Bulgarian Woman

The Bulgarian woman is an amazing girl who combines beauty and intelligence!

Bulgaria is a country in South-Eastern Europe, which occupies 22% of the Balkan Peninsula. The Bulgarian language belongs to the Slavic group of languages. About 7 100 900 people live in this country. Most foreign men consider bulgarian brides very beautiful. These women dream of well-being and are not afraid to leave the sunny homeland. The unquenchable thirst for life is driven by bulgarian female in everything: in the desire to be beautiful, happy, build a better career and create a strong family. If this attitude to life is clear to you, and you are in search of love, then be sure to pay attention to the bulgarian mail order bride.

The beauty of Bulgarian women

Many people mistakenly think that sexy bulgarian women are dark-skinned and black-haired. Brunettes here not more than half. Very common to see brown hair with blue eyes and natural blondes. They are slim, cute and short girl with expressive eyes, button nose and sexy full lips.

On the streets you rarely see fat women. These girls love an active lifestyle and prefer plant and dairy food in the diet. If you adore girls, which combine a thin waist and gorgeous big breasts, you must to go on dating with bulgarian women. These beauties are your ideal, but most importantly – they become excellent wives. The fashion for fitness is gaining momentum. Fitness clubs are in each area of the city, they are crowded daily visitors. But if a figure can create girls for themselves, what about big boobs? If nature has not endowed girl in such a worthiness, then she can use the services of plastic surgery. In Bulgaria it is not too expensive, and augmentation of the lips and chest are very popular. Even if bulgarian singles have no money for such procedures, the banks actively issue loans on plastic surgery.

The next advantage of Bulgarian brides in appearance are lustrous, thick hair. Most girls have long hair. In hairdressing salons the most popular services are extensions and hair straightening. Also beautiful bulgarian women love hairstyles with elements of artistic disorder. It looks stylish, cute and flirty. Short haircut on a woman in this country is nonsense.

So as nature gave to bulgarian girls natural beauty, they don`t actively use decorative cosmetics. They only choose skincare to maintain their youth and natural beauty for many years. Of course, the girls do a beautiful makeup on holidays.

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Tan, clothing style and other features of the Bulgarian brides

Sunburn for modern girls is sacred. By the way, they like to go to the beach already tanned. For this many women visit a solarium. This tan is the second most popular procedure in beauty salons after shugaring. For hot bulgarian girls smooth and tanned skin is no less important than beautiful breasts. If you are on the beach, you will be in awe of the fact that there is not forbidden to sunbathe topless. In hot season of the year you will see a lot of naked girls.

In preferences in clothes bulgarian brides do not differ from European peers. They like jeans and tight shirts, cocktail dresses and beautiful handbags, ugg boots and shoes with high heels. Women like low-key colors. It is more important to focus on the dignity of the figure. Even in Bulgaria all over the pavement, girls wear shoes with high heel and peep toe. It should be noted that they go very beautifully and effectively, so they attract the eyes of men.

2 beauty secrets from Bulgarian girls

The most important role in health and beauty is water. There is a huge amount of thermal and mineral springs in the country, near which sanatoriums and spa hotels are built. Thermal resorts are also very popular. Almost every Sunday bulgarian female goes to the water. Spa hotels offer a wide range of beauty treatments that are inexpensive. These are Turkish baths, wraps, chocolate masks, mud treatments and so on. Even in the winter in Bulgaria people bathe in pools with therapeutic thermal water.

The next secret is proper nutrition. Bulgarian women eat fresh vegetables and fruits for the whole year. Bulgaria has a mild climate and fertile soils. And the most important product in the diet is the famous bulgarian yogurt, which is prepared using a special lactic acid bacteria. This is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is noteworthy that soups and drinks are made from bulgarian yoghurt, it is served with salads and even washed down with alcohol.  Not a single day of a bulgarian woman passes without yogurt and a bottle of mineral water.

Bulgarian brides have time to do everything slowly!

These amazing women are kind and smiling. They are energetic and purposeful. From the side it may seem that they are slow. But this is a false. The girls work a lot, but at the same time they manage to do household chores, prepare delicious food, go for a walk in the park with the children, chat with friends in a cafe over a cup of coffee, visit a hairdresser and training courses! Bulgarian girls know how to cook well and love cleanliness in the house.

Family values ​​for a bulgarian wife always come first. Every pretty girl dreams of getting married and having 2 or 3 children. Why girls do not choose men from their native country? The explanation is very simple. Men in Bulgaria are passive and undemanding to life. While women tend to get better every day, men relax. Sexually bulgarian ladies are liberated.They believe that it is not necessary to marry virgins. You can be sure that the bulgarian wife will only surprise and delight you!

In family life you will feel like a happy person. A woman will be a great mom for your children. She will develop the best human qualities in them and instill a love for sport. In the country children are engaged in year-round swimming, water polo, jumping from the tower and other sports. Children do not grow lazy, because they see before them a good example – their mother. Often you can see in the park running mothers with children. Also here are often held beach volleyball competitions in which participate people of any age.

Some statistics about Bulgarian brides

If you prefer to read not just descriptions of girls, but specific facts and statistics, then we are ready to provide you with the necessary information.

In recent decades Bulgarian women have seriously changed. Last year The National Institute of statistics of Bulgaria prepared the average image of a woman.

  • Height – 163 cm;

  • Weight – 67 kg;

  • 49.6% of girls have a sporty body;

  • Maria, Ivanka and Elena are the most common names;

  • 27.8 years – the age at which woman gets married;

  • 44.9% of girls over the past year never drank alcohol;

  • 13% of the inhabitants of Bulgaria profess Islam, the traditional religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity;

  • About 120,000 women are currently not working and are housewives;

  • The ratio of women to men is 105.7 to 100.

Based on the last points, you can understand why beautiful bulgarian women want to find foreign husbands. They are ready to become good wives and caring mothers to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house.

Conclusions about the beautiful Bulgarian brides

They are worthy, intelligent and beautiful women. They are very good and educated, but at the same time they are modern and strive for self-realization. They know how to take care of their husbands and children. They know how to work, expand their horizons and always be interested in something new. But do not think about feminism and other waves of modernity. Family life with a bulgarian girl is patriarchal. You will definitely be the head of the family. As a rule, strong families are created with bulgarian women for marriage.

Bulgarian brides are charming and strong in spirit. They are self-confident and hardworking, but at the same time they always remain good mothers who know how to bring up obedience and respect for elders in children. They are excellent housewives who can organize a household in the best way. In short, these girls deserve the highest praise. If you are unable to find love in your native country, then the bulgarian mail order bride can make you happy. Culture and traditions will be clear to you, and relationships will be built on love, trust and mutual understanding.

Top 10 Beautiful Bulgarian Women

  1. Nina Dobrev
  2. Silvia Ranguelova
  3. Nikoleta Bojinova Lozanova
  4. Diliana Popova
  5. Nikol Stankulova
  6. Antonia Petrova Beredin
  7. Silvia Dimitrova
  8. Nansi Karaboycheva
  9. Radina Kardjilova
  10. Evgeniya Radilova