Italian Woman

Italian brides are so unpredictable, amazing and wonderful girls!

Hot Italian Girls… What are they? If you want to know a little more about exquisite foreign brides, then you are not in vain on this page. Of course, we can not describe one girl and make a conclusion about all the women in the country. Generations are different from each other, like social circles, everyday life from fun Friday parties and other holidays. In this article we will try to highlight the distinctive features of the italian brides, so you can take a closer look at them in more detail, and perhaps fall in love!

Many people admire Italian women, envy their looks, criticize their violent temperament, copy their style. The main thing – they do not leave anyone indifferent. If you chat with Italian women, you will definitely feel new emotions.

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Let’s go back to our main topic. Why does meeting italian women turn the fates of men so often? Why do these attractive girls dream about relationships with foreign men? How do they imagine the perfect family and what surprises await you in life together?

The nature of Italian girls and life in family

  1. They are sociable, funny, cheerful and cute. They love to spend time on Fridays with friends in pizzerias or bars, and on Saturdays girls like to communicate with boyfriends in romantic restaurants on the sea coast.

  2.  Many Italians have a truly explosive temper, so they need a strong man. If you lack emotionality in your life, then you will definitely find a girlfriend for yourself among the italian mail order brides.

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  1. They are very sociable, not only with close people, but also with strangers. They do not just discuss the problems, but carefully examine all its aspects. If it seems to you that the first meeting with an italian woman will be accompanied by awkward pauses, then you are mistaken. These girls love to talk about everything.

  2.  According to the OSCE, the Italians are the most hardworking women from all 57 countries in the organization. They know how to raise children and make a career, they spend a lot of time for cleaning the house and cooking dishes. These girls have the magic ability to do absolutely everything in this life! They are ready to support their husbands, solve problems on their own and not rely on the help of other people. They combine fragility, grace and self-sufficiency in themselves!

  3.  Italian wives become good moms. They do not speak with children in a raised voice, but literally idolize them. Even strangers are fine with other people’s children. For example, when a mother pays for purchases in a supermarket, people from the queue will surely amuse the bored kid and give him many compliments. From an early age, important life things are explained to children and the best human qualities are imparted.

  4.  When choosing products, Italian wives are guided by the principles of seasonality, because it is the best guarantee to buy fresh and high-quality products. Children eat the same thing as adults. Surprisingly, kids from an early age know what sauces are good for different types of pasta, how to cook risotto and spaghetti with tomato sauce.

  5.  Children are inculcated faith in God. This faith accompanies the Italians for a whole life. An equally important nuance is repect for parents. Even adult Italian girls and boys are never rude to their moms and dads. For children in Italy dad is the best friend. You must admit that you always dreamed of such a connection with your future children?

Features in the appearance of Italian brides

Women in the country have a special attitude to their age, which is not found among residents of other countries. If an Italian woman is 30 years old, then she looks for 20 years and dresses appropriately. If she is 40 years old, then we subtract 10 years again and see a pretty 30 year old beauty. Italians look much younger than their European sisters. There is an opinion that this is a result of a cheerful temperament and lifestyle, careful self-care. Girls are convinced that it is much easier to prevent skin aging than to fight it.

The main advantage of Italian girls is gorgeous hair. They are beautiful, shiny and well maintained. Most women love heavy waves falling on fragile shoulders. Hair care gets a lot of attention. Almost every week women go for styling to the master.

They are very feminine. Even in the cold weather they wear shoes, a boa and a cocktail dress.

Love for clothes and accessories for Italian women

Italians can talk about this forever. They can’t imagine their lives without shopping, as well as without a morning cup of espresso. You’d be surprised, but there are entire towns, consisting of shops, cafes and restaurants.

  • Required wardrobe items:

  • Black pants;

  • Tight black dress;

  • Light-colored shirt blouses;

  • Beautiful coat.

Girls prefer layering and asymmetry in clothes, choosing wardrobe items by texture and color. It is noteworthy that it was Italian women who first began to wear T-shirts with a falling shoulder. Every respectable Italian has a whole closet of shoes. For everyday wear these are ballet flats, sneakers and ugg boots. High-heeled shoes are an indispensable attribute for evenings. Surprisingly, sandals on a thin hairpin can be seen on Italian women at any time of the year. That is why most famous footwear houses come from Italy. Bags, belts, scarves, sunglasses – all these things are indispensable accessories for italian women.

Love for sport is in girls blood. Surely, you noticed that all the residents of Italy are slim and have a beautiful body. They regularly go to the gym, enjoy cardio and do not forget about the pool. On the warpath with pounds and centimeters girls are especially zealous during the New Year or Easter holidays. In the country there is no tradition of drinking tea with sweets in the middle of the day, and pastries are used only for breakfast, so girls are slim and rarely have excess weight. Coffee drinks (cappuccino and latte macchiato) are drunk only in the morning too.

Italian women and marriage with them

If after meeting italian women, you realize that you have found your destiny, then surely you want to know how it is customary to organize a wedding and what traditions exist in this country.

The wedding program is much simpler than you can imagine. It all starts with a ceremony in the church, where the newlyweds exchange oaths of eternal love. Then everyone goes to the restaurant. Wedding photosession is most often arranged after the ceremony. And to entertain guests to the restaurant, they are invited to light alcoholic drinks and snacks. The holiday in the restaurant is accompanied by a conversation in a pleasant atmosphere. At the end of the event a wedding cake is cut for guests and unmarried girls catch the bridal bouquet.

There is absolutely no need for contests or toastmaster. For Italians it is important that there was delicious food, live music caressed the ear and the guests felt comfortable. And now the most surprising rule about the wedding: it is not accepted to give flowers. Such a gift simply will not accept for the inhabitants of Italy on any holiday. There is an opinion that bouquets are bought only to decorate graves or restaurant decorations.

The concept of happiness in the life of Italian women

Of course, family values ​​allow them to be happy. Rest with husband, children and relatives for them is a stronghold of happiness.

Also all the inhabitants of the country are happy to feel themselves born here. They are really proud of their roots. Happiness is health care and stable everyday life. Italian women do not like surprises (you see, this is a virtue for men, because you don’t need to invent something amazing). Girls love a measured lifestyle with morning coffee, Sunday shopping, household chores and summer vacation on the hot coast. The indigenous people of the country are convinced that life without surprises leaves more time for enjoying life. And they sincerely love their husbands, children, work, pet, car and everything around. You must admit that it is precisely this attitude towards life that many of us sometimes lack.

Final thoughts about Italian women

These are beautiful women who deserve sincere love. They are bright, gentle, beautiful, friendly, sincere and warm. They are able to fully give themselves to their husband and children. Family for them is the most important thing in life. They are happy to meet with foreign men and think not only about their money. For Italian brides it is very important mutual understanding.

If you have always dreamed of a queen who will give you a happy life, then mail order brides italian is a website that will help you make dream a reality. You do not have to study the culture and traditions of the country for too long to understand women. Your task is to understand what you want and open your heart for love!

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