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In Search Of A Japanese Mail-Order Bride?

According to many surveys, Japanese brides are among the most beautiful in the world. In addition to the attractive, exotic appearance, they are beautiful on the inside, possessing many desirable traits that make a good wife and mother. Many Japanese singles come to international dating agencies with the goal to find a foreign husband. If you’re interested in entering a committed relationship and marriage with a hot Japanese woman, you’ve come to the right place! This website is your first step towards a happy and loving marriage with a Japanese woman.

A Japanese mail order bride is a full package of everything you want in a woman. Once you’ve dated a lady from the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ll find it difficult to feel attracted to Western girls. A Japanese woman knows how to keep her man content and pleased. She’ll go to great lengths to make you feel cherished and pampered. She’ll respect you, your decisions, and your personal space – and, naturally, you’re expected to repay in kind.

A mail-order bride from Japan is educated and independent. She comes to the international dating scene with a clear goal in mind: to find a foreign husband. Of course, you may meet hot Japanese women interested in a casual relationship, but the majority of them seek long-term commitment and marriage. If you’re looking forward to building a loving relationship with a beautiful Japanese lady and eventually start a family, the first step in your search is to create a profile on an international online dating portal that provides mail-order bride services. You’ll meet dozens of young geishas who share your goal and are willing to move to the US.

What Makes Japanese Women Perfect For Marriage?

Single Japanese women boast of the most appealing features every man wants to see in his spouse. Let’s draw a short list of the good traits and merits that attract Western men to ladies from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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  • Supportive. Once married, a Japanese woman will devote most of her time and attention to her husband and children. She’ll give you her unfaltering support in the time of need. Whether you’re going through a crisis life stage or venturing into something new and unknown, she’ll always be there for you.

  • Decisive. Japanese women are famous for their thoughtful approach to decision-making. Moreover, once the decision is made, she’ll show great determination to bring it to life. Statistically speaking, Japanese women constitute the highest percentage of mail-order brides who succeed in finding a foreign husband. Perhaps, their decisiveness and determination are what plays a huge role in this success. When a Japanese single makes a profile on a dating site, she’s there to find a husband, rather than play mind games.

  • Hard-working. In Japanese culture, lazy people are treated deep contempt and repugnance. Since an early age, Japanese girls are brought up to be motivated and hard-working. Whatever work they engage in, they approach it with devotion and commitment. A Japanese lady is persistent and oriented towards achieving her goals.

  • Independent. A Japanese bride does not require a man to provide for her. If you decide to date a girl from this country, it may be years into the relationship before she asks for a financial favor. The average Japanese woman is intelligent and educated, which allows her to build a successful career in her field of choice.

  • Respectful. Mutual respect, especially within the family, is an inherent component of Japanese culture. Whether you’re poor or rich, perfect or not devoid of flaws, your Japanese wife will always treat you respectfully. Furthermore, the great respect for their marriage partner manifests itself in the loyalty and faithfulness – these merits of Japanese wives have become nearly proverbial.

  • Caring. The caring and attentive attitude towards the spouse is another merit of Japanese wives. She’ll not only make sure you look smart and have a nice breakfast every morning. You lady will go to great lengths to take a genuine interest in your life, work, and hobbies.

Japanese Girls Have Impeccable Manners

The Japanese highly value proper etiquette in all social situations. When you come to the country for the first time to meet your Japanese girlfriend, make sure you are familiar with the basic rules. That being said, many Japanese families venerate the traditions while raising their kids, so the Japanese lady you decide to meet up with will have perfect manners. If you fail to comply with the expected etiquette, she’ll make a mental note of it, but she’ll never point it out to avoid embarrassing you or appearing rude. Your Japanese date will keep on her most personable and agreeable behavior.

“Don’t care about what other people think” is not about Japanese mail-order brides. She’ll care a lot of other people’s opinions of you and will go out of her way to present you in the best possible light to build and sustain your reputation. You can be sure your Japanese wife will never air your dirty linen in public. Even if you’ve just had an argument, she won’t talk about you disrespectfully behind your back or tell the details of your fight to her female friends. In a public setting, your Japanese lady will always have your back. If she disagrees with your stance on something, she’ll only let you know about her concerns in private.

Japanese Ladies Approach Personal Space Differently

In Japan, personal space is a luxury. Historically, Japanese people lived in close-knit communities, and individual pursuits were seen as less important than the collective goal. As a result, privacy has become a valued skill. Japanese people have developed an astonishing ability to establish a personal space, no matter how crowded the conditions are.

Japanese women are well-known to be shy and private. In fact, they are notorious for being even more reserved than women from China and Korea. For many Japanese girls, it is a great challenge to meet up with a foreign man, because they feel very self-conscious about their English and embarrassed about any mistakes they might make. During your first dates with your Japanese girlfriend, be sure to praise her language skills and encourage her to talk more. Try to not bombard her with questions, as this may be perceived as aggressive and pushy behavior.

The opposite side of this restraint commonly seen in public is how intense and passionate your Japanese girlfriend will be in private once you get to know each other well and become close. That being said, if your Japanese lady has communicated to you that she needs some space, you better give it to her, in order to avoid causing her additional stress. Let her wallow in her bubble of privacy so that she can come back revitalized and energized. Respecting her privacy and her right to be left alone is vital to a successful relationship and strong marriage with a Japanese woman. In turn, your Japanese wife will respect your boundaries and never show clinginess.

Japanese Wives: Family Before All

Even the most gorgeous Japanese women devote a lot of effort to their family, cherishing and nurturing everyone around them. This applies not only to the parents, siblings and more distant relatives. Once a Japanese woman creates a new family with a worthy man, she will dedicate herself to it entirely. That’s why young Japanese singles approach the matter of choosing their future husbands with careful consideration. Given how much family means for a Japanese woman, she can’t help but be picky.

Most pretty Japanese mail-order brides are seeking a foreign man with serious intentions. Having a casual, fun relationship is rarely their goal. Japanese singles prefer men interested in marriage because starting a family and having children is one of their top priorities. Japanese women will always go out of their way to give their family as much love and care as possible. Strong family values are the core of their personality, with most hot Japanese women being generous, tolerant, and hard-working. They make excellent mothers and will shower your children with love and affection.

As a matrimonial partner, a Japanese woman is unrivaled. She will deeply respect her husband, showing him unending kindness and loyalty. Remarkably intelligent, Japanese ladies possess all the assets required to raise well-behaved children and maintain a home with a warm and peaceful atmosphere. A tremendous sense of order is inherent to a Japanese wife, so she’ll be happy to make sure your home is not only cozy but also tidy and orderly at all times. All these positive traits make an excellent foundation for building a happy and loving family, in which everyone will feel cared for and fulfilled.

Education Is High On A Japanese Bride’s Priority List

Among mail-order brides from a different culture, it’s somewhat common to encounter inconsiderate women who see a foreign man only as a way to gain money and status. Japanese brides, on the other hand, care about self-actualization through intellectual development. Japanese culture is known to promote and encourage higher education among women. Statistically speaking, the average single Japanese lady has a college degree – some even hold two degrees. A thirst for knowledge is essentially a part of the Japanese culture, and that of many other countries of the Asian region.

Hence another reason for you to pick a Japanese mail-order bride: she’s intelligent and knowledgeable, so there’s no chance you will run out of topics to discuss. Smart is the new sexy, and your potential Japanese lady will be both appealing and capable of supporting almost any conversation. After all, you can’t get bored with a wife who’s spent thousands of hours studying for her university degree. When you get to know your Japanese girlfriend, you’ll be surprised how worldly and intelligent she is. In addition, she’ll likely be on the cutting edge of most modern trends.

A high level of education results in a sophisticated taste. You’ll be astonished by your Japanese lady’s tastes in food and wine, clothes and leisure. In addition, with an educated Japanese wife, you’ll know your kids are taken care of to the best modern standards. She’ll go out of her way to ensure the children receive all the best when it comes to such important aspects of life as health care, nutrition, and education.

Conquering A Japanese Lady’s Heart

Winning the heart of a Japanese girl is far from being a cakewalk. First and foremost, the majority of local women have not that much interest in men from abroad. You’ve probably noticed the homogeneity of appearances within the Japanese nation. A part of what explains this is the absence of contacts with other regions in older times and the lack of mixed couples in present days.

If you’re dreaming about the affection of a Japanese lady, you need to find a way to occupy her mind. The following tips can be of use:

  • The lady comes first. This simple social etiquette is a tried-and-true way to any woman’s heart. Although this unwritten rule originates from Western Europe, it applies to Japanese dating as well. Your lady is sure to appreciate the courtesy when you pull the chair or open the car door for her.

  • Take Japanese lessons. You don’t necessarily need to become fluent in Japanese, but you should make the effort to show your Japanese girlfriend that the language and culture of her homeland pique your interest.

  • Be respectful to her family and friends. This piece of advice applies regardless of the nationality of your girlfriend. However, Japanese women are known for being greatly family-oriented. Showering her loved ones with kindness is a sure way to gain her affection. Be especially nice to those who only speak Japanese.

  • Learn to get subtle hints. All ladies appreciate guys capable of reading between the lines, and Japanese girls are no exception. Listen to her and try to understand what hidden meaning she’s trying to convey without saying it directly.

  • Be helpful around the house. Helping your lady with her chores is a great practical way to demonstrate that you love her and care for her. Your Japanese bride will definitely appreciate the sentiment.

12 Inspiring Women to Know from Japan

  1. Toshiko Kishida (1863-1901)
    One of the first Japanese feminists, Kishida was a public speaker who traveled the country during the Meiji period, speaking out on behalf of women’s rights (and who was arrested several times for it).
  2. Ichiyo Higuchi (1872-1896)
    The face of the 5,000 yen bill, Natsuko Higuchi (pen name: Ichiyo Higuchi) was a prominent writer during the Meiji period.
  3. Shidzue Kato (1897-2001)
    Shidzue Kato was a pioneer who fought for women’s rights and suffrage in Japan. Inspired by U.S. feminist Margaret Sanger, Kato invited Sanger to Japan and acted as her interpreter on several tours promoting female birth control.
  4. Toshiko Yuasa (1909-1980)
    Revered by women in STEM as the “Marie Curie of Japan,” Toshiko Yuasa was Japan’s first woman physicist.
  5. Hanae Mori (b. 1926)
    A designer who opened her own fashion house in 1951, Hanae Mori is Japan’s first and only female fashion designer to have her collections shown in Paris and New York.
  6. Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929)
    Avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama was highly influential in the 1960s’ New York art scene, but only recently hit the mainstream due to the popularity of her walk-in installations and whimsical public sculptures.
  7. Chiaki Mukai (b. 1952)
    JAXA astronaut and cardiovascular surgeon Chiaki Mukai became the first Japanese woman to go into space in 1994.
  8. Kathy Matsui (b. 1965)
    Born in the United States to Japanese immigrants from Nara, Kathy Matsui moved to Japan at the age of 25 for a career as a financial strategist.
  9. Renho Murata (b. 1967)
    The current leader of the opposition party in the Japanese Diet, Taiwanese-Japanese politician Renho Murata (commonly referred to by her first name) is the first woman leader of Japan’s Democratic Party.
  10. Aya Kamikawa (b. 1968)
    Aya Kamikawa, a municipal government official in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, became the first transgender politician in Japan in 2003.
  11. Marie Kondo (b. ~1980-5)
    Marie Kondo is a Japanese author who has inspired a movement with something around four million followers (based on book sales) for her “KonMari” method of organizing and de-cluttering.
  12. Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko Masuhara (b. 1985, 1977)
    Technically two women, not one, Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko Masuhara are the first “official” same-sex couple in Japan.