Overview of Best Dating Sites

Online Dating And How it Works

There are a lot of people who heard stories from friends about how they found their loved ones via the Internet. Moreover, their acquaintance didn’t even happen on special dating platforms in some cases, as at times a like was enough to start a conversation on social networks. This is getting more and more popular every year, as online dating keeps growing.

The effectiveness of online dating is confirmed by a series of experiments. For example, let’s take a look at the study by British psychologist Jeffrey Gavin. Volunteers who helped the scientist evaluate the effectiveness of online dating were young people aged from 19 to 26 who were ready for serious relationships. Their task was to register on a dating platform in order to find a partner. At the end of the experiment, 72% of the participants had close communication with each in real life, and some of them married eventually.

The effectiveness of online dating can be confirmed by not only ordinary people, but even celebrities. For example, the actor Danila Shevchenko found his wife – Ekaterina Petryanina – on a dating site and asked her out just after 10 days. Their wedding took place in St. Petersburg in 2014. And in 2012, Alexei Ryzhov, a member of the Diskoteka Avariya band, married Irina Shumova. Their love story also began with online dating. What is the secret to the popularity of such online services? Why more and more people prefer online dating over face-to-face communication? Here are some of the reasons:

  • A great chance to expand your social circles. It’s no secret that over the years it is becoming more and more difficult to get to know each other. You have an established circle of colleagues at work, and some friends that you spend your time with. Thus, you hardly get to know any other people on the street. And the Internet is a unique opportunity to meet several dozens of completely different people at once;
  • Accessibility. You won’t need to spend additional time attending any events. All you need is a device with Internet access;;
  • No need to hurry and answer immediately. You can take as much time as you need before answering to the message. Thus, you can think everything over and come up with an answer;
  • Online dating is a great choice for shy people who need some time to overcome uncertainty;
  • You can find your ideal soulmate by specifying any criteria, like age, hobbies, profession, height, etc;
  • Communication with several people at once is another plus.

It is also worth considering the disadvantages of online dating:

  • Fictitious anonymity. It is impossible to guess who exactly sits on the other side of the screen, and whether he is the person whom he exposes himself to be. In addition, it is quite easy to collect a lot of personal information about you just by simply looking at your profile;
  • Not everyone on the Internet will support your interests. Often people do not understand each other and do not even try to, which is why unpleasant situations arise. However, you can get used to it, or avoid it by carefully studying the profile of the person you are planning to communicate with;
  • Online dating lets you start communicating with the person you like almost immediately. However, because of the simplicity of the dating process and the time you spend communicating with each other, the person might get bored and as a result will start looking for someone else;
  • There is a possibility that you will not meet each other’s expectations once you meet face-to-face. People who are used to communicating on the Internet are often not as interesting in life. Besides, some people look completely different in live than they do on the Instagram.

Best Dating Sites


One of the very first and successful dating platforms. Match.com was established back in 1995, and the site continues to operate successfully to this day. About 35 million people from all around the world use this dating site every month. With its help, you can not only find your soulmate, but also a friend, or just an interesting interlocutor.

This service is available both in Western Europe and America. Asian users can also benefit from the site. In general, the site is more focused on the American contingent. Registration itself is free and you have to be at least 18 years old in order to create a profile.

After registration, you are invited to briefly tell about yourself, your goals, why you joined the site, and the qualities that you expect to find in your love. You should also upload a few photos to increase your chance. Each profile passes a mandatory check. After being approved by the administrator, other members will be able to see your profile, and message you. Match.com has an app for both Android and iOS platforms, so you communicate with people whenever and wherever you like. 


Okcupid.com was founded in 2003, and keeps rapidly growing every year, not only in the United States, but around the world. As of now, they have over 50 million users, which is an impressive number. It has everything you would expect from a top dating site:

  • Free registration and creation of profile;
  • Advanced search filters that help you find your ideal match in seconds;
  • The ability to quickly and easily message the person you are interested in;
  • You can communicate with as many people as you want at the same time.

Online registration includes passing a small psychological test. Answering a question, the user selects the answer and, if necessary, indicates how important it is to him. You can then get matched with some other user based on your answer. Thus, you can easily understand what your psychological compatibility is with each participant. 

Creation of profile doesn’t cost anything. In addition, there is an app for Android and Iphone users, making your communication process a lot more convenient and enjoyable.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is a dating app that helps people find someone to their liking. CMB uses a smart algorithm, so you can be sure of finding the match. It also means that you will spend less time swiping and more time communicating with someone you are interested in.

To start using the app, simply download it on your device. You should then create your profile. Don’t forget to specify some information about yourself. You can also upload some photos or add them directly using your Facebook account.

Coffee Meets Bagel has different ways of dating for both men and women. Every day, men get 21 matches that are marked as Bagels. It’s up to men to like or swipe on the Bagel. Women get the matches who already liked them. They then decide whether to start communicating with the matches.

Website’s design is very convenient and user-friendly. In addition, the welcome page was made for large screens. The enlarged photos and videos really please the eye. CMB can be used on both Android and iOS. In addition, there is a general overview, a list of matched real-life couples, as well as their blog page. The website does a great job of introducing their app to new users and makes you really want to find your love.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a great dating platform for those who like applications like Tinder, but don’t want to pay for them. POF provides most of the functions free of charge, so you can easily send an unlimited number of messages, view profiles of other participants, etc. 

There are over 100 million of users, which speaks to the popularity of the website. However, this popularity can be considered as a downside, because there is a big competition and a number of fake profiles. That said, if you are new to online dating and don’t want to spend any money on finding a partner, POF is an excellent option. Online registration is also very quick, so you won’t need to spend time figuring out how everything works.

PlentyOfFish has one of the largest user bases among other dating portals. There are over 10 million conversations daily. and, more than 1 million established relationships each year. Over the past years, Plenty of Fish has released various updates to improve the user interface and stay up to date with the latest trends. All of their apps have been recently redesigned and are now a lot simpler and have a better design. They have also provided users with a Spark feature, that allows to quote any part of a member’s profile. By the way, this feature increased the number of conversations by 15%.


eHarmony is a very trustworthy dating platform that is known for its safety. As of now, they have more than 10 million active users. In the process of registration, each user undergoes psychological testing, and will have to answer a large number of questions. Based on the answers, you will be able to find your match later on. 

Such technology is unique, and was developed by Neil Clark Warren – a doctor who has been a psychologist for over 30 years and has a great experience working with married couples. Using the results of his observations, he noted that the most prosperous are families in which the husband and wife are passionate about the common cause, interests. The doctor identified 29 general parameters and put them in the testing base. It took him three years to get everything done, and as a result opened this dating platform that has been successful ever since.

Registration on the site is free. However, it will take you at least an hour to register on the site, as you will have to answer about 500 questions. The good news is that you will receive profiles of the users that are most suitable for you once you are done with the test. According to statistics, 5% of marriages in America occur thanks to this portal. In order to always stay in touch, users can download the eHarmony app and use the site with their smartphone.


EliteSingles lives up to its name. More than 82% of participants have at least one degree. Thus, this dating platform is considered the best on the Internet when it comes to communicating with highly educated people. It has 2 million monthly users.

Online registration doesn’t take much time, but in order to create a profile, you will need to fill out basic information about yourself and pass a psychological test. Test questions relate to personal and professional qualities, character, appearance, personal self-esteem and future partner. There is a special mobile application that works on iOs and Android, and supports the same functions as the site. 

EliteSingles has the following features: 

  • A fantastic number of profiles of any kind;
  • More women than men;
  • Thanks to the tracking feature, you can see who viewed your profiles;
  • Great security measure that guarantee you complete safety of your personal information;
  • Blog articles are written by professional psychologists;
  • It is an international dating platform that is available in many countries.


Zoosk is a great dating site that lets you search for both your soulmate and friends. It lets you chat with people in multiple ways. This service has been operating since 2007 and is visited by about 35 million people daily. Here you will find participants from a number of countries, including USA, Australia, Canada, as well as a lot of European and Asian countries. The site itself has been translated into 25 languages. In addition, the site has a convenient mobile application for iOs and Android, which you can download on their official site.

 Why is Zoosk so popular among users?

  • You can chat with as many people as you want;
  • Friendly customer support that will gladly answer all of your questions;
  • All of the profiles are verified;
  • Advanced search filters that help you find your perfect match.

Registration is very simple. You will have to indicate your telephone number or email address and think of a strong password. After that you will be asked a few questions about your personality. 

To familiarize yourself with the site, follow the provided training steps. For example, the CyberCupidon function analyzes your data, interests and preferences in a partner. And based on their basis, the site automatically selects a suitable candidate. These listings are updated regularly. There are also a wide variety of chats, including, local, group, regional, and video chats. 


Tinder is a mobile dating application that is not tied to a specific city. It literally searches for a soulmate within the distance specified in the settings. Tinder will not force you to create any profiles. All you need to do is upload a couple of photos, write a few words about yourself (this is not necessary) and start looking for a partner.

To start working with the application, you have to be registered on Facebook. This is a must, as you won’t be able to log in using any other network. After downloading the app, you need to enter your Facebook information (e-mail and password).

Now to this most interesting part. Depending on what distance you set in the settings (10, 80, 160 km), you will see which men or women are at a given distance and want to get to know each other. And then you just go through the applicants and like the ones you are interested in If the likes are mutual, you can begin the conversation with a person and agree to meet uo.

You can hide your account from new acquaintances in the main settings if you are already chatting with a sufficient number of people. You can specify the search range, age limits, etc. 


Bumble is an online dating app founded back in 2014 by a former employee of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. As such, the two apps share most common things except for one big difference-women are in charge in Bumble. When matches are made, women are the ones who get to message men they are interested in.

The process of signing up is very simple, especially if you already have a Facebook account. You don’t even have to provide any information, as Bumble takes all of your Facebook information and imports it into the app. 

Bumble’s contact policy is what distinguishes it from other dating apps such as Tinder, because, like I have already said, women are the ones who in control. Similar to the Tinder app, match recommendations will be shown, and if you are not interested, you swipe left, if you are, you swipe right. If the man swipes right as well, woman will see a match made. Now, if she is interested, she has 24 hours to message the man. He will also have 24 hours to respond back to her message. If the man does respond, then the two can continue chatting without any further restrictions.


Hinge is different from many other dating apps. It was launched back in 2012 and in 2015 underwent a significant rebranding. They’ve changed the main goal of the app and made it for people who are interested in serious relationship.

In fact, Hinge actually asks their users to delete the app once they’ve found the perfect match. They claim that most singles depend on dating apps in modern times to find someone with whom they can be. Many popular dating apps, however, do not really provide a forum for searching for serious relationships. Such apps provide senseless swiping, and everything there is based on appearance. Hinge redesigned its dating app to support singles in search of something more serious than a casual affair. 

Creating a profile within this dating app is significantly longer than it is in most dating apps. This is because Hinge has been designed to match people in need of serious relationships.

You can register using either valid email address, a Facebook account, or a mobile number.

Although no email confirmation is needed, you need provide the code that will be sent to you if you choose to sign up using your mobile number. 

Afterwards, the process includes filling out different sections of your profile, which are as follows: by going to the “Discover” page you can see your recommended matches. If you like the person, you can click the heart icon. A photo, video or profile section can also be commented. If the other person is also interested and replies to your comment, a connection will be made and you can start a conversation.

A Few Interesting Facts About Online Dating

  • Nearly 30% of women consult with a friend about their profile, while only 16% of men do. According to the Pew Research Center, a total of 22 percent of people ask their friends to help them create a profile;
  • Online dating can save you up to 6400 dollars. As long as you believe that people get married faster when using online dating platforms, you can also believe that online dating can save you cash. A ConvergEx group of researchers found out that on average people who meet online get married after 18.5 months. On the other hand, couples who do not meet online, wait an average of 42 months before they get married. ConvergEx team factored in $130 per week for dates, paying $23,660 to $12,803 in total. Thus, If the couple splits payments, you can save somewhere around $6400 before getting married.


Online dating is a fantastic way to meet with new people and find your ideal lifetime partner. It’s especially helpful if you don’t have time to visit events or the person you are interested in lives too far away. Even if you won’t be able to meet your love right away, you still get to communicate with many interesting interlocutors, and can make new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to successfully write a dating profile?

Answer: First of all, the structure of your profile is of great importance. Break your description into two or three mini-paragraphs – this will be much easier for readers than to read a single text. For example, dedicate one paragraph to education and career, and the other to a hobby.

Secondly, try to write in simple language (remember, you are not writing a resume), as if you are talking with a friend. This does not mean that you need to be too familiar, but you should let others know that you have a positive mindset.

Thirdly, do your best to attract potential partners and make them want to enter into a conversation with you. For example, after you have discussed your favorite countries and cities, ask some personal questions that will let the person know that you are indifferent to him/her.

Question: Is there a way to find out if someone is registered on a dating site?

Answer: One way is to type the email address of your partner in the login box on the dating site that you think they are using.

You might then receive an error message, such as “incorrect username”,  etc., indicating that they have an account. You can also use the “forgot password” to check for a profile.

There are a lot of other options as well. For instance, you can create an account yourself and see if your partner is there, or borrow his/her phone and see the apps he has installed. You can also at their computer history or check their email.

Question: What is the best age to start dating?

Answer: There is no right answer to this question. Some people start dating at 12, while others begin at 16, 20, or even 25. Everything depends from your personality and the level of maturity.

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