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Best Legit Cougar Dating Websites

The term “cougar dating” stands for a relationship or casual fun between a mature woman (the “cougar”) and a younger man (the “cub”). It’s been a rising trend in recent years, with more and more independent and sophisticated older ladies seeking connections with zestful younger gentlemen. There are many advantages and mutual benefits to such a relationship. The mature woman in her prime finds an attractive and satisfying partner without excessive emotional baggage. The younger man gets to enjoy his lady’s sophistication and financial stability. Whether you’re looking for romance or a one-night stand, online portals and apps are the best options for finding a gorgeous generous cougar or a handsome and charming cub.

Best Cougar Dating Websites In 2019

Cougar Life

Created over a decade ago, Cougar Life has grown into the largest and most reputable cougar website that succeeds at matching hot mature women and zestful younger men. Its userbase totals over 7 million registered members. Since it is a site fully devoted to cougar dating, you can be sure that every profile you open belongs to a sexy woman in her prime interested in casual fun or even a relationship with a handsome younger man. 

The statistics also speak in favor of Cougar Life – here, your chances to make the sparks fly with an older woman are higher than on any other paid or free cougar dating sites. Unlike some other portals, Cougar Life allows you to send messages for free. Membership costs nothing for cougars and from $12 to $40 for cubs. After purchasing the subscription, you will still have to make additional payments to unlock more useful features. All in all, this makes Cougar Life one of the most expensive websites in the industry, but since it’s also the best place on the Internet to meet cougars, your investment is almost guaranteed to yield more than generous returns. 

Date A Cougar 

Founded in 2008, around the same time as Cougar Life, Date A Cougar has achieved comparable success in the industry. As of today, it is the second-largest cougar finder with more than 1 million registered users. All of them are charming young gentlemen interested in mature ladies and experienced older women looking for younger men. The site has taken measures to promptly remove the profiles of unwanted members, which is a guarantee that any cub or cougar you hit up is a real, authentic person. 

The range of search options and filters is impressive, while the membership cost is within the reasonable range: from $14 to $30 per month. The only possible drawback is, it will likely take you a while to learn to navigate this site. It offers an incredible variety of cougar match features, which may overwhelm you at the beginning of your journey. But the slightly cluttered design is overshaded by the fact it is the second-best cougar dating website by the user database and the success of matches.

Older Women Dating

An excellent website for those interested in connecting with older cougars that are distinguished with an unrivaled level of emotional maturity and intelligence. Having been present in the market for nearly two decades, OlderWomenDating boasts of a vast database of users. Over a million of cubs and cougars are looking for casual and meaningful connections on this platform, with more than 1,000 persons registering every day. The vast majority of members are Canadians, Brits, and Americans. 

Besides, this portal offers the services of a sugar momma club. The competition is strong among the “toy boys” – no less than a dozen young men compete for the attention of every generous cougar. But if you’re a fit, handsome, and charming guy, you have every chance to start a sugar relationship with the help of OlderWomenDating. 

The website cares about the safety and security of its members – it has a user verification option, which is a great way to prove your profile is run by a real person. Whether you’re a cougar or a cub, completing the verification procedure will reassure every person who browses your profile that you’re not a scammer. If it’s your desire to date a cougar, OlderWomenDating gives you every opportunity to meet the mature lady of your dreams.


The main advantage of Cougared is, it’s one of the rare completely free cougar dating sites with a sizeable base of members – over 800,000 hot cougars and cubs are looking for a match on this platform. On the other hand, the site’s most noticeable drawback is its dated design that may compare poorly to the premium portals on this list. However, you get free access to a great pool of gorgeous mature women and younger men, without any hidden costs. 

Before completing the registration procedure, you can browse the Men’s Gallery or the Women’s Gallery to decide for yourself if this site has the audience that you seek. Worth noting, Cougared seems to be more geared towards building relationships between cougars and cubs rather than hookups – it offers a plethora of features similar to social networks.


Founded in 2001, this website does not specialize in cougar relationships – instead, it caters to all kinds of relationships with a considerable age gap. In its niche, this portal has the largest membership, with over 200 new users joining its ranks every day. 

The membership comes at a reasonable cost – you pay from $16 to $30 for a monthly subscription. AgeMatch is worth your time if you’re a younger man interested in wooing an independent mature woman or if you’re a cougar looking for a young, energetic cub to spoil. However, it’s been established that AgeMatch shares its database of users with some other sites, particularly OlderWomanDating. It may not be a wise decision to purchase a premium membership on both websites simultaneously.

Adult Friend Finder

This is the website to which you should resort if you are looking for short-term, casual fun rather than a relationship. While it does not specialize in catering to the cougar audience, its user base reaches a whopping 50 million people, many of whom are single mature women looking for younger men. A fling, a hookup, a no-strings-attached encounter – here you’ll find it all. With some luck, you may even form a friends-with-benefits relationship with an interested partner. 

Having been in the industry since 2006, Adult Friend Finder has established a reputation of one of the best meetup sites for people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even older. Thus, this site is the answer to the “how to find a cougar” question every potential cub faces. If you’re interested, you can try out 30 days of the gold membership for free, after which your monthly subscription will cost from $20 to $40.

Tips For Attracting A Cougar

  • Hit the gym, and hit it hard. Different cougars have different preferences, but the majority do not want to have a skinny kid as their lover or husband. Whether it’s an ONS, an FWB situation or a real relationship, older women seeking younger men desire partners with a good physique and irresistible sex appeal. Work on your body to get muscular, but don’t go overboard, as few women actually love the hardcore bodybuilder type. 
  • Kill your shyness and timidity. When you need to charm a woman, these traits are among your biggest enemies. A cougar is an experienced lady who knows what she wants, and more often than not she can see you through when you approach her. A lack of confidence is unattractive and off-putting. Learn to speak in a clear fashion, demonstrating your assertiveness.
  • Show her how special she is for you. When you go on your first date, don’t dare to look at other girls. Instead, make a lot of eye contact with your cougar lady. Be attentive to what she says and act interested in the conversation even if it’s not your favorite topic. Be reasonable with your compliments though – going overboard reeks of immaturity, which is unappealing.

How To Determine A Good Cougar Websites

  1. How significant is the total number of members? This is the first and largely most important criterion to consider. The specific numbers are usually available in third-party reviews and immediately on the portal or app. Statistically speaking, the larger the database of users, the higher your chances of meeting older women going for younger men. The industry’s best websites have millions of registered members.
  2. Are there many older women looking for younger men? You should give preference to websites that have both a huge total membership and a large number of cougars. Alternatively, resort to a niche online portal that specializes in cougar networking.
  3. Is this cougar dating site legitimate and trustworthy? Make sure that the company running the website of your choice has been around for a while, is legitimate and boasts of good reviews. As a rule, such companies have a solid experience in the industry, which allows them to optimize the experience of their customers and satisfy their needs. 
  4. Are there many younger men looking for cougars? At first glimpse, you may think that a large cub competition is detrimental to your success. However, less competition does not always improve your chances. A large crowd of cubs tends to attract gorgeous cougars who appreciate having a broad selection of younger men to choose from. Thus, healthy competition works in your best interests!
  5. How much time do you have to invest in your cougar search? At some websites, you need to manually browse the profiles of users and hit up anyone you like. Others have advanced matchmaking features that become available upon purchasing a premium membership. The portal will send you daily selections of users that meet your preferences and are likely to be a good match for you. Depending on how much spare time you have and what your budget is, decide which kind of cougar website is the best for you.

Reasons For Cubs To Get A Taste Of Cougars Dating Websites

  • Unignorably easy and effective. Statistics speak in your favor. The online world empowers you to communicate with and meet a tremendous number of older women. With each new cougar you encounter, your understanding of what you want deepens. Your skills at attracting the desired type of mature women improve. It would be a shame to ignore this marvelous opportunity.
  • Excellent first step towards dating a cougar. In real life, you may struggle to approach an older woman in a casual setting, especially if you’re at the very beginning of your cub path. You simply do not feel the same degree of easiness and comfort as with girls your age. Online messaging and other communication channels give you plenty of time to think through your ice-breakers and responses. Besides, you can be sure every woman you hit up on a cougar site is potentially interested in you.
  • Zero downsides. Even the premium cougar websites offer monthly subscriptions at a very reasonable cost – comparable to a couple of drinks at a bar. And while at a bar you can only woo one woman at a time, an online portal encourages you to talk to several ladies at the same time. A cougars dating site is legitimately the fastest and most effective way to meet older women looking for men much younger than themselves.

Main Reasons Why Cougars Prefer Online Dating

  • Online dating is a time saver. Unlike college-aged girls, cougars do not have a ton of free time on their hands. What distinguishes these women is not only their mature attitude and sophisticated tastes. They have usually achieved admirable career heights and advanced greatly in whatever hobbies and interests they pursue. Your average girl in her early 20s is likely just looking for her first “serious” job, while a cougar devotes a lot of time to the solid career she’s been steadily building for years. She hardly has any time or desire to bar-hop in search of a young cub. On the other hand, older woman/younger man dating sites allow a cougar to chat up a guy without leaving the comfort of her house.
  • It allows the cougar to remain discreet. Nowadays, few people would condemn cougar ladies for being into younger men. However, successful older women tend to be highly mindful and conscious when it comes to matters of reputation. Hence, they usually opt for the widely known and trustworthy websites, such as eHarmony or EliteSingles. Registering and putting up a profile of a reputable site or app is accepted as normal social behavior. As opposed to that, if a wrong person discovers her profile on shady cougar sites, her good name might suffer.
  • It’s easy to find interested young men. In a bar or any other real-life setting, it’s difficult to tell if a guy is there to meet older women. The prevailing assumption is that men prefer to date or hook up with women that are a few years younger than them. As a result, a mature woman may deem it awkward to hit on a handsome younger guy. Cougar dating apps, on the other hand, and even apps oriented towards the broad audience, allow you to apply various filters while browsing profiles. A cougar looking for a younger man can easily limit her grid to guys pursuing the same thing.

Bottom Line

There is no secret behind the growing popularity of cougar relationships, both casual and serious. Having an eye-candy boyfriend makes the mature lady feel young again, while her confidence, power, elegance, and sophistication mesmerize the younger gentleman. Cougar dating websites provide an excellent platform for the two interested parties to meet and form connections. Age is merely a number; don’t let it stand in the way of finding your special person.

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