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How to Find a Casual Partner Online: A Guide to Casual Meeting Sites

Many people use the term “casual dating” to describe one-night stands. However, sometimes it has nothing to do with sex at all. The more correct casual relationship definition is “any relationship where partners are not exclusively dating each other.” To put it another way, a casual relationship is when both parties are not very serious with each other. Even though it might include casual sex, it is more about the seriousness of the relationship than whether the couple has been in sexual intercourse.

People prefer casual dating over a traditional one because they do not want to stick to a single partner. In other words, they date multiple partners while still being in a relationship with each other. This type of dating is also called “no strings attached”. It is meant for people who are not ready for serious relationships yet. If you are one of them but you do not know how to start looking for casual relationships, you have come to the right place! Thanks to this article, you will learn how to casually date and find the most effective casual dating sites.

What is casual dating?

If two people are not bound to each other in any way but they have a relationship, they are casually dating. In this case, both of them can see other people. Moreover, they do not even think about marrying each other or having kids. Instead, couples who date casually just want to have a good time together. All they need is fun: they are not interested in serious relationships. Of course, at some point, they might want to move to the next step. Sometimes it happens without their intention or expectation: just like in romantic movies, two people might suddenly realize that they are meant to be together.

Before two people even think about dating casually, they have to communicate their desires with each other to dodge any misapprehensions. Often one person might unintentionally give their lover a reason to expect more in the future. Obviously, this can really hurt. You should not do that if you do not want to hurt someone’s feelings. To avoid that, always be straightforward and upfront with your partner and do not give them any false hopes.

If you are willing to turn your casual relationship into something serious, just be honest with your partner. If you are falling for your lover and you feel like you do not want to date any other person, let them know it. Of course, they might not feel the same, but you should not keep it to yourself. Just because your relationship is casual does not mean that you should not be upfront with your partner. Honesty does not mean seriousness — you are just being respectful of the other person’s feelings and letting them the chance to change course if they are not ready to move to the next level.

Best Casual Dating Sites

We have picked some of the best casual dating sites with millions of users. Using them, you should be able to find suitable partners for a safe casual date.


This casual dating platform is available for people from over 20 countries, including the US, UK, Brazil, Russia, France, and Germany. e-Hookups offers a bunch of convenient features that you would expect from a modern matchmaking service. Even though this website is aimed at people looking for one-time hookups and casual dating, you can also find a person for a serious relationship here.

The website is available not only on personal computers but also on smartphones and tablets, which means that you can enjoy this platform wherever you want. There is no need to carry a laptop around! After the registration, you can search for the perfect partner using a bunch of unique criteria, including the following:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Hobbies;
  • Location;
  • Occupation.

Browse other people’s photos for free until you encounter a person you like. There are many young and sexy people at e-Hookups, so you will definitely find someone suitable! Even though you will have to pay in order to unlock all the features, we think that this website is worth it.


If you are into mature women, MaturesForFuck is exactly what you were looking for. This website is aimed at casual dating with hot adult ladies from the United States. These mature hotties are ready to date with no strings attached! Sign up for free and start chatting with the best-looking MILFs you have ever seen.

You will have to purchase a premium membership in order to use this casual dating site. Fortunately, there is a 3-day trial. You can use MaturesForFuck for free before you decide whether or not it is worth it. If you are a senior or you are just into dating with mature people, you will appreciate the number of profiles on this matchmaking service. The site offers myriads of profiles of women above 50 years old. These naughty hotties are ready for casual sex without obligations.

Considering the huge user base, good interface, and the free trial, we can recommend MaturesForFuck for anyone who is interested in finding experienced lovers. Using it, you can meet dozens of mature females nearby you and have a really nice time with them. Fortunately, the pricing is reasonable, so you will not have to waste too much money for a premium membership.


C-Date is a matchmaking website for casual dating, available in over 20 countries. In contrast to traditional romance services, this platform is aimed exclusively at those people who want to have short-term, intimate relationships without obligations. If this is exactly what you were looking for, C-Date is a great option for you. It has a free standard membership plan, but you will have to upgrade to a premium version if you want to unlock all the features.

Premium membership is available for about 10 dollars per month, which is rather cheap. However, you can buy 12-month membership to save even more money (the cost per month is only 4 dollars in this case). The premium accounts gives additional features, such as:

  • Guaranteed matches every day;
  • Unlimited messaging;
  • Advanced search feature;
  • Video chats.

The registration is free, but you will need to pay in order to message someone. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for at least 3 months: there is no one-month plan.

Overall, C-Date is a popular and inexpensive dating site for casual dating and sex without obligations. It is not the best option if you are looking for a serious relationship, but you can easily find a partner for casual sex here.


FlirtBook is an inexpensive dating website for casual dating. It has a good reputation among users from the United States. It is available both on PC and mobile devices. Feel free to install the FlirtBook app and enjoy the best online dating experience wherever you want!

Registration at FlirtBook is quick and easy. There are no extra charges or mandatory subscriptions. Nevertheless, you can purchase a premium membership to get access to additional features. Every user of this casual dating site is able to chat with other people (after their permission) without any restrictions. All communications are direct and anonymous here: only you choose what personal details to share with strangers online, which makes this platform extremely safe.


be2 is a huge matchmaking service available all over the world. It was launched in 2004 and turned into one of the biggest European dating services over the course of 15 years. Currently, the website is translated into numerous languages and is operating in over 35 countries.

The unique matchmaking algorithm used on the website assists people to meet the perfect match. You can easily find a partner for a casual relationship here, but there are also many men and women looking for something serious. Feel free to sign up right now and browse the profiles of other people.

Unfortunately, only premium members of be2 can access the basic communication features, including messaging. You will not be able to read or send messages until you purchase a subscription. Free visitors can only browse their matches, but some of them might be censored. Therefore, you will have to get a paid membership in order to use this site properly.

Overall, be2 is an effective, trustworthy, and easy to use the website for both serious and casual dating. If you are looking for a partner in the United States or Western Europe, this is a great choice. Cost per month varies from 31.95 to 57.95 dollars per month (depending on the duration of the subscription).

Can a casual relationship turn into something serious?

Sometimes a couple who date casually decide to take their relationship to another level. If they have spent a lot of time together, they might realize that they do not need anyone else. They simply fall in love just like in Hollywood movies. If you are feeling something special about your partner and would like to move your casual relationship to the next level, here is what you can do.

How to find out whether casual dating is suitable for you

Sometimes people just do not understand casual dating. It might work perfectly for some people but feels terrible for others. Obviously, this depends on your age and worldview. Many young people who are just entering college and who have the entire life ahead of them are happy to have casual relationships. When you are young, you do not want to spend your entire time with only one partner.

On the contrary, mature people are usually more interested in a serious relationship. At age 30 and older, most of us want to have a sense of stability in our lives. That is why so many people are trying to find their soulmates at this point. They just want to find the perfect wife or husband to settle down with and start a real family.

Nevertheless, sometimes people just prefer to date casually instead of having an official partner. For instance, a person who has been recently divorced or ended a serious relationship does not want to make same mistakes again and is interested in casual dating. They are not ready for marriage yet, so they prefer to meet someone without obligations. If you feel that traditional dating does not make you happy, then casual dating should be the right option for you.

Evaluating casual relationships

Evaluate your situation before thinking about moving to the next stage. Are you seeing more than one person? If the answer is positive, then you may already have the answer to one of your questions. If you cannot find anyone else who would be as good as the person who you are casually dating, there is a high chance that she or he is your soulmate. Ask yourself whether you would be happy if your partner was not dating anyone else. Do you like the idea of being this person’s only lover, or this thought terrifies you?

If you both have gone through many struggles together and continued to date no matter what, this is an important sign that things between you are serious. Maybe, it is indeed time to become official partners. People who make it through difficult times are more likely to stay together and build a lasting and caring relationship. If you and your partner fit this description, then it seems like you will not be turned down after proposing the idea of taking your relationship to the next level.

When it is time to take things to the next level?

If you have been meeting someone casually for a while and started to fall in love with this person, it is time to think about moving things to the next level. It is very difficult if you are the one who wants to start taking things seriously. How exactly should you tell about your feelings to your partner? When it is time to finally confess? What is the best way to do it? You will be asking yourself these questions over and over again.

Well, the crucial thing you should always remember that your desires might be completely different from what your partner wants. Maybe you have fallen in love, but your loved one is at another stage in their life and they are not ready yet to build a serious relationship. For instance, a college girl may feel that she has finally found her soulmate, while her casual boyfriend is more focused on finishing school and building a career. If you feel like your partner is not ready for something serious, do not rush to move your casual relationship to the next level.

Useful casual dating rules: How to keep things simple

One of the most important advantages of casual dating is that it allows people to keep their options open. They can date multiple people at once in order to understand what type of partner fits them the most. Casual dating allows you to have a great time with men or women you like without any obligations. This type of relationship is very placid and easy-going. You do not have to suffer from serious talks or messy breakups, which is amazing.

However, maintaining casual relationships can be tricky sometimes. People who have not had it before may start making many mistakes. If you do not want to spoil everything, follow these casual dating tips to keep things simple and have fun and healthy casual dating.

Be straightforward

The most important rule of casual dating is simple: you need to be honest. Do not lie about your intentions from the very beginning. Before starting a relationship, make sure that the other person understands that you do not want anything serious. Make it absolutely clear to avoid any misunderstanding.

Sometimes people may think that they will be able to win you over in the future. That is why you must be obvious and straightforward. Tell them that you are just trying to figure out what kind of person is the best for you. Warn them that this process make take a lot of time and you will not be ready to start a family anytime soon. If the other person is still interested, have fun together. If not, just drift apart without any problems and grudges.

Set boundaries and do not break them.

It is obvious that if you are meeting someone more than three times a week and often stay at his or her place, you have bypassed the stage of casual dating. If you do not want to keep everything simple, stop seeing your partner too often. For instance, visit them only one or two days per week. When you spend most of the time together and have many mutual friends, your relationship will inevitably become serious.

Choose your stance on sex

Casual dating is not equal to casual sex. These are two separate things. Casual sex is for people who can enjoy sexual relationships without emotional attachments that are usually associated with it. There is nothing wrong if you are this type of person. Casual dating is about having fun while finding the right person. Physical chemistry is a very important factor. Therefore, it is OK if you and your casual date are having sex without obligations.

At the same time, some people do not treat sex casually. They start to feel the emotional investment after sexual intercourse. For them, it is very hard to maintain casual relationships after having sex with a person. If you want to avoid grudges, restrain yourself from sex while you are casually dating. Make sure that you are dating the right person and your relationship may transform into something more before takings this step.

Stop planning too far ahead

When you want to hang with your partner on the weekend, it is absolutely acceptable to make plans for several days in advance. Nevertheless, anything more than that will make your relationship less casual. You must live in the moment instead of planning dates months ahead in time. This will allow you to meet other people before you see her or him again. You will not be tied to plans you may not want to keep.

Final words on casual meeting sites

If you likes the freedom that comes with developing relationships with a potential partner and making sure this is the right person for you before turning things serious, casual dating is perfect for you. It will help you find your soulmate and start a real family with him or her. If you have not meet your life partner yet, register at one of the matchmaking services listed in our guide and enjoy casual dating online!

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