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The Jamaican brides of your dream

Hot Jamaican girls are known for their attractive appearance and temperament, which attracts many men. But what is behind women? This is a question for gentlemen who would like to meet such a woman. What character traits are characteristic of them? What is your mentality? Do I need to consider something when flirting? What do ladies expect from their partner? The following guide explains these answers and more that you should know.

Why Jamaican girls are looking for a groom abroad?

Most southerners are cute and also have an impressive temperament that quickly attracts other people under their spell. That is why many Caribbean women are so popular.

Typical view of southerners

Jamaican women inspire with their black-brown eyes, darker complexion and well-groomed, shiny and strong hair. First of all, these are the obvious characteristics of southerners. Compared to Western women, they are also more feminine and more stylish in terms of clothing. Most women in the southern countries are medium in size. In general, they are usually very well organized because they value their looks and personal hygiene. A popular item often worn is the so-called Jack Wolfskin style. Here the southerner wraps herself in a towel that leaves only one eye incision. Large shoes, as a rule, also did not disappear.

Hot Jamaican girls > What would be interesting to know?

First, the most important thing for Jamaican mail order bride is their character, because it creates the foundation for a happy and harmonious relationship. Only then comes charisma and personal hygiene, to which they also attach great importance to people, as well as to themselves. Since compatriots are often dominant, they want to be respected and treated equally. Sometimes they are very jealous in a relationship. They cannot watch other women in their presence or even flirt with them. Otherwise, relatively calm relationships are common.

Flirting with Jamaican women is much easier than, for example, with Western women. When a man in the US or Europe speaks with a woman, angry looks or scornful statements are not uncommon. On the contrary, the situation is different for women from the south. At least a man can expect to get at least a smile back. In general, it’s easier to move faster when you flirt or get to know each other better. In addition, southern women are very eloquent and know how to create tension between a man and a woman.

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Why are Jamaican brides so popular among foreign men?

What is the character of Jamaican women?

First of all, usually very self-confident southerners have a great temperament, which has an exciting effect on other people. Many envy them, because this look looks carefree. They are open and calm, laugh a lot and like to see most things just positively. They like to listen to music and love to dance. Southern women are still very sensual, which attracts men. They are also very family oriented. A man must consider this if he wants to meet with a southerner. As soon as he becomes part of the family, he can feel depressed and face many traditions and customs. Jamaican women can cook very well and do it with love.

How do Jamaican women relate to marriage?

Southern women usually check very carefully whether the chosen one matches their ideas. He must integrate into the family and, of course, correspond to their nature. Because of their temperament, they will not choose a man who prefers to stay at home rather than love and enjoy life. If the most important characteristics coincide, they are also very happy to get married. There are many holidays and, above all, many dances.

How to win the heart of Jamaican brides?

When dating, like in life, it is the first impression that counts. Everyone wants to present themselves as well as possible, but often forgets that the personal taste of their counterpart can be completely different. So everyone has completely different ideas about what type of dating suits them.

Spontaneous people shine when speed dating, of course, at a romantically stiff dinner they may have nothing to say and look bland. To make dating even more difficult, everyone has a different wish as to how to proceed after dating, or if at all.

Since the human being was constructed a little complicated, there is also the look when dating. The date can go so well, if I visually dislike my counterpart, nothing will come of it. Some can do without an attractive look and rely more on common ground. But we all have special requests and the older we get, the more numerous they get. So dating has become a really difficult task today, which occupies a large space in life for many singles.

Online dating – easier or not?

Everything seems so easy with online dating. Nevertheless, many people are disappointed after a personal meeting at the latest. This is often due to the lack of sensory impressions. You can now also communicate live on the Internet in many ways. But at least the smell and the real sound of the voice will always be missing. At first glance, that doesn’t seem to be important. We usually don’t notice what is bothering us about someone, but often it’s just the personal scent. We are not saying that someone smells or smells dirty, but simply the scents that the immune system produces. It is also the contrasts that attract each other when it comes to fragrances.

Dating is usually not a one-time thing. You will hardly ever find one or the other on the first date, you always have to get out there and practice dating. And by that we mean the usual platforms and dating portals, sites for online dating and, if necessary, partner agencies. The longer you plan the “relationship”, the longer dating will have a place in your life.

Dating Jamaican women

Although more and more women take the initiative in dating, it is often the case that the man determines the process. Now of course the question arises, which are suitable places for the first date. Many men are racking their brains and they can only think of the disco or a restaurant.

In principle, a disco visit is not recommended. The place is much too loud and there are also other men there. Why surround yourself with more competition than absolutely necessary. A visit to the cinema is not recommended. After all, you want to get to know the woman and not watch an exciting film with her. There will be time for that later. In your home, it is also not optimal, because if the woman does not know you yet, then she will hardly be ready to go to your apartment with you.

When preparing the date, plan an activity that is fun but not too unusual. If you are a bungee jumping fan, it doesn’t have to be the woman. If your heart is attached to it, you should better ask. Good places are a museum, a wine tasting or a special place. Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with simply asking the woman what she would like.

Some tips for the first date

  • Dress well and appropriately. Women often pay more attention to this point than men and neglect clothing.
  • Don’t always stay in one place. Change the location sometimes. This builds trust.
  • Be relaxed and spontaneous: It’s easier said than done. A good way to be spontaneous is to listen to your inner voice. If you realize that you are cramped, there is little point in fighting it. An easy way to deal with this is to address the problem. Just tell her you’re a little nervous, because after all, you don’t meet such an attractive woman every day.
  • Body contact is important on the first date: body contact has nothing to do with kisses and nothing to do with clumsy putting on. Shaking her hand when greeting her, touching her by chance on the hand or shoulder awakens sympathy. You just mustn’t overdo it.
  • Pay attention to body language: The topic of body language fills entire books. Most of the time, however, you already know from personal experience what it means when the woman runs her tongue over her lips, strokes her hair back or the partner crosses her arms. If you want to quickly build a sense of connectedness, then mirror their body language. That means you behave like them. When she picks up the glass, you also accidentally pick up the glass.
  • By the way: you shouldn’t schedule the first kiss, but if it turns out, then there is nothing to be said against it. When the bill comes, you take over the payment without making it an issue. If the woman protests, just say that she can pay on the next date. In a way, you are already preparing for the next meeting.
  • After the date, you should of course report back to the woman soon. Texting the same evening is an exaggeration. Just call her the next day and thank you for the nice evening. Don’t be too pushy. If she liked it with you, then the rest of it comes naturally.

What is suitable as a topic of conversation:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself. Your previous life, your wishes, your dreams.
  • If you are planning a longer relationship, then calmly come out as a family person. For example, you can tell that you always look after a little brother. Encourage her in what she says.
  • If you compliment her, it has to be honest, because only then can it have the desired effect.
  • Pay attention to a positive course of the conversation. Talk about her best vacation or other things that are important to her.
  • Don’t make the mistake of questioning the woman. Nobody likes that and can make the conversation very one-sided and cramped.

What you should avoid with the first data:

  • All negative issues. Don’t talk about ex-girlfriends, suicide attempts, sex stories, and tragedies.
  • Under no circumstances lead the conversation to the fact that you sometimes use violence.
  • Of course, drugs are also not a topic of conversation.
  • Talking money is also bad. It doesn’t matter whether you boast that you have a lot of money or are always broke.
  • Marriage and children are also not a topic of conversation for a first date.

With these tips, the first date shouldn’t be a problem. If things don’t go as expected, book the evening as an exercise and do better the next time.

Perfect places to find lovely Jamaican brides

  1. Negril: Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café is arguably the TOP Jamaica attraction. Everyone who travels to Jamaica wants to go here. Why? Most beautiful cliffs, fantastic views, good mood. The view of the cliff jumpers and the evening sunset with a delicious cocktail is priceless! According to the outlook, food and drink are not cheap. Whoever is here should definitely dare to jump.

  1. Negril: Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches ever. The water is turquoise blue and incredibly clear, the sandy beach is powder soft and very clean. And best of all: As the name suggests, the 7 Mile Beach is almost endless (about 11 kilometers long). Simply heavenly! A large part of the beach belongs to the hotels located there, but there are also public sections. By the way: it is also possible to get married on the beach

  1. Montego Bay, Falmouth: Martha Brae Bamboo Rafting

A ride on a bamboo raft on the Martha Brae River in Falmouth, about 30 kilometers from Montego Bay, promises pure romance and relaxation. A guide leads you through the untouched nature and can tell you a lot about the flora and fauna. Maybe you can even take the helm yourself!

You don’t have to be afraid: there are small snakes or alligators here, but an incredibly beautiful view of the great landscape.

  1. Montego Bay: Rose Hall Great House

The former Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay is one of Jamaica’s most famous buildings and is not just a bad weather alternative! The Jamaican-Georgian style building and its gardens are real eye-catchers. Travel back in time to the 18th century and dive into the legend of Annie Palmer, who ruled Rose Hall for 11 years and was found dead in the bedroom in 1831 after she murdered all three of her men. Even Johnny Cash sang the famous white witch from Jamaica in his “The Ballad of Annie Palmer”. Annie’s – admittedly undetectable – story is shown interactively in the evening in the 90-minute Rose Hall Great House Haunted Night Tour. But be careful: it can get spooky!

  1. Treasure Beach

Pure calm! If it gets too crowded in Negril, you can retire in the village of Treasure Beach and maybe even experience the real Jamaica here: Many friendly locals, smaller hotels and heavenly beaches.

The highlight here is the Pelican Bar in the middle of the sea and built on stilts, where you can treat yourself to a drink. You can get there by boat from Treasure Beach.

  1. St. Elizabeth: YS Falls

YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, near the Black River, are breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, almost all of which flow into a natural pool. Swimwear, maybe also bathing shoes, so don’t forget and enjoy this natural beauty. YS Falls are no longer an insider tip, but there are times when it is quite pleasantly empty. It’s best not to come in the rainy months of May and October.

By the way, you can also try ziplining here.

  1. Kingston, Bob Marley Museum:

If you’re a reggae fan, this Jamaica attraction is a must. In the capital, Kingston, in a former house of the music legend, you will find all records, a film about his life, numerous newspaper clippings and clothes etc. The entrance fee of 25 USD is proud, but worth it for those who want a deeper insight into Bob Want Marley’s life. We continue to the Bob Marley’s Mausoleum in Nine Miles, birthplace and tomb of the famous musician at the same time.

And if you’re in Kingston, be sure to drop by the Devon House in Hope Read and enjoy Jamaica’s best ice cream.

  1. Blue Mountains

This nature, these hiking trails, these views! The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region in the east of Jamaica, about 1.5 hours from Kingston and a Jamaica attraction with a wow factor. The famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is also grown here. You can get magical views from Alex Twyman’s Old Tavern, whose coffee plantation is particularly beautifully situated.

Also from the 5-star Strawberry Hill Hotel you have – from the infinity pool – a dream panorama of the Blue Mountains and Kingston.

  1. Port Antonio: Frenchman’s Cove, Blue Lagoon & Reach Falls

One natural spectacle more beautiful than the other! The white bay Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio is wonderful, but you have to pay an entrance fee to use it. But the beach is less crowded, has a toilet and a restaurant. A swing directly above the water offers the ideal photo motif!

16 Jamaican Women Who Created History

  1. Alia Atkinson
  2. DCP Jevene Bent
  3. Veronica Campbell-Brown
  4. Tessanne Chin
  5. Dr Una Clarke
  6. Iris Collins
  7. Carole Crawford
  8. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
  9. Deon Hemmings
  10. Zaila McCalla
  11. Jody-Anne Maxwell
  12. Madame Rose Leon
  13. Paula Llewellyn
  14. Dr Blossom O’Meally-Nelson
  15. Portia Simpson Miller
  16. Molly Rhone