Interracial Dating Sites

Interracial Dating – Review of Best Sites 2020

It’s hard to believe that only decades ago, dating between two races was considered a tabu, especially considering that we have so many dating services nowadays that help to match interracial pairs.  These services, namely interracial dating sites, serve the basic purpose of helping individuals connect through digital means, but are targeted at individuals seeking an interracial relationship using algorithm to pointedly pair you with others.

It’s a pretty well-accepted theory in today’s world that we’re all drawn to different people. Such people can differ in appearance, temperament, race, cultural background, and hundreds of other fields, but simple common sense is what really dictates it best.

Whatever types of people we are drawn to is absolutely acceptable and such relationships can be accomplished thanks to online dating. When you use the best online interracial dating sites, it is not only easy to discover others to whom you are naturally attracted, but it actually becomes extremely easy to meet and form bonds with those who are single and are looking for their soulmate like you are.

List of the Best Interracial Dating Sites


The user-friendly interface of this dating sites attracts people of all ages and cultures. It’s a very simple dating website, but the distraction-free approach resonates with the users as it is rapidly growing in size, and has over eight million photos up to day. It also supports the transmission of more than 3 million messages daily. Every process on the site can be done very easily comparing to other dating platforms, so it’s a perfect choice for those who are just starting their online dating adventure. 

This proven, traditional dating site allows you to fill in a profile at a time similar to eHarmony, so that you can use it at your own pace, unlike many dating apps that make you rush and make decision quickly. If you are in an outgoing mood, the website offers different ways to promote yourself in large groups of people. On the other hand, if you want to play the long game, you can always sit down and let the site do the job, by using their great advanced search filters. You can then find a single that matches all of your criteria. What distinguishes Zoosk from other popular dating sites is its friendly, welcoming atmosphere, making it rather a social network than a full-on dating site. Zoosk lets you share as much information about yourself as much as you want and you can take as much time as needed before making the next step to find your one and only.

Interracial Matcher

Interracial Matcher was founded in 2013 and was ahead of everyone in terms of interracial online dating. It has everything you could ask from a top dating website, including great advanced search filters, ability to message your partner in a number of ways, etc. However, the best thing is probably the special search feature that lets you find other people with the “Interracial Interest Group” (both blacks and whites). Once your search is done, you will be able to see where the desired person is located, as every user has a profile picture with a residence flag.

Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to begin a conversation with someone using Interracial Matcher. There is a “My general Interest” profile section that lets you leave comments. It’s very similar to commenting on a Facebook, because you can leave any comment you want. Another great thing is that there are no fake profiles, because all of them are verified and constantly checked.

You don’t have to purchase a membership in order to use Interracial Matcher, but it can be quite helpful, as you will have access to advanced search capabilities and have the ability to add custom keywords to your profile.

Interracial Match

Interracial Match is known as the number one interracial dating website on the market, and has been working for over 13 years. It has connected thousands of singles and keeps growing every day. The website allows you to easily filter whoever you want to see based on your preferences.

What’s even more impressive is that international dating here is at a whole new level, because it has interracial forums, daily interracial news section, and a lot of fantastic interracial date ideas that they turn into life. There are also a number of interracial blogs where people tell about their dating experience, the challenges they face, and share different tips with one another. There is also an interracial fashion show presented on the site that explains cultural dress code norms and can be really helpful in some cases.

If you are new to interracial dating, or want to improve your relationship, or want to meet a person from a different culture, you can count on Interracial Match to help you in any situation.

Interracial People Meet

Interracial People Meet if you are looking for your interracial soulmate online. It has a large number of useful features that seem striking at first, but can really help you find your love and communicate in a positive manner.

The homepage of the website is somewhat similar to Match, but the interface is a lot more user-friendly, meaning that you won’t have any problems finding the stuff you need. You won’t have to switch from one section to another, as you find others by interactions towards you (likes, views, flits, etc) and on the contrary with the help of community (see who’s online). You could also use advanced searching and find your ideal match by specifying any criteria. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to go through all of the features presented on the website, you can use a very handy Instant Match tool. It allows you to see profile pictures of other users, their username, and interests. You can then select their profile if you are interested. You can also see who is online right from your homepage, and can view their photos, age, and location. There is also an option to start chatting immediately.

There are a lot of users presented on the website, so your chances of finding the right type of person are quite big. In addition, it only takes a moment to register and create a profile, and doesn’t cost much, so you should definitely give this dating platform a chance.

Mixed Spark

Mixed Spark is among the most popular interracial dating websites. It has a wide range of users and is mainly aimed at providing successful relationships between black and white people.

The slogan “An interracial dating site-where color is blind” means that Mixed Spark has everything you need to help you find your love in a timely manner.

Mixed Spark is not a place where you will be bombarded with an overwhelming number of action calls. Instead, it’s a site that lets you get everything you ever dreamed of. You can upload as many photos as you like, post messages and answer questions. There are also many ways how you can communicate, including emails, text chatting, video chatting, etc. Complete the basics of your profile or use the complete profile options to show the type of match you want. If you want to find your date online and sites discourage you from doing and talking to who you want, be sure to try out Mixed Spark, as it lets control your romantic future however you want to.

Interracial Cupid

If you think foreign languages and accents are really attractive, Interracial Cupid is an ideal website for you. It is different from other interracial dating platforms, as it has a nice translation service that allows you to freely chat with user of any nationality, getting rid of any language barriers.

In addition to the obvious and well-designed upside of the translation feature, Interracial Cupid is a comprehensive dating site that manages to combine best features of every top dating platform. Do you want to maintain a low profile? Use the website anonymously, hide pictures or even your whole profile. Found a person that seems attractive to you but don’t want to make the first move? Not a problem, as the website allows you to instantly add your private notes to any profile creating a handy digital record of your website experience. There are other smart features, like unique forms of communication (make the first move, get in touch), a lot of messaging ways, video chats, quick profile views, preferred lists, and the ability to send an interest to others.

Another good news is that you can actually try out both the website and the app for free, as Interracial Cupid offers free trial for whose who upload a profile picture, which is something you should do anyway.

Beyond the obvious and well thought-out side of a translation feature, the website is a full dating site that combines all the best of other online dating sites on a single platform. Would you like to maintain a low profile? Use the website completely anonymously to hide pictures or even your whole profile. Discover an interesting person but not ready to move first? No problem, since the website enables you to add your private notes to any profile instantly to create a practical digital record of your website experience. The list of smart features continues to include unique forms of communication (touch, move first), video chats, messages, a quick view of your profile, preferred lists, video chats, and a smart option to never mind “send interest” to another user.

The popular interracial dating site and app both has a free and premium version, but currently provides a free three-month test of its Premium membership for a profile upload— which you would be wise to do anyway.


Hinge is different from many other dating apps. It was launched back in 2012 and in 2015 underwent a significant rebranding. They’ve changed the main goal of the app and made it for people who are interested in serious relationship.

In fact, Hinge actually asks their users to delete the app once they’ve found the perfect match. They claim that most singles depend on dating apps in modern times to find someone with whom they can be. Many popular dating apps, however, do not really provide a forum for searching for serious relationships. Such apps provide senseless swiping, and everything there is based on appearance. Hinge redesigned its dating app to support singles in search of something more serious than a casual affair. 

Creating a profile within this dating app is significantly longer than it is in most dating apps. This is because Hinge has been designed to match people in need of serious relationships.

You can register using either valid email address, a Facebook account, or a mobile number.

Although no email confirmation is needed, you need provide the code that will be sent to you if you choose to sign up using your mobile number. 

Afterwards, the process includes filling out different sections of your profile, which are as follows: by going to the “Discover” page you can see your recommended matches. If you like the person, you can click the heart icon. A photo, video or profile section can also be commented. If the other person is also interested and replies to your comment, a connection will be made and you can start a conversation.

What’s Better: Traditional Online Dating Sites or Interracial Online Dating Sites

Some may be wondering, “Why waste time on interracial online dating platforms when you can simply use Match, eHarmony, and other popular dating services to find your love? Of course, you can do so, but you have to perfectly understand what you are paying for and the exact result you are going to get.

You pay for the entire dating experience when using the mainstream online dating sites together with the filters to help improve your online dating experience. These sites regularly provide the best results for individuals who are open to different experiences, a variety of people, and people who don’t have a single “type” per say. Therefore, people on such sites pay for the generic online dating experience because that’s what they are looking to get. Most of the people who use such sites don’t know what exactly they want, and that’s why such sites fill your search results, inboxes, recommended user list, etc.

Instead of providing an ordinary dating experience, top interracial dating sites offer a dating experience set for your needs. You will not only have the ability to find a certain number of singles, but also find a number of features that will help you narrow down the search and make life a lot easier.

In fact, technology can even help interracial daters more than traditional dating routes. According to the recent study by Tinder that surveyed over 4,000 people, 77% of Tinder users and 65% of people dating by other means become more open-minded about dating outside of their race when using dating apps. The survey also showed that there are 55% of those who believed that dating apps and online dating generally helps to eliminate the old stigma of interracial dating, 63% said that they feel more confident with someone of different races and ethnic background, while only 37% of individuals consider race a factor when deciding whether to go with him/her on a date.

Everything comes down to just one question: “do you know what exactly you want?” If you do, and if you are interested in an interracial relationship, simply avoid mainstream dating platforms, that will make you pay to see people and use those features that won’t be of any help to you, and switch to the best interracial dating sites that meet all of your dating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the best free interracial dating platform?

Answer: There are a lot of fantastic free interracial dating websites that you can take advantage of. However, you can’t really choose the best, because everyone has their own taste, so it all comes down to what you expect from the site.

Question: What does the phrase: “interracial dating” mean?

Answers: Interracial dating stands for coupling or marriage between two people from different races. For instance, if a European lady is dating a Black man, you can call it interracial dating.

Question: What dating resources are free?

Answer: There are more than enough dating platforms that offer free services to its users and the ability to browse profiles of other users. Thanks to the great competition in the online dating marketplace, you always have a chance to try out most of the stuff for free.

Question: What is an interracial marriage?

Answer; Interracial marriage is basically the union between a man and a woman of opposite races. Thus, if it’s a Black man and a White woman, it’s called an interracial marriage.

Question: Which dating site should I choose for serious relationship?

Answer: Online dating industry is so big that you can easily find a dating site where users are looking for long-term relationship just like. You can choose the one you like, but be sure to read the reviews beforehand to make sure that the website is trustworthy.

Question: Which dating sites are absolutely free?

Answer: There are a lot of the ones that let you browse through a huge number of profiles for free. 

Question: Is it worth paying for a dating website?

Answer: It all depends from what you want the results to be. If you are really interested in your soulmate, purchasing a membership is a very good idea, as it allows you to benefit from multiple features and make your communication simpler.

Question: What dating sites actually work?

Answer: There are so many dating websites out there, that sometimes it’s hard to tell if the website will actually bring you success. However, the best dating sites are usually the ones that have the largest database and a number of success stories proving that the site is effective. 

Question: What’s the best dating website to choose if I’m over 40?

Answer: It all depends from what your preferences are. For example, it would be wise to stay away from dating apps like Tinder, because they aren’t really meant for serious relationship. However, you can take a look at interracial dating sites that seem to be quite successful.

Question: When exactly did interracial dating became legal?

Answer: Back in 1967.  A decision of the Supreme Court which deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional resulted in the full legalisation of interracial marriage in the United States. Although many states have chosen to legalize interracial dating long before this court judgment.