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Hot Korean Brides: Thousands of Single Asian Girls for Marriage

Asian women have traditionally been highly appreciated by western men. However, Korean mail order wives are all the rage on the international dating market. The reason for that is not just their exquisite beauty but also their temper, their lifestyle, and values. Actually, Koreans are different from other Asians. They tend to be more “westernized” than the girls from Vietnam or Thailand are. At the same, time, they preserved their natural, purely Asian beauty combined with endless femininity and charm. According to men’s reviews, Korean ladies are perfect wives – hot, sexy, and, at the same time, smart and independent. Many of them speak English fluently; they are well-educated and often have progressive views. For a modern Korean wife, it is not unusual to make a career in a major international company, to travel around the world, and even to be engaged in politics. And still, they are as feminine and family-oriented as only eastern women can be.

Korean Women: What Are They Like?

Ask any man what the key characteristic of Korean women is – chances are 9 out of 10 will answer “beautiful.” That is true: no other women in the world care about their appearance so thoroughly as the Koreans. No surprise Korean skin-care products are a real hit today. They do work magic: thanks to them, many Korean women at their forties look as gorgeous as their 20-year-old daughters. Radiant white or ivory skin has become the national feature of Korean girls. Add magnetic almond-shaped eyes, black glossy hair, and a slender figure, and you’ll see a typical mail order bride from Korea.

Is it appearance alone that makes Korean women so attractive? Of course, no. They are wonderful homemakers who can fill your life with warmth and coziness. Korean cuisine is famous throughout the world, and most native Koreans are good cooks. At the same time, these girls are hard-working and very cleanly. They will keep your home clean and tidy so that you won’t need to hire home staff. These traits are non-typical for modern western women who often prefer to use the services of professionals.

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What Are the Family Values of Korean Wives?

Korea is a country with ancient traditions. Small girls are brought up in the atmosphere of respect to the senior members of the family, especially to the head of the family. In general, Korean girls tend to be much more submissive than American or European emancipated ladies. They unambiguously admit the leading position of the husband. Korean wives are modest and reserved; they don’t like conflicts and scandals.

Among other things, Koreans are great mothers. Bringing up children is one of the core family values for them and an important part of their culture. These women spend much time with their children; they are caring and loving mothers. Unlike western women who tend to delay the baby birth until their forties, many Koreans become parents at the age of 20-25.

At the same time, girls from Korea often have progressive views on many things. Korea is a highly developed country, and its residents keep up with the times. Despite some cultural differences, western men quite easily find common ground with Koreans.

These are the main reasons why single Korean women are in demand. The combination of natural beauty, cared-for appearance, femininity, and respectful attitude to the life partner makes men fall in love with hot Koreans again and again.

Why Is It Worth to Choose a Korean Girl for Marriage?

Numerous dating agencies offer mail order brides from a variety of Asian countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Malaysia, and so on. However, Korean mail order bride services are the most popular ones. Men from the USA, Canada, and Europe looking for foreign women choose Koreans. Many of them believe that Korean girls are perfect marriage partners. What are the reasons to opt for a Korean wife?

  • Korean women take marriage seriously – this is one of the most important steps in their life. A family is a key priority for them, and marital fidelity is a real value. They are known as faithful and devoted wives and responsible mothers. If you want your wife to be family oriented, a girl from this Asian country is the best choice.

  • South Korea is a modern progressive state, so it’s not a problem to date Korean women. There are no draconian laws in their country, and human rights are normally not violated severely. Many Koreans travel abroad, meet foreigners, and have friends all over the world. They enjoy the freedom of movement. Unlike the citizens of North Korea, they can use the Internet without any trouble. Dating Koreans is easy.

  • While being really hot and sexy, Korean girls and women are submissive and even obedient, which makes them extremely feminine. These traits are really alluring for men, even those living in modern society. By their nature, men like to dominate over their partners. Each adult man wants to feel a leader, and a Korean wife will help him to do so gently and unobtrusively.

  • They look gorgeous! Say what you like but appearance does matter! Men want to see good-looking women nearby. It seems that Korean women know the secret of perpetual youth. It’s hardly thinkable that a Korean girl can have blemish-prone skin or greasy hair; dark under-eye circles or hardened hands.

  • Unlike the citizens of Thailand or China, over 50% of Koreans are Catholics. This is of particular importance for those who adhere to traditional western culture.

As you see, men choose Korean beauties for marriage not without reason. If you want to join the community of happy international families, then mail order brides from South Korea are definitely the best choice.

Korean Wives at a Glance: How to Understand Her

International or interracial marriage is always a conflict between two different cultures. Even if both of you live in civilized highly developed states, this conflict is inevitable. When dating a foreign woman, you need to take into consideration the fact that you were brought up in the different social and cultural environment. You are used to different food. You speak different languages. In the childhood, you read different books and watched different TV shows and cartoons. Finally, you live in different climate conditions. That is why it will take time to get used to each other. Keep in mind that you’ll have to apply some efforts to understand your partner.

When starting communication with a Korean woman, don’t forget about the difference in the national mentality. Asian women often consider western people too forthright and rude. One of the national traits of Koreans is politeness. They are extremely tactful, and they expect the same behavior from you.

Another distinctive feature of a typical Korean hot girl is talkativeness. They are real chatterboxes, so you can get tired from the necessity to talk so much. Keep in mind, also, that Koreans can’t keep secrets. They are soft-hearted and sometimes they seem a sort of simple-minded. In fact, they are just compulsive loudmouths, and you can hardly do anything about this. Just take this for granted.

Some Additional Facts about Korean Women

Koreans can seem really sociable and friendly; they love to have fun with friends. However, for any Korean woman, her family is the main priority. She will never place friendship above her family. Her husband, her children, and her parents are the only people who really matter for her.

At the same time, Korean wives are hospitable, and they are always ready to give a warm welcome to the husband’s guests. They are great homemakers – your home will always be clean and tidy, and the homemade food – delicious.

You may have heard about the hard-working nature of Koreans. This is true for both their men and women. They have to make a career in the conditions of fierce competition, so they need to leather away at the job. Korean girls manage to combine their career with family life perfectly.

Last but not least that you should do to understand your Korean girlfriend better is to study the language. Though many of them speak English quite well, this is not their native language. Start studying the Korean language to make the first step to a deeper understanding of the culture and way of thinking of women from this mysterious country.

The Whole Truth about North Korean Bides

North Korean brides are different from South Korean females. It’s not a secret, that in this country, people’s private life is strictly supervised by the state. Marrying a foreigner is a real challenge for a typical North Korean girl. But you know that there is almost nothing impossible in the world, and if one applies enough persistence you can win a major prize – a young beautiful wife who will adore you like nobody else.

Because of the severe censorship and limited Internet access in North Korea, it is hard to meet Korean women from this country on dating sites. They rarely surf the web or use smartphones (actually, most of them don’t have smartphones and computers.) They prefer spending time in real cafes and clubs where one can meet them.

North Korean girls tend to get married early. Frequently, they change their marital status even below the age of 18. It is not impossible to marry a teen girl in this country. Their husbands are commonly older, as most men marry only after completing their military service. Traditionally, young brides from North Korea expect their future husbands to be older.

What Are North Korean Brides Like?

When it comes to appearance, North Korean girls are as beautiful as their neighbors from South Korea. But there is one major difference, which is associated with their living conditions. Unlike people from South Korea, most North Koreans live in a total poverty. That is why they lack the polish of South Koreans. They are like uncut diamonds that will shine brighter after placing into a proper chase. As for their personal traits, girls from North Korea are faithful, devoted, and hard-working. If you are lucky to win the heart of one of them, you’ll get a wonderful wife who will treat you with love and respect.

Why Do Korean Brides Look for Foreign Life Partners?

For a guy from the US or Canada, it is not a problem to find a Korean wife. There are a lot of beautiful girls on dating sites. Why are they looking for their happiness abroad? Aren’t there enough young handsome men around them in their home country? The truth is that many pretty Koreans stay single until their thirties. Their men don’t want to get married early. Moreover, young guys (the so-called Sampo generation) are not oriented to making a family at all. They prefer to focus on their career and entertainment. As a result, the share of unmarried thirty-year-old Korean girls is growing from year to year. Other reasons for seeking foreigners are the following.

  1. Severe working conditions. In general, South Korea is an economically developed country. However, to reach a due level of prosperity you have to work hard. In average, they have to work 2000 hours per year.

  2. Gender inequality. While South Korea is a democratic state, old-school traditions are still strong enough, especially in remote regions of the country. Women have to work on an equal footing with men but they also do up to 80% of the housework. No surprised they are not pleased with such an injustice.

  3. A desire to move to another country. A relationship with a foreigner opens new horizons to a young Korean girl. Many of them would like to move to the USA, Great Britain or West Europe. The reasons are different – an opportunity of studying in western universities, better living conditions, more career opportunities, and so on. Finally, many Asians simply like how western men look. They consider them to be more handsome than Asians are.

How to Win the Hart of a Korean Bride

First of all, you need to choose the right place where you can find Korean women for marriage. Choose a reliable dating agency with a good database of mail order brides. Of course, you’ll need to create an account and fill the profile with relevant information. It’s recommended to upgrade to the premium account, which means you need to pay a small fee for the membership. This will give you access to a full set of features that can vary from one platform to another. After that, you can begin communicating with potential brides. To charm your dream girl follow some simple tips.

  1. Don’t be too obtrusive and assertive. Korean women tend to be self-confident and independent; they don’t like to feel forced to anything. Start slowly. Try to arouse interest in her; show her your strong points. By no means, start with discussing sexual issues if you don’t want to offend her.

  2. Don’t discuss touchy issues, such as politics, income level, sexual orientation, weird tradition, religion, and so on, until you build a trust relationship. Begin with a neutral topic. It’s a good idea to learn some words and phrases in Korean to show her you are sincerely interested in her country and culture.

  3. Let her know you can keep a family. Korean women are rather practical; it’s important for them to feel protected from the financial point of view. Don’t show off your income but make it clear that you are ready to undertake the responsibility for maintaining the family.

  4. Treat her and her family with due respect. Never say anything offensive about her parents. Keep in mind that family relations are not the subject of jokes.

That been said, keep in mind that all Korean brides are different, so there can’t be a universal approach. Rely on your intuition and common sense to find a key for the heart of your dream woman.

The Bottom Life

Mail order bride services are all the rage today, as they allow men and women from different countries to find each other quickly and with minimum efforts. South Korea is one of the popular places for finding hot brides. South Korean girls and young women are beautiful, smart, and well-mannered. What is more important, they do want to marry western men. No surprise these sexy beauties are in demand in the USA and Western Europe.

As of now, Korean mail order brides are offered by a variety of online dating agencies. Choose one of the reliable services to find your potential bride from Korea. Finding the only one among thousands of girls registered on the dating sites can take time but it is worthy of it. Be persistent, try again and again, and you will meet your Korean love sooner or later. The share of happy couples on these sites is rather high. Chances are your soulmate is just one click away from you!

The Most Inspiring Women to Know from South Korea

  1. Tai – young Lee
    Born in 1914 in what is present-day North Korea, Tai-young Lee was the first female lawyer in South Korea.
  2. CL
    The charismatic leader of K-pop sensation 2NE1, Lee Chae-rin (more commonly known as CL) is a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Kyung – won Park
    Born in Daegu in 1901, Kyung-won Park is credited as being the first female civilian pilot in the country.
  4. Yuna Kim
    Yuna Kim, who is often lovingly referred to as “Queen Yuna,” is the first female figure skater to win the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Four Continents Championships and the Grand Prix Final.
  5. Soyeon Yi
    As a child, Soyeon Yi discovered her love of science after helping her father fix things around the house.
  6. Yoon Mi-rae
    Born to an African-American father and a Korean mother, musician Yoon Mi-rae often experienced racial discrimination growing up in homogenous South Korea.
  7. Queen Seondeok
    Despite the fact that South Korea has been ruled by men throughout the majority of its history, a number of significant women reigned during the Silla era (57 BC – 935 AD).
  8. Lee Hyori
    Sometimes referred to as the “Nation’s Fairy”, singer, actress, producer, activist, and television presenter Lee Hyori debuted as a member of K-pop girl group Fin.K.L in 1998.
  9. Yu Gwansun
    As an important figure in the organisation of the March 1st Movement against the Japanese colonial rule in Korea, Yu Gwansun became the symbol of the country’s fight for independence through peaceful protest.
  10. Kim Young-me
    Independent documentary director and producer Kim Young-me has established a name for herself as one of the leading Korean female reporters in an industry that is mostly run by males.