Indian Women

Guide to Finding Indian Women

If you want to find an Indian wife on a dating site, you have to learn a few tips which will bring you to the desired result. So, you need first to create the profile. We include in the review of some important steps.

How to help decent women understand that you are that only one man of her life?

Put yourself the right questions.

Before creating a profile, ask yourself – what promise do I want to bring with my profile? What hot Indian women you want to find you and what kind of bride are you looking for? You can imagine her image, as she scrolls through the site and glides over your profile. Will she be interested in looking for information about you?

You do not need to try to be someone else. Do not offer a woman what she needs, and not what you really are. Instead, develop and bring your real self to the image you are painting.

Choose 4 pics

It should be high-quality photos in which you look good and positive. Put a photo where you do your favorite thing, a hobby. The photo on a horse, in the mountains, on a journey, at the piano, with a dog. Give an Indian mail order bride as much information as possible about your hobbies.

No need to upload too few or too many photos. Start from 4. No need to upload photos with a child. The Indian woman might be not looking for mam with kids, but it’s not the rule. The presence of children is indicated in a special section.

No need to put photos in which you can hardly see – when you are in huge glasses or loom a little speck against the mountains.

General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.

Tell about yourself

There are thousands of profiles on the site, and it’s very difficult to choose a person that suits you not only by appearance. Simplify the choice of an Indian woman and help her understand what you are and how you live.

After reading about you, an Indian woman should have a certain impression about you. Be positive and honest. You can tell in your profile about:

  • about male qualities;
  • what do you like about;
  • what is important to you in a relationship;
  • what are your values and priorities?

An interesting pattern was discovered when analyzing the statistics of ads: a lot more views and responses received texts, where it was said that the search is “for serious relationships”. No need to praise yourself. No need to write about your career, projects, customers and business achievements.

Tell about who you are looking for.

Here there are two extremes – either the man does not write anything at all, or makes a bunch of demands. Sometimes a man writes about what he does not accept. Ok, and what do you want?

You need to write short and to the point. It should be a sincere appeal, from which a woman should be clear which women attract you and which qualities you like. Format – “I will be glad to meet Indian women like you. I am attracted to such qualities. I think together we will be fine.”

There is no need to write requirements for an Indian woman – only wishes. No need to put quotes from the Internet in the spirit of “what a real woman should be.

Follow these simple steps and don’t wait too long to start your first conversation. If you don’t want to waste your time on this, simply go to the marriage agency. They will do everything for you. Online dating is the simplest way to find an Indian woman. If you are looking for Indian girl for marriage then go directly to dating agencies.

You can also use Indian mail order bride service to boost your search.

Learn Your Indian Women’s Language

To have good communication with an Indian woman, it is necessary to study her culture and at least know her language a little.

India is the seventh country in the world by area and the second (after China) in terms of population. In this country, there are 845 languages and dialects. Hindi is the name of the Indo-Aryan language, distributed mainly in the northern and central regions of India.

The desire to learn Hindi also stimulates the great cultural heritage of India in the fields of literature, philosophy, and religion. People who are fond of Hindi will become closer to Indian spiritual and physical practices, the art of dance, cooking, etc.

Hindi does not belong to the easy to learn languages. And, like any other, has its own rules and features. For example, the alphabet – the study will begin with memorizing 44 letters + 4 ligatures + 7 letters with a dot (in borrowed words). A total of 55 letters. Difficulties are caused by the reading of new words, since some letters have almost the same sound, and it is difficult to determine the correct letter.

Another feature is a large number of lexical borrowings from the Persian, Arabic and Turkic languages. These words form the basis of Indian colloquial vocabulary. It will be difficult to master and develop synonymy. For example, to refer to the concept of “water” in Hindi, about 15 words.

Like all Oriental, Indian Hindi is a rather complicated language, therefore, it is better to begin to study it under the guidance of professional Indian teachers. Their advice is indispensable for learning the correct pronunciation, which will avoid various mistakes and the need for retraining.

The Indian Family Is Important Too!

After marriage, a new stage begins in the life of an Indian woman – life in a joint family, where her husband’s relatives obey a strict hierarchy and his (and even more so her) personal opinion is absolutely not important to anyone if it goes against public opinion (neighbors, co-workers friends, family friends, etc.) or contrary to the opinion of the head of the family (often a grandmother, father or mother of her husband).

If the husband is not the only child in the family, then instructions about what, to whom and how to say, file, where to look and how to dress will be given not so much to her husband as entitled, but to his mother, father or older relatives living under the same roof with him, as well as his older sisters, brothers, and even the wives of brothers. Sometimes an Indian family consists of 50 people.

The bride in the Indian family is the most vulnerable. Men give their parents all their earnings, and the mother-in-law determines what and how to spend the money. If the mother-in-law is not good enough to pamper her daughter-in-law with a gift, she should manage with what she received as a gift for the wedding and brought it from her home.

If the mother-in-law does not consider it necessary to involve the woman in discussing the family budget, in raising and educating Indian children, and in all other problems of life, the daughter-in-law will live as a free maid, spending her days at the baby cot, at the tableware without voting right. If they will find it necessary to send the children to some relatives, they will. If they will find it necessary to take a second wife for her husband, they will.

Facts About Hot Indian Women That Are Attractive to Foreign Men

In India, since ancient times local men believe that the beauty of a woman is concentrated in her magnificent body. Temple bas-reliefs glorify its smooth lines and graceful movements. Volumetric body shape in the understanding of the Indians symbolizes health, wealth and full life, which for most people in India is just a dream. Perhaps that is why the fashion for the skinny girls, who are so admired in the West, has not taken root here.

However, most modern Indian women for marriage are distinguished by enviable grace. Pay attention to how Indian women walk. Straight, like a string, with the head held high, they carry their own dignity, trying not to spill it. Perhaps the secret of this gait lies in the traditional dress of Indian women – sari. That clothing must be able to wear. In India, they believe that a sari not only emphasizes the beauty of the female body, but also is able to tell about the character of an Indian woman, about the well-being of her family and, of course, about her taste.

The main purpose of Indian women is motherhood. It is believed that a hot Indian wife is the center of the active forces of nature, in contrast to the passive masculinity. It is full of creative energy, capable of creating and destroying.

Indian women marry early. For them, this is an increase in rank, because the true strength of an Indian wife is revealed only after marriage, everything that happens in a woman’s life before is only a prelude. In India, it is believed that the husband is the earthly God. Women are so firmly closing the ring of their inner world around the husband, his life, his interests, that all other men simply cease to exist for them.

Common Characteristics of Single Indian Ladies

Europeans who do not know this country and these people are often surprised that Indian women for marriage are non-contact, do not react at all to the presence of men. They like to dress beautifully but only for a husband. They care about their skin, their hair, their eyes, paint the part in their hair with red paint, put on jewelry for their husband.

They learn to sing and dance for a husband too. And if the husband is alive and well, if he is devoted to the family – and this rule, exceptions from the family are very rare – the Indian woman is happy, she doesn’t want anything else, does not strive for anything.

The husband is given by God, the husband is fate, the parents found the husband and gave him their daughter in accordance with the most ancient customs. She waited for her husband since childhood, knowing that only she should love him alone, only strive for him. Tradition says that a husband is everything, it’s all life, it’s a god on earth. It’s the half of an Indian woman without which she’s not a human, not a person, nothing.

All of them do not go to the job, they are engaged only in home and children, but at the same time, they cannot be called uneducated. They speak excellent English. In their free time, they study with children, gathering them in groups and teaching them to read and write. Having done all the housework, they meet together in the temple or at someone’s house, sing songs, dance, communicate, share the news. And they also read a lot, well know the scriptures and quote verses from there by heart.

Many are surprised that these Indian women have no social ambitions at all. Of course, the reason for this is the deep religiosity of the Indians. They rely on everything on the husband and on God, as well as on relatives and neighbors who will support in case of trouble.

Reasons Why A Hot Woman from India Will Be A Fitting Wife

Meek, hardworking, patient brides, especially those who “managed” to give birth to a son, are usually the joy of the family. Really bad for childless Indian women – they are usually pretty soon replaced by new wives. An Indian woman who gives birth to girls has a lover social level comparing to women who “can” give birth to sons. But since it is customary to have many children, over the years both boys and girls appear, and the mother-woman takes her firm place in the family. Since the number of people in India has exceeded 1 billion, the Indian propaganda of restricting childbearing is growing in the country and there are calls for no more than two children.

The image of Sita, Rama’s wife, is considered ideal for an Indian woman. She was sweet, friendly, noble and honest. She loved her husband with unearthly love, while other men simply did not exist for her. Indian bride should keep the house clean, raise children, cook, dress modestly and consult with her husband always. True, in each region of India everything is individual, and for a resident of the capital and the village are very different rules.

Indian girls for marriage are married early: before, this happened at the age of 14, now at 18-20. The groom is chosen by parents, in accordance with age, position, and horoscope. If the husband has died, no matter for what reason – it is considered his wife’s fault and the second time she can no longer be married. True, this does not apply to developed cities such as Indian Mumbai.

Indian Mail Order Brides Are Well Educated

The main signs of a married woman are the rings on the second toe of each leg, the earring in the nose and the location of the point in the middle of the forehead, and not between the eyebrows, as before marriage. During the wedding, the traditional “mangal-sutra” wraps around the bride’s neck — a string of black and gold small beads with two golden hemispheres in the middle — this is a wedding necklace, and it replaces a wedding ring in India. And a silk white scarf tied over the groom’s shoulder is tied to the edge of the Indian sari.

The wedding is considered to be completed, and the marriage is inseparable when the husband will circle his wife seven times around the fire, tied to him by the edge of his clothes.

Sacred feminine force symbolizes the necklace “tali”, which the groom fastens to the bride during the marriage ceremony. That means that the Indian man gives himself under the magical protection of the Indian bride. The wife does not show anyone her hoist, so as not to bring trouble. If the thread of the necklace is torn, expect bad changes in the fate of her husband. In other words, the health and well-being of a spouse depend entirely on the Indian wife.

Indians believe that a woman gives a man magical protection: good luck in business, well-being, and prosperity. She has energy, without which an Indian man cannot exist.

Each Indian bride prefers her own special blend of spices and vegetable seasonings; as a rule, this mixture includes turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, aniseed, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Rice is usually served to curry, as well as various types of flat cakes, collectively known as roti. A permanent dish on an Indian table is dal, thick lentil porridge, which is eaten with curry. Popular dishes such as “mattar panic” are a mixture of peas with cheese, seasoned with spices, sagas gosht – lamb with spinach and “alu dam” – potato curry.

Indian Brides Handle Finances Well

Indian women are less vain. They clearly set a specific goal in business and go to it. Quite sharply go to the risk in the financial sector. Yes, and in general, by their nature, they are the keepers of the hearth and tend to accumulate cash. Indian women are much better and more competent in managing their finances than men.

Indian women are usually more financially responsible for their savings as well as for others.

  1. Attention to money. Indian brides tend to pay more attention to savings at a young age than men. Males can be impulsive, and females are reasonable. Many Indian brides from a young age know the rules of managing a household and their own income.
  2. The desire to preserve finances. Regardless of the level of income, every Indian bride seeks to set aside money for a “rainy day” or a cherished dream. That is why Indian brides occupy so many jobs in the field of assistance and perform well while saving resources. The desire to preserve finances is manifested in the ability to manage a bank account.
  3. Family matters. Indian brides are able to take responsibility for the financial side of the family budget. Indian woman calculates spending and determines the amount of money to save.
  4. Social consequences of saving money. Indian brides are able to take financial responsibility. They can not only manage finances but also look for work that will ensure long-term financial stability. From an early age, the idea is instilled in Indian brides that monetary savings should be handled with care.
  5. Long-term cash planning. When it comes to finances, Indian women are able to look in the long run. This means that a bride plans to spend not only for today but for several years ahead.
  6. Wage Difference. Unfortunately, today there is a real difference between the wages of Indian men and women. That means that the females have worked out the ability to save finances, as they often expect good work with a small payment.
  7. Traditional financial roles. Saving finances is a traditional Indian bride role. As household managers, they know a lot about spending money.

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