Malaysian Women

Malaysian Women: Exotic Mail-Order Wives

Various online forums and blogs are packed with success stories of Western men who pursued Malaysian mail-order brides, ending up in a happy international marriage with a gorgeous lady. Following suit couldn’t be easier. If you open any search engine site and type “Malaysian women for marriage”, you’ll get access to a broad selection of agencies that focus on hot Malaysian women. Some of the sites within your reach have extensive open catalogs of female profiles that are available even to unregistered visitors. Other Malaysian mail order bride websites offer merely a glimpse into their variety of gorgeous, exotic ladies before you make a payment, readily opening their user base only to the holders of a subscription or membership. It is up to the client to choose which kind of agency he wants to use.

This article aims to reveal to Western men interested in Malaysian women certain crucial aspects of international dating. We’ll also shed light on why Malaysian wives are highly sought-after and what are the differences between them and Western women when it comes to dating and marriage. You’ll learn what a hot Malaysia girl expects of her husband and how to prevent the difference in your cultural backgrounds from hindering the relationship. And most importantly, you’ll find out how to meet hot Malaysian women on the Internet safely, avoiding scams and frauds.

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Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
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Why Are Hot Malaysian Girls Perfect For Marriage?

Malaysian women have essentially the same aspirations regarding marriage as women in all other regions of the world. A mail-order bride from Malaysia wants to marry a reliable man who will be a loving and caring husband and father. Local culture preaches a clear division of male and female roles in the household. The husband is expected to bring home the bacon, while the Malaysian wife dedicates herself to creating a comfortable home and raising children. Malaysian women support their husbands in all endeavors, but it is up to the man to make all important decisions that affect the couple’s family life.

You don’t need to possess extensive wealth to impress a hot Malaysian girl as a financially comfortable person. Her homeland cannot exactly boast of high standards of living, so Malaysian women are always appreciative of what they have. They are resourceful and creative – and therefore, very efficient at running the household. The kindness and patience of Malay wives make wonderful mothers who will go above and beyond for the happiness and wellbeing of their children.

Why Do So Many Western Men Seek Sexy Malaysian Women?

In recent decades, statistics experts have been observing a surge in the number of interracial and intercultural marriages. Nowadays, tying the knot with a person of absolutely different background and upbringing is not only accepted but also quite widespread. Moreover, ladies from distant lands have a special exotic appeal to them, which is one of the reasons why so many Western men seek an opportunity to meet hot women from Africa, Asia, Southern America, Oceania, and other remote corners of the world.

Malaysia women are highly valued for not being spoiled and corrupted by a money-oriented society. In the Western world, it requires a great piece of luck to find and marry a woman who does not have a materialistic outlook and superficial attitude. While taking care of themselves in terms of stylish clothes and makeup, most beautiful Malaysian women have their minds occupied by more meaningful things.

Even upon moving to a different continent to be with her husband, a Malaysian woman will never stray away from the traditional life and family values that are deeply rooted in her heart. What differs hot Malaysian women from Western woman is that the former do not seek independence and self-sufficiency. They are comfortable relying on a breadwinner husband and see it as the woman’s duty to run errands and take care of the kids.

What Do Malaysian Wives Expect Of Their Foreign Husbands?

If all of the above sounds like your perfect woman, you might start wondering what qualities Malaysian women value in potential husbands and if you’re good enough to pursue a hot Malaysian girl. It is time to ease your worries: all a Malay wife wants from a husband is a respectful and caring attitude, love and affection. Essentially, their expectations are what a woman brought up in Western culture takes for granted. In their homeland, Malaysian women are often treated inadequately by local men. Although there’s a large salary gap between male and female employees, wives are expected to work hard in addition to running the household and doing the majority of parenting. Malaysian women are deprived of some liberties by their husbands, and the police tend to ignore reports of domestic violence. Overall, a wife is expected to follow strict rules of conduct that aren’t always fair or justified.

Given the above circumstances, no wonder that many Malaysia women are looking for men from abroad. By marrying a foreigner, Malaysian wives are finally relieved from the unfair societal expectations that are prevailing in their homeland. What they are looking for in the relationship with their Western husbands is love and affection, kindness, trust, and mutual respect.

3 Important Facts About Malaysia Women

  • They speak good English. Communication plays an essential role in online dating, and a Malaysian bride’s decent English skills are just what is needed. You’ll not only avoid paying for the services of a translator, but also enjoy deep and heartfelt conversations with your hot Malaysia girlfriend. When you marry her and move her to the States, your Malay wife’s fluency in English will help prevent misunderstandings, while her knowledge of Western culture will make it easier for her to adapt to life in a new country.
  • They value family above everything else. For Malaysian women, the happiness and wellbeing of the family are of paramount importance. A Malaysian bride’s parents play a huge role in her world view; she respects them immensely and values their opinion. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of a successful marriage to a hot Malaysian lady is presenting yourself in a favorable light to her family. Let them know that you have the most serious intentions and can give their daughter the life she deserves.
  • They venerate traditions. You should always keep in mind that there is a huge gap between the cultural peculiarities of Malaysia and the lifestyle to which you are used. In a hot Malaysian girl’s life, an important role is played by religion and tradition. The population of Malaysia are Muslims who practice Malay culture. You must learn the basics of the local dating culture before deciding to pursue your bride. Many elements of the Western dating world are viewed as inappropriate by Malaysian women.

Dating Malaysian Women: DOs And DON’Ts

  • Do get to know her on a personal level. A major advantage of dating through online means is that a person’s profile gives you a lot of information about her interests, values, and beliefs. You can get an overall idea of a Malaysia bride’s personality before you even talk to her for the first time. But it’s crucial that upon initiating communication, you make an effort to get to know your future Malay wife on a deeper level.
  • Do be an attentive listener. Ladies all over the world appreciate being listened to and heard. Beautiful Malaysian women aren’t an exception. When talking on the phone or in person, make sure to give your lady plenty of room to express her thoughts and opinions. Try to direct the conversation towards the topics in which both of you take an interest.
  • Do compliment her. But never resort to empty flattery, because a clever Malaysian woman can easily tell it from a sincere flattering remark. Make sure to praise her not only for her stunning beauty, but also for her intelligence, quick wits, and life achievements.

As to the things you should refrain from while dating Malaysian women, they can be summarized as follows:

  • Stay clear of controversial topics, such as religion or politics.
  • Avoid being overconfident and uttering deceiving exaggerations.
  • Exclude sounding inconsiderate or disrespectful.

The Differences Between Malaysian Brides And Western Girls

The exotic appearance is not the only thing that distinguished Malaysian women from Western women. The upbringing in a rather patriarchal society leaves an imprint on the personalities, mindset, and outlook of Malaysian women. While valuing education, many of them neither have high career ambitions nor strive to be independent financially. It is not uncommon for a hot Malaysian bride to rely on her parents until marriage. Malay wives are ready to fully dedicate themselves to taking care of the household and children, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the family. Malaysian women accept the traditional female role in all spheres of life. They are taught to let the man take the lead, which is why your Malaysian bride may seem shy and reserved in comparison to Western girls who can be aggressively extraverted.

Tips On Meeting Hot Malaysian Women Online

Resorting to an international dating agency that focuses on Malaysia mail-order brides is your best bet. You’ll get access to a catalog of hot Malaysia girls’ photos and bios – look around and talk to as many gorgeous, exotic ladies as you wish. The website of every agency offers a plethora of search filters and matchmaking tools, aiming to facilitate you in your pursuit of a Malay spouse. Think carefully and decide what kind of Malaysian women you fancy. Then enter your requirements as the search criteria – and the website will produce a selection of profiles of sexy Malaysian brides that meet your preferences. The ease of filtering out people with whom you have naught in common is another advantage of a Malay dating site over real-life dating. You can contact only those Malaysian women who seem like a potential soulmate, which saves you a great deal of time and effort.

Always make sure the agency of your choice operates within the legal bounds. In particular, all Malaysia women looking for men on the website must be over 18 years of age. When you talk to a new lady, always clearly state your intentions from the very beginning. Many sexy Malaysian women use agencies to find a committed relationship, so if a few hot encounters with an exotic lady is all you want, it would be unfair to hide your intentions from the bride. Lastly, don’t forget about regular precautions while using a Malay dating site – be smart about your personal, financial, and other sensitive information.

10 Inspirational Malaysian Women You Should Know

  1. Ivy Josiah
    Can you work a full-time job while setting up a national women’s aid organization? Ivy Josiah proves you can.
  2. Shamsiah Fakeh
    The only woman on this list who witnessed the horrors of World War II, Shamsiah Fakeh was a nationalist and feminist who led the political group, Angkatan Wanita Sedar (AWAS, or Conscious Women’s Front), in 1946.
  3. Zainah Anwar
    If you’re a Muslim woman wondering about your rights under syariah law, you might want to check out what Sisters in Islam (SIS) has to say.
  4. Irene Fernandez
    If you know a domestic migrant worker suffering abuse, Tenaganita should be your second port of call (after the police).
  5. Heidy Quah
    Heidy proved that Facebook “likes” could turn into real, tangible help.
  6. Ambiga Sreenevasan
    Have you ever endured hate mail, death threats, and calls for arrest, while campaigning for policy reform?
  7. Mother Mangalam Iyaswamy Iyer
    This gentle, plainly clad woman is to Malaysia what Mother Teresa was to India. She has made human welfare her life’s work, working through The Pure Life Society to provide and care for orphaned children, regardless of race or religion.
  8. Dr. Mazlan Othman
    This woman was appointed not once — but twice — as Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), an international expert unit contributing toward global cooperation in the use and exploration of space and related technology.
  9. Tan Sri Dr. Robaayah Zambahari
    One of the foremost cardiologists in the country, this inspiring woman was once the CEO for the Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute), a standalone organization for cardiovascular and cardiothoracic care.
  10. Dr. Farrah Hani Imran
    Mental health is still new in Malaysia — at least, conversation about it is. But Dr. Farrah is determined to change this.