Transgender Dating Sites

Review of Best Transgender Sites – Transexual Dating in 2020

While some people feel so free when looking for a partner, others suffer a lot because of this problem. The thing is that not everyone uses the features which are common in society when choosing a partner for dating or further relations. The issue is more serious for those, who can’t show their true faces or people who are just making their attempts im transformation. It’s extremely difficult for some of these brave people to discuss the topic with partners who don’t accept their choice.

How to Find TS Partner

It’s very important for transgender singles who decide to be honest with themselves and go out of the closet to feel that someone can support this idea, stay near. It’s also about arranging dating. In order to find an understanding person who can share the ideology of such choice, people use special platforms to find a company for spending an evening with or maybe even something more – relationship, family. 

Seeking for such partners in the streets is also a rather controversial idea. But don’t lose hopes, different professional websites can do their best for to to get acquainted with a man or a woman for more close relations afterwards. Service for transgender personals will definitely be in use. So, prepared beforehand transexual dating will help to avoid misunderstandings and, perhaps, even help to find love. How to meet transgender online and which best transgender dating sites can help?

What is the Transgender Dating?

All the platforms or apps, which are listed below, just work for one purpose. Their main goal is to help members of the transexual dating sites to meet single people who want to have conversations online and get together in real life then. So what experience can users of tranny dating sites get and what tips to use while transgender date?

TG Personals

This platform exists since 1999 and is oriented on transgender dating. For years of good work the tools of this website allowed thousands of ts dating to turn into something more. The original idea of creators was to make a friendly place which could become some kind of a community where visitors could search for understanding friends with the same ideology, or organise transvestite dating, when they find an appropriate person to do it with.

Mike Kasper is an owner of this resource and knows exactly how to do his job. So he decided to make this project long time ago, while being in college and watching people who really needed help of this kind. Due to his ideas people learnt how to meet transgender and give these relations a chance. By the way, the membership here is free, so the cost for getting a wonderful ts hookup is just some time and attempts to impress the companion.  


Another transgender dating website from the list is the one which includes blogs, sections for for pre-op, post-op, and non-op users. The features of the resource is similar to most other ts dating sites. Visitors here know exactly, what they are looking for, and can use advanced options to meet transgender couple just by adding information about themselves and giving enough attention to the partner. 

For those who want to keep the fact of using this website in secret, creators made an important option. Profiles with photos and private information are not shown while searching in Google, so users can stay unseen by the public. Some people come here not only for dating a transgender woman or find a transgender husband. Several users just want to get information about this direction and maybe make a choice of their own.


It’s another trans dating platform which represents the whole community of different options for entertainment. The source includes forums and blogs, special chat rooms. Users can connect with administration and give a feedback by telling what things to improve or change. So the platform is really friendly for transgender visitors and their needs, which makes it one of the most popular.

The platform also provides excellent level of privacy and always supports the ideology of its users. So any hurtful stereotypes or things which can be offencive are not allowed here. Such attitude creates a special atmosphere, that’s why lots of people join the community daily, become friends with other people on forum topics and, certainly, find finally a transgender couple for further relationship. New visitors with common ideology are always welcome, by the way. 

TS Dates

Just one more transgender dating site is here to help all people in the world who need love to find it online. To arrange transgender hookup here is extremely easy, so there are 78 million users here. Of course, some of them have already found couples, while others are online just for conversations and fun. But still it’s a place where feelings still mean something and tranny dating is a common thing to talk about or to arrange. 

As for the rate, all categories get the maximum of five stars. This mark includes opinion about privacy settings, amount of users who stay active and, of course, the estimate of chances to find a couple here. To start using this trans dating site you don’t have to pay for it. And if you decide to get an upgraded version, just prepare about 30 dollars, or a bit more (depends on features you choose).

Here is a dating transwomen site, you can find an amazing one here. Accounts of users include photos and some information, so you can decide whether you want to chat and develop relations. Women on this platform differ from each other. Some of them are pre-op, others – post-op. They can be tendit or strong, slim or rather plump, have blonde or dark hair. So it’s only your task now to choose, which profile is the most appropriate for your preferences.

There are also transgender women from different countries with rather unusual culture sometimes. And to know them better users can try out some special tools of the resource. They are chats via webcams, other opportunities to see the partner. And if the desire of meeting this person won’t leave you, just arrange a dating to tell this transgender woman all you feel to her. Isn’t it the right opportunity for that?

TS Mingle

Visitors who use this resource for ts date arrangement, know, that it’s a chance with high probability to meet a transgender person and to build love together. To start using the website guests don’t have to pay. The platform originally was built as some kind of charity. This service had to develop the arranging of transgender datings. And its main purposes were for these brave people to stop feeling shy or come across rude attitude in other places.

The idea was pretty good and soon started to find those who supported the idea. Users were appearing in bigger and bigger amount daily. And today it’s one of record breaking resources where with pure extensions transgender people log in to appear in the surrounding of visitors with the same ideology. And if everything goes well, each person will be lucky to find a companion here. 

TS Scene

This platform has a convenient mechanism of matching. Users can visit the website, mark their sex, age and preferences for the potential partner. After matching for some minutes, the system can tell exactly, how many people are searching for the same in your area. In order to see their profiles, users have to get registered or log in. This step allows to keep confidential level really high, what most of visitors here need.

When you find a right person for chatting and perhaps even meeting, don’t forget to ask about some details to find out that the meeting will be safe. The rules of the website and its policy always tell visitors that administrators are doing their best to keep the proper level of safety, but still visitors have to be careful themselves and think twice before doing any desperate things.

Trans Relationship – Info for Searching

When you start to search for websites to find transgender companion, remember, that it’s quite easier to do it on special platforms with tools for marking your preferences. And casual or serious relations can be easily built on the transgender sites which were listed beforehand.

What Steps Can Be Used

Searching for a transgender partner online is not a difficult thing, when you know how to do it, of course. There are several tips which can help to learn the rules of the platform quickly and get the results more quickly. What are they?

  • Before starting to look for a companion, do a short research to find a place with proper amount of users, convenient interface, pay attention at other important conditions.
  • The first thing you can do after getting registered is to press your mouse to open the profile of a transgender person you find attractive.
  • Start the conversation from telling about yourself a bit. And don’t forget to ask your partner for information, too. But be careful with personal information and give it only to reliable people after a long time. 
  • Don’t hurry up and when you see that something is wrong, just break up. Perhaps the partner start to ask you for money or you can catch this person on lying. Don’t worry then, just forget and go on looking for your transgender love.

The issue of pre or post-op is rather delicate for transgenders. Some platforms have special markers with such points on the account. And if they don’t, ask your companion carefully and provide the following information about yourself, too. You can also look for transgenders on social settings or somewhere else, but still professional websites are the best option.

Transexual People Aren’t Fetish Objects

Perhaps because of influence which mass media has or just because of stereotypes, many people consider that they can meet transgenders just to try something unusual in their life. Yes, this kind of relationship is really very special, when people want to meet a really understanding couple and feel love in their life, let it fill their days. So how can it be stated that transgenders, these sensitive people, are fetish objects or something like that?

Which Things Can Offend These People

Sincerely open for new meetings and feelings, transgender people are still very gentle and can feel not well after some actions which their partners can accidently do. It’s about too private questions, especially about their decision to make transformation. Not all transgenders want to discuss their choice or make something special out of it. They just want to feel like personalities who can make partners happy with their presence, smile, conversations.

So be polite while talking to your transgender companion and expect the same thing from the partner, of course. The other advice for how to communicate with transgenders is to avoid stereotypes, especially if they are offencive. One of such wrong statements is that all transgenders are sex workers. This kind of occupation is as common to transexual people, as to cisgendered ones, as well. So it’s not acceptable to make conclusions just because of stereotypes about transgenders, gossips from mass media.

Advice for Transgender Dating  

As during the other datings, the moment of first meeting and making a good first impression are quite important things. And as for transgender datings – the rules don’t change. Task for partners is to know each other better, become more close. How to prepare for transgender dating?

  1. Learn everything about your transgender couple. Try to connect with friends to learn that it’s a real person and no any negative surprises will be waiting while meeting.
  2. Prepare some topics to talk about. If your transgender partner likes reading, learn a bit about books and authors to talk about while meeting.
  3. Choose a right place which your transgender companion will enjoy. Perhaps you can meet in a public place – cinema, cafe. Or, if both agree, that can be a kind of romantic dinner at home.
  4. Don’t forget about your look. It doesn’t meet that you need official or new and expensive clothes. Just try to look fresh and good-looking.

After meeting your transgender companion, don’t forget to smile and say pleasant things. Confusing pauses can be easily replaced by some compliments or funny jokes to unwind a bit. You should also pay attention at behaviour of your transgender companion and behave according to the certain circumstances.

What to Talk About

Another thing which many people forget while getting ready for any dating, and of course transgender, as well, is to prepare for good talk. It’s one of the easiest ways to learn everything about your transgender partner and also to tell about yourself. With this option transgender couples can know each other better, decide whether they can meet again and have something more special between each other. So, every relationship begins with a conversation. 

An online chat begins with a short “Hello” and then, if everything goes well, you suddenly find yourself chatting with your transgender companion or talking to this person via a webcam. The more you find out about this person, the stronger your feelings become. Don’t hurry up, but also don’t miss a chance to become closer with a transgender person who understands you and wants to share with you something more than just a talk.

How to Fight With Stereotypes

Unfortunately, dating with transgender couples is still considered an unusual or even strange thing in some countries. And that’s definitely not right. How can others tell people what to feel, how to look like. So people who decide to go this way should know one thing – doesn’t matter what others think or say. We live our lives just for ourselves, our pleasure. And if to do everything for others only, what can be left for ourselves then?

Right, nothing, if not to stop paying attention at miserable trifles. If some friends, relatives or, moreover, unfamiliar people will try to judge you – just explain that you don’t care and will stay your ground. You and your transgender couple should do only one necessary thing – enjoy each other’s presence and be happy. So forget about stupid stereotypes and do what you want to.


If you are looking for a place where it would be easy to arrange a transgender dating, check out professional services with tools for your convenience. Different platforms have one common principe – all the accounts here belong to transgender-friendly people who are also looking for partners, want to find friends or just learn about this ideology something more. Opportunities of online services are extremely wide. So you can not only meet new people, but also find a transgender person who can become your close couple afterwards.