Irish Women

Irish brides are the most amazing and funny women in the world!

St. Patrick’s Day is all what you know about Ireland? This is an amazing country! With our agency irish mail order bride you can know more about it! If you have not been able to find love for a long time, it is possible that she lives in Ireland. These are completely different girls, unlike women from other countries. They have unusual beauty, unique sense of humor and other features that are impossible not to fall in love. It is unfair that so little attention is paid to Irish brides, because they can turn every man’s life into an incredible holiday. Mail Bride order will prove to you that these girls are incredible!

Appearance of Irish women

It is impossible to see two very similar girls here. Each lady has a specific appearance, and she attracts the views of men. Although girls have a bright appearance from nature, they often change their look, so with such a girl you will never be bored.

If you delve into the story, the Irish always had luxurious fiery-reddish hair below the level of the waist. Long ago women were tall and very strong as men. But times are changing, because now on the streets you can see charming smiling beauties with red hair, bright green eyes and incredible charisma. But don`t think that Ireland is a country of women with only red hair. There are owners of very light, wheat shades. Girls prefer natural beauty, so they do not use tons of makeup. They have a sporty bodies thanks to an active lifestyle. The most popular sports are Gaelic football (played with arms and legs) and herling. Don`t be surprised that beautiful ladies play such games!

It is noteworthy that even older Irish women look young and good. The reason – they look at life very optimistically, they always smile and do not have malice inside themselves. You must admit that many nations of the world should learn this Irish attitude to life.

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National characteristics of  Irish and the first irish dating with the female

This topic can be discussed forever. But we will only talk about what might come in handy when you meet an Irish girl.

  • People are famous for their politeness and friendliness. They are of great interest and hospitality for foreign guests of the country Residents of Ireland are attentive to guests and provide any necessary assistance. In their view all people are future friends. Even if you do not know the Irish language, the difficulties in communication will not arise. Residents of the country (about 96%) are fluent in English. It is the second official language.

  • At the first meeting the girl may be late. The Irish are really very non-punctual, so do not make hasty conclusions.

  • If the meeting is scheduled for the evening, then irish lady will choose a pub. Here people meet, speak and fall in love. Do not be surprised if a girl orders a glass of beer. This is the norm.

  • Also women are very curious and sociable. Already a few minutes after dating she can elicit from you the smallest details of your life. Do not be surprised, because you can communicate with the girl in the same way.

  • If a girl from Ireland you really liked, do not rush to touch her. Locals do not accept unnecessary tactile contacts.

  • Flowers and sweets will be a good gift and display of your attention. Even if you hesitate on a date and send flowers the next day, she will be very pleased.

  • In the Irish is not accepted to eat at the guest house. They eat only the food they cooked on their own or ordered in a public place.

  • The main faith is Catholicism. Today about 85% of Irish citizens consider themselves Catholics. If you adhere to a different faith, then you should not argue on this topic with a girl.

We can not mention the green color, which is the national colour in Ireland. It is associated with the endless forests of the country. If you go to a holiday or festival, you will be surprised by the abundance of green. But the main thing is that on a solemn day you will definitely feel among cheerful Irish people like at home.

Attitude of Irish women to marriage and children

Irish ladies are in no hurry to get married. At first they get an education, then they get a good job, and at 35 years they are ready to look for a husband and become pregnant. Very often there are dads at the birth of a child in hospital. This is a great tradition, because such men really feel responsible for the baby from the moment of his birth. Each month families are provided with social benefits on a card of 140 euros for each child before it is 18 years old.

Young mothers feel great in Ireland. Here there are many public organizations that help to get knowledge and not to make mistakes in raising a child. The decree lasts from 3 to 12 months, and already in 3 months the baby can be sent to kindergarten.

Women can work and get a good salary, as the child can stay until 6 pm in kindergarten. Also in Ireland babysitters are in great demand. Parents from other countries might envy the upbringing of children in Ireland. The younger generation grows on a par with the older. Children have less fears and conventions. You will not see children crying and beating hysterically on the floor in the supermarket or on the street. For the child grow up healthy, the task of the parents is not to interfere with it. Children often walk and eat right meal. Ireland is a country with excellent ecology, clean air and good quality products. Physical health is not less important than psychological, so almost every Irish family has an atmosphere of love and happiness.

Irish girls can work, take care of children and pay enough attention to their husbands. Couples very often go to the cinemas, theaters, restaurants, spa or play golf. Husband and wife become best friends for each other. Irish families love to spend the weekend together. They go to the sea, go to sports clubs and just have fun. This is the ideal family model that people in every country dream of.

The main myths about the Irish

This is a nation that has always caused a lot of controversy among people from other countries. Now you can find in the Internet a lot of stories about how bad the people of Ireland are. We are ready to dispel the most popular myths.

  • All the Irish are red-hair. Actually there are a lot of blondes and brunettes with brown and blue eyes.

  • Irish people often drink alcohol. Probably every person heard the statement: “God created whiskey to save the Irish from power over the whole world.” This is a joke. There is a very high percentage of people in the country who absolutely do not drink alcohol. And the noisy companies that are so common on the streets are simply inspired by communication and fun. They are not drunk.

  • They are too religious. Not at all! Even St. Patrick is often portrayed with a beer in his hand. This suggests that the Irish are able to look at any situation with humor.

  • Irish are too stupid. Unfortunately, more than one century, these people are called fools. But do not forget about how many poets (for example, James Joyce), scholars and writers were born here.

To dispel these and other myths about single irish women and men from this country, you need to talk with them personally. Scottish mail order brides will help you take the first step towards meeting these wonderful people!

Meet irish girl – and you will become the happiest man on earth!

Do irish women like american men? In fact, Irish girls treat people from all countries well, but they don`t like to meet american. Why irish women seeking american men? The Irish people have complained very often that the British called them shorty leprechauns.These words contradict each other in principle, because leprechauns are chunky drowsy fairytale men from local folklore. They have nothing common with real people. Also don`t forget about bloody history of relations between the two countries. If you want  you can read more literature about this story. But if you are not an Englishman, then it is not necessary to spend time on it.

Irish brides are always ready for new acquaintances and relationship with men from another countries. But most importantly – they are not in a hurry to start a family. You can meet a young girl in the women ireland agency, be good friends and have fun with her. You must not to think about obligations. If fate develops positively, then at a more mature age she will become an excellent irish wife for you. She will give you beautiful smiling children that you can bring up in love and just enjoy life!

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