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Review of Top Free Dating Sites in 2020

Where to start online dating? Of course, by searching for a suitable site. But there are so many that the choice seems complicated and confusing. Although, in fact, there is nothing super complicated, there are only two types of dating sites – free and paid membership.

Then the second question arises: to meet the right person, what type of site should you use? Choose this site because it is free? Or do you need to invest more in such an important deal and start dating through paid dating sites?

In this article, we will review both types of sites to help you understand what each of them is good or bad. But we will make the main emphasis on absolutely free dating sites with interesting examples and brief reviews.

What is Free Dating?

Not everyone has the time for dating in real life. Besides, some people would like to meet a person from another country. In this case, you can use completely free dating sites with no subscription and look for a soul mate. Here you just need to fill out the form to find people. You must specify a city, gender, age and purpose of dating. Next, you will see a list of people by criteria. Today we look at the pros of dating on a free and paid site. We also briefly consider how to choose a free dating site that will really be of benefit and how to prepare a classy first date.

How to choose a free site? Think in advance about:

  • If you are just looking for friends and like-minded people, then you’d better go to a new free dating site without any payment. If you want to find a person for a serious relationship – choose free and paid;
  • Price. Immediately understand how much you are willing to spend on services and whether you are ready to pay for them at all. Paid websites are also don’t give a guarantee that you will definitely find the right person;
  • Willingness to requirements. On a paid site, you will need to give information about yourself, provide a photo or make a short video. Not ready for this – choose a free one.

Want to find a soul mate – try to do it on a paid dating site. If you are just waiting for new acquaintances and looking for friends, then go to the free site. There you will definitely find interesting people.

Best Completely Free Dating Sites 

Plenty of Fish

The international free dating site Plenty of Fish puts the mental aspect at the forefront in selecting candidates for life together. A feature of this dating service is to highlight biochemistry as a sympathy factor. For this reason, the pairing selection algorithm remains slightly in the shadow, although it is obvious that for an Internet project, it is programming that determines the effectiveness of matching, i.e. selection of men and women by mental type.

Unlike the Tinder or Badoo free services, POF does its job even better, so you will find exactly what you are looking for. The best proof of this is that when you sign up, you will need to fill out a long-form and indicate all your habits, tastes, hobbies, and so on.

When creating your profile, you can indicate whether you smoke, whether you have cats or dogs, whether you have children, and whether you want to meet someone who has children, and so on. All this information will help you find the right person.

The POF app is used by tens of millions of people around the world, and although this free service is not as open as Tinder or Badoo, and it is a good option for those who want to find people with similar tastes and interests.

Match is one of the first free dating sites without payment to introduce online dating internationally. Launched in 1995 to help single people to get to know each other, to communicate, and to meet in real life, and even to find life partners. The site is widely known and internationally recognized and is one of the leaders in the online dating industry. Its main and no less successful competitor is the eHarmony dating site, which is based on a scientific approach to finding the most compatible partners.

Each user is invited to tell about themselves, post on their profile up to 26 photos, indicate the purpose of dating, as well as select the gender of the people with whom you would like to meet and communicate. All profiles and photos displayed on the free site are subject to mandatory verification by the administrators of Until this check is completed, your profile is not visible to all other users. After a successful verification, everything happens quite simply: your profile with photos appears in the free site search, and users begin to view your profile, send you messages, invite you to meetings, and chat with you online.


This app forces the user to answer a million questions to pick a perfect match. To “promote” your account or find out who liked you, you have to pay. The application makes money on the especially curious: the user starts to get nervous the notification “100 people liked you” and he gives about a few dollars to find out who all these people who rated his photo and witty bio.

Free OkCupid is the smartest and most effective free dating service if you are looking forward to a long relationship. Of the people nearby, it finds those with whom you least quarrel over trifles, and immediately indicate which topics are best to circumvent in a conversation.

The history of California mathematician Chris McKinley is known: in desperation to meet his beloved in life, he hacked OkCupid, collected data about the girls he liked – it turned out that they fell into just a few general types – and then he worked out an ideal strategy for dating. In just two months, he found his happiness. Many have a similar situation: OkCupid regularly shows girls who are too reminiscent of the ex. 


Free EliteSingles lives up to its name. More than 82% of the participants have a degree. Therefore, it has established itself as the best portal for dating online with highly educated people. Currently, more than 13 million users are registered on the site. 


  • You can find a soulmate of any gender here. There are more registered women than men;
  • Tracking features let you know who viewed your profile;
  • Communication on the free site is ensured in compliance with all security measures (protection against spam, scammers) and confidentiality;
  • Blog articles are written by professional psychologists on topics of interest to participants;
  • It is an international resource that is available in many countries.

Online registration is fast, but for this, you will need to fill out basic information about yourself and pass a psychological test. Test questions relate to personal and professional qualities, character, appearance, personal self-esteem, and future partner. That is, after many questions about the user, the question about the prospective partner follows. After testing, registration is considered complete. For convenience, a special mobile application was created on iOS and Android, which supports the same functions as the site.


Free Zoosk free dating site has gained its popularity as a Facebook application, which makes it possible to chat with registered users of several social networks. The site is available in 25 languages. Zoosk dating site is designed more for online communication and chat, and for more serious communication.

Signing up at Zoosk is completely free, but free signup provides only a limited set of options for the user. With free registration, you can fill out a profile, upload photos, search for new friends and wink. Only users who have a paid subscription are free to send and reply to messages from other users. The Zoosk website offers several different duration options for subscriptions with different costs.


Free eHarmony international site was launched in 2000. To date, among online dating websites for free eHarmony is the number 1 free site in the United States, and is also widely recognized in the world, bypassing many of its serious rivals. eHarmony is a site based on a scientifically developed technology for finding partners based on a comparison of personality and character to create a happier and stronger relationship between people.

The eHarmony partner selection technology was developed by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who for 35 years has been practicing as a counseling psychologist for couples. Observing couples for many years, the doctor believed that there was a much better way to find a partner than a mere coincidence. Dr. Neil noted that marriages in which spouses had many common features were more successful.

Each eHramony user fills out a questionnaire – it will take about an hour. Based on the questionnaire, the user is offered profiles of other eHarmony users that are most compatible. The following is a four-step process for introducing partners in a special way organized by eHarmony. At this stage, a decision is made whether to start communication with the user of this profile or not. Only after this decision is made, eHarmony provides the opportunity to directly begin communicating with a person, keeping your personal information secret until you decide to disclose to your new friend who you are.


Free Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the USA. The free service has more than 100 million users – every day more than 1.5 million pairs are matched in it. Tinder co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Matin created it in 2012, and in 2014 they were on the Forbes list of “30 Entrepreneurs under 30 in Technology.” Despite the huge audience and undoubted success, the application is still an ad-free platform.

Tinder is first and foremost entertainment, and evaluating cards here is as exciting as killing time in TwoDots. And you can play together with a girl, picking partners for each other. An ideal app for increasing self-esteem: 100 girls in the basket, 10 matches in the inbox, euphoric joy from what is happening – to continue communication, in general, is possible, but not necessary. 


That is a perfect free dating app oriented for people over 40. The selection of a partner in the app is carried out based on common hobbies characteristic of older age – the development of one’s own business, travel, gardening, water sports. In other cases, psychological compatibility tests or an automatic selection system are used according to the data specified in the profile.

Communicating in the appl is pleasant, if only because these foreign men are not looking for a mate among the twenty-year-old Bimbo, as many others do. They understand that it is more logical to look for happiness with their peers, and they can appreciate the beauty of women of even older age and are moderately old-fashioned and courteous to make you feel surrounded by care.


It may not be that you have not heard of the free FriendFinder-X free hookup sites. Their ads began to appear online so many times ago. Their ubiquitous ad just shows how huge and popular they are. This 100% free online dating site is primarily for those who want to find attractive people and find casual relationships. The site platform is huge. There are more than 75 million participants, about 800 live broadcasts, almost 100 million photos, and more than 4 million successful relations. This is a huge amount.


The free site is especially proud of its powerful language support, thanks to which, for example, English-speaking users can easily communicate in Spanish, French or German. The site administration emphasizes that the policy of extending free services to other countries is “a response to the numerous requests of users and serves the great worldwide mission of the Christian faith.”

The statutory goal of the Christian Mingle website is to “help every single Christian find a soul close to him.” Interestingly, the free site is only part of the large global dating company Spark Networks SE, which has established several resources for single people looking for a serious relationship, including dating service for co-religionists.

To pay or not to pay 

A wide variety of top free online dating sites on which a person can date and chat with other people, made the search for the soulmate is not such a difficult task. Those people think so who did not face the difficulties of loneliness. In popular social networks, it’s quite difficult to find a suitable person, not from the immediate environment. There are also dating sites that are designed for a specific purpose. The following types of online resources exist:

  • dating sites free of charge;
  • Paid online resources for finding a serious relationship.

Totally Free Online Dating Sites 

Having made a choice in the direction of registration on a dating site, a person will most often prefer a free service. However, caution must be exercised in this matter. Single people do not want to invest minimal funds to solve this type of problem, because why spend money if you can get to know someone for free? Free sites are filled with all sorts of garbage, pick-up trucks, scammers and other obscenities, and it is hardly possible to find a worthy person for conversation. Paid sites have a certain filter that removes people who are not serious, leaving only those who, like you, are looking for communication and relationships.

Benefits of free dating sites no sign up:

  • anyone can freely enter such a site;
  • a lot of people of absolutely different age, nationality and interest;
  • You can use the free site at any time without restrictions;
  • many communication options: messages, voice or video call;
  • you can find a person from almost any country;
  • a lot of filters by which you can narrow the circle of people;
  • blacklist, which allows you to block members who are not suitable for you.

The main problem is the people who use free sites. They often may not meet your communication expectations. Plus, on these free dating sites in the USA, many teenagers impersonate adults.

If you are looking for a couple for relationships and family life, this does not mean that other people who register on such free dating websites have the same goals. Quite often some pick-ups seek entertainment at night and collect their “collection” of sexual partners. Also, putting off dating on a paid site, you can meet scammers who not only lure people out of money but also play on their feelings and break other people’s hearts.

But you can definitely use 100 percent free dating sites to find someone. Use various filters to find your soulmate. 

Paid dating sites for a serious relationship

Making a serious relationship with such truly free dating sites is not difficult. Before you start searching for a person to communicate with, you will be offered a compatibility test. With this test, the program searches for similar people, and in the future offers those options that will have the same interests. That is, you initially will not meet with that person who is not suitable in character and behavior.

Designed for people who are really serious about searching. They need to pay for the functions of the site. In short, to some extent, the paid site is a small marriage agency. In most cases, there are held people who simply have little time. Here are a few advantages of such sites:

  • no ads;
  • everything is thought out in the interface;
  • a support free service that can help;
  • protection, since all users are checked;
  • no one can use personal data.

Using a paid dating site, you will have the guarantee that you will not meet jokers or sexually preoccupied personalities with obscene hints. People who are willing to pay money, like you, are really serious. Besides, free no pay dating sites are popular among foreigners, and you should not be surprised that you will often meet men and women from other countries. This is a great opportunity not only to expand your circle of acquaintances and horizons but also to go on a visit across the sea.

Users who came to the free site in search of a woman or man for a serious relationship are already mentally prepared to pay for the high and guaranteed quality of the services provided. As a rule, for men, paid site services are a little more expensive, checking the seriousness of their intentions.

First Dating Tips

Unusual Master Classes

Buy two tickets for a little climbing training, cheeses or cocktails. You will remember such a meeting for a long time, especially if you combine training with a photo shoot – then you will receive not only vivid memories but also colorful live photos.

Do Nothing but Order Some Date

It is better to order a date with the masters of their craft who can arrange an unforgettable evening on the roof, in a hotel or in a balloon. You only need to choose a place, dishes, come with your soul mate to the appointed time and enjoy a quality evening that will definitely go according to plan.

Two in A Boat

Surely you have a river, a pond, a lake or even a sea nearby. Rent a boat and meet the sunset or dawn on the water. Such a beginning or end of the day will leave an unforgettable experience that can be enhanced with a small picnic – a cheese plate, pizza or even fish sup if you take fishing rods with you.

Prince on A White Horse

Horseback riding is not only romantic but also gives you unforgettable emotions and a great mood. The main thing here is that your partner or you are not afraid of such animals, otherwise, from a romantic date, it can turn into a nightmare in reality and certainly will lead to failure. How to clarify without revealing the plan? Something like this: “what are your phobias? I’m afraid of horses and spiders. And you?”.

Music Has Tied Us

There are many options – tickets for a concert of a beloved band of your soul mate, an evening in a bar with good music or an entire open-air festival – the main thing is that you have fun, you can relax, open and dance. Such an evening will definitely be wonderful.

It doesn’t matter what budget you have for the evening. It is easy to arrange an unforgettable meeting, but the main thing is to talk, get to know each other, pay attention to interesting little things and just be happy that you are alone now.


Online dating is gaining more and more popularity every year. And this is not surprising, because for many people it is easier to communicate online than to make acquaintances in live mode. Besides, this method of communication will save your nerves and time – you can first chat with a person, get to know him, and only then plan a date.

A win-win search option for your soulmate is free dating sites. Today, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of free services online that offer services to find a life partner. Most free sites offer any type of relationship at your discretion. But, if you are looking for a permanent partner, you better pay attention to sites for a serious relationship.

To ensure absolute success in finding a soulmate, we suggest you register not on one, but immediately on two or three free singles sites. Be sure to look at free dating sites for a serious relationship – this is an excellent service for choosing the right dating portal.

All of these online services offer an absolutely free opportunity to find a partner – husband, wife, or friend.