Portuguese Women

What is Portugal Like?

Portugal is a charming country, which can be called a quiet European province, where virgin nature serenely coexists with a developed tourist infrastructure, and reverence for national customs peacefully coexists with European traditions.

Hospitality is one of the main features of the national character of the Portuguese. If you ever come here, you will immediately feel that you are very welcome. In addition, guests will be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of local residents to assist in any situation, combined with calm dignity, politeness and restraint.

Extensive sandy beaches and harsh coastal cliffs, gentle hills covered with greenery, and mountain peaks, an abundance of flowers and red earth is what awaits for you in Portugal.

Portugal is a rare region where everyone can find something for themselves: untouched landscapes that amaze with its fantastic diversity, and that are so unusual for a state with a small territory, and magnificent monuments of the past.

Other things to know about Portugal:

  • The Republic of Portugal (República Portuguesa) owes its name from Porto, the second largest city in the country. Today, Portugal consists of the mainland on the Iberian Peninsula, the Azores and Madeira;

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  • Portuguese is the official language in eight countries other than Portugal. This is the sixth most common language in the world;

  • Portugal is the birthplace of the world-famous Port Wine;

  • The Portuguese flag was designed by artists, it is symbolic. Green is the hope and discovery of new territories, red is the color of revolution, and the shield is one of the country’s oldest symbols with a long history of creation, signifying the courage of the people;

  • The largest oak cork forest is in this country. It is not surprising that the state is the main importer of cork bark in the world, supplying 50% of traffic jams to other states;

  • Portugal is a tourist country, annually visited by about 10 million people. There are 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country;

  • Wine is considered the national drink of Portugal, and it is one of the most popular export products;

  • The Portuguese are world leaders in the use of renewable energy sources. They provide 100% of the country’s energy using hydropower, sunlight, wind, and other sources;

  • According to statistics, Portuguese women live longer than men;

  • The average Portuguese drinks 300 cups of coffee a year;

  • Most Portuguese are very superstitious.

  • Portuguese love to eat more than anything. They like to share food with others and invite them to dinner, which can last from noon to night;

  • Portugal is not only the most western, but also the oldest country in Europe. The word “Portugal” was first mentioned back in 868. At that time, wars for the liberation of land on the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors took place. It is also interesting to know that Portugal is the only European country whose borders have not changed since 1139;

  • Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city is hundreds of years older than London, Paris and even Rome. Moreover, the capital of Portugal is on the 25th place in the ranking of the most liveable cities in the world and is among the TOP 10 richest on the continent;

  • The best beaches in Europe are in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve region, where you will find the most golden soft sand and azure ocean. Almost all beaches have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag and have a developed infrastructure for recreation and water activities. And if you want privacy, you can always find the islands of nature hidden in the colorful grottoes just for you.

Portugal was experiencing different times, but now it is one of the most developed countries in Europe. This country is a popular tourist destination and one of the hottest European countries in terms of temperature and girls.

Portuguese Women Overview

Thanks to online dating, meeting a woman of your dreams became a lot easier. Now you don’t need to experience all of the awkwardness and waste your time and nervous on finding the love of your life.

Portugal is a fantastic place with many beautiful women, who are sitting online and waiting just for you.

Characteristics of Beautiful Portuguese Women

  • Portuguese mail order bride is passionate about everything they do. Whether it be house cleaning, shopping, or sex. They just have a special sense of energy that always keeps them active and hard-working;

  • Most of the Portuguese ladies are catholic(in fact, over 85%), but the chances that she regularly visits mass are quite low( less than 20%);

  • Getting married early is totally fine for them. Some marry right after school at the age of 18-19. This is because their main goal is to build a happy family, and they want to do it is as soon as possible;

  • They know how to make a man laugh. This is a very common feature for all Portuguese in general, and local women are just as good at understanding humor and telling their own jokes. They will always find a way to improve your mood;

  • Very socially open. It’s something that many girls lack, while Portuguese brides are special in this regard. They like to talk, and talk quite a lot. You will find a lot of interesting topics to discuss with them, including your life, hobbies, expectations, and so on. If you are shy or you consider yourself boring, then Portuguese women will help you get the conversation started and you will yourself a lot more comfortable. They truly have skills of a psychologist;

  • They are experts at cooking food. We all know the expression: “the way to man’s heart is through his stomach”. If that’s true, then Portuguese women could win any heart. They really know how to cook, thanks to their mothers. Despite the fact that most Europeans wives are good at cooking, they still can’t compete with Portuguese women, because nothing can beat their traditional recipes. Therefore, you will never get to know the feeling of hunger;

  • Despite being very talkative and positive minded, Portuguese ladies are extremely modest. They will never show off all of their talents to a stranger, so they might seem unremarkable to you at first glance. However, if you dig in deeper, you will realize how smart and talented they are. This is a lot better than having a proud wife. You can test that for yourself by marrying a Portuguese lady;

Biggest Reasons Why Portugal Women are So Popular Among Foreign Men

  • Can you possibly get bored when spending time with a Portuguese woman? The answer is plain and simple-no. This is because they always find stuff to entertain you, love going on adventures, as well as trying out new things. Therefore, you might even forget the meaning of “boring” while you are together with your Portuguese love. And it’s like that for both online and in person dating. Foreigners are looking make their life more enjoyable and experience a lot of positive emotions, and that’s exactly why they choose Portuguese mail order brides;

  • I still haven’t said a thing about the appearance of a typical Portuguese woman, and it’s a shame. Portuguese women are incredibly attractive. Most of them have a beautiful tanned skin and long dark hair. They can seduce any man with their charming face and sexy body. They are not thin, but not chubby either. Just the perfect body that makes foreigners go crazy.

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Looking for Your Soulmate in Portugal

There are some interesting big cities you can visit, such as Porto, Lisbon, Faro, and Braga. They are the best places to look for sexy Portuguese brides. You can try visiting bars, clubs, restaurants, or even try your luck on the street.

If none of that seems to work, or you just don’t want to waste your time on going somewhere, or maybe you decided to visit a small town where people are more shy, then you can try using dating apps, such as Tinder. It really works. You can find a gorgeous woman near you, chat with her for a bit, and eventually meet up. If you are not necessarily looking for serious relationships, then Tinder will be your best friend in Portugal.

Things That Portuguese Mail Order Brides Want to See in a Man

  • Confidence. Any Portuguese woman wants her husband to be confident and successful. They want to be sure that their man can protect them, make the most important decisions, and care about the family. If you feel like you are not that type of a man, then don’t waste each other’s time. There is no point in lying and pretending as someone who you aren’t;

  • Respect. Portuguese brides want to be treated equally. The good thing is that feminism has nothing to do with it. They will still let you be the head of the family, but they want you to care for them with respect and pay attention to their requests;

  • Support. This one has multiple meanings. They don’t just want support and useful advices from you in hard situations, but also want you to support their religious views. Learn more about her traditions and language, respect everything about her family, and you won’t experience any problems;

  • Neatness. They won’t even look at you if you stink or can’t dress the proper way. They put a lot of time and effort into looking good, and they expect at least a bit of that from you.

Tips on How You Should Get Your Dating Experience Started With a Portuguese Lady

First date is always very important. If you won’t be able to make a great first impression, then there are no guarantees that you will get a second chance. So, if you don’t want to screw up, follow these simple rules:

  • Think about a place that would suit you two the best. If you already know the character of the woman and what she likes, then it should be easier. However, the place has to be comfortable for you as well. There is no point in going to a fancy place where you won’t enjoy yourself and will feel uncomfortable;

  • Keep the conversation going. This one depends from her character as well. If she is more of a shy type, then take the initiative. Tell her about yourself, ask some questions that would let her feel more relaxed and gain some trust. Another important rule to remember is that you should never interrupt her;

  • Be a real gentleman. Don’t just act like one, but prove it with words. For example, if you are having dinner together in a cafe or a restaurant, then you should pay for her;

  • There are certain topics that you should never discuss with your crush, especially on the first date. These include politics, religion, money, sexual past, and so on;

  • Keep her excited. Think of making her a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. A gift from your heart would mean a lot more;

  • Make compliments, but don’t talk about how much you want to get her into your bed. She will really appreciate if you will mention her beauty, but don’t overdo. She obviously wants to have sex just as much as you do, but the first date is too early to talk about it.

Why do Portuguese Brides Make Perfect Wives?

  • You will finally learn what it means to live freely and stay in a positive mood. It can’t be any different with Portugal women. For example, you will never come home unhappy, knowing that your lovely wife is waiting for you. She will infect you with a positive mindset, take you traveling, and show how to enjoy life. There is no need to always stay home and complain about a boring life;

  • Portuguese brides know how to keep the perfect balance. They will gladly let you be the head of the family, but at the same time won’t depend entirely on you. They can be very independent when a situation requires so.

Some Cultural Features That Make Portuguese Mail Order Brides Truly Unique

  • They know how to get a person out of their comfort zone. It’s only up for you to decide if it’s a good or a bad thing. If you want to live your whole life working and complaining about your life, then it’s your choice. If not, then Portuguese women are just what the doctor ordered;

  • Their friendliness will surprise you. They find it perfectly fine to come up to a stranger and start talking, or maybe even flirting if the foreigner is handsome. So be ready for that. You can also ask them any questions you want about their country and some places that you should visit. They will gladly help you to figure out stuff.

How Portuguese Ladies Look After Themselves

Female beauty in Portuguese is an almond-shaped eye shape, full lips, an oblong face shape, and dark hair. The main secret of local girls is that they know that the real beauty comes from within. That is why they do not need any stylists or makeup artists.

Each Portuguese has a morning ritual, which includes washing with cold water, applying moisturizing and sunscreen. In Portugal, the cosmetic mass market is not developed very well. Therefore, girls use pharmaceutical preparations for face and body care. They prefer Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, Lierac or luxury brands, such as: Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Clarins. Even adolescent girls often use expensive face creams.

Portugal mail order brides often use grapes to care for themselves. Its fresh juice that has healing properties. For fading or tired skin, It is mixed with honey, thus making a toning facial mask, that is great for fading or tired skin.

Girls of all ages daily use SPF creams on exposed skin. They know for sure that the sun does not spare them, therefore they do not save on creams and teach their men and children to apply sunscreen in the same way.

Portuguese girls do not like fancy haircuts, and because of that they practically do not change the shape or color of hair.  In Portugal, it is very rare to meet girls with styling or dyed hair, and if you see one, then it’s most likely a tourist. Women of all ages have loose hair, sometimes a bun or a pigtail.

If the Portuguese women do decide to apply makeup, then they do it very modestly. You will not meet girls with bright lips or rich smoky eyes or even experimenting teenagers. Some girls apply make-up, but are mostly limited to BB creams. They make their emphasis on the eyes or slightly highlighted eyebrows. They do not use heavy tones, and maybe that’s why the never have problems with skin. Each beauty has a moisturizing cream, mascara, mineral powder, translucent lipstick or lip balm, facial make-up and, of course, sunscreen and eye zone cream in her bag.

It is also hard to imagine a Portuguese woman without a nail art. Shortly cropped nails are rare, most often women grow nails in the salon and paint them in neon colors. Even if the girl is dressed very plain and conservative, her nails will definitely be long and bright. Because nail art is extremely popular, nails are decorated with sparkles, animals, and Portuguese symbolism.

9 Trailblazing Portuguese Women You Should Know

  1. Maria Helena Vieira da Silva
    Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, one of the most influential women painters in Portugal’s history.
  2. Lourdes Sa Teixeira
    It’s unclear what takes more bravery, flying a plane or rebelling against your parents – but Lourdes Sa Teixeira (1907-1984) did both.
  3. Adelaide Cabete
    Born to humble beginnings before qualifying as a doctor, Adelaide Cabete became one of the most important figures of Portuguese history for her work campaigning for women’s rights.
  4. Maria II of Portugal
    After a messy civil war, Maria eventually took to the throne again from 1834 to 1853, this time left in peace to show what a good ruler she could be.
  5. Amália Rodrigues
    Known as the “Queen of Fado” and commonly hailed as the “voice of Portugal”, Amália Rodrigues was one of Portugal’s leading 20th-century stars.
  6. Aurelia de Souza
    Throughout her life she pursued a career in the arts, exhibiting and selling her work in Portugal and Paris.
  7. Caroline Beatriz Angelo
    However as Angelo – a doctor, feminist, and suffragist – was a widow, and the mother to a daughter, she was technically head of the household so she went ahead and voted in the election of the Constituent National Assembly.
  8. Antónia Pusich
    The author Antónia Pusich made an important impact on literature in Portugal, not just with her writing, but by the daring act of proudly using her own name on her work instead of a pseudonym to disguise the fact she was a woman, like other female writers did at the time.
  9. Branca Edmée Marques
    Branca Edmée Marques spent her career working hard to make her name in a male-dominated industry.