Slovenian Women

Charming Slovenian Women for Marriage: a Complete Guide

Looking for beautiful women for marriage and dating abroad is a popular trend in Western countries. One of the popular directions is Eastern Europe: a vast and diverse region that includes over a dozen of states – from Russia to the Balkans. Slovenia is a tiny Balkan country known for picturesque landscapes and beautiful women. In the framework of our review, we are going to have a closer look at Slovenian beauties.

Slovenian Women at a Glance: What Makes Them So Special?

In terms of both its geographical location and its people’s mentality, Slovenia is between Western and Eastern Europe. When it comes to appearance, Slovenian brides have much in common with Russian and Ukrainian pretty girls. At the same time, most of them adhere to European family values, which makes them easy to get on with. They are as independent and well-educated as Europeans and as family-oriented and caring as Slavonic women. Slovenians are good wives, loyal friends, and great partners. If you manage to win the heart of a Slovenian mail order bride, you’ll draw a lucky number!

Key Personality Traits of Slovenian Brides

It goes without saying that all Slovenia women are different. But some national features let them stand out of the crowd. If you ask a specialist from any dating agency to describe a typical Slovenian girl, be sure that the following features will be mentioned in one form or another.

  • Slovenia women care about their health and try to be in a good shape. Going in for sports is a sort of a national tradition. Each self-respecting woman in Slovenia works on her fitness.

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  • Slovenian women are well-mannered and well-educated. Such a wife will be a decent partner on formal events and just an interesting person to talk with. By the way, most Slovenia ladies speak several languages, including English as the second language.

  • While modern Slovenia women are westernized, they still tend to be more family-oriented and submissive than Americans. These girls perfectly combine an incredible Slavonic femininity and modern European values. This combination drives men really crazy.

If you want to find a perfect foreign woman, girls from Slovenia are a great choice. Graceful, beautiful, and well-mannered – they are like a dream come true. These women combine the best features of the western and eastern cultures, creating a unique blend of femininity and independence.

Is It Difficult to Find a Slovenian Woman?

There are plenty of mail order bride services working in the Eastern Europe direction. But most of them specialize in Russia and Ukraine, while the share of Slovenian brides is very small. This fact is easy to explain: Slovenia is a tiny country, especially if compared to Russia. It is small even by European standards. No surprise many people have never heard about mail order brides from Slovenia. However, it doesn’t mean they are hard to find.

To search for hot Slovenian women one can go directly to Slovenia. Obviously, this method is far from being convenient, especially for those living overseas. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution. All you need is to sign up one of the reliable dating services and pay a small fee for the membership. After that, you’ll get access to a catalog of single Slovenia babes looking for dating and marriage.

Slovenian ladies tend to be open to a new relationship; also, they are good conversationalists. In most cases, it is not a problem to start communicating with them. Many of them speak English fluently, so you can use voice communication as well as texting.

Why Do Men Choose Slovenian Brides for Marriage?

Irrespective of the country of residence, most men in the world like the same features in women. Firstly, all of them are attracted by a beautiful face and a nice figure. Secondly, the majority of stronger sex representatives like feminine women – those wearing long hair and beautiful dresses; soft-spoken and kind-hearted. Thirdly, men subconsciously are looking for a good mother for their future children. That is why they choose good homemakers and well-mannered women, who will create the best environment for bringing up children.

If you have a closer look at beautiful Slovenian women, you’ll see that they meet the above-mentioned criteria. Not only are they good-looking, but also really womanish and home-oriented. These women can find a perfect balance between their career and family life. A Slovenian wife makes her husband admire her again and again. Apart from anything else, Slovenians are good mothers. They love children and try to give them nothing but the best. Finally, Slovenian women dating is fun, thanks to their vivid nature. They are merry and talkative; many of them prefer an active lifestyle.

All things considered, Slovenians are great wives. Men from various countries of the world are attracted by their unique beauty and vividness.

Things to Consider When Dating Slovenian Women

When meeting Slovenia singles on a mail order bride site, you need to keep in mind that Slovenians are a sort of different from other nations.

  1. Unlike Asian brides, Slovenians are not trying to escape from their home country because of terrible living conditions. Of course, there are certain socio-economic problems in Slovenia, but in general, the living standards in the country are high enough. So don’t expect they will idolize you just because you are a foreigner.

  2. If compared to Russian and Ukrainian females, Slovenians tend to be more independent and oriented to partnership in the family relations. They don’t consider a husband as a source of finances and the only head of the family. Instead, they try to build a relationship based on the principles of equality and mutual respect. But it doesn’t mean that they are feminists or modern Amazons.

  3. Unlike the women from the US and Western Europe, Slovenian brides are more feminine and submissive. They are not shy and obedient like Asians; instead, they are quiet and gently – exactly as you expect it from a genuine woman.

Top 4 Most Beautiful Slovenian Women

  1. Sanja Grohar (February 7, 1984) is a hot and charming Slovenian model. She rose to popularity when she became Miss Slovenia World 2005.
  2. Iris Kavka is another young, bold and beautiful Slovenian model (born 1992) that cannot be absent in this list.
  3. Tina Maze (born 2 May 1983) began acting when she was 5 years old. She is a popular and fame Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer.
  4. Tanja Ribic was born 28 June 1968, is a Slovenian actress, and singer. She did graduation from Ljubljana and is a member of Ljubljana City Theatre since 1992.