Icelandic Women

What is Special About Icelandic Women?

Using marriage dating sites, have you ever thought about finding a mail order bride from Iceland? We assume that you know just a little about this country and local girls’ nature. You may wish to choose mail-order brides from another country. However, we recommend not to hurry with the choice and read carefully the information presented below.

The popularity of international marriages continues to grow at an insane rate. Many publications warmly respond to them, since statistics show great success – such marriages last much longer than traditional ones. Thus, the marriage agency sites offer to erase the boundaries, since you never know where your soulmate can be. And this approach brings excellent results. This means that any man seeking for true love can try Icelandic women dating websites and find his happiness.

But why are we offering exactly Icelandic bride? Perhaps, there are more popular brides? We suggest that you abandon the stereotypical way of thinking and try to look for single beautiful girls in the most unexpected countries. As each girl is individual, your happiness can be waiting for you anywhere. So, why not try Icelandic dating services?

Without saying a word about Icelandic women`s nature, we can suggest several reasons why you should try to get to know beautiful brides of Iceland:

  • You have already tried Slavic brides dating. However, you do not like their unpredictability and excessive care.

  • Communicating with African mail order brides, you found out that some of them want just to use you to escape from poor living conditions.

  • You were impressed by the beauty of Latin American chick. However, you did not like the features of their character.

  • You are frustrated with girls from your own country or just want to find something exotic and new for yourself.

General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.

Any of the reasons listed above is an excellent opportunity to meet hot Icelandic women.  Communicating with girls of Iceland, we are sure that you will get an interesting and unforgettable experience. It is quite possible that you will meet your Icelandic wife on the pages of a dating site. So, we recommend not to waste your time and register right now to make your dream even closer.

Icelandic Women Features

The first thing you should know about Iceland girls is that they are independent. Unfortunately (or not), Hilary failed to achieve heights in the presidential race. However, Iceland is one of the first countries where the president was a woman. From this we can conclude about gender equality, intelligence and high ambitions of Icelandic women.

The Icelandic educational system is one of the best in the world. Local girls develop their skills and abilities for further career growth.  hey occupy management positions and build brilliant careers using their knowledge. You need to be prepared for the fact that your Icelandic woman can earn big money. However, the good news is that Icelandic women are ready to make concessions when they meet their soulmate. They may neglect their careers for the sake of family and children.

Natural beauty is another strong point of sexy Icelandic women. These girls are the result of mixing Viking roots and Irish blood. Iceland accommodates the largest number of natural blondes than anywhere else in the world. You can admire the blue eyes of Icelandic women endlessly. Of course, you can meet Icelandic brunettes. However, a typical Icelandic girl has eyes of the color of the ocean and snow-white hair. As for the figure, they look absolutely natural. These girls are taller than average, not fat and not too thin. Since these girls are carefully selected before they become Icelandic mail-order brides, you can meet only hot Icelandic chicks here.

Icelandic women have a good sense of humor. These attractive girls work hard. However, they always find time for fun. We are sure that you will not get bored with your beautiful women of Iceland.

The harsh climatic conditions hardened the bodies and characters of Icelandic women. They can be violent and very hot-tempered. However, these women never quarrel if there are no good reasons. In addition, you can always find a compromise to make peace with your Icelandic wife.

Iceland is a country where gender equality is recognized. Feminism is a way of life for these girls, and there is just a little in common between populist slogans and reality. Iceland women do not fight for their rights because they have them a long time ago. These girls are completely independent, and this is considered normal if she split a bill in a restaurant or carries a heavy bag on her own. Perhaps, you will pleasantly surprise your pretty Iceland bride if you show yourself as a gallant man.

Iceland mail order brides know how to combine career with household duties. Therefore, they are ideal for marriage. However, this does not mean that you will be able to charge all the household chores on your Iceland girlfriend. She will appreciate your support and help.

Gender equality does not interfere with respect for men. Iceland mail order brides are capable of real feelings. Becoming your wife, Icelandic bride will love you and take care of you.

Are Icelandic Brides Good for Marriage?

Despite the high family values, your Icelandic bride will not insist on entering into an official marriage union. This is due to the culture and traditions of this country. Here you can meet unmarried couples who live together for many years and raise their children. However, being residents of two different states, you should think about the wedding to make your relationship official. Perhaps, your Icelandic wife will agree to move to your country.

All of the above may make you think that the Icelandic woman has an unusual and sometimes contradictory nature. However, there are several reasons why an Icelandic woman can become your perfect wife:

  1. She seeks independence and the development of her career until the right man meets her. Icelandic girl wants to create a cozy space for your stay and raise children. Most likely, you will not have any problems with her focusing on household chores.

  2. She will easily agree to your proposal to marry, because it does not matter for her so much as for girls from other countries. In fact, the wedding is a simple formality for your Icelandic woman. You will not have difficulties associated with her long meditations. In addition, Iceland is one of the most non-religious countries. Therefore, church marriage ceremonies are very rare here.

  3. She will be able to combine perfectly the main work and household chores, even if she does not give up her career. Iceland women wonderfully balance between career and family.

  4. She speaks English well, so you will not encounter a language barrier. Thanks to this feature of Icelandic women, you can save money because you will not use translation services that websites to meet Icelandic women provide.

  5. She cannot stay idle. Therefore, as an active guy, you will always have fun with your Icelandic bride. These girls love shopping, traveling, sightseeing.

Remember that unsupported relationships may turn out to be short-term.  Despite the fact that Iceland females do not consider marriage as something obligatory, take the initiative on your own. Therefore, be sincere and caring for her to say ‘yes’ faster.

Reasons Why Icelandic Singles Become Mail-Order Brides

Icelandic women are lucky to be born in a prosperous country where they enjoy gender equality and have wide opportunities for their own development. They respect and value their men. So, how the Icelandic woman’s phenomenon can be explained? There are only two reasonable explanations for why these girls register their profiles on marriage agency sites:

  1. They want to get new experience meeting foreign men. These women know that life with an Icelandic husband will go quietly and smoothly. However, the desire to discover something new for themselves is pushing Icelandic singles to new adventures.

  2. Spending a lot of time and effort on career growth, these girls limit themselves to the possibilities of dating. With marriage agencies websites, these girls significantly increase their chances of finding a soulmate.

Some Iceland Singles Dating Useful Tips

Wanting to meet Icelandic women, you are registered on the website of the marriage agency and are thinking about where to start. Here are some tips to communicate with these girls:

  • Choose several online girls for communication at once. Later you can choose the most interesting lady for you. Keep in touch with her every day, make pleasant surprises – the courier service of the marriage agency will deliver candy or flowers to your chosen one.

  • Use search filters wisely. Dating sites offer a wide range of tools for sorting girls` profiles. Perhaps, you have special preferences in the growth or hair color of girls. You can set it all up easily.

  • Do not share too much personal information. Internet fraud is thriving and even applies to marriage agency sites. Using these websites wisely, you will only pay for services received.

  • A trip to another country is a serious and responsible step. Therefore, we do not recommend rushing with a decision to come to your chosen one. Make sure that your Icelandic woman really deserves your attention.


Icelandic women are a rarity. These girls have no other reason to look for a husband abroad, apart from the lack of time and simple curiosity. Therefore, do not miss your chance to find an Icelandic woman who combines such qualities as hard work, high family values, respect for men, ambition and determination.

11 Inspiring Women to Know From Iceland

  1. Björk Guðmundsdóttir (b.1965)
  2. Vigdís Finnbógadóttir (b.1930)
  3. Katrín Jacobsdóttir (b.1976)
  4. Hildur Yeoman
  5. Ingibjörg H. Bjarnason (1867-1941)
  6. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir (b.1942)
  7. Reykjavikurdætur (formed in 2013)
  8. Eliza Reid (1976)
  9. Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir
  10. Icelandic Love Corporation (active since 1996)
  11. Bríet Bjarnhéðinsdóttir (1856-1940)