Danish Women

Danish women: externally discreet and internally free beauties

Denmark is recognized as the best country in the world for women. It’s noted by many guests of this land. Any local woman, regardless of her income, weight and appearance, behaves like a queen. And all the others treat her like this. What are the charm secrets of the natural blonde women with the eyes like the spring sky?

The flawless beauty of hot Danish women

According to the diffused opinion, the store mannequins were once developed on the basis of these north women’s figure proportions and faces. When looking at sexy Danish brides who are perfectly built and muscular, you cannot but agree with this.

The Nordic charming brides win over men’s hearts with their mermaid beauty, for they’re tall, slim, with the light shock of hair and sky-blue or turquoise-grey eyes. Many of these women have marked cheekbones, and there are very few round faces. The North women have a tenacious, sometimes prickly look, but there’s always smile on their faces.

You can hardly find a Danish mail order bride with wide hips and a drooping stomach. If you meet her on the streets of Copenhagen, you should know that she’s of mixed origin.

Whatever the complexion a bride from Denmark might have, she’s self-confident and knows that she’s just gorgeous. This woman would never think the following way: “He’s so cute, I don’t deserve him”. When choosing a life partner, such a bride is guided by the simple principle: “Well, this one can be given a chance to take possession of my wonderful body”.

Two-thirds of Denmark ladies adorn their trim figures with tattoos and piercing. This kind of body art is extremely popular here. It helps local brides who are quite independent to express their personality. You can see a permanent tattoo on the skin of a young bride and 60-years old woman alike.

By nature, beautiful Danish girls have tender white skin, but due to visits to the solarium, their bodies acquire a sexy chocolate hue. Such a hobby is so popular because of the lack of sunny days in this northern country.

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The special femininity of Danish women

A foreigner may find the women of the Danish Kingdom beautiful but not too showy. The fact is that hot Danish girls don’t want to emphasize their femininity, their unique charm is evaluated by special criteria.

Most beautiful Danish women :

  • Are eager to look healthy instead of being slim (with no excess weight, of course);
  • Avoid high heels;
  • Don’t apply too much make-up;
  • Wear clothes in natural colors;
  • Choose simple and comfortable styles that don’t constrain their movements.

In Danish society, natural beauty is preferred. Women with model thinness won’t be regarded as perfect girls. None of the hot Danish models looks exhausted. Of course, teen girls starve themselves to look more beautiful, but it happens all over the world nowadays.

The alternative femininity of Danish women is the mirror of their feminist views. These brides just want to be:

  • Independent;
  • Socially active;
  • Successful in personal development;
  • On the same footing with men.

Denmark females have given up some of their traditional women’s privileges voluntary. A foreigner may be surprised by the fact that Danish men wouldn’t help a young woman with her coat, and none of them would let a woman go ahead in the doorway. In Denmark, the word “gentleman” has gone the way of the dodo.

However, getting used to this country, you understand over time that femininity of Danish women is really cool! When hot girls from Denmark are 25-27 years old, they start to feel like women to the full extent. For each of these women, it means that a sweet baby who did a lot of stupid things and evaded any kind of responsibility carefully counting on the indulgence of the others has been left behind.

A Danish woman is an equal partner for her man. This woman never dibbles around the edges, neither she seeks someone who would wipe her tears away. Such a woman can end the relationship with her boyfriend after explaining to him that he’s not guilty of anything. At the same time, a beautiful Danish woman is able to remain a responsive and open person enjoying life and never losing a correct tone of communication (that’s another feature that is associated with the femininity of Danish women).

Peculiarities of the Danish family

Consent and achievement of consensus are the main family values in Denmark. Everyone who’s looking for Danish women should know that all the efforts of married couples in this country are aimed at finding compromise solutions.

Distribution of roles

According to the tradition, in most Danish families the command positions are assigned to women. It’s rooted in the times of Vikings, the ancestors of modern Scandinavians. These brave men often went on campaigns and women had to steer the house wheel. Until now, beautiful Danish women rule over their housemates. In particular, Danish children wait for an order from their mothers.

Because of the high cost of living (prices and taxes in Denmark are 2.5 higher than in Germany), almost all the Danish women (99% of them) try to find a job. In general, sitting at home is considered to be mauvais ton here. There’s no cult of the child in this country. Therefore, women rush to their workplaces after spending 2-4 months on the maternity leave.

The Danish upbringing

All the children in Denmark – boys and girls alike – are left on their own quite early. As a rule, they’re given to a nursery at the age of 4-6 months. Every Danish woman regards it as an absolute norm. Paternity leave is foreseen for women and men alike in Denmark.

When children grow older, they’re given to the day development centers. At the end of the week, parents try to “squeeze” all their love and affection for their children in two days off. Since the age of 17, children leave their parents’ homes for boarding schools. Then it’s time for colleges, universities and dormitories.

The financial assistance for children or parents is not accepted in this country. Students get by on their scholarships, it’s quite enough if money is spent reasonably. Apart from this, since the age of 14, young Danish men and women boil the pot. They understand that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap and know how to spend money rationally.

“Cozy” cooking

There’s no cult of the food for Danish women, but they are just fond of cooking delicious treats. The home culinary of Denmark with its fragrant snail buns with raisins, rhubarb compote and cod cutlets prepared on rape-oil is the epitome of comfort and warmth.

Beautiful Danish women love to arrange feasts. Owners and guests alike prepare delicious and really high-calorie homemade dishes. Women of Denmark like a nice dinner with a glass of hot mulled wine – it may keep them in good mood for the next week. Besides, women maintain a friendly atmosphere in the family with the help of these dinners.

What are Danish women like: a guide for men

Charming brides living in the homeland of the famous storyteller Andersen, always look satisfied and seem to never lose their hearts. Those men who want to find a Danish woman should know the main secrets of their optimism and happiness.

Surrounding with comfort

Women from Denmark appreciate the lifestyle that gives them a feeling of first-begotten calm and harmony (“hygge” in Danish). They furnish their houses with designer lamps and plenty of candles, cozy sofas with plaids and silk pillows, and souvenirs made of natural materials. For a bride from Denmark, “hygge” also means warm relationships with people, the art of creating an intimate atmosphere, feeling of solidarity and festive mood.

The lack of competition

Sexy Danish girls are constantly in the realm of universal conformity and social equality (“Janteloven” in Danish). There are some rules for women in this realm, for instance, one cannot:

  • Have a sense of grandeur about oneself;
  • Flaunt one’s money, talents or achievements;
  • Laugh at others.

That’s why Danish girls don’t know what a competition is – either on the dating front or wherever else.

Openness towards a partner

Danish women are not afraid to be lonely or cast-off. They often discuss problems with their partners and look for a proper solution together. That’s why Danish women for marriage are the perfect match for anyone. These women can start really happy families.

The proper choice of activity and dietary regimes

A bike ride or jogging along the canal, potato with salmon or smoked herring – a Danish lady makes choice based on her sincere wishes. Women in this country don’t bother to follow diets and exhausting fitness programs, but still, they try to get pleasure from every moment of life and reach the balance in everything.

The good rest

Being on vacation leave, Danish women go to Spain or Italy for a week or two. The one who prepares for Denmark dating should pay special attention to this fact. Northern women are attracted by the mentality of residents in the countries of Southern Europe that is totally different from their own.

Immersing into the atmosphere of general fun and loud dialogues, these women learn to express their feelings more vividly. Danish women are sure that they come back really refreshed from the vacation on the Mediterranean Sea.

Frequent meetings with friends

Cozy evenings with feasts and board games is a basis of communication in Denmark. Danish women just can’t imagine their life without such gatherings. This meetings filled with friendly warmth help pass the long winter months more brightly and discuss the personal problems in the circle of the closest people.

Respect for boundaries of the private space

Danish women are looking for honesty and openness in close relationships. These women would take somebody’s measure for a long time and don’t rush to unlock their hearts to the first comer.

Unlike Italian women, Danish brides take a long time to let somebody to their personal space despite the fact that there are almost no curtains and fences in Denmark, so people don’t hide much from each other.

Danish women dating online: fast and effective service

If you’re a connoisseur of the Nordic beauty, you will be certainly interested in where to meet beautiful women from the far Denmark. Of course, you can find as many of them as you like in Copenhagen or somewhere else in this country. However, no one can guarantee that acquaintance with a Northern bride will end up happily. That’s why it’s wiser to trust a reputable online service.

Danish dating sites are convenient, saving and efficient. You don’t need to be distracted from work, take a vacation or order a tourist ticket to find a bride of your dreams. It’s enough to go on the Internet and find a reputable platform with the extensive amount of brides.

You should be sure that the resource you’re going to register on is legal and safe. Make sure that this online agency has a legal address, get acquainted with the feedback of users, get to the bottom of its financial policy. You’d better ignore free dating sites in Denmark, for they are popular among scammers and other crooks.

Creating a profile on one of the popular international resources would allow you to make acquaintance with several Danish beauties to choose a bride of your dreams among them. You should count on your intuition when looking for Danish women in the photo line, as well as on the automated search system, for it will regularly supply you with matches based on the parameters specified by you.

Before the first offline dating with your chosen Danish bride, you can communicate with this young woman in a video chat. It will save you from surprises and become the best guarantee of making a right choice.

13 points for men who use Danish dating sites

  1. When entering into correspondence with a Danish bride, you should remember the following: all the residents of this country are sure that being a Dane is a privilege that makes them people of a special kind. They argue that if Scandinavia is a bowl of rice pudding, Denmark should be a golden hole in the middle which is full of melted butter. That’s why you should give you Danish woman an opportunity to tell you about her glorious country.
  2. Please keep in mind that a Danish woman never rushes to contract a marriage. She may be checking your relationships for 2 or 3 years, and even longer if your woman is younger than 30 years old. Don’t rush her and be patient. Allow Danish bride time to realize that she’s ready for marriage.
  3. Be ready for an open conversation with a Danish woman. Such a bride can start a new romance quickly and end it rather promptly if she understands that her partner is a bad match for her.
  4. Your sense of humour during dating Danish girl may appear superfluous. Danish people understand everything literally. (“Can you play the violin?” – “I don’t know, I’ve never tried it”). It’s difficult to find a Danish woman who would think in a non-trivial way in the country where all people think straight. Anyway, pulling a stunt on these brides is a bad idea.
  5. Choose compliments carefully. By the way, herring is such a popular snack in Denmark that you may call a cuddlesome young bride “little herring” – that would sound like a compliment.
  6. It’s very difficult to start a correspondence with a discreet Danish woman. You’ll have to take the lead. However, later, being imbued with confidence in you, this bride will tell you about herself and her life frankly. You’ll even know if she shaves her armpits or not. Such information shouldn’t shock the one who seeks the love of a Danish bride. After all, shyness is not a thing of hers.
  7. If you come to Denmark to meet your bride, you won’t have to scratch your head over a place you can go together to. There are lots of cafes in all Danish cities. People go there to get warm, drink hot chocolate, play backgammon or dice and flip through the press for free.
  8. When dating Danish women offline, please refrain from kisses, for discreet Danish brides don’t like a caress in public. In most cases, kisses are replaced with a handshake. When something more is required, Danish people embrace each other but without any kisses. They don’t touch faces, they just lean against each other with the upper part of the body and sometimes pat each other on the back.
  9. If a Danish bride wants to bring you to the house of her parents or friends, a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine would be a perfect gift. You should introduce yourself to each family member and guest. In such a way, an atmosphere of warm friendship is created at Danish parties.
  10. When you visit this house again, thank the owners of it for the hospitality shown to you last time. You should say “Tak for sidst”. It means “Thanks (for the last time I saw you)”. And if some people are missing this time, you should say “Hils” (“My greetings to the others”) meaning the absent family members.
  11. There is no “please” in the Danish language (residents of Denmark have liberated themselves from any rules of etiquette). Instead of this, a Danish bride would say “Bede om” (literal translation is “ask for”). For instance: “May I ask for more tea?”.
  12. A Danish woman may want to maintain her maiden name after marriage. That’s peculiar to many brides in Denmark. They retain their individuality in the case of many subsequent marriages. Children often inherit the surnames of both parents.
  13. If a Danish bride calls you “hyggelig fyr” (literal translation is “a comfortable man”) it means that she has had a great time with you.


Danish brides can serve as an embodiment of order, common sense, moderation and decency. They cannot be accused of either sentimentalism or romanticism. However, they are practical and peaceful, it’s always clean and comfortable in their houses, and there’s harmony in their hearts. Danish brides may become reliable friends, great lovers, responsible wives and reasonable mothers.

10 Famous Danish Women

  1. Sandi Toksvig
  2. Helena Christensen
  3. Lili Elbe
  4. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
  5. Karen Blixen
  6. Emilie Ullerup
  7. Nina Agdal
  8. Stephanie Corneliussen
  9. Josephine Skriver
  10. Anna Ancher