Georgian Women

Stunning Georgian women: an overview

Georgia is a small country situated in the Caucasian region. Its population is only 3,7 million people and consists mainly of Georgians, Azerbaijanis and Armenians. Despite its small size, the country is known to the entire world thanks to magnificent landscapes, tasty food, unique culture, sea resorts… and beautiful women.

Probably, you have never met women from Georgia. The reasons are few: Georgians is a small nation and the majority of them prefer to stay in their native country. Thanks to online Georgian dating sites you have a unique possibility to discover these Oriental beauties and possibly marry one of them. You will be pleased to discover how well-mannered, family-oriented, kind, hard-working, supportive Georgian women are. Marriage with a girl from Georgia is like winning in a lottery: you are not sure about the outcome, but you take risks and get a great reward. If you want to be one of these lucky guys or you just want to know more about Georgia mail order bride – continue with this article.

Georgian women: appearance and personality traits

What are the main characteristics of beautiful Georgian women? Let’s find out together.

  • their beauty is natural. Georgian ladies do not use a lot of makeup. They do not need expensive clothes to look nice. In Georgia, it is believed that natural beauty is always better than “faked beauty” created with the help of cosmetic products. Instead, Georgian singles go in for sport, keep diets, eat healthy food and, of course, swim in the Black Sea;
  • their mindset is rather conservative. Generally, Georgian women do not share all the principles of feminist movements. They believe that a man should be the head of a household, they gladly do the housework and take care of children. In Georgia, there is still a clear division on men’s and women’s obligations. Georgian women for marriage do their best to fulfil their obligations and expect from you to fulfil yours;
  • they have a proud spirit and courage. Georgian women won’t allow someone (even their husbands) to disrespect the country, its culture and people. At the same time, they are very courageous when it comes to defending their family/relatives. Hot Georgian women are either beautiful goddesses and dangerous warriors.
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Where can you meet pretty Georgian brides

If you want to have a relationship with a bride from Georgia, we’d recommend starting from online dating agencies. This service enables people like you to meet Georgia brides and get in touch with them through messaging and video calls. In order to get access to a catalogue of single Georgian women, you have to create an account on the official site/application of the dating company. Then, it’s up to you to contact women you’ve liked the most and step by step develop your relationship.

Online dating is good but if you start thinking that you want something more – it means that the time has come to book a trip and meet your Georgia country women. Take a full profit of this journey: meet several single women from the catalogue, try local food, enjoy nature. If everything goes well, at the end of your stay in Georgia you will find a wife, improve your health and fall in love with this wonderful country.

Georgian brides: reasons they are good for marriage

In order to start looking for beautiful Tbilisi Georgia women you should be absolutely sure that ladies of this nationality is a perfect choice. Here are some facts that might persuade you.

  • loyalty and commitment. Georgian brides are very loyal to their husbands and committed to the relationship because traditionally women are expected to be this way. If you are chosen by a pretty Georgian, be sure that she will never cheat on you and will stand by your side whatever happens;
  • serious intentions. Georgian brides take dating seriously. They never date a guy just for entertainment or experience (for this reason, women in Georgia in their lifetime have fewer partners than women in America, for example). They are focused on the future and expect their soulmates to have serious intentions, too. Otherwise, they prefer to stay single;
  • hospitable and family-oriented wives. Georgian brides gladly do the housework and take care of children. Moreover, they have wonderful cooking skills and like to welcome guests at home. For the Georgian females, the family is the priority number one;
  • kindness and good manners. Georgian brides are kind, loving, caring, well-mannered and smart.

Some facts about dating Georgian brides

  1. do not expect to get her in bed quickly. In Georgia, there was a conservative belief that a girl should be a virgin until she gets married. Nowadays, this concept is considered old-fashioned. However, women tend to sleep with a man before marriage only if they’ve been together for a while (at least a month) and she knows him well;
  2. you should always pay the bill. It is out of the question – a man pays for himself and his date;
  3. in order to marry her, you should make a good impression on her parents. For a Georgian girl, it is difficult to disobey her father and mother. So, if you really love you Georgian date, you should do your best to impress her parents. Especially it is important for a foreign admirer;
  4. be a gentleman. Buy flowers and gifts, always look presentable, be self-assured and do not rush in – take pleasure from every moment spent together and everything will be alright.

The 7 Most Badass Women in Georgian History

  1. Medea
  2. King Tamar
  3. Ketevan Tsamebuli
  4. Queen Darejan
  5. Maro Makashvili
  6. Nino Jorjadze
  7. Nazi Shamanauri