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Review of Best Services To Date Gamers in 2020

Every online gamer whose heart belongs to the virtual world probably wants to find a like-minded person. The only question is where to look for someone who shares your interests and passions. Although the culture of gamers has become widespread in our time, it’s not easy to find a partner with whom you would like to go through many video ordeals in coop entertainments and share the Epic Loot. 

Surprisingly, in the world where there are nearly 2.3 billion of eSports geeks – of which 35% are boys and 28% are girls – single gamers are overflowing. For many seekers of virtual adventures, finding a boy- or a girlfriend is a real challenge. However, there are many ways to break the vicious circle of gamer loneliness. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each opportunity and estimate the chances for a successful gamer dating.

Classics: bar, office, club

Difficulty level for a gamer: high

Chances of success: negligible 

Gamers are everywhere today. You may easily meet a male partner of your dreams or an ideal girlfriend at the coffee machine in your office, in your favorite bar or club. But how to recognize a gamer in your vis-a-vis? Even if you exchange a few friendly words, it’s highly unlikely that your interlocutor will admit that he/she is a gamer and is thinking of Half-Life 3 right now. In the real world, a person prefers to hide his/her gamer passions.

The environment in which you live is also important. In the office, people want to focus on their work duties and are rarely looking for gamers or hooking up their colleagues. There is no possibility for heart-to-heart conversations in bars or clubs either because of thundering music. 

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Indicators of a gamer obsessed with the virtual world of adventures may be the following:

  • relevant logo on clothing or accessory (watch, earrings etc);
  • notable affection for a smartphone;
  • Gamer magazine on the desk in the office.

Your favorite eSports

Difficulty level for a gamer: medium

Chances of success: small  

Fans of multiplayer masterpieces like League of Legends spend a lot of time on their virtual avatar which, in its turn, spends much time with other avatars – in a guild, clan, or random raid group. A common passion for some virtual or gaming platform connects people. Members of single-player games can vent their gamer-soul on their own forums. 

Yet, you shouldn’t consider the players’ servers as dating sites for gamers where you may find potential partners. After a hard day at work or at the university, when you want to relax during hazardous gaming process, flirting may seem annoying to you. Especially if a gamer needs to focus on simple and interesting subjects like Raid, Loot, Quests etc. This is particularly so with a girl gamer who may be ticked off when some members of the community start according courtesy to her. Many of the cyber divas prefer to hide their gender and age to avoid unwanted attention.

In the world of avatars, like in a bar or at work, it’s quite difficult to determine whether your partner is a single gamer looking for new friends. Trying to ask about it via live chat may result in blocking before you even reach Level 2. 

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To find a soul mate in a gamer community, consider the following life-hacks: 

  • do not confuse the sex and gender of an avatar with the same parameters of a real gamer;
  • when entering fandom do not ask at once whether there are singles who want to meet a gamer;
  • be honest when trying online dating; specify directly that the purpose of your participation in a quest is not to get points or virtual treasures, but real dates with a gamer in real life; if it’s discovered that you’re a liar, you may get kicked out as quickly as if you fell off the track on Rainbow Road.

Gamer dating sites

Difficulty level for a gamer: simple 

Chances of success: high enough

Websites designed specifically for gamer dating are ideal platforms to meet a like-minded person from your circle who would share the same interests and views as you. Here you will not feel like a black sheep, a foreign native. These gamer dating sites are created for people like you, that is, those who are obsessed with eSports.

Gamers who fall into this category, no matter what they love more – military or role games, fantasy, anime, whatever – may be described as the online gamer environment where you’ll feel quite comfortable. Every gamer of this community, a man or a woman, represents the geek flag proudly. Therefore, the niche dating sites remove the stigma and allow gamers to find matches in an atmosphere of goodwill and mutual understanding, free from any judgement. 

On the decent dating sites for gamers, you may discover an impressive arsenal of technical and legal tools for a successful love journey: 

  • compatibility algorithm (for gamer culture, genres of video entertainment etc);
  • chat, email and other means of communication that allow you to chat with other gamers;
  • an assortment of online gifts that give you an opportunity to express the sympathy for the chosen gamer;
  • personal blogs as a way to express one’s innermost gamer thoughts and feelings;
  • strict privacy policy;
  • news feed;
  • useful tips for a successful relationship from experts. 

At the same time, each online platform has its own face, advantages and opportunities for gamers. You can be clear about it after checking out the following leading niche resources. 

Top-7 dating websites for gamers 


On this platform, you may easily get acquainted with the same enthusiastic gamers as you are. That site allows each user to create his/her own collection of favorite virtual adventures and follow the preferences of other single gamers and compare these interests with their own ones. It’s very easy to create an account on GamerDating. Remember to upload your real photo as a userpic.   

Having registered on this advanced platform, please do not allow clogging up your profile with all kinds of garbage like abusive comments towards other gamers, advertising etc. To get the most from this dating site, it’s recommended to acquire gold or silver status. Either of this will give you access to unlimited communication (including live chat) and some additional gamer bonuses like free games.   


This gamers dating site has held the brand since the day of its founding back in the 1990s. is still one of the most popular web platforms that connect lonely gamer hearts. Here you may also meet gamers with the widest range of preferences. You can meet gamer girls on Match as well, for they are known to go through virtual adventures with the same passion as guys.


This free dating site for gamers owes its foundation to Patrick Rafferty, an English teacher and a military man. LFGDating will be especially interesting to gamers who are passionate fans of WoW, League of Legends and other masterpieces of the gaming industry.

It is assumed that every participant of this dating site for gamers is an ardent player. That’s why beneficial conditions are provided for them here. Any gamer can find love here, and the advanced functionality of the site helps him/her on this way. The abandoned profiles of gamers are deleted. The personal information of users is protected by strong encryption mechanisms, and the support team proceeds the questions within 24 hours. 


This is one of the gamer dating apps that helps to find happiness for those who cannot imagine their lives without eSports. Community gamers may easily meet the like-minded people on this platform and start a romantic relationship with this person. GamingPassion is a modern site that satisfies the needs of any fan of virtual experience. A gamer may upload your photos here, join various groups, chat and exchange emails. 

The registration procedure here is simple and free. A gamer should use either the email or the Facebook profile to create an account on this site. A lot of gamers hang out here who are ready for an online conversation. There’s a special feature that allows you to find out who of the gamers are currently on this site. 


If you’re obsessed with the virtual world of adventure and just want to find gamers to play with – and not just that – why not try SoulGeek? This dating platform is initially designed for gamers who know firsthand what science fiction, anime and horror movie is. The site can pick up a proper match for a gamer in a very short time based on his/her sexual preferences. 

The interface and functionality of this service for gamers would amaze pleasantly its visitors. You can easily find your love here. The automated search will send you a fresh portion of matches weekly, based on your wishes. SoulGeek provides ample opportunities for self-expression like blogging, posting videos, completing photo albums. Profiles on this platform contain a lot of information of gamers, so it will be easy for you to find exactly the person you were looking for. 

Girl Gamer Dating 

Do you want to get access to unlimited communication without having to share sensitive information with any other gamer? There’s another site for video game dating. And you just have to check it out! The registration on Girl Gamer Dating will take you a few minutes and is absolutely free. Gamers can listen to good music and view photo albums so that they cannot get bored during the search for a wife or a husband. 

Who will be interested in Girl Gamer Dating? First of all, those who consider themselves to be nerds and passionate adherents of everything related to gaming. Communication takes place through a free messaging or on special forums where everyone can support the favorite topic. One of the main advantages of Girl Gamer Dating membership is that this platform never requires payment and confidential information from the gamers. 


If you’re a passionate gamer for a long time, you probably want to share your experience with other people. Or maybe you’re looking for a gamer dating website to find the other half? If so, try Zoosk. This is one of the most popular dating platforms on the Internet. 

People who are fond of eSports and who are just tired to play them alone will feel comfortable here. The Zoosk database contains several millions of gamers, therefore those who are eager to find a life partner here have a good chance of success. The probability to discover love increases due to the unique technology of behavioral matchmaking. There’s also a mobile app that is the leader in sales in the App Store.   

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Tips from experienced gamers will help you to win in the difficult art of dating. 

  1. Make a meaningful profile. A gamer who intrigues others with phrases like “Get to know me” or specifies nothing, has zero chances. 
  2. Be yourself. Online dating for gamers requires honesty. You’re laying the foundation of a great gamer relationship with someone who will love you for who you are. 
  3. Upload as many real photos as possible. Online gamer dating is a matter of trust. If a gamer uploads pictures processed with Photoshop, it’s like placing a time bomb. 
  4. Watch your spelling. Mistakes during online gamer dating produce the same repulsive effect as bad breath in real life.
  5. Do not be afraid to make the first step. Show your affection for a gamer you like – make winks, give virtual gifts. Remember- a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. The same goes for gamers.
  6. Be creative. When sending the first message, think of something different from simple and a bit vulgar “hey!”. If you want to establish a contact with a gamer who shares your passions, start a conversation asking about the favorite online entertainment and tell about yourself. Gamer messaging is like World Tour – you have to go back to another person and give a reason for returning the ball. 
  7. If a gamer doesn’t show affection for you, stop bothering him/her. Respect others’ freedom, privacy and preferences. 
  8. Avoid rudeness, mockery and wipes towards the other gamers. The cost of violating etiquette may be high enough – your gamer account may be banned forever.  
  9. Before going on an offline date with a gamer you like, arrange a meeting in a public place. Prepare yourself for any force majeure to avoid falling into depression from disappointment. 
  10. Remember – a gamer never gives up too quickly, even if there are a few setbacks. Every day, new gamers register on dating sites, that’s why you have high chances to find a partner of your dreams!  

Recommendations for gamers who reach the last level in the dating competition

As soon as you’re ready to meet your new boy- or girlfriend – this is actually the purpose of any online dating – get prepared to the ultimate challenge. It is possible that you have invented this gamer for yourself giving him/her imaginary traits of character and adjusting the image of this partner to your ideal soulmate.

However, you should understand that our fantasies and dreams may not be in sync with reality. Take the liberty to know this gamer as he or she really is and abandon the invented and embellished image in your mind. Think of it before you make a decision to meet with a gamer you like offline. 

It’s extremely important to be honest on the first date. If there will be no chemistry between you and your new friend, be able to muster sufficient strength and tell it to him/her. But be as delicate as possible for not to offend the gamer who hasn’t done you anything wrong. 

A gamer partner will not only appreciate your frankness but also may save you from awkward situations that may occur upon the first date. If you do not have it out with this person, you’ll have to hide from the cast-off lover or lie to him/her. Just be honest and release both of you from discomfort. 

What if during a personal meet you think that you’ve really found a gamer who may be an ideal life partner? To make sure of this, arrange the next date. Forget the unspoken rule of our grandparents to pause for three days after the first meeting – it’s past its sell-by date. Call him/her when you think it’s necessary. Just make a date plan and discuss it with a gamer you like. A hybrid retro arcade would be a great idea given you’re both are passionate gamers. However, the bowling club is a good choice as well.  

The benefits of arranging a gamer date with the purpose of doing something together cannot be overstated. Such a date gives you enough reasons to talk, make plenty of jokes and run competitions. Some teases may integrate into your everyday life and become a part of gamer language that you both only know. The main thing is not to overdo with gamer barbs so that everyone could get pleasure from this date. 


Online dating sites and apps are ideal services for gamers who dream of romantic or friendly  relationships. These platforms do not just help get rid of the stereotypical stigma of a gamer, but also encourage gaming passions. The functionality of many sites allows gamers to demonstrate what eSports you like most and where you prefer to play it. As a result, you may meet like-minded people you could connect with during a video session.  

No matter to what category of gamers you belong to – casual, hardcore, newbies or professionals. You just don’t have to dwell on your failures. They are a common phenomenon accompanying acquaintance like video entertainment. Focus on your goal to find a gamer who shares the same culture as you. And the whimsical fortune sooner or later will deign to smile to you! 

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