Dutch Women

The Netherlands is a small country famous all over the world for its cheeses, tulips, porcelain, canals, and excellent artists, wooden shoes and mills and of course beautiful and charming women. Women of this country have a special charm and beauty. Communicating with them is very easy and relaxed. With these beauties, you certainly won’t be bored, because they are cheerful and smart.

Dutch brides – How to find the key to their heart?

Dutch brides are not easy to conquer and persuade to get married. And all because they simply do not have the habit of tying themselves up by marriage. They are characterized by a desire for independence and more often in relations with a man they can conduct a joint household, buy houses and even have children before deciding to sign any marriage documents. But despite this, you can find an approach to them and win their heart.

Hot Dutch brides love it when men pay attention to them, pronounce sweet words and throw compliments. They will be thankful for this. Just try to do it unobtrusively. The same with gifts and flowers, everything should be in moderation when you are dating a dutch mail order bride.

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What makes Dutch brides so attractive for men from abroad?

Many single men come here to find a hot Dutch girl for marriage. Today, thanks to the advent of the Internet, it is not necessary to go to another country, to spend time and money in order to find a bride from the Netherlands. Many agencies offer brides from different countries, including this one.

If you dream and plan to marry a beautiful Dutch woman before making a final decision, you need to determine what you like the most about these amazing girls. What is special about hot Dutch women? What makes them unique and makes men want to date with ladies of this wonderful country?

Sexy Dutch women have a great appearance, easy and cheerful attitude to life. They are very fluent in English, which facilitates communication with men from other countries. They combine all the best features – beauty, femininity, independence. All this makes Dutch brides perfect for marriage with a man who cannot find a suitable woman in their homeland.

They are hardworking, and yet no man loves a lazy woman. This is why Dutch brides continue to attract the attention of men from all over the world. Moreover, these ladies do not marry for money.

Dutch girls are socially adapted in society. They are very sociable. In most cases, they can approach the person whom they like and whom they admire. They are open and sociable, and therefore foreign men love them. You can often see hot Dutch chicks with foreigners. Some of these women prefer men from other countries; therefore, they register on dating sites to find their love.

The Best Features of Dutch brides

Dutch ladies can do so much that women from other countries are completely unable to do: change the wheels, drive a motorcycle, travel for a long time somewhere in uninhabited places, without the slightest hint of convenience. They are extremely emancipated and independent! Able to repeat everything that a man does. Think and act like a man. It is easy and natural for them to dominate.

They do not know how to do the most basic things: the majority of them don’t know how to cook, to differ in special taste, to make special efforts to look better than they really are.

They are amazingly beautiful: straight blond hair, beautiful features, and bewitching eyes. When you walk along the Dutch city’s street, you see that most of females are without makeup and fashionable clothes. Dutch ladies are very confident and believe that there is no need to improve it. However, for the holidays or special occasions you can see them in elegant clothes, with make-up and in general they will look better than anyone.

Dutch girls are slender and this is a genetic thing, they can easily preserve their young, fit look for years or even decades in marriage without any special effort.

They are great planners and know how to plan everything. They plan almost everything that they do and adhere to this plan. This suggests that they can manage their home and finances to get benefits for the whole family.

They are very smart and erudite. Most girls successfully complete their studies at school and have access to quality education. Dutch mail order brides have remarkable intelligence in many fields, in mathematics, biology, in English. Therefore, most girls speak English without difficulty. The most beautiful Dutch women have higher education. They love to learn and pay great attention to their development. It is always pleasant and interesting to communicate with them.

Punctuality is the hallmarks of Dutch brides that allows them to perfectly plan their daily affairs. Dutch lady will never allow herself to be late for a meeting. All household chores will be resolved practical and resourceful. Gratitude and active participation of men are welcome. Marriage is an effort of two and for two for hot Dutch woman, and therefore both opinions must be taken into account equally.

Dutch women are independent and honest

Dutch chicks will not take care of a man too much. They are truly independent: financially, morally, physically. They know how to “build” a man, and they can do it in such a way so that he doesn’t have any objections. The husband will sit on maternity leave if the wife earns more. Or it will take a part-time week to keep track of the children if their mother successfully makes a career.

Netherland babes can freely and immediately tell their partners if they don’t like something about them, not thinking about the consequences at all.

The partnership is built into a cult and is carried over even to children. During a divorce, the Dutch woman will not leave the children with her, but will force their dad to participate in the upbringing: they live with her for a week, and then live with their father. As money, it is not the only thing he has to give to his children. Time is more important than all the money in the world. Dutch woman will earn money by herself, but she does not want to lose time in any way. She also wants to have a personal life.

Dutch ladies are able to take care of themselves. Most of them have a high education and an excellent work. These women can earn extra money for their families. Their independent character requires respect from their spouses.

Dutch brides do not like to be housewives and do household chores all day without providing financial assistance to their families. Even before marriage, they do not like the fact that a man must constantly pay bills for her. They always want to share expenses with their men and do not mind sharing the bill for dinner at a restaurant. You will never meet a Dutch girl who depends on the money and wealth of her spouse.They are always straightforward and honest with their loved ones, from the very first day they met.

Dutch women are loyal and faithful

Despite the fact that Dutch brides are really independent ladies, they also believe in true love and devotion, so they make their best to have all these in their relationship with their beloved men. Your Dutch wife will be a faithful partner who appreciates what you do together and create for the family.

Never start cheating on a Dutch bride; she will not tolerate it. If this woman suspects treason, she will leave the man, even though he is dear to her.

Dutch women cannot take marriage lightly. If a Dutch bride marries, that’s for real. She is committed to this and remains faithful to her husband. She will do everything so that the marriage is successful and long. Any man admires such a dedication of a woman in marriage, so if you find yourself a Dutch woman as a wife, take care of her and appreciate her.

Hot Dutch Brides are excellent mothers and wives

Every man wants to feel comfortable and happily married. Online dating platforms gives you the opportunity to take your time and get to know a woman well enough before you make a commitment and marry her. A Dutch woman will get married only when she feels that she is ready for this important step. And when she finds a man with whom she wants to connect her life, she will remain faithful to him for life.

Hot Netherland girls do not like to cook. Often Dutch husbands cook better than their wives. But the Dutch ladies have no time to cook, and in general don’t want to. Everything is exceptionally simple in the houses of Dutch women. They do not like a luxurious way of life. These ladies do not make much effort to seem more attractive. They believe that appearance is not the main thing in a person. Naturalness above all is the golden rule of Dutch women. Ask the Dutch woman what words she would describe the standard of the woman. The answer will be: sports, spontaneous and companionable.

And men love them being simple and natural. And they simply have no time to do a catchy makeup, or to wear elaborate outfits. They have a lot to do: career, family, numerous hobbies. The weather and the type of transportation (bicycle) are not particularly for good-looking. In the morning they wear jeans, t-shirts, a stretched sweaters, boots. On the bike: one child in front, the other behind. She didn’t have time to comb her hair, it’s not scary, the wind will ruin it on the road anyway. This is not the main thing for them, the main thing is that a woman and a man are equal.

Beautiful Dutch women, like mothers, are very heartwarming. They believe that the child should be the center of attention in the family. Therefore, they prefer to have a small family with one or two children, so as not to disperse love and care. But despite this, they will not allow her child to grow a spoiled and selfish person. They know how to raise children without spoiling or neglecting them. They will also take care of excellent education for their children so that they can find their place in life in the future.

Tips to marry Dutch beauties

If you have taken this serious step and decided to entwine your life with the Dutch bride, you must come to the city hall or courthouse to register your marriage.

Before the wedding, you need to meet and have a small party with friends and relatives, during which the parents of your Dutch bride will give her a dowry, various gifts to help you in the improvement of the new house. This is such a Dutch tradition.

There should be a wish tree next to the newlyweds at the wedding. Guests can write their wishes to the married couple, give advices for the bride and groom on small pieces of paper and tie them to the tree with ribbons. They are considered wedding gifts along with the money that guests present.

You and your Dutch bride can also write love letters to each other and put them in a box with a bottle of wine or champagne. This will be opened next year when you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Toasts do not really matter at Dutch weddings. Most likely, friends and family will arrange a small sketch show for entertainment. As gifts for your guests, to thank them for coming to the most significant event of your life, you can give them small packs containing almonds covered in white sugar.

Meeting Dutch women online

Some Dutch women want to get married internationally and this pushes them to international dating platforms for marriage, they expect love and happiness from foreign men. As soon as you decide to marry a Dutch woman and find the love of your life, create a happy and lasting marriage, you need to register on an international dating site.

Currently, many people meet their soul mates on the Internet and this is very important. There is free access to hot women dating sites, where you can find a lot of profiles of beautiful brides from the Netherlands.

The thousands of women who have decided to look for a foreign husband are registering on these sites. This means that you won’t need to convince her to move to your country, as they are already ready to take this step by registering on the dating platform.

Meeting the hottest Dutch women online is now easier than ever. Create your profile and start looking at women’s profiles and look for the one and only. A large number of questionnaires with different beauties give you a chance and hope that very soon you will find your future wife and your life with your Dutch bride will be everlasting and happy. But for this, you need to use a legal and reliable service and it is always better than using some unknown applications or websites.

Finding a good woman and arranging a meeting is a difficult task if you are going to handle it by yourself. That is wh there are many marriage agencies to provide you with these services. The reason so many people use dating agencies is that they are tired of the constant search for a soul mate that ends with disappointments. Using the services of agencies, you do not need to spend time and money on empty trips and meetings and endure disappointment. Thanks to the dating platforms, you meet women whom you already know after online communication. Agencies take care of interviewing women to ensure they have honest intentions and want to become really faithful wives.If you choose a site for dating hot Netherlands girls and want to get a high-quality professional service, take this choice seriously.

Dating through the Internet is fun and easy. However, do not forget that virtual communication is associated with certain risks. To protect yourself as much as possible from intruders, it is enough to follow a few rules:

  • Never disclose about yourself any financial or personal information (passport or bank card details);
  • Be careful with various links, they can be malicious, even if your counterpart sent them (in addition, no one is safe from page hacking);
  • Make the first date with an online acquaintance in crowded places, tell friends where you are going, and keep the phone handy;
  • Do not hesitate to report your suspicions to the technical support or site administration (if you receive spam mail or abusive messages).
  •  Armed with safety tips and starting to choose a service for dating, you need to determine what the target audience of the service is. Does it fit your desires? See how many profiles on the source proposed and how fast new ones appear. However, an oversupply of users is not always good. Your profile can be lost among millions of others.

Read the reviews. Find out about:

  • What is the general atmosphere on the site;
  • Whether investments are required;
  • How many spam and fake accounts on the site;
  • Are there any stories of real serious relationships after meeting on a certain source, etc.

European men consider Dutch women to be absolutely fantastic combinations of the best European qualities – independence, the ability to defend one’s own opinion, femininity, tenderness, desire to take care of her husband, sexuality, beauty, and grace. Men from different countries really love Dutch women, they appreciate them and want to see them as life partners.

6 Inspirational Dutch Women in History

  1. Anna Maria van Schurman, 1607 – 1678
  2. Alexandrine Tinne, 1835 – 1869
  3. Aletta Jacobs, 1854 – 1929
  4. Cornelia ‘Corrie’ ten Boom, 1892 – 1983
  5. Marga Klompé, 1912 – 1986
  6. Fanny Blankers-Koen, 1918 – 2004