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Review of Top Rated Sites For 50+ Dating

With age, loneliness begins to put pressure on a person harder and harder. If at a young age living alone seems to be a fun and interesting thing, then it is much harder for over 50 singles. Especially if you are used to living in a family, taking care of a partner, getting communication and love. Dating sites over 50 will help to find a good person who also needs love and support. There are many of such people today, and do not despair, you just need to try to find your love. The main thing is to decide on which of dating sites it is better to start your search. You need go through a simple registration on a dating site. Enter an email address, receive a confirmation letter, follow the link. And it’s done!

What is Over 50 Dating?

Age, of course, brings its own adjustments to our lives. And with the advent of time, when we are no longer 20 years old, but 50 or more, we cannot visit discos, cinema, museums with the same activity. However, the desire to communicate, as a rule, does not disappear, so many elderly people so often suffer from loneliness. But with the advent and spread of the world wide web, this problem was solved once and for all. To date, anyone can exchange messages on specialized online sites dedicated to over 50 dating. And if you have never been to such thematic sites in your life, you should definitely get to know them better.

Without a doubt, few 50 yeras old can call themselves advanced Internet users but, fortunately, they do not need this. Indeed, even absolute beginners and so-called “dummies” can use the services of such platforms, specially designed to help find good interlocutors who can both listen and share a fascinating story. What do you need for this? Firstly, it should be noted right away that registration on most of these resources is almost always free, which, of course is a good news. In addition, there are dating sites for 50+ on which user doesn’t  have to register at all, which significantly saves precious time.

Thus, we can safely say that dating through the global network is not only convenient but also beneficial. After you have registered, you will need to create your profile for dating. In order to make it as entertaining as possible, you should fill it with all kinds of information that will interest your potential penpals. First of all, this is a photograph. Post one or more of your photos to show yourself in different roles. After that, you will need to add personal data telling about your age, marital status and so on.

The audience of such portals today consists of a wide variety of men and women, so you can quickly pick up those with whom you will be really pleased to chat. Here you can make acquaintance with representatives of various fields of activity, which, undoubtedly, is very interesting. No need to possess any special skills. It is enough to register on several specialized dating sites. Such sites are designed for completely different categories of users. After registering, fill out your profile and start studying profiles of other people. You can search for an interlocutor according to your preferences, view photos, read their diaries.

Best After 50 Dating Sites

⦁ SilverSingles

Silver Singles is another great option for mature online dating after 50. Their coincidence search algorithm takes into account the results of the mandatory personality test of each participant. The proposed matches are based on the compatibility of the identity of each participant. All users can see the profile information of other participants even without a paid subscription. Profile information includes freely written user responses that show the identity and character of the user. A preview of a member’s profile shows his or her location and occupation, however viewing photos is strictly for premium members.

⦁ OurTime.com

This is the number 1 dating app for mature men and women with a simple mission: to help single people aged 50 and above to find their love and forget about loneliness. The portal administration reviews each profile and each photo to ensure the best quality matches. After registration, participants can customize their profile by adding pictures and telling other participants about their life experiences. Also, any users can set up a search for matches for themselves, get a personal list of daily matches that meet their search criteria. It is possible to send and receive an unlimited number of likes to other members and much more.

⦁ Match.com

Match.com is one of the best dating sites for over 50, has joined forces with the largest organization for people with high intelligence in the world to help such people get acquainted with equal mental abilities. Every day, 25,000 new members appear on the site. There is a function “search for a pair of interests”, that is, you are selected the most suitable people depending on your profile. A monthly subscription costs $ 20, but there is a free trial period. Here, without a doubt, singles over 50 years will be able to find an soul mate equal to themselves and build successful relationships with the most suitable person.

⦁ Zoosk Seniors

Foreigners like to gather here to find couples from another countries. This service  remembers the people to whom you like the photos and then selects a suitable candidate for 50+ dating. Signing up for Zoosk Seniors is easy. After registration, relevant profiles will appear on the home page of user , so he will be able to view them and start chatting. All proposed profiles will be relevant, as this portal takes into account the profile information of each registered user. Once you find a participant you like, you can show to this person your interest by sending a “smile”, “like” or a private message. Another interesting way is to send virtual gifts. To buy virtual gifts, user has to purchase coins, which can be exchanged for gifts.

⦁ Eharmony

This service has existed since 2000 and is suitable for finding serious relationships for over 50 people. The 50 dating site developers have seriously approached the development of an algorithm for selecting questionnaires and questions of psychological testing, having spent almost three years on it. The result of their work is a source that selects potential partners for marriage as accurately as possible. The basis for the selection of couples is the similarity of interests, opinions, a common cause, for example, professional affiliation. Registration on the site is free, but it takes a lot of time. Users will have to answer 500 questionnaire questions. The portal also has paid functions, which scares away those who register on such resources for the sake of simple entertainment or finding a couple for one night.

⦁ EliteSingles

EliteSingles.com has one of the cleanest interfaces among all dating sites for people over 50. It is designed to help users find long-term relationships, not just casual meetings, so he developed a 5-factor questionnaire for his users, which everyone must go through before registering. This quick test uses the answers of all users to compare them with others, in order to find a more suitable second half.

⦁ SeniorMatch

SeniorMatch.com was launched in 2001 to connect the hearts of single people for 50 years and find partners with common interests. This portal is one of the best dating sites for over 50 years old. This online dating site is intended exclusively for older people and does not provide its services to people under thirty years of age. Membership on this website is divided into four categories offering different payment plans. Although standard membership is free, more features will be available to users in the paid version. Portal search engines allow user to perform advanced searches or quick searches. The advanced search option allows users to search for specific people according to certain personality parameters.

⦁ 50-Plus Club

This is a reliable portal where people over 50 find their love. The site searches based on the interests, physical abilities and statuses of the relationships of its users. The main functions of the platform are free for participants – creating a profile, visiting profiles of other participants, receiving messages, as well as basic search parameters. Monthly subscribers get the opportunity to use other unique functions, including chat, participation in forums and discussions, local groups, magazines and others.

⦁ AARP Dating

AARP Dating is a widely used online dating portal that caters to older people and has many awesome features like other major dating sites for older people. Here, users can find the perfect match and talk with others, advertise their profile, receive recommended dates every day, send and receive personal text messages, etc. This over 50 dating site has many resources related to dating, family, travel, finance. The cost of his services is lower than at other dating sites.

Leave your baggage at the door

New 50 plus dating may be prevented by traces of the past, old stereotypes and patterns. Personal relationships for some men and women who have crossed the line of 40 years, 50 years were not very successful. Surely, there were grievances and guilt, unjustified hopes and regret for missed opportunities. Some people have a feeling of uselessness, non-involvement in life in a relationship. As a result, some people live in a newly formed psychological space and the past is the reason they stucks in this situation. This means that your heart is closed to new meetings and acquaintances. Also, it is no secret that most women believe that all worthy men “died out like mammoths”, and those who remained are already married.

Therefore, before you start to get acquainted and look for a soul mate, get rid of traces of the past, psychologically release people with whom you have no relationship, get rid of negative patterns. This is not easy, however, only in this case you have a chance to get to know each other and the opportunity to create new happy relationships after 50, and even if you are older.

Are Online Dating Sites Safe for 50+?

Dating websites for over 50 have firmly taken their place in the life of a resident of a modern metropolis, becoming a universal tool for finding new acquaintances, friends and soul mates. Of course, virtual scammers could not ignore such a vast and active audience.

  1. The first thing you pay attention to when meeting people on similar resources is, of course, the attractive appearance of a stranger. But unfortunately, this is the main danger of dating sites for seniors over 50. No one can guarantee that you are in correspondence with this person. On the other side of the screen there may be a regular “troll” or, much worse, virtual scammers.
  2. Spam emails, which suggest meet a beautiful woman or simply meet for one night. Revenues of fraudulent dating sites directly depend on the number of users. The fight for attendance is conducted by any means, primarily with the help of the most straightforward spam. Messages mainly consist of a couple of phrases with errors “Free to register …”, “… fill out a short profile” and a link to a dating site. Such texts are usually compiled automatically according to ready-made templates from typical phrases, which is noticeable if you look at several messages in a row. All that the author of the letter needs is to lure the trusting recipient to the necessary resource, and the rest is already a matter of technology. By clicking on the link from such a letter, the user risks damaging his computer. So, instead of photos of a beautiful stranger, malware usually starts loading.
  3. You should beware of phishing attacks. For example, recently, scammers began to send invitations to adult sites created specifically for users of dating sites.
  4. The most colorful variety of spam emails, which has not lost its popularity with scammers over the years, is the so-called “Nigerian spam. Fraudsters are also looking for their potential victim among those who have registered on dating sites over 50. The user receives a message from a beautiful person living in a distant African country in turmoil. If it’s happening on a dating site, then from the first letter it becomes clear that the woman is madly in love with him. If this is a mass mailing, then feelings flare up during correspondence. A virtual sweetheart can share the details of her life, and letters from a pastor and a lawyer guarantee the fidelity of the bride. A pleasant detail soon emerges: the bride is the heiress of a millionth fortune. All that is required from potential husband is to pay for lawyer services and for flight tickets – some several thousand dollars. Naturally, having received the money, the virtual bride disappears. Such tactics require a long correspondence, because few people agree to voluntarily part with the money. Therefore, robots respond to the first letters, when it becomes clear that the potential victim “pecked”, the fraudsters themselves are included in the correspondence. Processing can take a long time, and an individual approach and understanding of psychology is important here. By the way, depending on the preparedness of the criminals, attempts to gain unauthorized access to the user’s account may also be used.
  5. Fraudsters also send letters on behalf of the “Russian brides” – poor but proud women who have high hopes for their future rich husband. These messages, of course, target men from Europe and the United States. Of course, love flashed by correspondence should be “fixed” by a real meeting, and money is needed to buy a plane ticket. And virtual brides will not refuse good gifts from potential grooms. Many will be surprised how adults and intelligent people can fall into such traps, but the media confirm that the number of victims of fraudulent “brides” does not decrease.
  6. Wallets of users are often hunted on web pages that mimic the start pages of dating sites. While registering on totally free online dating sites over 50 or confirming the age, the user is required to send a paid SMS-message to a short number. But after that, no access to the resource is provided – there is simply no content there. As a rule, these sites do not differ in durability: after a few weeks or even days, the pages disappear, or their content changes to typical spammer advertising.

The Internet today is one of the best platforms for communication and new acquaintances. To make this communication really pleasant and safe, and avoid disappointments while looking for a romantic relationship, it is worth observing five basic safety principles:

  1. Do not visit unverified dating sites, especially if they are advertised in spam.
  2. Do not open letters from unknown senders.
  3. Do not respond to letters if they cause you even the slightest suspicion.
  4. Do not trust unnecessarily generous and dubious offers, even if a wonderful woman/courageous handsome man makes these offers to you.
  5. Last but not least, use reliable security tools to protect your computer.

If decent dating at 50 portals, taking care of their reputation, regularly check their users in order to mitigate such a situation, then on unscrupulous websites this type of fraud is actively practiced.


Online dating for those who are over 50 can be made on the best dating sites for women over 50 that listed above. Online  user can quickly find love but it should be remembered that photography sympathy is not enough. As user needs to understand what a person is interested in, know personal  person’s views, education, plans for the future. It is not surprising that many people at a considerable age are looking for peers, people of the same generation, to start a relationship or build a family. Dating for 50 year olds people is really interesting and informative, as at this age, there is always something to talk about. If you intend to make an acquaintance after 50, think about your own preferences. To honestly tell a person from online dating over 50 what is interesting to you. Cinema or theater, fishing or hiking. If you don’t know how to meet after 50, start talking about hobbies – it works flawlessly! 

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