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Review of Best Dating Sites For Disabled in 2020

Dating can be tough for people with disabilities. It was even tougher before the age of blooming communication technology. The world we live in today is a great environment for those who want to access the interconnected world wide web and find someone to talk to. We have smartphones, smart devices, even fridges can be used to access the internet.

Disabled dating sites are numerous and provide their users with all the necessary features and services to ensure that everyone is having fun. Just a couple of decades ago, people with disabilities were not able to just find someone to love and be loved by. It is a blessed time to live when handicapped can comfortably and without any judgment or prejudices just start dating someone.

What we have to be thankful for is that disabled dating for free is a thing. In a world focused on monetization and business models, it is great to have businesses that provide disabled people with necessary instruments to connect with the world free of charge. The vast majority of companies offer a wide variety of tools and services for free to those who need them the most.

While all of the above is fun and cheerful, many people are still wondering where one can meet disabled singles. There are many great dating sites for people with disabilities. We will take a closer look at multiple online dating platforms. Some of them are specialized platforms for wheelchair dating and pairing people with disabilities while others are hugely popular online dating services that focus on handicap dating.

What are the best disabilities dating sites?

While people with disabilities may experience some problems dating IRL due to many apparent issues like the lack of accessible places in general, online dating removes a plethora of obstacles that may hinder the dating prospects of disabled people. The internet is a perfect place for those who want to find friends and potential spouses, you just have to spend some time actually looking for them.

Sadly, the world used to be treating disabled people as second-tier people for a long time. However, we made huge strides towards developing an infrastructure that allows people with disabilities to enjoy a much better quality of life. Online dating for disabled people is simply one of the inevitable developments of the contemporary society. We want romance and friendship to be inclusive and accessible to all sorts of people!

Just a couple of decades ago it was relatively hard to meet disabled singles in a public environment. Today, you can go to a popular website and start dating someone right away. We decided to put together a list of online dating platforms where disabled people can find friends and dates.

Match.com is a hugely popular website that focuses on online dating in general. The website allows users to engage in a simple matching game where every user is presented with a virtually unlimited range of choices. You see thousands of people that suit your criteria that you usually outline during the registration process. You may either like them or skip. When two people like each other, they are matched and can start talking right away.

Match.com is well-known amongst all people who are interested in online dating. It is a respectable platform that unites thousands of individuals from all across the globe. If you are looking for a stellar online dating experience, you should check it out.

Whispers4U is another outstanding online dating website that caters to all categories of people. It is not a specialized “wheelchair” dating site where you will meet only people with disabilities. However, the user base is massive and includes thousands of people from North America, Europe, and Asia. The company does not differentiate disabled people from other users which is a great thing for some.

Whispers4U is a website that many reviewers include in multiple categories. The website is perfect for disabled people since the interface is simple and intuitive. If browsing the internet is something that feels inconvenient to you due to a certain disability, you will most likely find this particular website quite comfortable to use.

Dating4Disabled provides a specialized online dating platform for disabled people. You should definitely check it out if you either have a disability or do not care if a person you connect with on a spiritual level has one. When creating a profile, you may specify the type of disability you have. You can describe how it affects your dating experience and what you expect from a potential date.

The founders of the website understand what it means to a disabled person to be able to find a date that actually understands their struggles through either personal experience or compassion. The user base is quite active and you can always find people to talk to

Disabled Passions is a community that unites several thousand individuals who want to engage in romantic adventures despite having a handicap. Here, you can find a person with a disability match which is very important to some disabled people. For some, finding a person with a similar experience is crucial for the success of the relationship.

If you are looking for a welcoming community that embraces disabled people, you will be happy to join the army of Disabled Passions members. There are also paid memberships for those who want to elevate their online dating experience to another level.

Meet Disabled Singles. This online dating platform is great for meeting new people and searching for those who need love. Disabled singles is a regular online dating site that caters to people with health issues and special needs. It helped thousands of handicapped individuals find love and develop strong relationships with others.

With thousands of active users searching for potential dates, you won’t have to wait for a response after matching with someone. It is a great website that allows you to quickly find someone to talk to! 

Disability Match is a somewhat cheesy website that caters to a very specific audience and gives it a match game. While other websites also cater to disabled people, Disability Match is a matching game that has an upbeat and fun feel to it which separates it from other similar services. Many people here have an amazing sense of humor and humorously describe their own disabilities.

Despite having one of the best disabled dating apps out there and offering a very specific product, Disability Match is genuinely a good service that focuses on providing excellent experience to disabled people.

Disabled Dating 4U is a very serious dating platform. If you are looking for a long-term partner or even a husband/wife, this website is your most perfect choice. The cost of membership is average when compared to the industry median and the level of service is slightly above it. Each profile contains just enough information to intrigue you. You can also make your profile a little bit mysterious and hide some information (like photos and videos) from free users.

Disabled Dating 4U is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a stellar online dating experience. You will be more than happy to spend some time searching for a perfect date!

EliteSingles is a famous online dating platform that unites millions of people from all across the globe. Your user profile allows you to write in detail about yourself and include some information about your disability if you feel like doing so. The vast majority of disabled people on the platform write about their disabilities and how they affect their personal lives. It helps find a better match, someone who is ready to handle all the complications that dating a disabled person may bring.

Disabled Dating in Numbers

Disabled people face a lot of obstacles in their lives. Sadly, some of the problems that handicapped people experience are related to dating and personal life in general. For example, the overall first-marriage rate in the US for people between 18 and 49 s about 4.89%. The same statistic for disabled people is about twice smaller (2.44%) which is a shame.

A Nationwide study conducted by Dr. Nosek in 1992 revealed that people with disabilities are more likely to experience some form of relationship abuse, including physical abuse, than people without disabilities. At the same time, disabled people are less likely to report such abuse.

The recent developments in the online dating industry changed the way we perceive dating in general. While many disabled people still struggle to find their perfect matches, many do. There are heartwarming stories of severely disabled people like a famous comedian Ally Bruener with congenital muscular dystrophy. She managed to meet multiple men on the OkCupid platform.

We don’t have updated numbers on online dating for disabled people. However, anecdotal stories and the abundance of online platforms catering to disabled people tell us that the world is changing and the change seems to be positive! 

Dating Tips for Disabled People

There are several things that any disabled person should be aware of when approaching online dating. We want to talk in detail about some of them.

  • Always describe your disability and tell your potential date how it may complicate your relationship. There is nothing more heartbreaking than starting a relationship with a bang and abruptly ending it due to some complication that a person couldn’t handle. It is very important to inform your potential suitor about inevitable complications.
  • Do not focus on having a disability. In the vast majority of cases, your date won’t be interested in your disability or sobbing stories. They will want to learn more about you, to know you. Small talk, discussing movies and music, and telling anecdotes are all much better ways to spend some quality time with your date.
  • Do not let people take advantage of you. Many women and men talk about how people online are trying to take advantage of them, catfish them, and just look for an easy hookup. Be self-confident. You will find a better person. Skipping a douchebag is not the end of the world.
  • Always pick an accessible place for a date. If you move around in a wheelchair, make sure to pick a place that can be easily accessed with a wheelchair. Disabled people usually have their favorite places to go. Don’t allow your date to choose a place that will be problematic for you.

Exploring Mainstream Dating Services

Massively popular online dating platforms like OkCupid, eHarmony, and Tinder do not cater to disabled people specifically. They have millions of users from all over the globe and specifically changing the whole platform to cater to a tiny fraction of their user base is not a good business decision. You cannot blame them for it. However, the massive user base is also an advantage for anyone. You will have a wider choice and a bigger audience.

If you are a disabled person who decided to make it on a conventional, mainstream online dating platform, make sure to put your personality in front of everything else. You will have to fight against tough competition. Sadly, society values physical beauty more than anything else and despite the motto of OkCupid saying “heart works even if some body parts don’t,” finding the one willing to act according to this statement is a tough task.

In the end, choosing between mainstream dating platforms and niche websites for disabled people is up to you.

The Main Takeaway

DIsabled people often have to deal with neglection and ignorance but it does not mean that the whole world is against them when it comes to dating. Yes, it is hard to meet someone compassionate and caring, but “hard” isn’t “impossible.” Take your chances!

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