Finnish Women

Finnish women – independent beauties from the far North

Strong and brave, beautiful and intelligent, hardworking and patient – Hot Finnish girls are really admirable. Having a Nordic temper, they win over hearts not only by their female charm but also by the ability to fight back.

Nothing seems impossible for these women. They can reach high positions and pose erotically for fashion magazines, play hockey and win the beauty contests. Hot Finland women know their worth and don’t buy into cheap baits. With their usual practicality, they prefer rights prescribed in the Constitution rather than any kinds of compliments.

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Finnish women: secrets of the Nordic attractiveness

When in Finland, you won’t find any fragile women whom you would like to take pity on. Finnish babes are more like muscular fitness trainers with an athletic body build. Severe weather has made women from Northern Europe stocky and strong. They have a virile character and a firm hand.

By the way, a girl from Finland  became the first Miss Universe. That was Armi Kuusela. It was in 1952, and in 23 years, one more Finnish beauty – Anna Maria Pohtamo – was awarded this honorary title.

Finnish facial features

It’s believed that external beauty is not among distinctive features of Finnish women. They are usually depicted as red-head women, small in stature and with pale faces. In fact, however,  Finnish women are beautiful, and that proves the narrowness of stereotypes once again.

The image of a typical Finnish mail order bride includes the following set of remarkable facial features:

  • Big eyes that radiate energy;
  • Straight nose;
  • Wide and open smile;
  • Well-groomed hair.

You can rarely meet Finnish with bright make-up (except for teenagers who want to try some new experience)  However, it doesn’t mean that these women don’t know how to use cosmetics. Quite the contrary. These women just focus on skincare, good coloring and  overall health of the body.

Preferences in clothes and fashion

If you ask yourself what do Finnish women usually look like, it’s enough to recall the following saying: “Finland is a country where women are very beautiful on holidays”. There’s a grain of truth in this joke.

In everyday life, Finnish women choose casual clothes which is closer to sport style, and they’re guided by solely comfort and practicality. The dominant colors are black, white and blue (jeans). They also wear flat shoes or shoes with small heels.

There is, however, a very interesting thing about that. Since their childhood, these babes are taught to take care of their hair. Finnish women keep their hair clean, clipped and set. There are a lot of hairdressers in Finland, but they all have a very busy schedule. This is due to the fact that hairstyle is considered to be the main thing that attracts looks of the others.

Finnish girl likes neither manicure nor pedicure. These women rarely wear any kind of costume jewelry. In any situation, women from Finland prefer skirts to slacks. Perhaps, the President Palace is the only place in this country where you can see them in elegant dresses.

Nevertheless, the capital trendsetters look quite well-groomed and stylish nowadays. Finnish women always appreciate design, that’s why the most advanced fashionistas wear designer clothes. Of course, there are special accents regarding Nordic fashion – simplicity, laconicism and strictness.

Harmony and naturalness are basic ideas of women of Finland about beauty. That’s why it’s very important for them to work on themselves, on their inner world, for the outer is a reflection of the inward.

Where and how can you meet a beautiful Finnish lady?

You should look for a woman from Finland on reputable dating sites. The starting point in online search is creating a great profile that would attract the attention of many mail order brides. We suggest several useful tips on how to marry a Finnish girl with the help of an Internet bride agency.


This is the first thing all singles pay attention to. That’s why your picture should be good – it should show you from the best side. Please don’t use Photoshop – any retouched photos would strike a Finnish woman suspicious. She may think that you’re hiding some serious flaws. Try to avoid such incidents, if you count on dating a Finnish lady – her culture just doesn’t accept falsehood.

The purpose of dating a Finnish girl

Someone is looking for easy flirtation or friendly meetings with a cute girl through the Web. The others hope for serious relationships with a Finnish woman. You certainly have to specify the purpose of you registering on the dating site.

Brief description

On some resources, you may place some short text under your picture (about 100 characters). Finnish brides don’t like long-reads. Try to make your text interesting and non-standard, avoid cliches and boring quotes like “I’m hard to find and easy to lose”.

Positive thinking and honest communication

It’s not necessary to invent something that you haven’t faced in reality. You’d better not hide your present relationship (if any) or past marriage. However, don’t complain about loneliness and helplessness, for Finnish brides don’t like yammerers. It’s better to focus on something positive, but don’t embellish your character or lifestyle.

Dating Finnish brides: rating increasing

On some sites, it’s enough to visit your page once a day at least to raise your profile. On the other resources, entering the top will require some investments, and it will increase your chances of a successful acquaintance with a hot Finnish bride.

Periodical profile updating

Your interests may change like the purpose of acquaintance. You should keep that in mind when looking for ladies from Finland. Don’t forget to update your profile, add actual photos and come up with new statuses.

We hope that these life hacks would help you to approach marriage with a bride from Finland. Be creative, patient and persistent, and the Fortune will smile upon you.

Life principles of Finnish women

Like in any other country of the world, ladies in Finland differ from each other in character and habits, educational and cultural levels. However, there is a number of important things that unite all Finnish women.

The openness of Finnish women in a relationship

It’s quite common for girls in Finland to prefer honesty and openness in relationships. There’s no need for these women to throw the dust into one’s eyes. However, a good-looking wrapper is not required for self-sufficing brides from Finland.

Normally,  hot Finnish girls don’t compete for guys’ attention, these women are just friends with them. They can go together to a bar, a sauna, or for a run. In family, they treat each other as partners, and they become colleagues at work. Finnish women try not to cause an unhealthy interest for themselves from men, otherwise, they will attract men from daily affairs.

Finnish girlfriend is not capricious and undemanding. If this woman likes a man, their relationship develops without any long-term courtesies and gifts. A Finnish woman may often make an offer to marry by herself and makes the decision on divorce.

Communication is a natural process for a Finnish woman

Finnish people (men and women alike) can take your measure for a long time before he/she offers you some joint trip or project. If that finally happened, be proud of it – Finnish girls are very selective in their personal relationships.

It’s quite easy to carry over conversations with these women. You can ask the Finnish woman anything you want, and you’ll get an honest response. And one more thing – Finnish girl doesn’t rush to develop a relationship. This woman enjoys the current moment.

Quality over quantity

This principle works when Finnish brides fill their wardrobes with clothes and create the home interior. Once a year, a woman in Finland puts everything she doesn’t need to the special containers.

Finland girl wouldn’t buy unnecessary knickknacks. She purchases only practical things. The same goes for relationships: a hot Finnish woman won’t respond to the attention of two or three men because she cannot say who’s better. This woman wouldn’t even go to karaoke with Pekka if she sang yesterday with Jorma.

Business before pleasure

It’s just surprising that ladies from Finland cope with all their affairs. These women plan everything taking into account their energy scope, abilities and time limitation.

Finland girls are very respectful for the personal space of other people and protect their own. The best rest for a Finnish woman is the time spent in a country house. These women enjoy being without their gadgets and phone calls. This is also taken into consideration by Finnish women when they plan their vacations.

Simplicity is important

A woman of Finland pays much attention to her house. If you come to her place you’ll see that Finnish woman keeps all things in order. Although the furniture and decorations are quite simple, the variety is reached by the seasonal change of decor.

A Finnish lady has everything on its place, and there’s nothing in excess. You won’t find any dusty shelves or cluttered balconies. Instead, there are many fresh flowers in vases and pots in a Finnish house.

The sexual liberation

This principle of a Finnish lady has nothing to do with sexual addiction or immorality. The fact is that the sexual education of a Finnish girl starts from the first form at school and  even earlier. The Finnish children are taught about gender relations and ways of preservation.

It’s no wonder that there’s so few cases of pregnancy among teens in Finland, abortions and so called “shotgun marriages”. Sex for beautiful Finnish women is as natural as other values in their lives. A Finnish bride can talk about intimate relationships freely, she understands what she wants from sex and can tell a man about her sexual desires.

The principle of an old cognac

In Finland,  girls are taught that the good weather  is made by the sun, and a real beauty is made by years. The youth for Finnish women is a period of soul searching. By the age of 30, these brides activate the emergency stop valve and go to the “right” road of family and labour values. This is the time when reckless Finnish brides turn to faithful partners who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

By the age of forty, these women become wives, mothers and responsible workers. While moving in the chosen direction, Finnish women become extremely well-groomed and wise in their 50s. The home loan is liquidated, children have grown up and it’s not accepted to babysit the grandchildren.

Finnish women are like good cognac – they get more beautiful over the years. When they get older, by the age of 70 they are role models of behaviour. It’s about them that Finnish people say: “Forward, only forward!” – that what an old woman was saying stamping in the snow”.

Finnish women love:

  • Journeys;
  • Exciting detectives;
  • Singing among friends;
  • Tattoos and piercing;
  • Motorcycles and boats;
  • Hockey and swimming under the ice;
  • Wine and beer;
  • Pets (they may have 2 or 3 of them).

What a Finnish bride cannot go without?

  • A hairdresser: there’s a national cult of hairstyles, haircuts and colors; however, a Finnish bride never dyes her hair by herself.
  • Sauna, nature, coffee;
  • Bicycle on which a Finnish lady goes to work no matter what the weather – either it’s raining or snowing.
  • Her man’s love – no matter how independent brides from Finland may be, they don’t share the views of Amazons.

Finnish women in the family circle

The self-consistent women of Finland have nothing to do with the economic dependence on a man. Half of them have a separate budget from their husband and a separate bank account.

Finnish wife is reliable as a fjord

For Finnish brides, a happy marriage means stability and economy first of all. Here’s the typical example of it – the mailbox of each house in Finland is filled with a lot of brochures on food, clothes and household items. Finnish brides read all of this! What’s more, they examine this information carefully.

Finnish brides are extremely serious when it comes to expenditures. These women used to plan everything. Finnish brides live by the principle “money is not a thing you can joke about”.

Finnish woman doesn’t fuss around when her husband comes home from his work and she doesn’t slobber over him. However, this bride can be relied upon, she can help in word and in deed. Besides, Finnish women show their love quite expressively. According to the statistics, Finnish brides have a headache before going to sleep more rarely than women of other nationalities.

What are Finnish women like? Well, these brides are fond of cooking following new recipes, trimming and setting the table. Finnish women don’t use food and herbs as medicines or cosmetics – they put chamomile in a vase and add sour cream to the soup.

Finnish brides never annoy their spouses with jealousy. If a husband is late, this lady believes that he will come home anyway. When her other half isn’t there, a Finnish bride would do something that she likes rather than torment herself with suspicions or sobbing.

Finnish husbands, in their turn, let wives travel abroad light heartedly. Men prefer to spend their vacations in Finland – in a country house, on a fishing trip, at one with nature. This is not a reason for a family scandal, as well as going to a disco alone. If a Finnish bride can’t dance, she wouldn’t mind if her man goes dancing alone.

Finnish mom is delicate and careful Moominmamma

There are usually two to three kids in a Finnish family. They are equal family members who have the right to want, demand, ask for something and act.

A Finnish bride will be a perfect mother, the embodiment of kindness, tenderness and care. She will be always ready to accept new friends of her children in her house. A Finnish lady would hardly ever leave her child alone at home. These brides will take their kids going to restaurant, shop or cinema.

Finnish women never shout at their children, neither would they forbid them to run and play. They direct the child’s actions according to the situation. Kids are taught to take responsibility for their deeds guided by their parents’ examples.

Equality and independence are main icons of culture for Finnish brides

Finland is one of the world leaders in the field of gender equality (by the way, there are no genders in the Finnish language). Finnish brides have passed the way from a housewife to an equal society member with dizzying speed.

Women from Finland were the second (after New Zealand) to receive the right to vote in elections. That happened in 1906. As a comparison, the Swiss brides got their right to vote only a few years ago.

Finnish women are socially active. They hold almost half of the places in the parliament. There were seven female ministers in the Finnish government in 1990-1994. It seems like it has become a good tradition to appoint a woman to the post of Minister of Defense. Finland is the first country with a female President. And the results of the opinion poll have shown that there’s the establishment of the matriarchy in the country.

Most often, you can see Finnish women at a stadium rather than at theatre or in a concert hall. A bride from Finland appreciates the sports victories more than achievements in the field of art or culture. Running in the forest or skiing, beautiful  Finnish brides think only about how to improve health rather than appearance.


Finnish brides are famous for their simplicity. They don’t ask for the moon and lead a modest and practical lifestyle. These brides say about themselves the following: “Deep down inside, we’re all equal and we want just one thing – to love and to be loved”. These pretty ladies can really do anything, and even more when a decent man is near.

Top-25 Beautiful Finnish Women

  1. Kiira Korpi (26 September 1988) – famous Finnish singles skater.
  2. Janni Hussi – Finnish “Fitness Model 2010”.
  3. Sofia Ruusila – “Miss Helsinki -2010”.
  4. Sara La Fountain (1981, California) -is a Finnish chef, designer, and television personality.
  5. Pia Pakarinen (5 October 1990) – “Miss Finland 2011”. Her height 170cm.
  6. Viivi Suominen (30 April 1987) – first “vice Miss Finland 2012”.
  7. Johanna Gronholm – popular Finnish fasion model.
  8. Anna Easteden (29 November 1976) – Finnish actress.
  9. Rita Aaltolahti (1988) – finalist of “Miss Finland 2011”.
  10. Minna Halme – “Miss Suomi 2006”
  11. Linnea Aaltonen – Finnish model, won title “Miss Finland 2007”.
  12. Elina Tervo (29 December 1986) – famous Finnish fintess model.
  13. Armi Kuusela (20 August 1934) – Finnish photomodel and actress, winner “Miss Universe 1952”.
  14. Janina Frostell (12 November 1973) – Finnish model and singer, Miss Finland 1993, the most sexiest woman among Finnish women by according to the polls.
  15. Hanna Ek (1985) – “Miss Finland 2005”.
  16. Regina Linnanheimo (7 September, 1915 – 24 January, 1995) – Finnish actress and screenwriter.
  17. Satu Tuomisto (17 February 1986) – Finnish model and TV host, “Miss Finland 2008”.
  18. Jenni Vartiainen (20 March 1983) – Finnish pop singer.
  19. Iina Kuustonen (18 April 1984) – Finnish film and TV series actress.
  20. Noora Hautakangas (1984) – “Miss Suomi -2007”.
  21. Laura Närhi (19 January 1978, Kirkkonummi) – Finnish pop singer.
  22. Pirkko Mannola (27 December 1938, Saaksmaki) – Finnish actress and singer.
  23. Pihla Viitala (30 September, 1982, Helsinki) – Finnish actress.
  24. Sara Sieppi (3 June 1991) – “Miss Finland -2011”, represented her country at the contest “Miss World 2011”.
  25. Viivi Avellan (3 June 1977) – Finnish journalist and television entrepreneur.