Mongolian Women

A Mongolian Woman: The Dream for Any Western Man

Isn’t it amazing how the internet unites millions of people from all across the globe? A perfect example of the advantages provided by the wonders of modern communicational technologies is how women from middle Asia overtook the mail-order bride market about 5 years ago. Hot Mongolian women are more popular amongst western men than ever before and usually enjoy more attention compared to women from the SEA region or even Eastern Europe.

Let’s talk about why a Mongolian mail order bride is an attractive marital prospect for a western man.

Why should you choose a Mongolian bride?

Having a Mongolian wife is a blessing for a man who wants nothing but to come home from work and enjoy a warm meal in the comfort of their home. Many western men are disappointed in what their nations can provide in terms of marital options. A typical American woman wants to become a CEO of a huge corporation or pursue an artistic career. Unlike Mongolian babes, these young women care more about their Instagram followers and socializing.

Mongolian women for marriage are very different from their western counterparts. The Mongolian culture encourages early marriages and promotes healthy relationships between young men and women in order to ensure that families are young and can create offspring as quickly as possible. For a nomadic person, it is hugely important to have many children who will grow into adults that will help with housekeeping and herding.

While technological progress did not bypass the country, many people here still adhere to ancient traditions and rules meaning that Mongolian brides are raised to be good mothers and loyal wives. Skillful in the kitchen and equally masterful in bed, these women are amazing partners and reliable friends for any man.

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Why do Mongolian women make good mothers?

Many people praise Mongolians and other nomadic nations for strong family values. So what makes a typical Mongolian woman a good mother? There are several very important reasons that we should take into consideration when discussing this particular issue.

  • Traditions and ancestry. In many cases, the main reason why Mongolian women become so family-oriented is that they are raised in very traditional environments where they can see that a strong relationship between her mother and father usually results in a union that longs for decades. Stories about good marriages and raising children are told to each new generation meaning that family values are firmly imbued into young Mongolian girls.
  • Encouragement from parents. Many hot Mongolian women usually speak freely about sex since they are taught about children and maternal instincts very early. Understanding how babies are made and what allows a Mongolian female to protect her family from all possible hazards is exactly what many Mongolian chicks have to do early. Parents also promote the idea of a family with multiple children and make sure that their kids want to grow up and create a strong family.
  • Experience and skills. The vast majority of beautiful Mongolian women live in a one-room yurt that does not really give much intimacy. Being exposed to your family members at all times usually makes it quite easy for younger kids to learn many housekeeping skills and cooking tips by simply watching their parents. A young Mongolian girl often has to take care of younger siblings on her own.

Why Mongolian women are so beautiful

Mongolian women famous for their beauty and strength are subjects to rumors and legends that spread across the globe. Should you believe these rumors? Well, it depends on what you’ve heard. The vast majority of Mongolian women are gorgeous and have that exotic beauty unobtainable for a western woman. However, this beauty is not standard. So let’s talk about the appearance of Mongolian chicks.

  • Mongolian girls eat organic foods. While the prevalence of false information about organic foods is quite annoying, eating fresh produce from farmers and having a fat-rich diet are two ways to ensure that your body is healthy and strong. Sexy Mongolian girls usually consume enough nutrients to be slightly plump but also very elegant and muscular.
  • These women are genetically predisposed to giving birth. Having wide thighs and slightly more fat in the body composition are two key factors defining whether a woman will be a good mother. Mongolian women naked look very nice and fit every criterion for so-called “breeding material.” It is not the finest choice of words, but it is hard to explain why these women are attracted to a man on an evolutionary level.
  • Fresh air allows them to age slower. It is scientifically proven that the retention of antioxidants is higher in people who live in regions with fresh air. While strong winds and occasional sand storms may harm the skin of a beautiful Mongolian girl, she will retain the strength and beauty of a young lady for a long time.
  • They are always happy. Living in a country with so much focus on community and family, you become grateful for everything that happens to you. If you look at the photos of many Mongolian women, you will notice that many of them are smiling and look genuinely happy. Scientific studies indicate that people who express happiness and joy appear more attractive.

A Mongolian bride is a loyal partner

Many western men want to meet a woman who will become a faithful wife. A Mongolian bride will never cheat or do something unfaithful. It is deeply rooted in the traditions and customs that Mongolian women adhere strictly from a very young age. The dating culture in the country is also quite restrictive and encourages young ladies to be calm, shy, and pursue beneficial marriages. At the same time, they are raised to be loyal and protective of their families.

A husband is the most respectable person for a Mongolian bride. Single misbehavior is enough to make her very upset with herself.

Finding a Mongolian bride online

Dating websites may offer you an opportunity to search for women from Mongolia. It is quite hard for a man to find a perfect lady for you, but you can certainly try your chances on an online dating website. Another perfectly appropriate approach is to contact a marriage agency and try to find a suitable Mongolian bride via matchmaking services often provided by a marriage broker.

Most people are fine with using online dating websites. A typical Mongolian bride may not really inhabit such online platforms. Some nomadic people do not have a steady internet connection and may appear online only from time to time. However, these women are often contacted by marriage agencies. So the method is not exactly crucial.

If you want to meet a Mongolian bride in person, you will have to travel to this amazing country. Don’t worry, while it is not the most popular tourist destination, there are many places to visit and the country is relatively safe for foreigners. Much safer than some South Asian countries. If you decided to make a trip to Mongolian plains, make sure to contact a marriage broker to arrange a more enjoyable and efficient trip.

The main takeaway

The internet is truly amazing as it connects people from all corners of the world. Even nomadic tribes of Mongolia have smartphones and relatively stable internet to communicate with people from the US and UK. You can certainly find a nice marital prospect in Middle Asia. A Mongolian bride is not an unobtainable dream!

Women in the Mongol Empire

  1. Alan Goa
    Alan Goa (aka Alan-qo’a) was the mythical mother of the Mongol peoples who was said to have taught her five sons that in order to thrive they must always stick together and support each other.
  2. Hoelun
    Hoelun (aka Hoelun-Eke or Hoelun-Ujin) was the mother of Genghis Khan who fled with her son into the steppe wilderness after her husband, the tribal leader Yisugei, was poisoned by a rival.
  3. Toregene
    Toregene Khatun (aka Doregene-Qatun, r. 1241-1246 CE), the former wife of the Merkit prince Qudu, reigned as regent after her husband Ogedei Khan’s death in 1241 CE.
  4. Sorghaghtani
    Sorghaghtani Beki (aka Sorqoqtani, d. 1252 CE) was a Kerait princess who came to prominence as the widow of Tolui (c. 1190 – c. 1232 CE) and sister of Begtutmish Fujin, widow of Jochi, a son of Genghis Khan.
  5. Oghul Qaimish
    Oghul Qaimish (aka Oqol-Qaimish, r. 1248-1251 CE), was the wife of Guyuk Khan, and when he died in 1248 CE of poisoning, she reigned as regent.