Chechen Women

Chechen Mail Order Brides: Highland Beauty and Secular Traditions

Officially, Chechnya is not a separate state but a part of the Russian Federation. This is a small but stubborn republic, which is frequently associated with military flare-ups that took place in the 1990s-2000s. As of now, this is a peaceful region with unique nature, liberty-loving men, and beautiful women.

Chechen Mail Order Brides: an Overview

In the same way that Chechnya is different from the rest of Russia, Chechen girls are different from Russian women. Maybe, the first thing you need to know about Chechen mail order bride is that they are Muslims. That being said, they are not radical Muslims like those from Saud Arabia or Pakistan. Yes, many of them are religious, but they do not suffer from the violent Sharia law. After all, Chechen girls (and men) are citizens of Russia, which is a secular state, and they have to comply with the legislation of this country. That is why finding a pretty Chechen girl for marriage is not a problem.

At the same time, Chechen women are different from emancipated western ladies. They are conservative and even a sort of old-fashioned in terms of their vision of a family and the roles of a husband and a wife. Chechnya is a patriarchal region with its century-old traditions. From the very childhood, Chechen brides are prepared for the role of a home keeper. The typical traits of these girls are modesty, submissiveness, and obedience. These are the features, which most modern women in the western countries lack. And this is what makes Chechen ladies so attractive for men.

The Features of Chechen Brides: an In-Depth Review

The personality of a typical Chechen bride has been formed under the influence of many events, and some of these events were really tragic. Not so long ago, the people of Chechnya survived a war. Many cities, including the republic’s capital Grozny, were destroyed. This couldn’t but influenced the character of Chechen women. They know firsthand what it is to be left without a roof over the head. Many of them faced a war-induced hunger. These misfortunes hardened their character, made them stronger and more flexible.

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At the same time, Chechen women experience a strong influence of century-old traditions. The focus on family and meeting their husbands’ needs are their core family values. A distinctive feature of Chechnya women is  their femininity. Though covering the face, according to the Islamic tradition, is not mandatory here, most women wear long dresses and gather up hair under a kerchief. You’ll hardly ever meet a Chechen bride wearing trousers or revealing clothes of any type. This decency in dress makes Chechen women different from western ladies and attractive for men.

Another typical feature of Chechen mail order bride is their abhorrence for smoking and drinking. Being the Muslims, the people of Chechnya don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat pork. This can’t but positively impacts their health and natural beauty. This is an additional reason to find a Chechen bride.

Finally, one more feature of women from Chechnya is a reverential attitude to the question of marital fidelity. Infidelity is a serious sin in the Islamic culture; moreover, according to adat (the Muslim law), a man can turn his unfaithful wife out of the house. Chechen wives take marriage seriously. That said, they are hot-tempered and jealous like all highland people. For a foreign man, their temper hidden under the external calmness can become a real discovery.

 Why Do Men Choose Chechen Women for Marriage?

Let’s face it: Chechnya is far from being the most popular destination for searching for a bride. And still, those looking for genuine exotic consider dating Chechen singles a good idea. It’s for you to decide whether you want to bring some Caucasian exotics into your life. There are at least, several convincing reasons to choose a Chechen woman for marriage.

  1.  They have traditional family values. If you are tired of the modern feminized society that imposes artificial values and false moral virtues upon women, a Chechen bride will help you find the lost peace of mind. These women are modest, submissive, and soft-spoken. A Chechen wife will let you feel a real head of the family; she will treat you with due respect and care.

  2. They are good mothers. In the Chechen culture, maternity is a high calling of women. Needless to say, they are responsible and loving mothers who know how to foster their children awareness of true values. Unlike American and European women, who tend to become mothers in their thirties and have only one child, Chechens are psychologically ready for childbirth at the age of twenty, and many of them want to have several children.

  3. They are naturally beautiful and healthy. Chechen girls don’t need tons of cosmetic to look gorgeous. Like all people living in highlands, they have robust health. This, in turn, means that they have radiant skin, thick healthy hair, strong white teeth, and fresh face color.

  4. They are well-mannered. Yes, if you consider Chechens to be wild and uncivilized, you are bitterly mistaken. A Chechen female will never permit herself to behave improperly in public, putting you to the blush. She will never shout at you or make a scene in other people’s presence. She is reserved, polite, and close-mouthed, and she’ll die rather than make her man feel embarrassed because of her.

What Do Chechen Mail Order Brides Expect from Men?

Chechen dating is fun if you know how to behave correctly. First and foremost, you should keep in mind that the Chechen society is small and closed. Women seldom leave it by their own will. If a Chechen woman is looking for a husband abroad, she has strong reasons to do so. And be sure she is taking it seriously. The final goal of single Chechens is not just a relationship but marriage. If your purpose is congruent with hers, chances are you will succeed.

The important qualities that Chechen women expect to see in their potential partners are a readiness to undertake responsibility for keeping the family and respect for women. In Chechnya, men do respect women. According to the national traditions, men shouldn’t sit when women are around. They should stop shouting and fighting when a woman comes in. Needless to say, it is unacceptable to offend women, to beat them or threaten them.

A real man in the eyes of a Chechen girl is always ready to accept responsibility for keeping the family. A husband is the head of the family, and a wife is a home keeper, who is always ready to render help and support. Chechen women rarely solve financial issues; few of them get a higher education or make a career just because they don’t need it. Their “front” is their homes and their career is a career of a caring mother and a loving wife.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that most Chechens are religious. Therefore, they expect due respect to their views and traditions. If you are going to create a family with a Chechen girl, be prepared to the thought that religion is an important part of her life.

How to Find a Chechen Wife

Thanks to the availability of foreign dating websites, finding a Chechen mail order bride is no trouble. Of course, not every agency can offer a good catalog of Chechen women, as this direction is not very popular. That is why we recommend to look for a service that specializes in Caucasian brides. Also, you’d better spend some time on reading reviews about the chosen service.

Once the agency is chosen, all you need is to pay a small fee for the membership, create a portfolio, and start searching for beautiful girls. To achieve success in dating the Chechens follow some simple tips:

  • Demonstrate serious intentions. Keep in mind that Chechen mail order brides are looking for marriage. They are not interested in empty talks. Let your vis-à-vis know you have extensive plans. She needs to feel that you are interested in her as a potential life partner.

  • Abstain from discussing touchy issues until you get to know each other better. For example, Chechens are sensitive about everything that is associated with a recent war. Also, they don’t like to discuss politics, religion, nationality, and international relations. The topic of sex and sexual preferences is also unacceptable for them until marriage.

  • Let her understand you are a strong and responsible person ready to care about the family properly. Don’t show off your high income but let her know you earn enough to keep her and your future children.

Chechen women are magnificent. While they lack the polish of European brides, they attract men with their reserved but noble manners, natural beauty, and femininity. They are faithful wives and great mothers. Finding a Chechen girl for marriage, you definitely won’t stay disappointed, so make the first step towards your happiness now.