beauty.

Peculiarities of care and hygiene of a Yemeni woman

You can meet different types of beautiful girls in Yemen. In Sana, there are women with mostly Arabian appearance, and going closer to the south of the country, you may see many black-skinned African women and swarthy Indian beauties.

This is because many foreign ships from India, Somalia, Eritrea and other countries dock in the port of Hodeidah. People come to Yemen to work and often stay here forever. As a result of the mixing of blood, there are brides of Indian-Arab and other types here.

If you think that there is no place for cosmetics in the life of a Yemeni mail order bride, you’re deeply mistaken. However, local women don’t misuse the decorative cosmetics. All they allow themselves to do is the following:

  • Apply make-up on eyes and eyelashes (these brides can do it skillfully; they encircle their eyes along the contour and make them seem much larger, and the look gets deeper);
  • Decorate their hands with manicure and mehndi (a henna pattern); unmarried brides limit themselves to hands only, and married women may cover their breasts, hips and tummies with such patterns;
  • Strengthen their beautiful dark hair with henna giving it a ruby hue.

And all this is done just for her husband’s pleasure because Yemeni woman wants to be the most attractive and seductive.

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Tooth care

For hundreds of years, miswak replaces toothbrush and paste for Yemeni women. It’s a plant that tastes and smells like ginger. Local women brush their teeth with sharpened miswak twigs. There are useful elements in its fibers which cannot be found in any kinds of toothpaste. This is known to every child in Yemen.

That’s why the teeth of Yemeni women look like brilliant mother-of-pearl, and they always have a pleasant breath odor. For fixing this hygienic effect, Yemeni women used to drink fragrant tea with cardamom and mint in the morning.

Female aphrodisiacs

Hot Yemeni women don’t use perfumes. Like Cleopatra, they turn their eyes toward the forces of nature. Jasmine is regarded as the best source of the sweet smell. Yemeni women anoint their bodies with it and make necklaces of it. Then they put it on the neck or weave it to their braids.

In this way, Yemeni women become extremely attractive. In Yemen, jasmine is traditionally considered to be the main women’s “trump card” in the art of seduction. It’s sometimes replaced with basil.

Traditional clothes of hot Yemen girls

Women from Yemen adhere to the age-old traditions and canons of Islam. The everyday outfit set of Yemeni women includes the following:

  • “Tawb” – a long loose shirt often decorated with embroidery and beads;
  • “Abaya” – a black long loose cloak that covers the whole body; it may hide a t-shirt, undershirt, blouse and skirt;
  • “Boshiya” – a black scarf that covers the head and the lower part of the face
  • “Sheyla” or “niqab” – a kind of a scarf;
  • “Surval” – cotton or silk bloomers, sometimes jeans.

To somehow revive their gloomy clothes, many Yemeni women decorate abaya with sequins and other artificial “diamonds”.

According to the local customs, only very little girls and women may be dressed up. Before investing a lady with monastic clothes, she’s given an opportunity to feel like a princess.

A child who goes to school (there are separate schools for girls and boys in Yemen) should wear a special uniform. A girl wears a long green dress and white scarf that hides her hair. A kid cannot take off this scarf even in the classroom. However, she can tie it in an extremely elegant way.

Position of Yemeni women in society

The public relationships between women and men are traditionally limited with the following restraints:

  • Women must not appear in public without a male relative;
  • “Kharim” – the female half of the house – is strictly separated from the male one where guests are accepted;
  • Men and women don’t sit at the same table when eating;
  • The most duties of Yemeni women are limited to the household chores and upbringing of a child.

It’s allowed for a man to come to the mosque with a woman, but they must pray in separate rooms. And yet, taking into account the huge number of traditional requirements, there are some differences within this country:

  • Bedouin women from the northern regions can appear in public without a headscarf, talk to strange men, etc.;
  • In the agricultural mountainous regions of the western part of the country, Yemeni women take part in the public life on an equal basis with men; women wear abaya here only when they appear in public;
  • There are quite free practices on Socotra (by local standards, of course) that remind some covenants of the UAE.

However, in most cases, especially when a foreigner is present, Yemeni women must cover their hair and face leaving only their eyes open.

Many Yemeni brides don’t get disappointed because they cannot wear a dress. These women are sure that they should be beautiful only for their husbands and other women. No one prohibits Yemeni women to do it. They don’t have to hide themselves in their families and in a female company.

But still, Yemeni women don’t want to catch the eyes of strange men. They think it’s immodest and indecent.

Morals and worldview

Within Islamic morality, a Yemeni bride must obey only her father, husband and brothers. Another man may not talk to her and look into her eyes.

If someone has to talk to a Yemeni woman (for instance, a cashier in a store), he won’t argue with her in any case, otherwise, all the relatives may come to sort it out. Touching a Yemeni bride is out of the question.

The hot Yemeni women can stand up for themselves. If someone insults a Yemeni woman, she will start making noise and gesticulating vividly. Modesty and obedience are peculiar to these ladies in a family circle only.

Yemen child marriage

More than half of Yemeni brides get married before they reach 18 years, and even at the age of 15. 8-year-old Yemeni bride are also quite common here. In other countries of the third world, child marriages are prohibited at least formally (for example, in India), but in Yemen things are different.

All attempts of the government to protect the juvenile Yemen child brides officially have so far failed. The previously established 15-age limit was abolished in 1999. Yemen marriage law implemented in 2009 allowed the raising of the bride’s age up to 17 years, and it was repealed on the second day. The debates concerning marriage age still continue.

The main reasons for child marriage in Yemen:

  • Poverty;
  • The custom of ransom for a bride (300 thousand reals for a simpleton, three times more for a well-born woman, and two or three cows may be also requested);
  • Culture marriage tradition based on the fear of not marrying a bride when she becomes an adult;
  • Illiteracy;
  • The impossibility of employment of Yemeni brides who depend on men – fathers, husbands and brothers.

Besides, this marriage tradition is defended by the parents of Yemeni brides. Child marriage is regarded by them as a worthy way to ensure quiet adulthood of their daughters. It’s better for a teenage girl to be under the care of an adult man than to lose her virginity before the marriage.

The Quran doesn’t allow Yemeni girl marriage before reaching sexual maturity. However, there is no indication of the age of consent in the Holy book. For now, this issue is under the supervision of family and not in the area of law and resolutions.

Child marriage in Yemen is often an open deal that is not disguised in any way. One can, say, replace the writing off debt for a 9-year bride, or settle a conflict between families by offering a cousin instead who’s a 12-year-old virgin.

It should be also noted that the human body has hardly more value than diamonds in the Islamic tradition. However, it’s not customary to talk about sex life in Yemen, either before the wedding or after that.  Even mothers who got education don’t tell their daughters about that. That’s why the first wedding night for Yemen young brides is often ended with a shock. Tears, desperation, fright, panic – you can see all this on child brides photos.

Family relationships in Yemen

After marriage, Yemeni girls often discover that they have become part of their husbands’ harem. Men in Yemen are allowed to have four wives. In general, Yemeni families are quite large, and they consist of representatives of different generations.

There’s no cult of a child in this country. The oldest man is considered to be the head of the family. He’s succeeded by his sons in order of seniority. A man determines all the aspects of the family life. At least one of his sons should remain to live in the father’s home to take care of his parents.

After marriage, a Yemeni woman takes part in the economic life of the family. This woman should give birth to a child (preferably to a son), cook food, milk the cattle, plow, sow and do sewing. In short, Yemeni women are engaged in everything that maintains the family. Hence the Arab proverb: “Man is for war, and woman is for work”.

A Yemeni woman may have the minimum rights in her parents’ house. In the house of her husband, she becomes just an extra mouth to feed. Only after giving birth to a son, this woman gets a temporary privilege – she may do nothing during a month while recovering from childbirth. Yemeni woman should know that she can be simply kicked out of the house if she won’t be pregnant within the first year of the married life. The female infertility is regarded as a manifestation of the sin.

One more important detail – mothers choose Yemeni women for their sons. Of course, a mother can listen to her son’s wishes first, but what can he know about women whom he has seen only on TV? So, women in the East shape the future (the others’ future though, not their own).

The limited rights of Yemeni women

The children marriage is not the only gender problem in Yemen. According to Sharia, a Yemeni woman doesn’t have any property or inheritance rights, except for getting a part of bride money during a divorce process. An urban woman may receive at least the third part of her late father’s estate.

In a divorce process, the children are conveyed to the father. Only a newborn Yemen child can be taken by the mother before the growing-up. If a husband initiates the divorce, he says the following formula three times: “I let you go”. If a woman wants a divorce, she may appeal to the Sharia court. However, such situations are rather rare in Yemen, especially in regards to child marriages.

Why do Yemeni brides are looking for foreign men?

As it has already been mentioned, Yemeni woman cannot be envied. The Yemeni government is going to repeal too strict traditions and customs that apply usually to Yemeni women (child marriages, for example). However, until it comes to solutions including that concerning child marriage law, Yemeni women will have to suffer from harassment in the family and society.

Some Yemeni women don’t want to put up with such state of affairs when global changes take place all over the world, and the laws and customs regarding female rights are reviewed in almost every country. That’s why the most desperate and progressively thinking Yemeni women are eager to leave their homeland and breath the air of freedom abroad. The armed conflict that has been raging in this country over the last years and is negatively reflected on women’s life should also be taken into account.

Marrying to civilized foreign gentlemen, Yemeni brides are looking for something that they are deprived of in their homeland – piece, love and respect. These women want to forget about poverty, devastation and barbaric customs.

How can you find Yemeni brides?

Many women in Yemen are semi-literate and don’t have access to the Internet. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find Yemeni brides in the social media or on a universal dating site.

The only way to start a relationship with a bride from Yemen is to contact a special  international agency that assists in making acquaintances with Yemeni brides. It has a large base of verified and registered women and an extensive toolkit for searching foreign partners for them. This site must be legal, that is, it shouldn’t propagandize child marriages.

A man who wants to start a family with a Yemeni bride has to be prepared for the fact that in the very beginning, he will contact her through intermediaries – the employees of the agency. After all, even if this Yemeni bride has the skills of writing and reading, she may not know the foreign languages. Therefore, one has to rely on the professionalism of these employees.

5 ways to check the reliability of dating agency dealing with Yemeni brides:

  1. Gather information about it from expert reviews on similar websites and read the users’ comments.
  2. Pay attention to the statistics: the number of users, active accounts and results.
  3. Don’t fall for the hook of those online matchmakers who offer to buy a Yemeni woman, even without explicitly calling it that. Remember – bride trafficking and child marriages that are normal practices in Yemen, are qualified as a criminal offense throughout the civilized world.
  4. Learn about the means of communication with women offered by the site. Apart from emails, a reputable resource always suggests the opportunity to talk to Yemeni women in the chat.
  5. Avoid sites that offer free services or propagandize child marriages, for their security level is highly questionable.

If you trust the professional agencies, you’ll act within the law and will be able to find your happiness with a Yemeni bride from the Arab world.

Consider some etiquette rules when meeting with a Yemeni bride

Yemen is one of the most conservative countries in the Arab world. Many local customs in regards to women including child marriages are based on Sharia law. That’s why, when looking for a Yemeni bride, consider this for the first time:

  1. You must take food, money and things with your right hand only (!), for the left hand in Islam is considered to be “unclean” (it’s used for hygienic needs).
  2. In Yemen, it’s not customary to eat standing or on the go, neither it’s accepted to look into the face of a person who eats (a man or a woman alike).
  3. It’s not recommended to touch someone, especially on the head, without explicit permission.
  4. The bottoms of the feet shouldn’t be pointed in anyone’s direction.
  5. During a handshake, don’t look into the eyes of your interlocutor; you can’t hold the other hand in your pocket or wave it intensively in the air.
  6. Don’t walk in front of people who are praying.
  7. When entering the mosque or a house, you should take off your shoes.
  8. It’s strictly not recommended to kiss in public or pay compliments to a woman.
  9. A foreigner visitor should wear conservative clothes with long sleeves (a man or a woman alike).
  10. Even if you were invited to the Yemeni house, you may cross the threshold only when the host confirms his decision to let the guest in.
  11. You may bring a little present paying a visit. This present shouldn’t be for a woman, but for the head of the house or for his children, and it will be accepted with gratitude.
  12. It’s not recommended to start a conversation at the table from discussing personal or business issues and social problems such as child marriages.
  13. Don’t gesticulate actively while talking; a decent European gesture may mean something offensive.

A woman from Yemen is a great choice for a serious man

A Yemeni bride usually decides to marry a foreigner, because she doesn’t have another way to become happy in her homeland. This woman will be instinct with gratitude to her savior and will be ready to do anything for him.

Top-10 Beautiful Yemeni Women

  1. Balqees Ahmed Fathi (born October 20, 1988 UAE) is a Yemeni singer.
  2. Arwa (born February 21, 1979 in Kuwait) is a female Yemeni-Egyptian singer and television host.
  3. Sara Ishaq (born 1984, Scotland) is a Yemeni-Scottish film maker.
  4. Jade Thirlwall (born 26 December 1992) is one of the members of the British girl group Little Mix.
  5. Ofra Haza (November 19, 1957 – February 23, 2000) was an Israeli singer, actress and international recording artist.
  6. Shoshana Damari‎‎ (March 31, 1923 – February 14, 2006) was a Yemeni-born Israeli singer known as the “Queen of Hebrew Music.”
  7. Maria Al-Masani (born 1984) is a Yemeni and Canadian public relations executive who co-founded the Yemen Rights Monitor, a blog to record human rights violations.
  8. Rana al-Haddad is a Yemeni singer.
  9. Inbar Bakal (born in Tel Aviv, Israel) is an Israeli singer and songwriter.
  10. Achinoam Nini / Noa (born June 23, 1969 Bat Yam) is an Israeli singer, was born to a Yemeni-Jewish family.