Ethiopian Women

Probably, like many other men, you have heard about the mystical beauty of Ethiopian brides. Do you imagine that you can find an Ethiopian wife for yourself? Previously, you would need a long flight to a foreign country. However, today many things have become easier, and you can save time and money by using Ethiopian mail order bride websites.

Do you believe that for real tender feelings there are no obstacles in the form of time or distance? You can find your true love anywhere in the world. The development of the Internet contributes to this. Being in your own state, for example in the USA, you can communicate with the Ethio single today, but after awhile she will become your soulmate. How is this possible? For international marriages there are no barriers, since they were eliminated by the marriage agencies websites. And today we want to introduce you to Ethiopian brides dating services that take you a step closer to your dream.

What Makes Ethiopian Women So Special?

The Ethiopian woman is a real treasure because it miraculously combines the natural beauty and other qualities that make her attractive and truly feminine. Let’s take a look at the main features of Ethiopian women for marriage whose profiles are offered by dating websites:

  1. Amazing beauty of the face and figure. Ethiopian women are black girls.  However, this is not a pure Negroid race. Ethiopian girls are the results of admixture of Arab and European roots. Some girls are owners of a little curvaceous figure, which can be a plus for most men. Their eyes differ in color, and their facial features are subtle and expressive. Ethio ladies will conquer you with their thoughtful look and natural beauty in general.
  2. Modest character and religiosity. These girls are seriously influenced by the educational characteristics in Ethiopian families. Since childhood, they are taught to respect their elders, to be modest, kind, to assist those who need it, to honor God and to value their family. In the future, your Ethiopian wife will extrapolate this knowledge to your family relationships.
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  1. The ability to work a lot and hard. Unfortunately, Ethiopia is not too developed a country. Therefore, the locals are accustomed to work hard to feed their family. Ethiopian women are forced to live in difficult conditions and work every day. However, they take it for granted and do not complain about their lives. This is due to the local culture and character traits of Ethiopian women.

These three features may determine your desire to marry Ethiopian woman. However, we just started telling you about these hard-working beauties.

Why Are Ethiopian Women Looking for Foreign Husbands?

First of all, ask yourself – why are you looking for a foreign girl to marry? You may be disappointed in local women or you want to discover something unknown and exotic for yourself.

As for the Ethiopian women, let us remember that this is an African country where – unfortunately – domestic violence is still prevalent. Local men treat their women disrespectfully and often beat them. Imagine that Ethiopian girl from early childhood are waiting for the moment when she meets a local guy who will beat her throughout their family life. It sounds shocking.

Many Ethiopian women want to avoid an unlucky life. They seek to find good men who will respect and love them. They cannot be blamed for this desire, is not it?

However, you should be able to distinguish between girls and ordinary fraudsters who seek to leave their country at your expense. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has a place to be. You will easily notice the warning signals when your interlocutor begins to ask for money for a ticket ahead of time. We recommend to make sure that the Ethiopian woman appreciates you as a person first and foremost.

Some Unique Features of Ethiopian Women That You Should Know

For many centuries, Ethiopian women have been considered second-class citizens for local men. In this regard, they developed such qualities as restraint, shyness and humility. In addition to the above, we have some more interesting facts for you:

  • Ethiopian brides are very curious. When you meet Ethiopian girls, they will ask you with interest about your roots, your favorite hobbies, work and much more. Try to be honest when giving answers to the questions posed.
  • They do not expect anything unusual for you for each date. Ethiopian bride does not require your expensive gifts and trips to the restaurant. You can do what you like, and she will gladly spend time with you. However, do not be unnecessarily selfish.
  • She wants to find a hardworking man. Ethiopian brides are disappointed with the local guys because they are very lazy. Ethiopian men are used to living at the expense of their hard-working women. She does not expect that you have a large bank account. However, you must be a promising man at least.
  • Ethiopian brides strive for something better. You should not tell her about your problem when chatting and on the first few dates at least.
  • These girls are used to taking care of men. She agrees to take you to the main role in the family and will expect you to make important decisions.

These characteristics indicate significant differences between Western women and Ethiopian women. If this is what you were looking for, then feel free to use the dating services with Ethiopian singles for marriage.

What Features Will Your Ethiopian Wife Have?

Ethiopian single ladies are open for dating with foreigners. The Ethiopian woman sees a reliable man in you, and you will simply live up to her hopes. In family life, you will appreciate her following qualities:

  1. They are honest without any pretense. You are unlikely to find a more open woman anywhere else. This honesty determines the loyalty of your Ethiopian bride to you. This means that she will not let other guys to her and will always remain loyal to you.
  2. She will support you. This support has various manifestations, including attempts to convey to you a positive mood and the provision of real physical assistance. You can always rely on your Ethiopian wife.
  3. She will love you for real. Her feelings are pure and unconstrained. This is very important for Western men who are tired of marriage with Western women, which resembles just a normal partnership.
  4. She appreciates strong relationships and family. Your Ethiopian wife will be happy to play the role of a mother for your children and take care of them every day.
  5. Ethiopian bride is an excellent housewife. She will strive to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

These women are ready to devote their whole lives to the family, since the family is the most important value for them. Probably, after a short communication, you will make a choice in favor of the Ethiopian beauty. We recommend that you declare your intentions to her family representatives. This is the right step towards a strong family relationship in the future.

Note the following: child marriage is still acceptable in Ethiopia. Perhaps, your darling is already married. Ask her about marital status before continuing with further communication. Because of her honesty and integrity, she will give you the truthful answer to this question.

Interesting Facts About Her Homeland

While you are thinking about marrying a hot Ethiopian girl, we have prepared some interesting facts about this country:

  1. This is one of the oldest Christian states in Africa. However, about 30% of the population are Muslim. Ethiopian Jews also live here, but many of them have left this country.
  2. Ethiopian men and women clearly delineate their roles in the family.
  3. Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world. Locals have retained some cultural practices that relate to the dawn of human civilization.
  4. Ethiopia is one of the leaders in fertility rates. There are often families with 7 children and even more.
  5. The choice of an Ethiopian bride must be approved by her family members. That is why we advised you above to meet her family and announce your decision to marry their daughter.


Ethiopian brides manage to combine inner and outer beauty. So, you should pay attention to exotic hot women from Ethiopia. You do not need to go on a trip to meet an Ethiopian bride. We offer a convenient way – Ethiopian dating website. This will save you time and money.

10 Inspiring Women to Know From Ethiopia

  1. Lawyer and Women’s Rights Activist Meaza Ashenafi
  2. Ethiopian Pilot Captain Amsale Gualu
  3. Founder of Sheger FM 102.1 Meaza Biru
  4. Pianist Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou
  5. Autism Activist Zemi Yenus
  6. World Champion Tirunesh Dibaba
  7. Lawyer and Disability Rights Activist Yetnebersh Nigussie
  8. Neurologist Dr Mehela Zebenegus
  9. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Catherine Hamlin
  10. Humanitarian Dr Abebech Gobena