Sudanese Women

Sexy Sudanese Brides Are Better Than Any Other Woman!

Just a decade ago the whole online dating industry could not even imagine that we would enjoy a huge influx of mail-order brides coming from Africa. However, the internet is truly an amazing technology that brings together people despite all odds. Today, we will be talking about Sudanese brides. We will touch upon reasons why so many Sudanese women become mail order bride and what you should expect from them!

Amazing and Graceful: Sudanese girls for Marriage

If you are looking for a strong woman who abides by traditional customs and conservative values, you will be happy to meet a couple of Sudanese women. These women are exactly what who wants to settle down looks for. A sexy Sudan girl that also knows how to cook exotic food and ensures that your house is in order? What else do you need from a wife?

A modern marriage agency usually caters to foreigners who want to marry a woman from abroad. While Vietnam, Russia, and Ukraine seemed to be the most popular destinations for them, the paradigm shifted towards African countries. Sudanese women are very strong individuals who often have to deal with a plethora of problems on a daily basis. We will talk about many reasons why it is so below. A Sudanese woman wants to find a husband and ensure that her children receive everything they need.

Sadly, the only possible solution for a woman coming from this culture is to marry a foreigner. So, the market is being saturated with women from Sudan, Zambia, and other African countries. They are all amazing, beautiful, and smart.

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Why do Sudanese girls become brides for foreigners?

There are many factors that make Sudanese beauties seek marriage abroad. The country is in a very dire situation. There are no financial incentives for big corporations, the economy is failing, civil wars are tearing apart the nation, and some women do not have basic human rights. All these cultural issues make local women quite miserable.

Let’s break down some of the factors.

  • Failing economy. The level of reported inflation is about 24.8% and the growth of the economy slowed down significantly. In 2010, Sudan demonstrated an outstanding improvement in its economy and was growing rapidly. However, recent political events and major conflicts in the region brought sanctions from the US and Europe dramatically affecting the economy that is still in very bad shape. It means that Sudanese women face a harsh reality: they will not be able to live a good life in this country.
  • Human rights. To the chagrin of Sudan, beautiful ladies in this country are often enslaved. After the civil war in 1983, many people ended up in slavery. While the situation is a little bit better now, some Sudanese girls dream of freedom. The problem is that the conflict between South Sudan and Sudan is very real and carries away thousands of lives. Women are simply afraid to stay in the country where a warlord can make you a slave.
  • Environmental issues. Some may know that the biggest crisis looming over Sudan is the desertification of the land. Soil erosion and failing agriculture make it hard for locals to make ends meet. Low economic and geographical mobility of the population is also huge contributing factors that keep many people in poverty. A Sudanese woman often does not have any confidence that tomorrow will be a better day.

The combination of these factors makes living in Sudan hard for Sudanese women. Add harsh climate and low employment rates and you will have a perfect recipe for a disaster that happened in Sudan a couple of years ago. Still, many people here have access to the internet meaning that they can register on various online dating sites and pursue marriages and relationships elsewhere.

Loyal and respectful: North Sudan girls

About 97% of all Sudanese women are Muslims. There are two widespread branches of Islam practiced in the country: Sufi and Salafi. Orthodox Christians also exist in Sudan. All these religions are Abrahamic religions and share many values with western civilization. Many Sudanese women are very conservative in their views and usually want to build a family.

Family values are respected by all people in Sudan. Girls are encouraged to get married as early as possible. In some areas of Sudan, bride grooming is something girls learn at the age of 13. The vast majority of Sudanese women know that partnership with a man is what guarantees at least some level of stability and protection. For many Sudanese women, marrying someone from abroad is considered an honor.

In North Sudan, beautiful girls are more than common. This part of the nation is quite developed and features several big cities with advanced infrastructure. While these cities can’t even compare to the likes of New York and Hong Kong, they still provide necessary digital infrastructure and access to the internet. Sudanese women from Khartoum are very active online and spend a lot of time using social media.

Despite being acquainted with western culture, most Sudanese women adhere to conservative values and do not want to be associated with women who pursue a career and do not want to settle down before 30.

A word about a typical Sudanese brides agency

There are several marriage brokers that operate internationally and have some representation in the region. While the vast majority of women who become mail-order brides use online dating sites or other forms of online communications to search for marital options elsewhere, there are some companies that offer men a chance to meet Sudanese women and find a loyal wife in this country.

Usually, working with a middle-man is a little bit better mostly due to the fact that Sudan is still an unstable country where civil wars are not tales of the past century. In fact, the latest huge conflict occurred just a year ago, in 2019. The revolution that happened recently was quite violent and traveling to the country is not recommended without someone to accompany you.

Working with people from Sudan or any other country is not recommended either. Sadly, catfishing and scams are common for the region. Make sure to either use respected online dating sites or partner with recognizable international marriage agencies that have Sudanese women in their catalogs.

Some dating tips for men who want to find a wife in Sudan

What many men often forget is that there are cultural differences between countries. You can’t just start a conversation with a woman without acknowledging her culture and views. Here are several important tips that any man should know before dating Sudanese women:

  • Respect Islamic values. American media spent countless hours and huge sums of money to vilify Muslims. However, the overwhelming majority of them are non-radical, law-abiding, and highly moral people who will impress you with the level of compassion and empathy that many religious people from the west lack. Respect their religion!
  • Use your financial leverage. You should not exploit the fact that Sudanese women usually live poorly. However, do not forget that financial reasons are usually the driving force making women choose the option of becoming one of mail-order brides. These Sudanese brides would like to get married to a man who is capable of providing a decent living for the family. Do not be shy and brag about your financial stability.
  • There are many Sudanese marriage traditions. Be careful when talking about an upcoming or possible marriage. There are many customs and traditions that dictate how two people should marry in Sudan. Be ready for some unexpected twists and turns!
  • Ask about age. In Africa in general and Sudan in particular, a family may subject a child to early forced marriage. The same goes for some young Sudanese girls who create profiles on international dating sites. A very young girl may start searching for a husband very early often encouraged by family. Make sure to ask how old your data is.

How to win Sudanese brides over?

While many Sudanese women struggle to find a good place for themselves in Sudan, you should not think that only showing your fat purse or spewing out a bunch of compliments will allow you to steal a heart of beautiful Sudanese brides. It takes time, commitment, and charisma to win over a woman from this country.

Above, we outlined several tips that can help you out. Again, respect her way of living and her religion. Sudanese women are amazing friends and loyal wives. However, they are not naïve or silly. Living in a country like Sudan forces you to become smart, wise, and careful very early.

Traveling to Sudan

Tourism is definitely not amongst the strong industries in Sudan. The country is not welcoming of foreigners and radical Muslims still live in some areas of the country. Since its democratization, Sudan tried to implement some measures to stabilize the political situation in the country, but traveling there without a guide is not recommended.

Some marriage agencies are ready to arrange a meeting with your potential bride on your territory or escort you to Sudan. The latter option is less preferable. It is better to just fly one of the Sudanese brides to your home country instead.

Young Sudanese Women You Should Know About

  1. Yassmin Abdel-Magied
    Sudanese-Australian Yasmin Abdel-Magied is a mechanical engineer and social activist.
  2. Maha Jaafar
    Based in the UAE, Sudanese-Iraqi Maha Jaafar is a dentist turned comedian.
  3. Dalia Haj-Omar
    Based in France, Dalia Haj-Omar is a Sudanese human rights activist, writer and conflict management expert who has worked extensively in the MENA region.
  4. Hadeel Ibrahim
    Sudanese-British philanthropist Hadeel Ibrahim is the daughter of billionaire businessman Mo Ibrahim of Mo Ibrahim Foundation and Dr Hania Fadl of Khartoum Breast Care Centre.
  5. Nesrine Malik
    Sudanese-British Nesrine Malik is a journalist and op-ed writer, mainly focusing on Middle Eastern politics and minority matters in the UK.
  6. Sara Suliman
    Sara Suliman is a Sudanese Chevening scholar, activist, youth advocate and feminist based in Sudan.
  7. Yousra Elbagir
    Based between UK and Sudan, Yousra Elbagir is a producer for Elephant Media and a freelance reporter covering news and culture.
  8. Omnia Shawkat
    Based in Sudan, Omnia Shawkat is the co-founder of the online cultural magazine, Andariya.
  9. Salma Amin Saad
    Co-founder of Andariya, Salam Amin Saad lived in the Arab Gulf states — Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.
  10. Mai Khidir
    Currently based in Sudan, British-Sudanese Mai Khidir is the founder of Al Sudaniya Mentoring, an organization that seeks to empower, engage, and inspire young Sudanese girls aged 17-22 in Sudan through a six-month online mentoring program that focuses on personal and professional development.