Chinese Women

Chinese Brides. What are They Like?

China is the most ancient and mysterious civilization on our planet. A lot of beautiful, hardworking and intelligent brides live there. Chinese girls are also famous for their wisdom and beauty. Even in ancient times, it was customary to read and respect their husband, as well as to watch after the house. Loyalty, hard work, patience – these are the three components of wonderful Chinese brides. Hot Chinese girls have always been and remain committed to family traditions. Nowadays, the female gender of China has succeeded in almost all spheres of life activity. Politics, cinema, show, model business, and a lot of other things that Chinese women are great in. Let’s take a look at the main character traits of Chinese brides:

  • The thing that differs them from most European women is that they very appeasable and intelligent, more precisely very wise. After all, most often the last word in the family is for a woman. They can very well revolve a lonely man with care and affection. By the way, it is Chinese women who are best suited for men in bed. None of the women can beat them in that component. First of all, sex for Chinese women is a sort of sexual gymnastics. There are poses in which you can get an unnatural orgasm, that is, the pleasure will be long and protracted. According to some of the Chinese brides: “It’s not necessary to have beauty and magnificent forms. The main thing is technology. ”. And that really is true;

  • A Chinese mail order bride can not only satisfy you in a fantastic way, but can also cure any disease. So, for example, in China there are “Daughters of the Dragon” that can cure sexual impotence and sterility. But the most important thing is not this, but rather the spiritual qualities that will attract any man. Sincerity, loyalty, kindness and care is the duty of every Chinese girl to her man. A lot of people have something to learn from this nation. No wonder there are so many of them and their economy is almost in the first place. When there is a devoted and loving woman next to you, the whole world will definitely be at your feet;

  • Another thing is the sweetness of character. Chinese women are more agreeable than European women. If a Chinese bride starts dating a foreigner, she aims to cooperate, while a European woman generally regards the relationship as a military operation whose goal is to dominate and control the situation completely. Many European women feel annoyed if they fail to outrun a man in anything and feel an urgent need to prove their independence. Chinese brides are totally different. They will not seek quarrel with a man from scratch. Of course, you can ruffle any person, but Chinese women do not search for a reason to provoke a conflict and prefer to resolve the issue as peacefully as possible. A more philosophical attitude of a Chinese woman towards the men gives them the opportunity to painlessly forgive many things;

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  • Chinese ladies think that saying bad things about their men is the same thing as saying bad things about yourself, because they are very close. This is especially acute when you break up. She will be sitting there with her head down and crying for an hour. Most likely, there will be no follow-up telephone calls to her friends with the message that you are a “complete nothingness,” “not a man,” and so on. Men will not be hated and his name won’t be used as an antagonist in women’s dialogues. The Japanese believe that the relationship is built on mutual desire, so there will be no such accusations. There is no need to say that the Chinese brides will not threaten, build meanness, try to destroy new relationships and interfere in the life of a man who decided to end the relationship with her;

  • Chinese women do not believe that it is necessary to find the reason why a man is to blame for her bad mood. A man should not know all the details of the flow of her physiological processes, a pimple on her cheek and an unpleasant conversation with a girlfriend. Chinese brides do not consult with men about the color of nails, rugs in the bathroom and do not force him to explain “why he is silent” or “what did he mean”;

  • If you are a man in China and you have a job, then you don’t have to do any of the household duties. A man with a vacuum cleaner is a humiliation of a Japanese woman. Chinese women believe that the organization of life is their obligation. If a man takes the initiative, the woman will be grateful and accept help, but even in this case, the word “help” does not imply a division of duties 50 to 50. Perhaps a working Chinese woman will raise the question of whether she would like to participate in household chores, but to hear a request to “take out the garbage”, “go out for bread” or “buy food on the way from work” from an idle Japanese woman is a social phenomenon. Chinese women do not regulate the behavior of men. If a man wants to go with colleagues to drink some beer after work, then a Chinese bride will not nag him about it;

  • Chinese women look younger than their European contemporaries and seem to freeze in time. This is because genetics, nutrition and lifestyle. Asian brides look younger in principle, and the Chinese as a rich nation, additionally have the opportunity to invest heavily in their appearance and health;

  • Chinese women lie significantly less than European women do. If a Japanese woman did something wrong, then she will honestly admit it and apologize;

  • Cheating is considered to be as undesirable in China as a divorce, so when dating a Chinese woman, you shouldn’t worry about her loyalty;

  • Perhaps the man will not hear too many hot words of love, loud and pretentious promises from Chinese brides, but by building a relationship with her, you can be sure that they will not end in one day. A Chinese woman approaches the relationship more balancedly, assessing them from all sides before joining, so she will not leave the man tomorrow just because she changed her mind;

  • A Chinese woman knows exactly what she wants and does not expect from a man “all at once”, does not believe in “princes on white horses” and other silly things. The absence of initially impracticable requirements and conditions contrary to common sense ensures a high degree of stability in relations with a Chinese woman.

Why are Chinese Women Interested in Foreigners?

Back in 1983, the whole local press was talking about how a Chinese woman wanted to marry a foreign man. It was a sensation back then. However, this trend has received a gradual development, and now it is even more obvious. In recent years, relations between Chinese women and non-Chinese men have become increasingly commonplace. Today, mixed pairs are visible everywhere, and not only in China, but also in other Asian countries. The reasons for the phenomenon is how attracted Chinese brides are to foreigners, who impress them with their confidence, attractiveness, sense of humor, as well uncomplicated western suitors. They also love their distinguished appearance, because most of the foreigners are tall and muscular. And local men now have to put up with the fact that with the growing popularity of the country on the planet their brides are taken by foreigners.

What Chinese Brides do to Look Young at Any Age

Secret 1. Multistep care system

It is important to know that our skin is dehydrated within 1-2 minutes after washing. Chinese brides know this very well, so they rush to apply a moisturizing toner in the first seconds after cleansing.

Secret 2. Tissue and hydrogel masks and patches

Tissue and hydrogel allow the product not to evaporate ahead of time and penetrate deeper into the deeper layers of the dermis. Therefore, masks and patches have a stunning effect – and it is noticeable immediately after application.

As for the active ingredients, pay attention to the masks, which contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, natural oils, extracts (aloe, cucumber, Asian centella), snail mucus, etc.

Secret 3. Peeling Features

Instead of scrubs that can harm delicate and sensitive skin, Asians use chemical peels and gel-based peels. The composition of such funds include waxes and biocellulose, which upon contact with the skin form the pellets. By the way, if you are used to thinking that your dead skin is slipping, then you are deeply mistaken. The resulting pellets gently massage the skin, and also adsorb the contents of the pores, horny particles of the epidermis and other impurities.

Secret 4. Special application of funds

Asians have long forgotten what massage lines are. They apply cosmetics to the skin using the Face-Slapping technique, in simple words – they pat the skin without stretching it even along the lines of massage. This technique helps the active ingredients of toner, essence or cream to penetrate deeper into the skin, stimulates blood circulation, brings skin to tone and rejuvenates.

Secret 5. 424 method

The essence of the method is that within 4 minutes you should massage the skin with hydrophilic oil, then rinse it off. After that you should clean your face with facial wash for 2 minutes and rinse it for 4 minutes so that no surfactants are left on the skin that can cause irritation.

Secret 6. Makeup Features

Also a few words about makeup. Chinese brides practically do not use sculpturing tools, as pronounced contouring makes you look older. As a tonal tool they use lightweight BB or CC cream, which preserves the natural look of the face. As for the eyes, the shadows with a slight shimmer or satin effect are applied to the entire eyelid, and they choose bright nude colors – beige, peach, pink. Then they paint over the space between the pages, and also draw a thin short arrow. For eyebrows special tint is used. As for the lips, Chinese girls avoid very dark shades and pronounced contours. They use a tint for lips of natural colors, put it with their fingers. The brightest area is the center of the lips, which smoothly shade to the periphery. Thus, they achieve the notorious effect of “kissed” lips, which is now in trend.

How do Chinese Brides Dress?

In modern China, one of the most popular styles is the baby-doll style, that is, children’s, puppet: big eyes, long eyelashes, white skin with a light pink blush, puffed lips, fluffy fleeces with many colored hairpins, or straight hair, bezel and thick bang. The Chinese even own a special technique of sadziao (this word can be roughly as “flirting”), which also includes the ability to speak in a childish, tender voice (baby-talk). The same children’s style can be traced in clothes. Chinese women love ruches, bows, ruffles, and lace. As for going to a club or on a date, favorite clothes are dresses and skirts a la the tutu, colored tights and blouses with rhinestones and cartoon prints. Shoes should be unusual, bright, catchy. Heels are worn only for special occasions: on a date and parties. Moreover, many girls do not wear heels due to the low height of their boyfriends. Convenience is above all, so sneakers are popular on a par with ballet shoes.

In second place, of course, is the casual style. This is mostly for studies, work, walks in the park. Chinese women choose the maximum convenience: jeans, large t-shirt with a bright print, a color jacket and the same sneakers / ballet flats. It is fashionable to wear large colored glasses with clear glasses or just a frame without glasses, as well as caps. Small shoulder bags, backpacks and bulky shopping bags are also popular. And, of course, like everywhere in the world, denim shirts and shorts, pleated skirts of medium length, collars, floor-length dresses, cropped trousers, wedge shoes, massive jewelry and bright colors are at the peak of fashion in China.

Classic clothing is not very popular. In universities and offices it is rarely possible to meet girls in a trouser suit or in a blouse and a tulip skirt. Classic styles of dresses for every day are also not favorites in the wardrobe of Chinese fashionistas. The exceptions are girls working in companies with uniforms.

Chinese women buy clothes in stores and markets, where you can find fashionable clothes of excellent quality and at a ridiculous price. Particularly stylish are Korean brands. Many people buy clothes and shoes online.

Interesting Facts About Chinese People

It is not a secret to anyone that China is a country with a rich culture that has developed over thousands of years. Along with a large number of diverse traditions, there are things that may seem quite strange for a foreigner.

  1. The love of white skin. White skin is the epitome of beauty and wealth for Chinese brides. All Chinese women pay a lot of attention to the bleaching of the skin. You can buy face cream with a whitening effect in practically any shop in China. Accordingly, the funds for tanning will not be so easy to find. In order not to sunbathe, most of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom walk with umbrellas and try to avoid exposed parts of the body. Because of that you can hardly meet a Chinese who basks in the sun. They do not understand why European people “disfigure” their bodies with tan. The Chinese go to the beach to mainly take selfies. Women also dress so that the clothing covers the whole body. There are even special swimming suits that look like a scuba diver costume;

  2. One can argue for a long time on the topic of straightness – if it’s good or bad, but my personal opinion is that delicacy should be observed. In our culture, there are moral norms that give us an idea of ​​what it is decent to speak about and what is not. And apparently they do not match with the norms of China. For example, uf a pimple on your face popped up, the Chinese will not forget to remind you of it, and they will also add how it now “decorates” your face. It is also absolutely normal to approach the girl and point her to her fullness and purity of the skin. Any defect in the appearance (stain, hole, smell, bruising) will be noticed and voiced to you in the presence of other people;

  3. It is absolutely normal for Chinese people to ask about all the nuances of personal life at the first meeting to. At first it feels really weird, but you get used to it after some time;

  4. The greeting of the Chinese will be strange for foreigners. It isn’t simply: “Hello. How are you? ”, But slightly modified: “Hi. Have you eaten?” This is justified by the famine that had only recently existed in the country. It is also not customary in China to say hello. For example, when coming to work nobody greets anyone, and nobody says goodbye when you leave. This is pretty unusual;

  5. Hair is a sign of maturity. Another feature of the population of China. Most Chinese women do not shave their legs, armpits, and most of the other parts of the body. All of this has been around since ancient times, when girls got married at a young age, and readiness for childbirth was checked by the presence of hair. This is what most Chinese women are proud of;

  6. Food Schedule. Everyone knows that having a schedule is a right thing, because it is part of a healthy lifestyle. But the Chinese reach the point of absurdity. They usually have breakfast at 7-8 am, have lunch from 11:30 to 13:00. The funny thing is that Chinese must have lunch at this time, and for them it does not matter whether the meeting will take place or whether the customers have come to the factory or anything else in general. They need to eat first. So making an appointment, focus on this fact;

  7. People of China sing everywhere! They sing, walking through the park, in the store, in the subway, bus, alone, by the company. They have a very common karaoke. It can often be found in parks and squares, gardens and shopping centers. And often, the Chinese have a pretty good voice. Another feature is the music from the speakers. It’s customary to listen to music on headphones, while in China people walk around with a small speaker. They go jogging, walking, and cycling with it;

  8. Open legs of women are not considered to be sexual in China. You can wear mini-skirts and dresses, short shorts and it will not look like something loose.


Clearly know what you want to get from the relationship, be gentle, do not break the laws, act according to circumstances, and, most likely, the embrace of Chinese women will open to you.

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