Mexican Women

What You Need to Know About Mexico

  • The sultry and hot Mexico is a country of quaint traditions and proud people. In the blood of Mexicans, the courage of the Spanish conquistadors and the pride of the Indians are combined, creating an explosive cocktail. Mexican women are famous for their temper;

  • Mexicans are fans of spicy food. Pepper is often added even to desserts, such as fruit salad or ice cream. A bag of pepper can be found in any package of chips;

  • Several beaches on the coast of Mexico are among the ten best places in the world for a beach holiday;

  • At birth, Mexicans get not one, but 2 names at once;

  • On the streets of most cities in Mexico, the movement is one-way;

  • In Mexico, tricycles for adults are extremely popular, with two wheels placed in front;

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  • The Mexican capital of Mexico City is the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. It was founded on the site of an ancient Aztec settlement, destroyed by the Spaniard;

  • Mexico is the only Latin American state that hosted the Olympics, and has done it twice;

  • According to legend, the Aztecs were supposed to build a settlement in the place where they would see an eagle sitting on a cactus and eating a snake. That is the picture they allegedly saw when they reached Mexico. That’s why you can see an eagle on the Mexican’s flag;

  • In Mexico, the bullfight, which the Spanish conquistadors brought to the new continent, is still popular. Moreover, Mexico Plaza is the largest bullring on the planet;

  • The entire territory of the country is located in a zone where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are possible;

  • Mexicans invented chocolate;

  • In Mexico, there is a museum of mummies, whose exposition consists of human bodies mummified in a natural way. The collection of this creepy museum consists of more than hundreds of mummies.

  • Kidzania are miniature cities where children can try themselves in different professions from fireman to scientist. They were invented in Mexico. This format has already acquired hundreds of imitators around the world;

  • In the subway of Mexico City there are special cars for women and children. For these cars a part of the platform is allocated at most stations. The entrance to this part of the platform is separated by special barriers and is protected by the police during rush hour. This was done in order to protect women from the harassment to which they are subjected in the clogged wagons of the metropolis;

  • Another interesting fact about the metro of the Mexican capital is the pictograms for each station. In Mexico City, each metro station not only has a name, but also has its own logo. They say it was done so that a part of the population that cannot read can navigate in public transport;

  • Also unofficially, the last car of the subway train is considered a gay car, and men of traditional orientation prefer not to go there;

  • In Mexico, as in some other countries in Latin America, the 15th anniversary of the girl is celebrated on a massive scale. This holiday is on a scale equivalent to a wedding: the girl dresses up in a huge magnificent dress, goes to the altar in front of the whole family, where the priest blesses her and declares that from now on she has ceased to be a child and has become a woman;

  • Mexico’s most popular dish is tacos. Tacos are tortillas with various fillings: minced meat, chicken, sliced ​​and fried sausages, and so on. There are tens of variations of fillings, if not hundreds. As a rule, you will find chopped onion and parsley on top of the tacos. You can also add beans and many different savory sauces, that will let you feel like a dragon. Tacos are sold in all cities and towns of Mexico 24 hours a day;

  • In the world it is believed that the national drink of Mexico is tequila. However, that’s not true. Mexico’s main alcoholic drink is mescal. It is produced from the Agave plant since Indian times. There are dozens of types of mezcal, which differ in the type of agave and in exposure. Mexicans respect and love mezcal. Unlike tequila, mezcal is a completely natural drink, without any chemical additives;

  • Mexico is a very interesting country where you can look at the beautiful colonial cities and Spanish architecture, the ruins of ancient civilizations, the jungle with exotic animals, and the gorgeous turquoise beaches of the Caribbean Sea, as well amazing national parks. There are both mountainous and historic areas here;

  • Mexico can be formally divided into three major parts: the north, the central part and the Yucatan Peninsula. These three parts are very different from each other. The north is dangerous states where some of the criminal wars are going on, and even the Mexicans themselves try to avoid that place. The central part is the usual Mexico, not too spoiled by tourists. Prices there are very low, and people are incredibly friendly. Yucatan is the wildest tourist peninsula where the world- famous seaside resort of Cancun is located;

  • Modern Mexicans are a unique mixture of representatives of many ancient civilizations, including the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Toltecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Africans, French and Spaniards. At the same time, by the number of Catholic citizens, Mexico is second only to Brazil. People are very religious here.

Mexican Women. What are They Like?

  • Beautiful. Mexican mail order bride is really pretty. Their natural beauty attracts men from all around the world. However, they don’t just rely on their natural beauty, because their self-care about their body and skin is amazing. I will talk about it later in the article;

  • They are very family oriented. Despite their strong character and burning temperament, they still remain gentle with men and want to be loved. They are ready to sacrifice a lot of things just to keep the family happy;

  • Great at housekeeping. Mexican women really know how to look after their house. They feel like it’s very important to keep the home clean at all times. Another thing that they are great at is cooking. This is actually pretty important, especially for foreign men, who are not familiar with local food. Since most of the Mexican food is spicy and cause heartburn, it is very cool to have a loving wife that can cook you anything yu want;

  • Loyal. You won’t meet a woman that is more loyal to you. She’s ready to keep all of your secrets and will never stab a wife in your back. Cheating is also not something you should worry about.

How do Mexican Women Look After Themselves?

Face tone

In general, Mexican makeup can not be called specific. Girls in Mexico also strive for even skin tone, use concealer to disguise under-eye circles, make light contouring using cream corrections.

However, there is one feature that gives the Mexican – a generous blush. As a rule, Mexican brides prefer either pink or red rouge – these shades are more noticeable on darker skin.


Despite the love of Mexicans for well-pigmented products and bright shades, the fashion for naturalness is no stranger to them. They prefer to emphasize their eyebrows with a pencil, and then fix them with gel.


The typical eye makeup in Mexico implies matte coffee shadows in the outer corner of the eye, a slight emphasis on the crease of the eyelid, arrows and well-painted mascara.


If Mexican brides need to choose an accent in makeup, then most likely they will prefer bright lips. Juicy red lipstick is a classic makeup in Mexico. Especially when it comes to makeup for a solemn occasion.

Women in Mexico are famous for their beautiful tan. However, it is not only the heat and the scorching sun that is worth giving thanks. The secret is in the proven generation of things that they do on their own. For example, Mexican brides use mixture of lemon juice and sugar a scrub for hands. A face cream is often replaced with a mixture of mashed banana and strawberry.

However, none of the products and makeup artists will help if you do not protect your skin from the hot sun. That is why Mexican brides always carry sunscreen with them (even if they do not intend to go to the beach). Many people use thermal water to refresh their skin during the day.

Mexican women, as well as residents of other Latin American countries, rely on the use of natural resources in caring for themselves. Plant extracts provide a range of nutrients, moisturizers and rejuvenating substances to their bodies.

Clay and honey

These are not only the components of DIY masks widely used in Mexico, but also one of the most popular gifts of nature used in cosmetology around the world. Clay won the hearts of women mainly due to the ability to cleanse and tighten pores. Green clay, which has an antibacterial effect and regulates sebum secretion, reigns among cosmetic clays. Mexican are also crazy about red clay, which tightens blood vessels. In turn, honey, as a frequent component of various masks, has bactericidal and moisturizing properties.

Prickly pear seed oil

It does not apply to cheap products, so it is often only added in small quantities to soaps or creams. Prickly pear seed oil has a calming and moisturizing effect. It is also rich in antioxidants, which raises it to high positions in the ratings of natural products that фку effective against wrinkles. Cosmetics with prickly pear seed oil are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

Mangrove extract

By caring for the skin, the product reduces the signs of aging, returns a healthy glow and radiance to it. The mangrove extract has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.


These fruits are grown in southern Mexico. In cosmetology, they are used in the form of oil obtained from seeds. This product is very well-established, primarily in the care of hair, including dry, curly and afro hair. Its properties are also suitable for the effective care of eyelashes: oil strengthens and accelerates their growth.

Mimosa tenuiflora

Mimosa tenuiflora is a perennial evergreen shrub growing in Mexico and Brazil. Some time age. This ingredient is used, in particular, in the treatment of burns, as well as in anti-aging products. Due to the tannins present in it, it has an astringent effect and gives elasticity. Creams with mimosa tenuiflora extract provide maximum hydration and rapid epidermis regeneration. Therefore, it is advisable to use them, in particular, to mitigate irritation after chemical peeling.


One of the most popular Mexican alcoholic drink is used not only to get drunk, but also to care for skin. Mexicans use it mainly to clean the skin and remove dead skin cells in the epidermis. Tequila in home peeling is adjacent with other ingredients, such as: sugar, sea salt, almond, coconut and rose oil.

Mexican Dangers That You Need to be Aware of

The low standard of living of a significant part of the local population contributes to the emergence in the country of numerous criminogenic elements. Therefore, crime in Mexico is not only the drug mafia and corrupt officials, but also petty thieves, fraudsters, kidnappers, blackmailers, etc. The degree of security depends largely on a particular region of a country or area of ​​a city, but precautionary measures should always be remembered.

The most dangerous regions of the country and disadvantaged areas of cities

The most dangerous states are Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango, Guerrero, Baja California, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, Veracruz. These are mainly northern territories, except for Guerrero, Michoacán and Veracruz. Rampant crime here is associated with two factors: drug trafficking and illegal migration across the Mexican-American border. All of this and corrupt police situation leaves much to be desired.

The high crime rate in the southern and eastern states is associated with a low standard of living for which drug trafficking is sometimes the only means of survival.

The authorities strongly discourage tourists from traveling through dangerous areas, especially alone. Here you risk being robbed, kidnapped or killed just because you had gold jewelry, some cash, an expensive camera or a good car. The low standard of living and the high concentration of unreliable citizens make even a normal walk through the streets dangerous in these areas. At the same time it does not matter at all whether you are connected with criminal organizations or not.

Fraud in Mexico: how not to become a victim of fraud

In Mexico, fraud has become a means of survival for a huge number of poorly educated and poor citizens.

For example, fake police – they can be found even in busy tourist areas. Therefore, if someone suddenly approached you and began to demand to pay a fine, do not hesitate to ask and verify the documents of the law enforcement officer. And right away try to obtain accurate information about what you have been decided to fine for.

The dishonest guides-boatmen are another category of citizens who inflate prices for their services and profit from inattentive vacationers. Inviting to the boat, they call you one price for a trip to dolphins or turtles, and at the end of the voyage they name you a totally different price, that is much higher than the original. And to leave the boat, you have nothing to do but pay. Therefore, pre-negotiate the full cost of the trip, so you can save your money.

Remember that tankers in Mexico have no official salary. So if you give the employee a large bill, you might not get anything back. That is why you should calculate in advance how much you will refuel, and prepare notes for payment and tips.

Card readers with video cameras in street ATMs is a modern method of robbery. They allow fraudsters to obtain magnetic strip data and pin-code of your card. Therefore, in order not to lose funds, use ATMs in bank branches or located in shopping centers. You should give preference not to credit cards with a large limit, but to debit cards with a limited amount of funds on them.

Sellers of exotic goods and animals are another category of citizens with whom it is better not to deal with in Mexico. The fact that you have been sold the product from the skin of a jaguar, tortoise shell or feathers of quetzal birdsi, does not guarantee the legality of the transaction. Inspection of things and the discovery of such goods in them when leaving the territory of some states may result in confiscation, a serious fine and even imprisonment.

Kidnapping in Mexico for ransom

Compliance with the following simple recommendations helps to avoid the fate of being stolen:

  • Use the official taxi service;

  • Do not meet on social networks and do not go on blind dates;

  • Do not show expensive items or jewelry that indicate your well-being;

  • Avoid slums;

  • Do not hitchhike;

  • Try to walk in the company of familiar people or accompanied by a guide.


In Mexico, there are still strong revolutionary ideas that are inspired by the country’s socialist past. Demonstrations of both ordinary people (against Trump’s policies, against the legalization of same-sex marriages) and socialist groups (for example, zapatista) occur periodically. Such protests can pose a threat to life and health, so you should follow these tips:

  • Stay away from windows, corners, fences, if you are pressed against them, you risk getting hurt.

  • Keeping close to the police is a mistake, because if the crowd loses its composure, they might begin shooting;

  • Remove the chains and scarf, if any;

  • Squeeze your elbows and hold them at chest level. So all the blows will fall on the elbows, which is the least traumatic. In addition, you protect the diaphragm, which will give you the opportunity to breathe peacefully;

  • Do not lift fallen objects;

  • Try to maintain balance, step confidently on the full foot, your main task is not to fall.


In Mexico, you can find large dangerous predators – crocodiles. Meeting with them can be deadly, especially if you are uncareful while walking along the river.

How to protect yourself from the attack of a crocodile:

  • Before the reservoirs, in which these predators are found, there are signs warning. Pay attention to them and do not come close to such places.

  • Before you go swimming, you need to be sure that there are no crocodiles in the water;

  • If you decide to ride a boat, then stay away from the bushes, reeds and high vegetation;

  • If you meet a crocodile, never try to feed him, even if he seems small and defenseless;

  • When meeting with a crocodile, try to slowly move away from him, do not run and do not make sudden movements.

10 Inspiring Women from Mexico You Need to Know

  1. María Izquierdo
    With the politics of Frida Kahlo and the allure of Remedios Varo, María Izquierdo is often forgotten as one of Mexico’s most important female painters.
  2. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
    One of the first and foremost feminists of colonial Mexico, Sor Juana was so dedicated to continuing her lifelong love of learning that she joined a nunnery and refused to marry.
  3. Rosario Castellanos
    Castellanos is considered one of Mexico’s most important poets of the 20th century.
  4. María del Pilar Roldán Tapia
    Roldán came from a family of excellent athletes and became passionate about fencing at a very young age.
  5. Frida Kahlo
    One of Mexico’s most famous painters and most famous female artists by far, Frida Kahlo is known for her introspective and sometimes gruesome work that touched on the subjects of infertility, disability, mestizaje (having a combination of European and American Indian heritage), and her deep Mexican roots.
  6. Rosario Ibarra de Piedra
    A senator, former presidential candidate, and a great female voice in Mexican politics, Ibarra de Piedra formed and heads the Comité Eureka, an organization that fights to free political prisoners and find those that have “disappeared” for political reasons.
  7. Paola Longoria
    Longoria is considered the best female racquetball player in the world and has won eight national championships, three world titles, three gold medals at the Pan-American games, and the National Sports Award in Mexico in 2010.
  8. Tessy María López Goerne
    One of the country’s most renowned scientists, López Goerne is the director of nanotechnology and nanomedicine laboratories at Mexico’s Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and is leading research on a possible gel that will cure diabetic feet.
  9. Norma Romero Vázquez
    Vázquez leads an organization working out of Veracruz called Las Patronas that feeds 150 Central American migrants a day who are passing through Mexico on the locally famous cargo train known as La Bestia (“The Beast”).
  10. Leona Vicario
    Vicario was one of Mexico’s first female journalists and was an important part of the Independence Movement in early 1800s.