Venezuelan Woman

Venezuelan women are hot girls who love their husbands and children most in life!

If you think that Venezuelan girls are goddesses with a bright character, then you know too little about them! Like other women from different countries in South America, Venezuela are very versatile personalities. If you want to find yourself a foreign woman, then pay attention to the girls from venezuela!

Approximately ¾ of the country’s population are dark-skinned, dark-haired and dark-eyed people. The defining national trait is a combination of relaxation and constant readiness to joke and laugh. It seems that the people of Venezuela are not at all busy with work or life. No, they are not lazy at all. They know how to live and work in a measured rhythm, which is sorely lacking for people from other countries. If you want to change your life for the better, learn to see the positive in every day and just enjoy everything, then you are definitely marrying a Venezuelan mail order bride!

Almost all local people consider themselves absolutely happy. Contentment with their lives makes them true patriots. Fences, walls and even tree trunks are painted in the colors of the Venezuelan flag. Maybe this feature is a consequence of the fact that Venezuelans do not know the feeling of cold and hunger? All year long the sun shines brightly on them and the mango grows. Do you want to know more about Venezuelan women? Read this article!

Work and life of Venezuelan girls

Walking through the streets you will find that all residents work in tiny companies. There are small shops, hotels, workshops and cozy restaurants everywhere. Large corporations or factories are very few. Small private business is the specificity of the Venezuelan economy (with the exception of oil exports). Girls choose the same job as men. They have a good salary. And most importantly – women have time to devote themselves to home, family and children even with their own business.

Venezuelans live and work surrounded by religious attributes. Virtually every building has an image of the Virgin Mary. Figures of the holy virgin are installed along the roads. Even in public transport passengers and drivers are baptized every time they drive by. Religious parades regularly take place on the streets. But don`t think that the girls are dressed too modestly. These are parades with fiery dances in tops and miniskirts. Here people have fun, sing and don`t think about problems.

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Features venezuelan wife and mother

In the system of life values ​​for women of Venezuela the first place is occupied by the home, families and children. Their existence is completely centered around the family and relationships. The average couple has 2-3 children. The woman in the house is the head of the family. She decides what will eat a husband and children for dinner, which sports sections are suitable for children and what furniture to buy in the house.

Venezuelans are not very fond of official marriages. Relationships in families are built strong and trusting. Wives try to spend all their free time with relatives. And men can safely refuse fishing or football in favor of communicating with the family.

Do not think that the european wives are consistently housekeepers. There are women who skillfully combine work with everyday duties. Since ladies have a steel character, their work is often linked to politics, education or medicine.

Are venezuelan women the most beautiful girls in the world?

Practically every man could have such a question, because venezuela chicks often received prizes at international beauty contests. Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth … There are 22 prestigious awards on the Venezuelan count!

These girls know how to profitably present their appearance to others.

  • Lush chest and elastic buttocks;

  • Fascinating eyes;

  • Long black hair;

  • Thin waist…

Women love sports and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the gym. Also the population of Venezuela is actively keen on surfing and other wave sports. And on weekdays you can spend time on sports fields, which are found in almost every area of ​​the city. It is always crowded and you can meet venezuelan singles here.

Girls pay enough attention to make up. Venezuelan women prefer bright and tight clothing regardless of the figure. According to statistics they spend at least 30% of their income on their beauty. But do not think that the venezuelan wife will wear a lot of gold jewelry. Such accessories are used only in the theater or restaurant. In everyday life ladies prefer a practical sexual image without excesses.

The first meeting with the Venezuelan bride

Exciting and long-awaited! If you don`t understand Spanish well, then before the first date you need to tighten the level of knowledge of the language. Speaking in English, you may encounter difficulties in understanding. It is used only in business areas of large cities and on several islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Most likely you will go to a cozy restaurant, where you will talk for a long time and not think about time. When talking Venezuelans are usually located close to each other, approximately at arm’s length. It is an opportunity to put a hand on the elbow or shoulder. Venezuela dating will be very exciting and informative. You will learn more about the girl you like, all that will be interesting to you. And she will ask you many questions. Venezuela ladies love to discuss new information and draw conclusions, listening to their own intuition. Girls think with their hearts, because conquering them is not so easy. But if you try, then you will certainly have a happy future!

Men can only dream of such a girl! And if you want to make the dream come true and become the husband of the most beautiful woman in the world, then mail order bride bride will help you!  Hot venezuela women are pleased to meet with foreign men and are ready for new meetings to marry in future.

It is difficult to imagine more smiling, courteous and polite people that girl from Venezuela. Even if you don`t find your love in our agency venezuela mail order bride, but get to know the girl, you will find friend in her face. At any time she can dispel your longing by inviting to the next holiday. Venezuela will teach you to smile and enjoy life. And if the dating venezuelan girl brings you true love, then you will become the happiest person in the whole world. Your life will find new colors and you will never want to return to the past!

8 Badass Venezuelan Women You Should Know About

  1. Grandmother Rosa: Venezuela’s current revolution may not have happened without Rosa Ines Chavez, the paternal grandmother of late President Hugo Chavez, who credited her with imbuing him with revolutionary ideals at the table of her modest house in Sabaneta de Barinas.
  2. Algeria Laya Mercedes Lopez: Considered one of the trailblazers of the feminist movement in Venezuela, Mercedes was a tireless political and social activist and women’s rights advocate.
  3. Teresa de La Parra: Parra is recognized as an outstanding contributor to Venezuelan literature.
  4. Teresa Carreño: One of Venezuela’s greatest musicians and composers, Carreño shocked the world and 19th century Caracas society with her skill and talent on the piano.
  5. Luisa Caceres de Arismendi: Luisa Caceres Diaz was born in 1799, during the last years of Spanish rule in South America.
  6. Josefa Camejo: Considered a national hero, Josefa Camejo was born in 1791.
  7. Concepcion Mariño: This Venezuelan heroine was another independence fighter who joined the struggle against Spanish rule in 1812, aged 22.
  8. Juana Ramirez: Known as “The Trailblazer,” Ramirez fought for independence alongside some of the greatest revolutionary names of her time.