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Where Vietnamese brides who really dream of a family can be found

The rhythm of modern life in the “work-home-work” mode leaves more and more people alone. Men do not have time to look for the contracted one in the mad cycle of life. And here can come to the aid of modern technology – online dating agency. Many are very skeptical about dating online. Indeed, the probability of disappointment is great at the first meeting. But there is another side to the medal, you can determine before meeting whether you have common interests, topics for conversation. After all, having met a lady in the park, having pecked at her appearance, you can be cruelly disappointed by starting communication.

The following instructions are for lonely, suffering hearts wishing to find a Vietnamese wife through a dating agency:

  • The first step is to register a dating site, since the choice is wide. It is desirable that this was a popular, proven resource;
  • Fill out the questionnaire as extensively as possible, it will make the first impression. Check for errors and typos, they will not be your decoration on the site;
  • The undoubted plus of dating through special sites is that you can choose a Vietnamese mail order bride according to the parameters that satisfy you: weight, height, age, goals of dating, attitude towards children, and their presence or absence, etc .;
  • Social networks have become more popular in modern society, there you can also try to catch luck by the tail. If a dating site bothers you for some reason, try to start dating in social networks;
  • Vietnamese girls love strong men who display initiative and interest, so don’t be afraid to be the first to start a dialogue, regardless of whose phrase was concluding in the last dialogue;
  • Do not show yourself as you are not. This will reduce the likelihood of disappointment when meeting;
General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.
  • Don’t be intrusive. It is better to maintain an interest in yourself tactfully than to annoy a Vietnamese woman with constant calls and SMS;
  • If good luck smiled on you and managed to get acquainted with a Vietnamese girl from your city – do not delay with a personal meeting. From long virtual communication is difficult to go to meetings in real life. In addition, the chance to meet her expectations is decreasing every day, as your image in her head becomes clearer, and you may not correspond to it;
  • And here are the first meetings behind. You feel – this is what you were looking for. It’s time to move to action, because your goal is to find a Vietnamese wife in the Internet. Without losing tact, report the seriousness of your intentions. You should not make proposals on the fly, but it is necessary to discuss the prospects of your relationship. Talk about living together, let the Vietnamese lady understand that your attitude towards her is serious.

Beautiful Vietnamese Women: Interesting Facts

Vietnam is a socialist but rather open country. Tourists began to actively explore it, approximately, since 2010. Being located not far from Thailand, she began to entice to her a part of his tourist flow, including men wishing to get acquainted with Asian beauties. Hot Vietnamese brides are different from other Asian women both in appearance and mentality. It’s not so easy to say whether you liked Vietnamese or not, because at least they are rather shy at first. What you need to do to impress?

How to meet Vietnamese women: three helpful tips:

To become successful with Vietnamese girls, you need to learn how to interact with them. It is very important to understand how their culture has influenced what is happening in their heads, and how this affects their communication with men. So, to be successful among the Vietnamese brides, you need to know the things written below. Consider them just basic rules.

  1. Pay more attention to your appearance – one of the best ways to attract the attention of the Vietnamese is to monitor your appearance and clothing. Of course, women all over the world love well-groomed men, but Vietnamese females especially, and in this matter they look like Korean women and Japanese women. If you have excess weight or you look sloppy, dirty, then many girls just will not talk to you. But if you look good, then you will not have problems with them. In general, the appearance here is very important;

  2. Behave modestly and respectfully – Vietnamese brides, like other Asian women, are very fond of men who behave modestly and respectfully with them. You will also need to monitor your language and behavior so as not to offend their culture or family. In this they differ from European women who love “bright” men or at least such men who simply pretend to be bright in order to draw attention to themselves. Modest behavior in no case will not be a signal to the Vietnamese that you are shy. Just the opposite: it will show that you want to be a strong man for her – calm, but interesting. This is a very good way to win the heart of any Vietnamese bride;

  3. You should  play by her rules – you need to know how to communicate with them in such a way that they like. This is not as difficult as it seems, because you just need to be a man: feel confident in your actions and take responsibility. The simplest example is when you take on the role of lead in a pair, set the mood and make a proper joke. Communicating with Vietnamese brides, you have to build a conversation in such a way that it is interesting and addictive. The more beautiful Vietnamese, the more attention she gives to just such a “game”. If you look insecure and indecisive, the Vietnamese brides will simply pass by. So keep your head up, make a little light in your eyes and go entertain your potential girlfriend.

You’ve married a Vietnamese Woman – You’re Really Lucky!

Now that you know how to win the attention of the Vietnamese, read about what its advantages are compared to other Asians and Europeans. Below is a list of the very valuable qualities they possess:

  • Vietnamese women are very beautiful – as men say, who have traveled all over Asia, and have lived in many countries, Vietnamese are among the prettiest Asian women. Of course, all people have different tastes, and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but the Vietnamese are really very beautiful. They can be safely put on par with the Korean, although they do a lot of plastic surgery for this. They have very beautiful fair skin, feminine faces and sexy eyes;

  • Vietnamese women are distinguished by beautiful figures – very many Vietnamese women have beautiful bodies, in which the thin waist and some prominent proportions from above and below are well balanced. They belong to those rare Asians, in the figure of which a flat stomach is combined, tightened rather narrow legs and an ass. This is found only in some taek. In Vietnam, one of the most beautiful girls in Asia;

  • Vietnamese women are not very easily persuaded to intimacy – most beautiful Vietnamese brides are not so easy to persuade to go to bed with you. They have their own standards, and they always carefully choose who they sleep with. This does not mean that it is impossible to get them into bed, but rather that they enjoy the attention that they receive in the process of hunting, no less than the end result;

  • Vietnamese brides are distinguished by excellent health – Vietnamese women, unlike Vietnamese men who like to smoke and drink, are usually in good health. Women in this country rarely abuse alcohol, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs, and also try to look after themselves.

Several Reasons That Define Vietnamese Wives As The Best In The World

  • Submission – one of the main qualities that impresses European men in Vietnamese, is their submission. And this is exactly the quality that guys who grew up in feminized European countries like so much. Female submission is a fairly common quality for all Asian cultures, but it is especially pronounced in Vietnamese. In the modern world, it is already strange and sometimes even embarrassing to say that a woman should be feminine. And only in comparison with the Vietnamese you will understand how much our Europeans have forgotten what it is and how it should be reflected in their behavior. Vietnamese brides are very feminine and well understand the roles of men and women in this world;

  • Vietnamese brides are very fond of Western men – another big plus Vietnamese is that they are open to talking with European men. They really like them, and many girls either still meet with “big and terrible Caucasians” or have already married them. Vietnamese mail order brides are especially popular among Americans;

  • Vietnamese singles respect the leaders – they love determined men and respect leadership qualities, so never put any questions on them. In Asian countries, women believe that it is a man who must be a leader in a couple and take most of the decisions for them. If you are in the company of a Vietnamese bride, do not try her on where to go. Decide for yourself, but come to this wisely, so as not to bring it to a boring and uninteresting place. It is leadership that they love very much in men;

  • Vietnamese brides are not feminists – as mentioned above, the Vietnamese are very feminine and enjoy it. It is not surprising that they do not want to change anything and become “strong and independent.” They adhere to traditional values ​​and partners want a real man. And men want just such a woman;

  • Vietnamese women know how to take care of a husband – most Vietnamese girls know how to take care of a man, and therefore they become excellent girlfriends and wives. They understand how to make a man happy in his family, and are aware of their role as women. Also, unlike feminized Europeans, they know how to love and cook tasty food;

  • Vietnamese women are very faithful – the women of this country will not turn away from you if you have any problems. If you treat her well and respectfully, she will pay you back for it tenfold. If you treat her with kindness and love, she will give you the same in return, not contempt and humiliation. That is why the Vietnamese make very good friends and wives. Not all of them, of course, but most are truly loyal.

The Percentage of Vietnamese Mail Order Brides is Growing – Why?

From the moment the borders opened in the early nineties of the last century, Vietnamese women for marriage began to migrate en masse to the west. It is worth noting that the majority of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity go abroad with the sole purpose of getting married and thus arranging their lives. Meanwhile, many are concerned about the question, why do Vietnamese women prefer foreign suitors? It is worth noting that there are many factors that make beautiful Vietnamese brides look to the side of abroad. Do not forget that not everything is as cloudless as it may seem at first glance. It is very difficult to find a truly promising lady from which you can live happily until the end of your days.

There is an opinion that living abroad in developed countries is not only easier, but also more comfortable. Indeed, at present Vietnam, in terms of its economic development rates, is seriously lagging behind many foreign countries. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to build a good career here. Accordingly, there are problems with a promising and well-paid job. In foreign countries, many representatives of the strong half of humanity are successfully building their careers and have a good salary. They can afford to give their women all that is necessary for happiness. In turn, foreigners appreciate in Vietnamese women, above all, intelligence and natural beauty. They prefer to see next to them such representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who will stand out brightly from the crowd. Meanwhile, at present there is a rather tough competition among the Vietnamese women for the right to be happy. It is extremely difficult to choose a truly promising pair from abroad.

Currently, dating sites with foreigners are ready to offer many options. Meanwhile, if you really want to find a decent pair, then pay attention to an agency with a good reputation and reviews. Such agencies accompany their clients at all stages of building relationships. It has its own extensive base of Vietnamese brides who are looking for not only a pleasant acquaintance, but a husband for life. Great importance in a good agency is given to the organization of the first meeting with Vietnamese mail order bride. It is the first contact that can have a significant impact on further relations.

Marriage – What Is It For A Vietnamese Woman?

Attitudes towards marriage of Vietnamese women are somewhat different from what men are looking for in him and what they expect from him. For the weaker sex in the first place is love, affection and location. They can be expressed not only and not so much by endless explanations in love, as by a simple bunch of wildflowers, donated just like that, for no apparent reason, by a phone call and many other signs of attention. In addition, such indicators as:

  • the ability of the husband to listen and hear the spouse, to talk more with her on the topics of concern to her;

  • be open and honest with her;

  • to fulfill their financial and family obligations of the husband and father.

If the needs of partners are met in marriage, over the years, marital bonds not only do not weaken, but on the contrary, become stronger. And this is nothing but a happy marriage for both partners.


Vietnamese women often search foreigners. Vietnamese men rarely marry foreign women. The main reason for this state of affairs is banal. Vietnamese are a stunted nation. A foreigner to marry a little Vietnamese is normal. For a Vietnamese man to find a foreign woman who is below him is very difficult. Even in the neighboring countries of Southeast Asia and China, the average height is higher than in Vietnam. Under the NRW Constitution, men and women have equal rights. Tradition and lifestyle assign Vietnamese woman subordinate position. Confucian morality prescribes a woman to listen to her father, husband, son. However, the changed economic and social conditions level the situation.

The appearance of people, in addition to the proportions of their faces, also depends on physical and mental health, and this is not bad in Vietnam. Vietnamese girls take part in various beauty contests every year and often take places in the top ten. With age, the appearance of Vietnamese women changes little, unless, of course, there are no major health problems or heavy physical labor. In Vietnam, fat people are rarely met, and fat women are even less common than men. Quite a lot of young women and girls marry foreigners and go abroad.

In the countries of East Asia, girls often leave through marriage agencies, and even through fraudsters. In China, South Korea, in Taiwan, there are not enough brides, so the Vietnamese girls leave, first of all, there. In Taiwan, there are currently about 200 thousand women. Many of them in other neighboring countries, as well as in the Czech Republic. It happens that in the flight from poverty by marriage for a foreigner, many girls fall into sexual slavery. Recently, Vietnamese brides have been brought to Malaysia and put on display in a cafe, so that future grooms can see the “goods” by their faces without going abroad.

Families of girls receive from marriage agencies for their daughters $ 5000- $ 10,000, depending on the beauty of the future bride. The Internet has added the possibility of dating with foreigners. Vietnamese media in 2008 wrote about the village of An Bang, located 40 km from the old capital of Vietnam, Hue. In it, almost all women want to marry only foreigners. Vietnamese wives meet men from other countries via the Internet and many manage to fulfill their dream of moving to other, richer countries. As a result, in this village the female population disappears before our eyes.

During the Vietnam War, about 20 thousand American troops married Vietnamese women and took them to the United States. In addition, then many women had children born out of wedlock from Americans. After the departure of the US Army from Vietnam, these women had a hard time. However, the US authorities gave them visas and many emigrated to the United States. Others fled to neighboring countries. One of the works of art on the Vietnam War and the postwar period, the musical “Miss Saigon”, is based on a similar plot and is dramatized to the maximum. American politicians in Vietnamese are married to Democratic Senator Webb and former US Ambassador to Vietnam Peterson. Both served in South Vietnam during the 1965-1973 war.

5 Influential Women in Vietnam History

  1. The Trung sisters
    Two sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, were brave female heroes who launched and led people to revolt against the colonial government of the Eastern Han Dynasty, which ultimately established the independence of autonomy within three years after more than 200 years immersed under the yoke of the feudal dynasties of the North.
  2. Nguyen Thi Dinh
    This lady was the first female general of the Vietnam People’s Army!
  3. Kim Phuc
    We’ve all seen the photo – naked, crying, burned and running alongside other children away from the smoke – it’s emblematic of human suffering during the Vietnam War.
  4. Queen Mother Y Lan
    In Vietnamese history, Y Lan was the wife of King Ly Thanh Tong.
  5. Queen Le Ngoc Han
    In Vietnamese history, Princess Le Ngoc Han is a very well-known female character and is mentioned frequently. She was the 9th daughter of King Le Hien Tong.