Nigerian Women

Reasons Why Nigerian Women Choose Foreigners

Nigeria is about twice as large as California, which lies on the west coast of Africa. Country is named after a river with a similar name “Niger”.

Nigeria is a great place to find an African mail order bride, as it is the most populated country in Africa, with over 200 million people living in it. It is also one of the best African countries from an economical point of view, due to its oil reserves.

That said, this prosperity does not really help the most of the Nigerians. As in many African countries, there is a dizzying gap between rich and poor people. And this is also one of the reasons why gorgeous Nigeria bride looking for a husband outside of their country of residence.

Another common reason why Nigerian girls want to go out with foreigners is their status in Nigeria.

On the international stage, Nigeria has a pretty poor record in terms of gender equality (one of the worst actually), and women often can not even go public without the presence of husbands, which is terrible.

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Sadly, domestic violence and rape are also 2 things that are common in Nigeria, which is why Nigerian girls tend to seek a more stable, loving and productive life with foreigners.

If you compare yourself to a Nigerian guy, you are a role model of virtue and responsibility. And that’s even if the women in your country of residence think the opposite.

I’m not saying that all of the Nigerian men are like that, as there are always exception. However, domestic violence is a serious problem in Nigeria. What’s even worse is that police doesn’t even pay too much attention to it.

Nigerian women perfectly understand that such thing would never happen in Europe or American, because the guy would end up in jail right away.

Another problem with Nigerian guys is that they love to cheat on their women. It got to the point that Nigerian women almost expect it, but get really sad when it does happen.

This is also because most Nigerian men consider themselves “married” only in the city they live in, but think that they are free to do anything if they visit the other city. Quite a weird logic, isn’t it?

Nigerian men start practicing how to lie since a very early age and become masters at it with time. Therefore, they will lie to their wife or girlfriend and won’t worry too much about it.

At the same time Nigerian women see how confusing relationships are in the West, where men no longer know their role or are being manipulated by women.

For this reason, they know that Western men are looking for women who prefer traditional relationships and can make then happy.

One more thing that you should know about Nigerian guys is that they are only interested in pleasuring themselves when it comes to intimacy, while foreigners want the woman to enjoy sex just as much as you do. All in all, all of this works out really well for you.

Why Looking for a Nigerian Woman is a Great Idea

The biggest difference between Nigerian women and Western ladies is that they really respect men, and it doesn’t matter if it’s just a boyfriend or a husband. They aren’t too familiar with feminism, so that’s a good thing that you should take advantage of.

They actually believe that most Western ladies (especially feminists) behave disgustingly. And they have the same opinion about Nigerian girls who do nothing but party, get drunk and pass out, just like it’s often the case with Western ladies. They feel like there is nothing attractive about it, and that modern girls have to be a lot more faithful.

Nigerian brides generally consider dating a white man as a feat. This lets you take advantage of your skin color. And in return you get stability, safety, respect and loyalty. They want you to be the head of the family and feel like real ladies. So as long as you have a job to feed the family, they will happily agree to have kids, look after the house, and do everything to make you happy. This is very different from Western women, who think of housekeeping as something miserable.

Because of their traditional values, Nigerian women are better suited to most men from USA and Europe, so you can stop your searches now. Some say that opposites attract, but serious relationships are usually beneficial when both people have a lot of things in common.

What to Expect From a Nigerian Lady?

Nigerian women may look quite different from most Western girls, but they do have one thing in common, as they are extremely materialistic.

This is mainly because many very rich people live in Nigeria, as it is teeming with oil. Corruption in the country is also what makes money flow in one direction – to rich men and their friends.

Nigerian mail order brides look at all of the oil and money and get quite jealous. There is nothing bad about it, but it’s something you should keep in mind. You should understand Nigerian brides don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t make enough money. It’s not because they are greedy, but because money lets them know that you are successful and will be able to feed the family.

Nigerian ladies are also quite religious, so there is a big chance that you will have to regularly visit church. This will show how much you are ready to sacrifice to keep your relationship. It will also show much you love her.

Does she really care that much about religion? Yes, because if the parents of the bride are religious, they want their daughter to go out with a man who respects her faith. It also means that she won’t into bed with you on the first date.

Just like it is in most of the African countries, urban women are quite educated, but brides from small towns are not so much.

Family is something that is really important to every Nigerian mail order bride. You should also be ready that her relatives and friends will regularly visit you whenever they want. And even though it will be annoying at first, you will get used to it with time.

Nigerian mail order brides have a fantastic natural beauty, but they want to look even better. That’s why they visit hairdressers and beauty salons on a regular basis. So don’t be too surprised when they will ask you for some money, because she’s trying to look impressive for you.

Appearance of Nigerian Women

It’s pretty obvious that Nigerian women are dark-skinned, but thanks to English, Spanish Portuguese, and other European influences girls look very differently and have various skin tones.

One thing that all of them have in common is their fantastic body. You will be surprised by how juicy their booty is and the only thing you will think about is how to grab it. Their fantastic shapes are not just a gift of nature, but also a result of hard work. Nigerian women regularly visit the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle, so it’s not hard to guess why they are so sexy.

Another thing that you probably didn’t know is that the majority of Nigerian women do whatever they can to lighten their skin. They think of white skin as a sign of wealth, and even though they don’t want their skin to be completely white, they want it to be more caramel like rather than dark.

Behavior of Nigerian Girls

It’s hard to describe the behavior of an average Nigerian woman, because both their appearance and behavior will depend on the part of the country they live in

For instance, women from the North are followers of the Islamic religion. They are extremely loyal and try to always stay with their husband.

As for large cities, like Abuja(also the capital of Nigeria) and Lagos, women there are very well-educated and follow modern fashion trends, which can’t be said about small towns, where people are poor and not educated at all.

In larger cities, such as Lagos and the capital of Abuja, Nigerian women are much more likely to have higher education and are much better suited to the wider world, but many Nigerian women living in rural areas are likely to have a much lower level of education.

In Southern Nigeria, women are a little freer and there is a big divorce rate. This is mainly because women are trying to marry as early as they can and rush too much.

Nigerian women are quite conservative for the most part, especially when you compare them to the citizens of United States and Europe. They also expect a traditional male role from you.

In other words, you are expected to take the leadership role and feed the family.

You might think that you want to find a beautiful African woman with traditional looks, but different cultural customs can cause a lot of friction in a relationship.

All of the things seem extremely easy until you actually start dating. Thus, spend some time on studying the culture and traditions of Nigerian mail order brides to better understand what to expect from your relationship.

Nigeria is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Africa. It has 36 states, 250 different ethnic groups, and there are over five hundred active languages.

You are probably worried that you will never get to learn those languages and you will have communication problems with your bride. I hasten to assure you that English is the official language in Nigeria, so you have nothing to worry about. Besides, Nigeria gained its independence only back in 1960, so most of the people still communicate with each other in English. It also means that you shouldn’t experience any misunderstandings during the communication with your Nigerian love. And understanding each other is the most important thing in any relationship.

Nigerian Mail Order Brides And Their Religion

Religion is a serious problem that causes gigantic problems in Nigeria, where just over half of the country is Muslim(50.2% to be exact) and most the other half of the country are Christians.

Because Christians and Muslims are split very evenly throughout the country, it has resulted serious violence and even civil war in some of the places. However, it is difficult to understand how important religion is when Nigerian brides meet with foreigners.

The best thing you can do when dating with a Nigerian bride is keep the religion in mind, but don’t let it ruin everything.

Most of the Nigerian ladies have much less doctrine in religion than you would think, especially in such a conservative culture, and if you are religiously conservative, you will most likely be surprised by beliefs of a religiously conservative Nigerian woman.

All of the beliefs can be very different from yours, so be patient and try to prepare yourself in case something goes wrong.

Nigerian Dating Culture

Communication is a very important part of any relationship, and that’s what Nigerian men clearly lack, but that shouldn’t bother you too much, because it makes your chances even better. Since English is the official language, you two shouldn’t have any problems communicating with each other.

One thing to remember is that some of the Nigerian parents can be racists and dislike white people. It’s something very rare, but you still should be aware of this.

You should also keep in mind that Nigerian women are looking for a confident guy. So if you are shy and not confident yourself, then you will have to either change or forget about dating gorgeous Nigerian women. And never try to act like you are confident guy, when you actually aren’t. They will figure it out or sooner or later and it will put an end to your relationship. The reason why they are looking for such guy is because they want to be sure that you have a strong character and can protect them.

Remember to pay after your Nigerian woman on the first date, but also watch for her reaction. If she doesn’t thank you or doesn’t ask you why you paid for her, then she is a materialistic type, and you can either continue dating her and spend a ton of cash, or just look for a better choice. This is the only main problem you will encounter when going out on a date with Nigerian women. Some of the girls are clearly gold diggers, so you might have to spend some time before finding the love of your life.

Meeting Up With Your Nigerian Bride

One of the real benefits of Nigerian dating compared to other West African countries is that you won’t have any problems booking a flight and a hotel. This is due to a large number of European and American businessmen, as well as oil workers who often visit the country.

The majority of international airlines will get you to Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos, and travelling by air easiest and fastest way to get to Nigeria. It is best to advoid traveling there from March to August, as these are the wettest months of the year.

A lot of people think that the capital of Nigeria is Lagos, but in fact it is Abuja, and this is despite Lagos being is one of the largest cities in the country. Just like most of the African countries, Nigeria used to be colonized by Europeans (by United Kingdom for the most part), but finally gained its independence in 1960.

It is worth noting that, as in most African countries, there are areas where you should be especially careful, and also places that you shouldn’t visit in no case.

You will find out that there is some major civil unrest in the predominantly Muslim region and in the south, where indigenous peoples are fighting for a large part of the country’s oil revenues.

To be on the safe side, check out the US Department of State’s travel page for updates and warnings.

Political Climate

You should avoid both Borno state and Yobe state in northern Nigeria due to the terrorist activities of an Islamic group named Boko Haram. They are known for kidnapping and killing people, so there is no point in risking your life.

Nigeria has had a rather turbulent political history since independence and in recent years there have been several military coups.

Sadly, corruption is widespread at all levels of the Nigerian political system, even though the current president does his best to fight the corruption.

Best Sites to Look for Nigerian Mail Order Brides

The culture of online dating is relatively new in Africa. Until recently, local girls had very few opportunities to look for foreign men online.

Nigerian girls have an exotic beauty and an incredibly sexy body, which you most likely won’t find in any other part of the world. Therefore, a lot of men throughout the world are interested in finding themselves a Nigerian single.

Here are the best sites where you can look for you Nigerian soulmate:

  • Africa Beauties. This is one of the very few trustworthy sites that offers gorgeous African brides. It doesn’t just feature Nigerian mail order brides, but also women from all over the continent. The site has a lot of fantastic features that will really help you in communicating with African girls. You will also be able to arrange a meeting with your love right through the site. Translations services are also offered, and even though Nigerian ladies speak English pretty well, it’s still a nice thing to have in case you will have some misunderstandings. Another thing that you can do is constantly update your profile, and find the right type of girl for yourself by specifying your hobbies;

  • African Princess. This is another great site to look for Nigerian beauties. You will have to pay for the registration, and while you can consider it a minus, it can really benefit you in the future, because the chances of encountering a fake profile are extremely low, so you know that you are chatting with a real girl. The site also offers some interesting services that are worth discovering;

  • African Love. If you have never tried online dating before, then this is the site just for you. The registration and all of the features are absolutely free, so you will have a chance to communicate with sexy Nigerian brides and get some experience. Interface of the website is very convenient and user-friendly. The only problem you can face is the competition, because the website is free and there are so many people who are in love with Nigerian women.

These Are Nigeria’s Inspirational Women of Tech

  1. Funke Opeke
    Funke is the founder of Mainstsreet Technologies, the developers of MainOne cable, a leading provider of trelecom services and network soultions in West Africa.
  2. Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor
    Juliet is the country manager of Google in Nigeria. Dubbed Nigeria’s ‘Queen of Technology’, she is passionate about bringing affordable internet access to Nigeria and also increasing the participation of women in technology.
  3. Bilkiss Adebola-Adebayo
    Previously an IBM software engineer who developed social networking software for Fortune 500 companies, Bilkiss returned to Nigeria to found WeCyclers, a startup that offers waste collection and recycling services to Lagos residents.
  4. Nkem Okocha
    Nkem Okocha, a former banker, is the founder of Mamamoni, a social enterprise and Fintech startup that empowers women with microloans and free financial and vocational skills training.
  5. Lola Masha
    Lola is the country manager of OLX Nigeria. She previously worked with Google Nigeria leading the business development team, as well as McKinsey Telcos and Device OEM across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  6. Olatorera Oniru
    Olatorera is an entrepreneur and owner of, an electronic commerce clothing store.
  7. Carolyn Seaman
    Carolyn is an advocate of promoting female involvement in technology. She is the founder of the Girls’ Voices initiative, a non-profit that provides a platform which enables girls to share their stories and inspire other girls with the use of technology and digital media.
  8. Damilola Anwo-Ade
    Damilola is the managing partner of Sprout Consulting which provides ICT soltions in Abuja, as well as being the founder of CodeIT, a platform that mentors the next generation of coders, including young women.
  9. Mary Uduma
    Mary is the managing director of Jaeno Digital Soltions. She was formerly a director with the Nigerian Communications Commission and past president of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association.
  10. Nnenna Nwakanma
    Nnenna is the co-founder of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa.
  11. Olamide Ayeni-Babajide
    Olamide is a computer engineer and founder of Pearl Recycling, an initiative focused on producing useful items from waste, such as tyres and plastic, in a process called upcycling.