Thai Women

Description of Thai Women

Thai girls are usually short in stature, with a chiseled figure and beautiful black hair. They all are known for their beautiful smile and goodwill. Thai brides manage to stay happy throughout their whole, no matter how many obstacles they have to deal with. This is very attractive to foreigners.

In Thailand, as in all other countries, there are girls of different types. Girls from high society are usually self-sufficient. They have everything in life: influential parents (having their own business, or very famous people), a prestigious university, excellent work and, accordingly, a narrow circle of contacts, which includes rich friends like her. Therefore, acquaintance with such a girl is simply not possible, unless you know one of her friends or relatives.

Another type of women are hard-workers, who try to achieve everything in life independently. They have a job, and they are completely self-sufficient, so they don’t sleep for money, and negatively refer to the word “prostitution”. Such girls dream of creating a normal, full-fledged family, so they are the perfect and most realistic choice for any foreigner.

Well, there remains one more type of girls who are forced into prostitution. Some of them are engaged in this in order to feed their large family, and some even by the dictates of the heart, since this profession gives a good salary, especially when it’s the peak season for tourism. There are a lot of foreigners that come to Thailand just to have sex with Thai mail order bride, who have heard that their relationship to men is completely different from ordinary prostitution in other countries.

Thai girls grow up in Buddhist families and have patience, humility, respect and total submission to their parents. The very way of the Thai family is based on honoring and respecting the male half of the family – therefore, all concerns for the family fall on the fragile female shoulders (especially the mother and the eldest daughter). All of this clearly affects character and behavior of girls from poor families.

General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.

Foreign men find the following qualities to be most attractive in Thai women: their reverence, adoration, and complete submission to the man, and they manage to do all of it with astonishing ease and a pretty smile. Not a single man will refuse to be the center of the universe, even if it’s in the eyes of a prostitute. Because of all this, Thai prostitutes are one of the best in their business, if not the best.

Foreigners keep sending them money for a long time, even if they already flew back home. But, more often, everything happens much easier: a one-night relationship on the principle:if you pay money you get the high quality sexual experience. Bangkok, Pattaya and the island of Phuket are traditionally considered the main places of Thailand prostitutes. When it’s twilight time, a completely different life starts in Thailand, painted with exotic colors of impetuous and carefree fun. Hundreds of pubs, go-go bars, discos and night shows open the doors for you, inviting you to enter and stay there until morning in the arms of Thai women.

Go-go bars are basically night clubs that have a small dance scene, where girls are dancing near the pole, giving visitors the opportunity to see them better. Accordingly, all the girls are wearing loincloths, covering a little intimate parts of the body. After choosing the girl you like, you can sit with her in the hall, treat her and discuss further joint actions (for $ 20-50 you can either spend the evening with her or whole night).

Sex shows are usually held on the second floors of the bars, in small darkened rooms with a stage and several rows of chairs for the audience. There is no bright show, beautiful costumes, and anything that would be fascinating besides women.

Therefore, if you want to arrange a colorful celebration for your soul and eyes, then it is best to visit a bright show with amazing costumes, a musical performance and a firework of lights. Calypso Kabare in Bangkok (Hotel Asia) and the legendary Alcazar Show in Pattaya are very popular. It is really a fabulous show with great dance numbers and talented artists. The cost of entrance tickets can vary from $ 8 to $ 15 per person, depending on the number of tickets purchased at the same time.

Worst and Best Places to Look for a Loving Wife

Worst places:

1. Walking along the street at night you will certainly meet pretty, long-legged girls with magnificent breasts that look like true models, and are just as good in terms of beauty and femininity. If you have never seen a real Thai transsexual in your life, then it will be quite difficult for you to distinguish him from a real woman. Thai transvestites have become so good at acting like pretty girls that not everyone will immediately see the differences, but they do exist.

In fact, you can see a lot of drunk tourists that are happy in the company of Thai transvestites. The most interesting thing is that they are really sure that they are communicating with beautiful girls. And often these tourists later boast that they met great girls in Thailand and had some great time together.

Remember once and for all. Most Thai girls are not tall. Simply put, almost all of them are stunted. This of course does not mean that all of them are dwarfs, not at all. If during the walk you meet a beautiful, long-legged girl on your way, and above all a tall girl, you should definitely reconsider the amount of alcohol you have drunk and carefully study your “girlfriend”. The first thing you should pay attention to is the long legs and the presence of the so-called Adam Apple;

 2. Just by walking on the street you will see a number of prostitutes that are offering their services. But do not think that a prostitute in Thailand will necessarily drag you to a bar or a strip club. Very often there is a situation when you are walking down the street when you see  a beautiful modest girl who does not look like a prostitute at all. You come close to her and start talking, and you will be surprised by how well she will be able to keep up the conversation, while smiling at you all the time. However, everything is pretty tricky here.

First of all, your lovely companion will surely offer you a drink. And most likely she will lead you to the bar where she receives a percentage of each visitor, such as you,.Secondly, she wants to introduce you to her girlfriends, who most likely work in one of the local strip bars. And thirdly, after visiting such strip bars, this “shy” girl will immediately invite you to her house.

You have to understand that at best you will have to pay for visiting the bar, strip bar, as well as for food and drink for her girlfriends and friends. And in the worst case, you can get into serious trouble.

Most likely, she will ask you to pay her for a nice evening. If all you need from her is sex for money, then of course you are lucky. And if not, then you will most likely have a serious conversation with unknown men.

That being said, you have to understand that not all of the prostitutes offer their services directly. They just want to make it look serious and get as much money as possible. So, if you just want to have sex, then I’d suggest you go directly to the bar/club. There you can just pay for the girl and do your thing without wasting time on frauds.

Best places:

If you want to meet a decent Thai girl, then welcome to dating sites where most of them hang out. Of course, you will also meet some prostitutes there, but it’s pretty easy to distinguish them from regular girls: they have more candid photos (in sexy clothes) and a desire to come to your hotel as soon as possible.


Badoo is one of the most popular dating sites, almost every Thai woman who wants to start serious relationships knows about this site. The site is international, you can find a girlfriend in any country.


  • You can search for a girl in any city without paying extra money. There are a lot of criteria for searching – age, height, weight, etc;

  • The ability to place as many photos as you want;

  • You can chat with your Thai girl absolutely for free;

  • Interface in multiple languages;

  • You can see all the people who viewed your profile;

  • One of the most famous dating sites among Thai girls.


  • In the “Random Dating” game it is impossible to find out who wants to meet with you and view their profile for free. This feature is only possible for 300 baht per month;

  • Every day your profile moves down in the search results (and the lower it is, the less chance that someone will see your profile). You can only raise it for 60 baht.



  • You can place an unlimited number of your photos on the site;

  • You can write your email address and Skype to communicate around the site (on many dating sites contact information is prohibited);

  • The ability to send and receive messages


  • You have to wait 10 minutes to send a new message you will have to pay $ 25 per month if you want to send unlimited amount of messages);

  • You can not see those who have added you to favorites and those who have visited your profile (only the last person). For an additional fee, these restrictions are removed;

  • Free search is not too good, you can not specify a city, but only a country.



  • In the search on the site you can specify not only the country, but also the city;

  • Interface in multiple languages;

  • You can chat with those who are online.


  • You can only post 4 photos for free;

  • You will have to pay extra cash in order to be able to send messages and read comments to your profile.


One of the most famous dating sites, but the main functions, such as reading messages and chat are only available for an additional fee (800 baht per month). Leaving your contact information is also prohibited, so you practically can not meet for free.

It is not the best place for a beginner. Try your hand at other sites, and if anything, you can always return back to ThaiLoveLinks.


Everything is for free, which is very nice, but not too many Thai women know about this dating site. In addition to meeting, you can play games, buy a virtual pet, etc.


Almost every Thai has a Facebook account and uses it to chat with friends. But the real minus is that it doesn’t have a search by country, so you can’t always find what you want.

Summing up, it obvious that the best free site for dating in Thailand is Badoo, and the best paid one is ThaiLoveLinks (since there are so many Thai brides).

How Come Thai Brides Look so Young?

Most native Thailand girls can be attributed to the happy category of girls without age. Even at their 40s, they effortlessly retain the youthful freshness of the face and girlish slim figure.

In many ways, the phenomenon of eternal youth is explained by the diet, 80% of which consists of seafood, fruits, vegetables and rice. Rice is the main food of Thais, the rest of the food are only a side dish to it. As for the meat product in Thailand, only chicken is widely available, but it costs a lot more than fish or prawns.

If you look at the secret from the side, you might get the impression that they are eating all the time. In fact, at the dinner table, Thai women mostly chat with each other, because of this, the meal is delayed for several hours. Favorite girlish dish is som-tam, which is basically green papaya salad.

How they care about skin

Thai brides have their own beauty secrets. One of the most common recipes for skin care of the face is daily morning washing with fresh coconut milk. According to local residents, it helps them to delay the appearance of mimic wrinkles. Lotus, coconut and tropical flower oils are also very popular in Thailand. The traditions of aromatherapy came to Thailand from neighboring India, but one cannot say that Thai girls strictly follow the rules of Ayurveda.

Coconut oil

The oils here are used mainly instead of body cream. In large supermarkets, you can buy face masks made of dried herbs and flowers. However, you have to dilute them with water to a thick slurry consistency before using them. With their help, you can achieve a lifting effect, as well as get rid of red spots – the local variety of solar allergies. And coconut milk oil is a very effective remedy for stretch marks.

Whiter than snow

The most popular factory-made cosmetics are still pearl-based whitening serums supplied to the country, including the ones from China. As in other Asian countries, in Thailand, light skin is considered a sign of wealth. You can recognize a wealthy Thai bride just by the pale tone of the face. It’s the easiest way to do it. Freckles and sunburn are often reduced by local women with the help of Pure Pearl Powder.

The name of it is just conditional, as it has no relation to powder in the European sense of the word. The box contains capsules with powder that must be diluted in water or in milk. Then the resulting mixture is applied to the face, and left for 10-15 minutes, then the mask should be washed off with warm water. It is worth noting that this procedure not only smoothes the complexion and gives the skin porcelain whiteness, but also briefly blocks facial expressions, and, therefore, with regular use it can be a good alternative to Botox.

The second sign of high public status ladies is hairstyle. Girls with low incomes have long hair, and wealthy ladies prefer to do haircuts. If we talk about local brands that produce hair care products, then it’s worth mentioning the Lolane brand, that specializes in inexpensive hair dye. In addition to hair dye from vigorous colors, gels, waxes and other stuff, Lolane brand also provides jojoba oil for hair care, sunflower extract remedy for restoring damaged hair, as well as lotion with extracts from herbs and fruits, restoring and nourishing hair.


Moisturizing, nutrition, rejuvenation – the three basic Thai principles of skin care. A distinctive feature of the local factory cosmetics: in its production almost no chemical ingredients are used. That is why the lifespan of Thai creams is very short, on average, they can be used within a year from the date of manufacture.

Pure extracts of jojoba, aloe vera, avocado, extracts from rice grains, mint and various oils are invariably present in the composition of all products. The best products that are worth paying attention to are moisturizing and anti-aging creams, cosmetic soap based on honey, royal jelly and oils, cooling body cream, eye cream, all sorts of slimming products with spice extracts and black pepper oil, as well as Shea butter which is then sold by banks. You should also take a look at the brand of local natural cosmetics, that is Tropicalife. It produces an excellent oil for the skin around the eyes, released in the form of a roller pencil.

In Thailand, anti-aging cosmetics from rose essential oil, lotus-based anti-stress products and Indian jasmine facial skin care line are widely distributed. The main property of flower oil creams is that they help restore the metabolism of the skin and additionally nourish it. Tea tree extract is known for its antiseptic properties, local means based on it are focused on cleansing the skin. Cosmetic soap, which also includes chamomile and glycerin, helps relieve irritation, prevents acne and makes the skin smoother and more elastic.


Thai folk medicine is based on ancient knowledge of the wonderful properties of various herbs. In Thailand, dietary supplements are widely used to gently cleanse the body, normalize the metabolism, tone the body, and fight digestive disorders. Bath sets also consist of dried herbs and oils.

Herbal Body Bath restores the natural balance of the skin, relieves fatigue and helps to establish blood circulation. It includes lemon grass, camphor, tamarind leaf, lime extract, playa and safflower.


Thai massage is not just a general healing procedure, it is a ritual that helps to achieve inner harmony. The skill of healing the soul and body is transmitted as sacred knowledge from generation to generation. The masseuses study their art for several years, often in the salons one can meet whole family dynasties, where mother and daughter work on the neighboring mattresses.

A real Thai massage differs from beach-tourist analogues, first of all, by the duration of the procedure, and secondly, the Thai people tend to knead the body gently for the country’s guests. Local residents attend massage parlors at least once a week. At the entrance, guests are given pajamas and escorted to the hall, where full-bodied masseuses with non-female muscular arms wash customers’ feet. Then the visitors enter the common room: there are mattresses on the floor, instead of doors there are colorful curtains. The procedure lasts for more than an hour. They begin with the soles of the feet, then knead all the muscles of the body, and give you a facial massage in the end. Massage with aloe vera differs from classics, because it also applies translucent gel to the body. A type of this massage is especially good if you are burnt. Massage with herbs lasts from two hours. First, the body is kneaded according to the classical Thai system, then – with a heated bag with herbs and algae.

Anti-cellulite massage differs from classical only in that besides the oil during the session, the skilled workers use Australian pepper-based slimming cream. It is applied on already warmed parts of the body with soft massaging movements, after which the abdomen, thighs and buttocks are wrapped with terry towels. It is worth noting that this method is really-really effective. You can throw at least 5-6 pounds in less than 10 sessions.

Reflexology is also no less popular in Thailand. This is due, among other things, to the fact that Thai people in houses and temples are obliged to walk barefoot, which is causing buzz in the evening. Acupressure foot massage helps not only relieve fatigue, but it also negates the nervous tension and contributes to achieving peace of mind.

Plastic surgeries

Making breasts in Thailand is not too expensive, and because there are so many ladyboys, Thai doctors are trained pretty well. There are a lot of proven clinics, so Thai women can always count on it if they have the money.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Thai Women

  1. Supaksorn Chaimongkol
    Best known for her role in “The Trek” movie, Supaksorn Chaimongkol started her acting and modelling career in 2002.
  2. Woonsen Virithipa
    Woonsen Virithipa is best known as a TV personality and the word of her beauty reached far beyond Thai borders.
  3. Pitchanart Sakakorn
    She began her career as an actress in 2002.
  4. Pachrapa Chaichua
    Her career as an actress and model in Thailand began in 1997.
  5. Farung Yuthithum
    Farug Yuthithum usually makes it to those rankings of most beautiful women in Thailand, and we are not surprised.
  6. Laila Boonyasak
    Laila Boonyasak is yet another big name in Thailand’s entertainment industry. She is a model and an actress who made her big screen debut in the 2007 “Love of Siam”.
  7. Nattasha Nauljam
    Nattasha Nauljam, is mostly known for her role in a popular Thai comedy film “Suckseed” released in 2011.
  8. Sonia Couling
    Another position on our list of amazingly beautiful Thai woman is occupied by Sonia Couling – an actress as well as the TV personality (she has been a VJ at MTV Asia).
  9. Khemanit Jamikorn
    Best known by her nickname “Pancake”, Khemanit Jamikorn is a very talented young Thai girl.
  10. Aom Phiyada
    No ranking of the most beautiful Thai women can do without Aom Phiyada.