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Amazing Macedonian Women – girls with a competent perception of life!

Macedonia is a mysterious country in the south of the Balkan Peninsula. A warm and dry climate prevails here, 300 sunny days in a year. In winter the temperature is not lower than -5 degrees Celsius, in the summer +30 degrees Celsius. Residents speak on macedonian language. Are you surprised because you thought it did not exist? People communicate freely with Serbs, Croats, Montenegrins, because their languages ​​are very similar. And almost all young girls are fluent in English. The country has a charming atmosphere. This is a leisurely rhythm of life, magical sunrises and sunsets against the backdrop of mountains, the sweet smell of fruits and a feeling of love in the air… All this you must feel personally!

If you don’t know anything about macedonian women, then we are ready to correct this oversight. They are beautiful and versatile women with amazing looks. They are used to living in a patriarchal society, therefore they become good wives and caring mothers after marriage. They are brought up in the traditions of respect for folk culture and love for the motherland. There are very few girls who prefer career. As a rule, they become singers, models or theater actresses, due to their natural charisma and original appearance. Do you want to meet macedonia girl? Then you knowingly got to this site. Here you will find all the necessary information about macedonian mail order brides, you can chat online with them, make an appointment in real life and even fall in love!

What do Macedonian girls look like?

It seems that these girls are radically different from women from other countries. Many people are convinced that their secret is magical ability. It is believed that many Macedonian women know many magical secrets that are transmitted to women from generation to generation. They have a bewitching look and incredible charisma. As soon as you see a pretty girl on the macedonian mail order bride website, you will want to look at her again and again. Having looked through hundreds of other profiles, this girl will still not be forgotten by you and you will want to get to know her more closely.

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Macedonian brides are slender and often dark-haired beauties with a stunning body and amazing charm.

Their main features:

  • Natural modesty;

  • Unusual eye incision;

  • Charming piercing gaze;

  • Wasp waist and light weight.

They dress quite simply and prefer comfortable clothes – jeans, shorts and T-shirts. They do not need to buy expensive designer items to emphasize their sexuality and exclusivity.

Features of the mentality of beautiful macedonian women

  1. If you find yourself in a mysterious country for the first time, you will be amazed at the friendliness of the locals. They are fond of communicating with tourists, often offer them inexpensive housing or boating. Do not be surprised at strange questions, for example: “Do you have a cow? And how do you pray?” Also residents can safely make any compliments to foreign guests.

  2. These are very patriotic citizens. Each house has a flag, souvenirs and clothes with national symbols. Residents of the country adore national cuisine, music and a football team.

  3. The country has a very low crime rate. Even if this is your first time flying here, you will not run into fraud and deception. The only thing that can mislead you is the gestures of local residents. For example, a nod indicates denial, and shaking of head from side to side, on the contrary, is agreement.

  4. 8 p.m. is the time of evening news, which absolutely all people are interested in.

  5. Football, basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis are games not only for men, but also for macedonian ladies or children.

  6. The 1 of April is one of the most important holidays of the year. On this day children go to school in fancy dress, and at noon in the center of each city performances of students of different schools and the choice of the best mask are held. In the evening – a masquerade for adults. Surprisingly, people begin to prepare for it immediately after the New Year holidays.

  7. The most common form of income is growing tobacco. People collect it, string it on long needles, then on 2-meter-long threads and dry it on the streets. Until winter tobacco is stored in the attic, and then it is handed over to the tobacco factory. This is a very hard work, to which all family members are involved, starting with children from 5 years old.

  8. Residents of the country grow more than 40 types of pepper. This is one of the staple foods along with wheat, feta cheese and tomatoes.

Why do Macedonian brides dream of men from other countries?

This is easily to explain. More men than women live in the country, so they are too demanding on female. There are also qualities that definitely do not appeal to women. Macedonian men are incredible bouncers. They love to show off both the body parameters of their wives and the size of their salaries or repairs. It seems like they are constantly competing with each other. As you know, beautiful girls want to escape from such a life and create a family with a worthy man.

Since there are almost in two times more men in the country, relatives can easily ask a pregnant woman: “Who did you see on an ultrasound? A child or a girl?” Macedonian girls strongly dislike this attitude.  Some girls are ready for such attitude, and some girls dream of leaving their hometown forever. There is also a patriarchy that does not allow girls to get a decent education or to occupy a good job.

Another national tradition that girls do not like is living together with numerous relatives. Grandmother, grandfather, parents, brothers, sisters, sons and their wives – all of these people can live in the same house. A girl receives an inheritance from her parents only as a last resort, if there is no son.

Family life with a Macedonian wife

Macedonian singles are thinking about creating a family quite early, about 20 years. They dream about 2 or 3 kids. For permanent residence they often choose the countryside with fresh air around and the beauty of nature. As women from an early age accustomed to agricultural work, they can grow vegetables in the garden.

Macedonian wives don’t need the services of nannies, because they prefer to bring up their own children. It is noteworthy that children are developing independence from an early age. For example, they go to school on their own in zero class, because it’s safe. Macedonian girls are not afraid of any housework. In free time your future wife from Macedonia will not choose to relax in spa or nightclub. Conversation with a neighbor over a cup of coffee is closer to her. And if you decide to live in her home country and your wife will have plenty of time, she will get a job. The workday here starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m., so the pretty girl will have time to do all the housework. In free time many macedonian women love to do needlework: to knit crochet or embroider.

During the weekend all members of your family are guaranteed of fun and excursion. Macedonia is a perfect choice for those people who do not like to aimlessly lie on the beach, preferring to spend time dynamically. Macedonian woman can easily select the interesting time for you and kids. Skiing and cycling, zoos and water parks, interactive museums will make your holidays unforgettable!

She cook delicious and healthy meals. Pomegranates, kiwi, figs, peanuts, hazelnuts, peaches are the most common products. Lunch at home always includes a vegetable slicing or salad. Macedonian girls are not used to fry food, they bake it in tins or cook the ingredients, providing your family members the maximum benefit for health. Also on table there are often chicken with rice, noodles, vegetable soups. Grilled meat and chicken is also popular. Almost all Macedonian women know how to cook pies with vegetable filling for different holidays. It is curious that the people in Macedonia rarely drink alcohol. And during the holidays completely sober people can dance and sincerely have fun.

Macedonian bride: insights

Dating a macedonian girl can completely turn your life. She is wise, kind and bright bride who has a correct idea of the perfect family. She is not corrupted by feminism and she dream of a warm relationship, where each person is the best friend and support for the other person. If you always wanted to find a girl who will perfectly understand you and support, it is possible that this is a Macedonian bride!

Top-8 Beautiful Macedonian Women

  1. Katerina Ivanovska (18 August 1988) – Macedonian model and actress. 1st place among beautiful Macedonian women in our rating.
  2. Suzana Al-Salkini (1984) – Miss Macedonia 2008.
  3. Dragana Chuprina (17 February 1990) – Macedonian TV presenter and model.
  4. Biljana Georgievska (1988) – Macedonian model.
  5. Elena Risteska (27 April 1986) – Macedonian singer and songwriter of popular music.
  6. Ivanna Hacievska (1987) – Macedonian popular TV presenter and model.
  7. Karolina Goceva (28 April 1980) – Macedonian singer.
  8. Kaliopi Bukle (28 December 1966) – famous Macedonian artist, vocal interpreter, composer and songwriter.