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Iraqi Mail Order Brides Overview

Iraqi society has suffered for years from war, pauperization, and abolition of civil rights, especially women’s rights. Hot Iraqi women believed that their lives had become worthless. They have been unable to choose what to wear, where to go and who to talk to for many years. All of this is due to the Sharia law, and any violations lead to a cruel punishment. All of the females must wear hats and a veil that covers their entire body in order for the males not to pay attention. Otherwise, there is a possibility of being raped, beaten or otherwise injured.

Everything that I have said so far about the situation of women in Iraq is quite grim, but this is only a small part of what Iraqi women have to endure. The strong desire to live a normal life without any terrible things mentioned above makes many of the beautiful Iraqi women become mail order bride. The motive everyone can all refer to as you will continue to read and find about the atrocities committed against ladies in this poor country. This review will introduce you to Iraqi women and give them the opportunity to speak and show them with all their grace and splendor. You will get to see their beautiful faces and pleasant personalities hiding behind the traditional clothes they are forced to wear. You will see who they really are- adorable beings who are hungry for good and affection.

Discrimination That Every Iraqi Lady Has to Deal With

It would probably take a few days to list all of the restrictions, so I have chosen the most important ones. These include:

  • Access to education. The illiteracy rate among women in Iraq is increasing as many young girls don’t even have a basic education. Those who go to school rarely get to proceed to secondary or higher education;

  • Freedom of movement. It’s ridiculous, but Iraqi girls have the right to travel only with a male relative. This one especially restricts women and makes them stuck in their homes all day long, doing all kinds of chores and other family responsibilities. Very similar to slaves;

  • Freedom of expression and participation in public life are severely restricted for all of the women living in the Middle East and especially in Iraq. And even though there are some women organization, they are getting threatened all the time;

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  • Labor force participation. Very few women have a job in Iraq. This is because their poor educational status further restricts their employment opportunities;

  • Marriage. Gorgeous Iraqi mail order brides also have to deal with many inequalities in marriage. Their groom has the right to punish them in whatever way he wants, and this leads to a staggering amount of nationally-recognized domestic violence. In addition, Iraqi girls do not receive the same amount of consideration as their husband during the divorce. Same goes for custody over children and inheritance;

  • Justification of violent and honor killings done by men. If you are shocked by everything written above, then sit down, because it’s only going to get uglier. According to Islamic law, it’s totally fine for men to beat, rap and torture their women. They even have the right to kill a family relative if she has done something wrong and ruined the reputation of the husband;

  • High prevalence of female circumcision. This barbaric practice remains widespread in many parts of Iraq, leaving beautiful Iraqi women with irreversible genital mutilation. This is just terrible and is in many ways misogynist;

  • Forced prostitution. A lot of young Iraqi women are constantly abducted and forced to join prostitution networks. In addition, this also forces Iraqi women to become someone else’s wife for a fixed period of time.

What are Iraqi Mail Order Brides Really Like?

Folks who have had the opportunity to spend some time with Iraqi women will tell you how charming, kind and adorable they are. They are really happy to forget the horrors of their everyday life for a short period of time and chat with others. You will be surprised by how easy it is to communicate with them, because they are very friendly and open-minded. Appealing Iraqi women are no less pretty and sexy than Western ladies, and the fact that they stay hidden under a bunch of clothing makes them even more fascinating and attractive.

Iraqi babes are used to a simple life with very few personal belongings and will never ask for too much. For example, they will never ask you to buy expensive gifts, like jewelry or some fashion clothes. This, you do not have to be too rich to date them. A good heart is all she’s asking for. Make sure to treat her with respect and your Iraqi love will pay you off will love and absolute dedication. You can be sure that she will be done with all of her obligations without showing signs of being tired. An average Iraqi girl doesn’t see the point of complaining and keeps working hard. She can and wants to contribute to the income of the family, so she will happily study in your country to qualify for the necessary job. She won’t have any problems adapting to the new environment either, you can be sure 100% sure about that. Iraqi mail order brides have seen a lot of terrible things in their life, and have a very strong character, so they are always ready to overcome any difficulties that show up on their way. This also means that your Iraqi soulmate will never run away from you even if you will be experiencing a lot of problems.

Common Characteristics of Iraqi Women

Iraqi women have a lot great qualities and it’s impossible not to mention them. They have a strong character. They are also creative, with a great sense of humor, and extremely loyal. You will be surprised by how your life will change when you start dating a beautiful Iraqi lady. You will always feel yourself happy, because they know how to pleasure a man in multiple ways. They also never back down from a challenge, which makes them fantastic partners. Here are some of their other qualities that are worth considering:

  • They are loyal. This is a very common characteristic for most Arab girls. Your Iraqi love will remain true to you as husband and friend. She knows how important family ties and family loyalty are. And creating a tight-knit family is their number one goal;

  • Strong in spirit. It is no secret that Iraq is a very challenging place to live in, even comparing to other Muslim areas. The Iraqi women, however, have managed to use this situation to their advantage. All of the problems that they have experience made them a lot stronger and powerful. They also have a nice sense of humor that allows them to look at life in many different ways. Iraqi girls use their life experience to solve problems and never give up;

  • Creative and humorous. It’s pretty rare to find a woman with a nice sense of humor, but that is just the case with Iraqi girls. They really know how to increase your mood and make you laugh. They also have the ability to turn everything into a joke, which is very useful skill for overcoming problems. Iraqi women are calm and optimistic about life. There is no doubt that having such a lady is truly a blessing.


Reasons Why Foreign Men are Into Iraqi Girls

  • Fantastic appearance. Most of the Western men love everything about the beauty of Eastern girls. And Iraqi mail order brides are very attractive. They have a soft tanned skin, beautiful dark eyes, and long hair. Most of the girls are pretty slim with sexy long legs. They use it to their advantage and drive foreigners crazy;

  • Their behavior is something that every man dreams of. An Iraqi woman is an ideal choice for a man who is looking for a modest and obedient wife. Having grown up in a patriarchal country, local women clearly want the man to be the head of the family. Therefore, You can be sure that your woman will never humiliate you in front of others and will always listen to your opinion. They will treat you with respect and honor. However, you should treat them the same way if you want your relationship to be successful. They are not your slaves who will do anything you say;

  • Great wives. I have already mentioned that Iraqi culture is totally different from the Western culture, but it doesn’t make them less impressive.  Their peculiarities in habits and looks make it very exciting to live with them. In addition, both of you will have something to learn from each other, so you will never get bored.

Meeting Fascinating Iraqi Women

First, the transition through the usual channels of using the online dating service will only work to some extent. There are serious restrictions on making contact with Iraqi women online. This is mainly because of the terrible Internet access that is typical for this region. Because of the restrictions of the freedom of movement, Iraqi women will not be allowed to travel to a large city like Baghdad to look for an Internet cafe. So, unfortunately, you will only be able to communicate with a slim number of ladies by using this way. However, the good thing is that the girls presented on the dating agency site will be the most attractive and well-educated ones. Besides, they are raised in families that do not strictly abide by Sharia law.

That said, the majority of Iraqi women have no access to online dating services. To get in touch with them, you will need the help of an Iraqi brides agency, which has a local presence and branches of 37 million people across the country. They will provide databases of Iraqi mail order brides and will help you to communicate with them.

Looking for a Trustworthy Iraqi Mail Order Bride Agency

If you feel like you don’t want to give your romantic future into the hands of someone whose reliability is doubtful, but you have no idea what to do, then don’t worry, you are not the only one. A large number of guys, who are in love with the beautiful Iraqi women can not make the next step because they fear being deceived or drawn into the net of prostitution. Knowing who you trust can be a complicated matter. In general, I can assure you that dating agencies that have been working for over 10 years are trustworthy for the most part. It’s quite challenging to survive in such a competitive market for a long period of time, especially without having an ideal track record. Therefore, in order to find a trustworthy dating agencies, you need to carefully study the website yourself and read all of the reviews you can find to make sure it’s not a scam. And only after that you can register and deposit money.

A lot of men, including Europeans, Asians, and Americans have shared their experience with Iraqi women on the web. So your task is very simple. Study all of their comments carefully and find out some of the things you should avoid and how exciting it is to live with an Iraqi lady. Speaking of the last part, you should understand that relationship with an Iraq woman isn’t possible for a foreigner when living in Iraq. And it can be quite dangerous if you actually decide to try it.  Iraqi women who meet with foreigners run the risk of being kidnapped and killed. Therefore, if you have serious relationships with an Iraqi girl, you should get her to your country of residence immediately.

You can always visit come visit her in hometown, but it’s very risky, so I advise you not to do that. It’s also best to contact your local dating agency to find out how to best meet your future wife face to face.

Never believe someone who tells you that you can actually buy Iraqi mail order brides online. Such thing is absolutely illegal, even in such a poor country like Iraq, and the people who offer such services are scammers, who are looking to steal your cash. Since the invasion of Iraq, it’s obvious that foreigners in these parts of the world are no longer welcome, so a tourist visit is not the best choice if you ask me. Thus, you should make the most of your online dating (whenever it’s possible) use the help of Iraq mail order bride dating agency. They will also provide you with translation services as most Iraqi women do not speak English good enough. This is because of the lack of educational opportunities, which they clearly didn’t have because of the strict laws. However, if you do decide to choose an Iraqi mail order bride, she will sincerely love you and will start learning the language and all other things that she missed while growing up. They will always be grateful that you have decided to choose them and basically rescued them.

Best Websites to Look for Iraqi Women

The list of dating agency websites is not too impressive when it comes to Iraqi women for the reasons that I have already described above. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no trustworthy websites where you can look for your love. Personally I have chosen 3 websites.

Rose Brides

  • Registration process only takes a few seconds of your time. Creating a profile won’t take a lot of time either;

  • A wide selection of Iraqi mail order brides of any kind;

  • A number of various services that will make your communication with the girl a lot more easier and enjoyable;

  • A great credit card system that will let you spend the exact amount of money you want;

  • Dating agency ensures that all of your personal information is safely protected.

Lover Whirl

  • Lover Whirl really values the time of their customers, so they’ve made the registration process and the interface of the website very simple and convenient;

  • A fantastic choice of Muslim girls. Not just from Iraq, but also from other Asian countries;

  • Great advanced search filters, which will help you find your ideal type of girl in no time;

  • They have their own mobile app, so you can always stay in touch with your girl even when you are on the go;

  • A lot of communication features, such as phone and video calls.

Match Truly

  • Dating agency makes sure that there is not a single fake profile introduced on the site;

  • Thousands of beautiful Iraqi mail order brides that are waiting for you;

  • A lot of fascinating features that will help you impress your crush even more. For example, you can deliver flowers right to her house right through the dating agency;

  • Registration won’t take more than a few minutes of your precious time;

  • Thanks to fantastic system of filters, you will have no problems finding sexy Iraqi mail order brides.

Pros and Cons of Dating Iraqi Girls

Choosing a sexy Iraqi mail order brides takes a lot of courage. It’s a hard decision to choose someone who has had barely any personal freedom throughout the whole life. On the other hand, if a girl who grew up in such a hostile country does her best to become a mail order bride, it speaks to the strength of her character. You should understand that she would be in a big trouble if someone found out that she is dating a foreigner, so you should appreciate how she risks with her own life just to communicate with you. Pricing shouldn’t be a problem either. It doesn’t take too much money to buy a subscription and become a member of the Iraqi dating agency. And in return you get to chat with stunning Iraqi women and a bunch of services for easier communicating.

If you are looking to try something exotic and you truly enjoy dating someone with a completely different culture, then Iraqi women should be your primary choice. It might be a pretty challenging experience at first, because of how hard it is to get in touch with them and their poor English, but it is totally worth it in the long run. Having an Iraqi lady by your side, you will find out the true meaning of happiness and how to enjoy every little thing in your life. Let’s hope that you will find your soulmate among the beautiful Iraqi mail order brides.


Iraqi women are a fantastic choice for any guy who is seeking to find a sincere and loving wife, but can’t stumble into one in his own country of residence. You will be considered the head of the family and treated with respect, and your Iraqi babe won’t even care how much money you make. All she is asking from you is to love her in return.

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  2. Kajal Ahmad (born 1967 Kirkuk)
  3. Firyal Al-Adhamy (born 1950)
  4. Reem Alasadi (active since 2000)
  5. Rheim Alkadhi (born 1973)
  6. Wasma’a Khalid Chorbachi (born 1944)
  7. Enheduanna
  8. Lisa Fattah (1941–1992)
  9. Zaha Hadid (1950–2016)
  10. Najar al-Jader
  11. Ishtar Jamil
  12. Haky Jasim (born 1958 Baghdad)
  13. Hayv Kahraman (born 1981)
  14. Toba Khedoori (born 1964)
  15. Rachel Khedoori (born 1964)