Guatemala Woman

Guatemala mail order brides: an unusual mixture of Indian culture and Christian purity

Did you know that a large percentage of sexy Guatemala women have a Mayan heritage? Or that Guatemala has one of the indigenous populations of Mayan descent in Latin America? In fact, the area of ​​today’s Guatemala was once in the heart of the famous Mayan civilization. Although the ancient fears have been reduced to ruins and visited by thousands of tourists as historical monuments, the descendants of the ancient Mayas are very much alive. They make up around 40% of the Guatemalan population, and another 40% are indigenous and European. The latter group Mestizo, and some of the women you could ever meet go to it. The remaining 20% ​​are white, Spanish and German descent and Asian settlers from China and Korea. This colorful mix of races and cultures makes Guatemala unique and gives you a variety of women to choose from, should you choose to go to a Guatemala mail order bride.

Many Americans and European men, who make a decision to find beautiful women, their future wife through any dating online service or an international marriage agency, pay attention at the fact that too many Guatemala mail order brides are looking for a foreign husband as well. Why do not young and attractive Guatemalan women want to become wives of their local men? This review will help you to understand many aspects of the life of beautiful Guatemalan women in the cities of this country and in the villages and realize that a marriage abroad is a single way out for many Guatemalan women.

Guatemalan Women — where and how do they live?

Guatemala means “the land of forests.” This name has its roots in one of the Mayan dialects, which was spoken by the local population during the Spanish invasion in 1523. Despite the fact that this name is now used everywhere, many hot Guatemalans continue to identify themselves in accordance with the branch of the indigenous population to which they belonged centuries ago. The subsequent migration of Europeans (and especially Germans), as well as residents of Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan), greatly influenced the formation of the country’s cultural image, while eroding the traditional culture of the population there.

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Guatemalan women and men: difference

Guatemalan women (officially) have equal right with men, but in reality, it is not true. If in big cities you might meet really charming pretty Guatemalan ladies, who even work in banks and hotels, then, in the villages, Guatemalan women have to work from morning till night, even more than men, and they do not have a right to rest. In Guatemala, the division of labor by gender is still preserved. Women, as a rule, are assigned a purely female role — housekeeping and maintaining a home. However, if a Guatemalan woman is well educated, she often works in “traditional men” spheres of activity in office and production work, and this is considered normal. About half of Guatemala women are employed in agriculture, including women from rural areas. In addition, they work moonlight as needlework: embroidery and weaving.


Guatemalan women radiate happiness and make you forget all your life problems. Most Guatemalan brides wear colorful clothing that is a mix of traditional Mayan outfits and modern clothes. They do not emphasize their sexiness by wearing too opened clothes. Being educated in a traditionalist patriarchal society would make them uncomfortable or even risk causing the wrong reaction in local communities. With the risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault or even bodily harm, it is best for women in Guatemalan society not to dress too sexy. Guatemalan women remain committed to traditional attire. As a decorative addition to traditional clothes, a peculiar shawl is often used. You will not see any Guatemalan woman in pants, jeans, shorts, or trousers, as well as shorts, leggings, capri pants and everything that is “not a skirt”. Women in Guatemala walk in national clothes — this is a blouse decorated with all kinds of ribbons, ruffles and “Corto”, a piece of material that is wrapped several times around the hips and fixed with a belt. If a lady in trousers or jeans shows herself in a village, she will be mocked at. However, a Guatemalan woman can almost show her breast —even naked female breasts are perceived as something natural. Guatemalan wives feel free to feed their children in public places, wear transparent sweaters and walk around without a bra. This is the norm. Guatemalan women do not want to be “this one who is like a man” — they put on skirts, especially since in a tropical climate they are really comfortable.

Guatemalan women and their children

In Guatemalan villages, everything is bad with women’s rights. Guatemalan women do not have the opportunity to do at least something without the knowledge of her husband. Many of them cannot read and write; girls can marry when they are 12 years old, and they give birth to a huge number of children since they have no idea that they may not be constantly pregnant. Those who know about protection ask their husband if they want to use contraceptives. Abortion in Guatemala is prohibited. A child is grief in a family of Guatemalan women.

When a woman in Guatemala finds out that she is pregnant, the world does not bloom for her with all the colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, this moment becomes more tragic for her than joyful. In most cases, she does not want a child, just as she did not want her previous ones. More than half of the females in Guatemala, who know about the existence of contraceptives, cannot use them as husbands are against it. Unfortunately, in Guatemala, only a man can take the decision of how many children will be in the family. A woman does not have the right to vote and does not control her body. No one will let Guatemalan women go on maternity leave. In the same way, every day they will walk in the field and spud corn. In the same way, every day they will prepare dinner for a family of ten, get out, wash in hand clothes, revenge their earthen floor and do another hundred important household chores.

This life is simply unbearable for females, and they decide to become Guatemala women: search for a relationship with a foreign man to leave the country and forget about this constant labor, ruined health and the need to give their men as many kids as these men want.

Features of most Guatemalan women

Guatemalan women, who are young, are very attractive. All of them have dark long hair (no haircuts!), dark eyes and bronze skin. Guatemalan brides almost do not gain, and even after marriage and becoming mothers, they remain if not thick, then slender. As they never wear “men’s” clothes, they look like real females, and many men, who come to Guatemala from other countries like Guatemalan women.

Religion and beliefs

Unlike other countries of Central America, the inhabitants of Guatemala have preserved the customs and traditions of their Native American ancestors in a rather large volume. Millions of Guatemalan brides still wear traditional costumes and generally lead a lifestyle that has not changed much since the time of the Conquista. Mayan descendants still worship, along with Christian saints, various totemic animals, and the features of these animals are often tried to transfer to their behavior. For many Indians, the Christian cross is the “heir” of the ancient Mayan symbol, meaning the four sides of the sky. Therefore, Catholicism sometimes takes on rather bizarre forms — traditional Native American beliefs are mixed here with Christian dogmas, ceremonies are rather unusual, and the pantheon of saints is generously diluted with local characters. For example, in the mountains, St. Simeon is very popular, which in the local version is an “alloy” of the ancient forest god, conquistadors and biblical Judas (usually cigars and bottles of rum are sacrificed to him). At the same time, the Christian religion occupies an extremely important place in the life of Guatemalan brides. Each village has its own church, and priests enjoy unquestioned authority.

Although almost all Guatemalan brides are Christians (Catholics), they believe in different witches and wizards: this faith comes from old traditions of Maya. Different sorcerers, healers, and shamans (“Brukhos”) have a great influence, which, according to local beliefs, are able to cast or remove curses, predict the future and intercede for people before by the gods. According to Native American beliefs, illnesses and unhappiness can be caused by “evil eye”. Therefore, people who are especially susceptible to the evil eye (pregnant Guatemalan women, children, and the elderly) are usually surrounded by dozens of amulets and are not shown to strangers. The traditional Indian bowler hat, which is usually saturated with various amulets and is consecrated either on the altar of the church or at the local sorcerer, serves the same purpose of protection against evil forces. Therefore, when you meet single and attractive Guatemalan woman and she will start telling you about these “healers” try to understand her and do not joke: let your Guatemalan woman believe in some mysteries if it does not hurt anybody.

Unusual appearance

As difficult as it is to describe a typical Guatemalan woman, but there are a few things that all Guatemalan ladies share. When it comes to their appearance, they are mostly short and slim. Even adult women sometimes seem to be young girls because of their short stature and childlike features. No matter how hard their life stories were, you will often see them smiling and looking happy. Depending on their genetic makeup, their skin may be lighter or darker, but their charisma lies in their warm eyes and inviting smile.

When you start corresponding with Guatemalan women and get first pictures of these smiling ladies, you will be surprised to see that almost every girl or a woman has a “golden tooth”. It does not mean that she has a variety of problems with her teeth. Everything is explained by their traditions: any Guatemalan lady after a certain age should put at least one gold crown (healthy tooth can be also used). This tooth crown should have an unusual shape and resemble a frame.

Most beautiful Guatemalan women there live in big cities: it can be explained simple — they are ancestors of Spanish people. They are taller and slimmer than most girls in this country, which average height is only 149 cm. Scientists say that this low height is the result of the hard life of many Guatemalan women.

Guatemalan women and their popularity among foreign men

Many Americans and Europeans are sure that dating a Guatemalan woman, they will be never rejected. They guess that if Guatemalan brides come from a very poor country, where they are humiliated, where each female is taken only as a tool that helps a man getting pleasure and children, then, they would use all chances to escape from their country, even if a possible husband is 60+. Most of these gentlemen are right: poverty and awful social life make these women become Guatemalan brides. It is the better variant for them than offer their bodies for tourists for money, as some girls do to help their families to survive. When parents of this girl learn that their daughter or granddaughter is seeking for love abroad, they do not argue with her (especially mothers and grandmothers). Wishing their children only the best, they inspire these young beauties to upload their photos using various marriage agencies, located in the USA, Spain, China, Japan, and some European countries, where men like Indian appearance of Guatemalan brides.

Guatemalan brides are popular as they are known as the best mothers (women of this country, for sure), and good housewives, who are ready to work all the time and do not complain that they are tired. Certainly, it does not mean that foreign men are looking for their servants or slaves. These guys are simply inspired by the hard work of pretty women which they do with a smile, and with pleasure. They are not going to push their future wives work 24/7; simply these potential grooms do not want to mix with some of their local women, who never cook and never tidy up the house. Besides, Americans and some European females hate to give birth to children until they are at least 30 or even 35, while Guatemalan brides will do it, especially if they know that they will be provided with everything they need – healthcare and comfortable conditions to give a birth to a baby and then, nourish the child and care about this kid.

In Guatemala, babies cry extremely rarely. If the baby begins to cry, mom instantly responds to his complaints and reassures him. It might seem strange, but when a Guatemalan bride marries a man from the country with other life level, children born in these families, are also very calm and healthy.

Meet beautiful Guatemala singles: mail order brides

Those Guatemala singles, who take a decision to marry a man from overseas to be happy and to make happy their future husband, try their best to show men online that they will be perfect wives and mothers. However, there is one problem here. You will rarely find a Guatemalan female, who speaks the English language, especially if she does not come from a big city. However, it will not be a problem nowadays. In Guatemala, all speak Spanish, and this is one of the most popular languages in the world. If you do not know a word in Spanish, you can simply use an online dictionary when keeping correspondence with your future bride and your possible wife. If your Guatemalan bride registers in one of the best-reviewed reliable and respected agencies or deals with official dating online websites, she might be provided with the help of a professional translator and interpreter. In the best agencies, this service for women is free. If a pair meets (in the country they choose, or in Guatemala), the agency can offer them an interpreter, who will not take much for his work. If you decide to visit Guatemala on your own to marry a beautiful Guatemalan bride, you will probably meet some men who will offer you marry their nieces, who will be 14-15 only. It is absolutely illegal and both Guatemalan and International laws are against it. It means that if you are attracted to some Guatemalan bride and she seems to be too young, better check how old is she. To be always only on the safest side, you should deal with pretty women who are at least 18. If you meet Guatemalan brides through the agency, here, everything will be legal: the age of potential brides that are going to start their search for husbands is checked beforehand (ID or passport is required).

If you are drawn to hot Guatemala women, you should only date those who are over 18 and enter the dating service of your their will. Many Websites that specialize in Latin American marriages are an excellent variant to get acquainted with a beautiful bride from Guatemala. Marriage and legal dating services online exist with the goal to help single men meet charming women. They offer even various comprehensive special services including access to a catalog of Guatemalan brides’ profiles, further with various ways for online safe dating, organization of trips to the chosen country for the meeting of brides in person. You can any of these great offers or go for the whole package that has covered all existing aspects to find Guatemalan brides. Most importantly, professional trusted marriage agencies and dating sites make sure everything is done only in a legal way.

Guatemala mail order bride — meet her and marry

After you find a Guatemala mail order bride whom you like very much, you should start this communication and develop your online relationship to date later in person. Once you finally realize that her intentions are honest, you can meet her in reality, and maybe, even marry to live happily together. This may take months but Guatemala marriage is worth the wait.

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