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Lithuanian mail order brides: Explaining the terminology

Everyone has a soulmate, the main thing is to find her, and if earlier it might take you to go around the world, visit hundreds of countries and learn several languages, now everything is much easier – just find a good dating site where many brides are looking for soul mate online. However, before you start looking for serious dating on the Internet, you need to find a really good service where you can surely find the woman you are looking for.

Mail order brides are quite common request on the Internet these days. There are a lot of these women and they all dream of finding a foreign man who can give them everything they dream of. These are usually women from 18 years old who register on dating sites in order to find a kind, caring and loving man who is ready for serious relationships, marriage and family formation. Unfortunately, not all women can find a good man in their country, so they turn to sites where they can find many men with serious intentions and no longer waste time on unworthy people.

Among Lithuanian mail order brides, you can meet different women of all ages and professions. Some of them are disappointed in men from their country and use marriage agencies in the hope of finding love with a decent foreigner. Others are simply tired of loneliness, and everyday life and they want to change their country of residence by marrying a foreign man. There are still those who believe that foreign men are much better than the men of their country, they are much more serious, decisive, able to earn money and are ready to create a full-fledged family and, moreover, can make their woman happy.

The unique traits of hot Lithuanian women

  1. Lithuanian women managed not only to absorb the best European traditions and values, but also to maintain their uniqueness. For many people beautiful Lithuanian mail order bride is elegant and restrained blondes, fragile and independent personalities. The beauty of the Baltic nature affects their appearance. Boundless meadows, cool sea with wonderful pine groves on the banks. Only princesses with sparkling white hair and blue eyes can live on such an attractive, fabulous area. Lithuanians in their appearance are very aristocratic and sophisticated. Moreover, girls try to support this feature of their appearance in every possible way. They look after themselves, carefully select a wardrobe, strive to look rich and elegant. The image of women of any age combines good taste, as well as ability to wear even clothes that are simple in design and ability to select accessories. Beautiful Lithuanians adhered to active sports and healthy lifestyle.
General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.
  1. The aristocratic beauty of Lithuanian ladies is harmoniously combined with their restrained character, well-mannered features, European manner of behavior. Lithuanians are considerate, tolerant, and distinguished by subtlety of nature. Many of them are creative personalities who love music and painting. In addition, a characteristic feature for the representatives of Lithuania is a love to sport activities, an active lifestyle, and travel. Good organization of the girls helps them to combine hobbies, education with care for the family and relatives. And also they manage to make a successful career. At the same time, Lithuanians do not cease to amaze with their well-groomed, luxurious appearance. It is impossible not to pay attention to Lithuania girls, because the slender figures of light-eyed blondes, with their youth and health, are immediately evident.
  2. Lithuanian women are modern and are increasingly striving for independence. Increasingly, one can meet a woman leader in Lithuania. Due to their unique inner qualities and subtle intuition, Lithuanian women choose the original way of leadership – active interaction with subordinates. They are trying to instill in employees a sense of their indispensability, which leads to the success of the entire organization. However, despite the fact that Lithuanian women are showing more and more active social activity, they still strive to create a loving family and give birth to happy children. Lithuanian woman is ideal for creating a strong union for a modern man.
  3. In Lithuania, women are rather flexible, and sometimes even too submissive to their husbands. Interestingly, they are often well educated and often have better education than men. In Lithuania, it has already become the norm that women often occupy high and responsible position, while men work as builders or just general workers.

Getting in touch with your Lithuanian mail order bride

Registering on Lithuanian dating site you have already taken the first step towards finding your soulmate. However, in order for your profile to be noticed by amazing ladies, it must be selected from catalog of hundreds and thousands of others. A personal profile on a dating site is your self-presentation, after reading this strangers will make the first conclusions about your personality. And first impressions, as you know, are the most important. What can be done so that Lithuanian women like exactly your profile?

Photo selection

The photographs are of a great importance. The visual component is absorbed by people much faster and better than textual information. In other words, even if you correctly fill out the questionnaire and attach a fuzzy photo to it, no one will even read the text. Can you hide you true look under the photos of celebrities or just other people? Of course no, this is not worth doing. As during a personal meeting with your potential bride, this threatens disappointment, it also characterizes you from the disadvantageous side. Women who see a photo of a famous actor instead of your face will make negative conclusions in advance, considering your real appearance unattractive.

Therefore, it is worth choosing the best photos from those that you have available. Pictures of a decade ago will not work, as well as images that were significantly changed in some editor. Do not be afraid to be yourself, showing it to others who are around you. It’s always possible to select advantageous angles, but you shouldn’t upload a lot of photos with the same facial expression or tilt your head, even if this is your favorite angle.

Photos must be of high quality and varied. Interesting pictures invariably gain a large number of positive ratings and comments. Each image should have something interesting that will attract eyes and inspire a desire to get to know you better. You should definitely add both portrait shots and a full-length photo in the portfolio on some dating service. Choosing the main image that will play the role of an avatar, do not forget to make sure that it looks good in a small size. Having figured out the images, you can begin to reflect on what to write to hot Lithuanians.

What information should be included

The dating agency profile contains a number of points that allow you to briefly and succinctly tell your virtual interlocutors about yourself. It is recommended to fill out the questionnaire correctly without missing a single fact. The amount of text should be determined by the rule of the “golden mean”: too dry monosyllabic answers to the questions of the questionnaire are not impressive, as well as too long narratives.

Describe all the important characteristics of your appearance, do not forget to tell also about your inner world, about your hobbies, interests. It would be nice to add a bit of humor and positive to the text so that the questionnaire does not look as strict as the resume in the personnel department. Avoid using common cliches, other people’s poems and thoughts – it is always better to express your personal opinion. Thinking about what to write in a dating profile to Lithuanian singles, connect your imagination and choose a creative approach. Feel free to talk about your innocent quirks and unusual hobbies, but try not to shock with extravagant statements.

Indicate only true information – this is extremely important. You surely do not want to start acquaintance with the chosen one with a lie. If you came here to search for family happiness, underline this fact in your profile. If, on the contrary, you are only interested in flirting and relationships without obligations, you should write about it right away. This will reduce the amount of unwanted messages from users whose goals do not match yours.

Information about your current mood will help to display the special status provided in the questionnaire on some sites. Status is easy to change at any time, guided by changes in your emotions. Another key to successful promotion of the profile is activity on the site. Take the initiative in making new friends, express sympathy, look through hot Lithuanian women profiles, and the result will not take too long.

Why are Lithuanian brides good for marriage?

Lithuanian women are wonderful housewives who can feed their family and guests with delicious national food. Lithuanian national cuisine is dominated by potato and dairy products. Lithuanian women also bake unique scalded rye bread the size of a large baking sheet, add caraway seeds and other spices. In a word, Lithuanian brides cook very tasty and interesting dishes. Therefore, in marriage with such a woman you will always be full.

Lithuanian ladies will be good wives as they always know what their man needs. They are very insightful and well remember the interests and tastes of their men and try to please them. Moreover, these women believe that the main task in marriage is to make their husband and children happy.

They will be excellent mothers and will try to raise well-bred, smart and good children. It is very important for them that their children grow up as successful and developed people and be a source of pride for them. Therefore, if you marry a Lithuanian woman, you will be sure that she will do anything in order to properly raise her child.

 In addition, your home will always be cozy and clean with a Lithuanian bride. These women pay particular attention to cleanliness in the house where they live. They want the space surrounding them to evoke positive emotions, and they want all households to have a pleasant stay in the house where they live.

They can undoubtedly be perfect wives and simply adore their husbands if their feelings are mutual. These women are ready to give their care and love to a worthy person, who, in turn, also knows how to love sincerely and unconditionally. Mutual love and understanding are very important for them. Moreover, they are not selfish and expect the same from their men, so the marriage with these ladies will be perfect.

Some tips for dating

If your relationship with your potential Lithuanian wife has moved to a serious level, then with no doubt sooner or later you will start discussing your meeting. Obviously, the first date is the most important for both. This will get ahead of your future relationship with the girl, and also help you understand whether she was suitable for you or not. It is also important for you to show your chosen one that you are a worthy and well-mannered man on whom she can rely and who will be with her no matter what. Regardless of the circumstances of the meeting, the first date is always associated with significant excitement for both. Tips will help you make a positive impression even on the most demanding woman.

Be confident in yourself

Try to get rid of unnecessary excitement and be confident in yourself. Your partner’s consent to a date means that she showed interest in you, which means you have a chance for a serious relationship. Never consider yourself less worthy, beautiful, successful than your potential chosen one. Confident people attract others like a magnet.

Pay attention to your appearance

 Unfortunately, men often forget that they also have to look good on a date. Representatives of the stronger sex sometimes complain that women reject them because of their unsportsmanlike figure, untidy appearance, wrinkled clothes and lack of style. Unlucky gentlemen often come on a first date in stale shirts, crumpled trousers and dirty boots while girls tend to pay more attention to their appearance. You can dress modestly, but neatly and smartly.

Do not come without flowers

A man does not have to go on a first date with a luxurious bouquet of flowers, but it is necessary to give his companion at least one rose or three tulips. This man shows his attitude to the female. If a man comes without flowers at the first date, then the woman might think that he is inattentive and not romantic.

A cozy cafe is the best meeting place

You can argue for a long time about where it is better to spend the first date. In the museum? In the park? To the cinema? In the theatre? And yet, it was the cafe that became the classic place for meeting. In recent years, cozy catering establishments have appeared not only in almost every district center, but also in various settlements.

A man always pays

In some foreign countries, during the first date, it is customary to split the bill. But still, a real man will always pay in a cafe or restaurant for a woman and will not let her to get a purse out, unless she is categorically against it.

Do not forget about compliments

Any pretty woman will be pleased if her man shows her his attention with compliments. However, you should not make the girl too intimate compliments. It will be enough to say how charming she is, how this dress suits her or to make some kind of romantic compliment about her hair or eyes. You can always find a reason for a compliment if you want.

Do not brag

Lithuanian women for marriage boast the most negative impression, and some cannot tolerate bouncers at all. Do not emphasize your positive qualities and success in life. Let your companion or companion make an impression of you by herself.

Do not complain

Ladies do not like not only braggart, but also whiners, especially men. Do not burden your potential wife with stories about your problems or illnesses. It is better to conduct a casual conversation: about the weather, vacation, hobbies, traveling.

Avoid political, religious and national topics

Never discussions serious topics as politics, religion and discuss national issues on the first date. After all, each person has their own views and concepts, but for someone these topics can be of great importance. Because of this, instead of a romantic date, a conflict may begin and as a result, you will part with bad feelings and generally waste time.

Be friendly, but unobtrusive

During the first date, men often trying to please the girl and give her as much attention as possible, so some overdo it and at the end of the meeting the girl simply does not know how to get rid of a man. However, one does not have to be intrusive. Try to show your bride that you have your own life and you are not obsessed with her like some kind of crazy fan.

Top-10 Beautiful Lithuanian Women

  1. Jurgita Jurkute (April 23, 1985, Plunge, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian actress, model, TV presenter. The winner of the “Miss Litva- 2007”.
  2. Edita Vilkeviciute (January 1, 1989 g of Kaunas, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian top model. She is an Angel of Victoria’s Secret. See also:. The most beautiful model Victoria’s Secret Angels
  3. Agne Motiejunaite (born 1985) is a Lithuanian model. At an early age he lived in Ireland. Engaged philanthropy.
  4. Agniya Diskovskite (May 11, 1988, Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Lithuanian and Russian actress. He has Lithuanian roots on the paternal side. See also: The most beautiful modern Russian actresses
  5. Auguste Abeliunaite (August 3, 1994 Siauliai, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian model. A shot for the cover of Portuguese and Italian VOGUE, participates in shows leading designers at Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan.
  6. Egle Standtaite (January 28, 1990 Kaunas, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian model and beauty queen. At the competition “Miss Lithuania 2012” took 2nd place and represents Lithuania on the “Miss Universe 2012”. At the competition Miss Supranational 2010 entered the Top-20.
  7. Gražina Baikštytė ( July 20, 1951, Vilnius, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian and Soviet actress, fashion model.
  8. Ruta Elzbieta Mazureviciute (born 1993) – Miss Lithuania 2013.
  9. Rasa Vereniute (born 1992 in Vilnius, Lithuania) is a Miss Lithuania 2012.
  10. Simona Starkute (born 1987, Kaunas, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian model. Basically advertises underwear. She starred as for FHM magazine, Moteris, Laima, Playboy.