Best Dating Sites For Over 40

Review of Best Dating Sites For Over 40 (That Really Work) 

Today, dating for those over 40 are becoming more relevant. And this is not surprising. Indeed, in an effort to have time to build a career, achieve the desired heights, conquer the world, men and women often sacrifice their personal lives. But, ultimately, having achieved certain heights, they begin to think about family life, marriage, and the birth of children. Given their age, many refuse to believe that it is possible to find a loved one and be loved. Therefore, people over 40 are looking for only serious relationships on dating sites for over 40 and they are no longer up to games. Single men and women are more responsible and consciously approaching the choice of platform for the search.

What is the Over 40 Dating?

Many believe that they have no chance to meet their love and start a serious relationship dating after 40. However, this is not at all true and many who have a serious approach to the search for love after 40, manage to build a serious relationship and even get married. The main thing is to follow some rules so that the search for your soulmate does not take much time and is successful:

  1. You should monitor your appearance. After 40 years, people just need to look fresh and young. Then, by all means, you will attract the views of the people you are interested in. But here it is important not to overdo it. Female makeup, manicure and the image as a whole should not go beyond. No bright lipstick, no mini skirts and open neckline. At least it will look stupid. If makeup, it is advisable to choose soft, bed tones. If the clothes, it solely emphasizes your figure, and not focusing on its shortcomings. Due to age, the figure may have some discrepancies, for example, excessive thinness or excess weight. Try to make efforts on yourself and gain optimal weight. Thin women over 40 look older than their age and have a painful appearance. This also applies to overweight women. Choose the diet that suits you, introduce more fresh vegetables and fruits into the diet. Both genders should not forget about sports loads. Having a good figure after 40 years is possible and necessary. This will significantly increase your chances of finding a loved one after 40 and find happiness. It is enough to do exercises every morning and you will have a beautiful toned body. You can do yoga, fitness, or just run on a treadmill. In any case, the result will not be long in coming.
  2. Set a goal for yourself. Tell yourself that you just need to get to know each other and get married. Thoughts are material and perhaps your attitude will play a decisive role ?! It is also important to understand for yourself what age category you would like to meet to create a serious relationship. It is important to consider social status, religious differences, and intellectual ones. After all, singles over 40 are not just picky, but extremely picky. And if you decide to start a family, then with a person who adheres to the same principles of life as you.
  3. Do not set the bar too high. If you are over 40, most likely you were already married or had a serious relationship. Perhaps your partner was very good in all respects, in a word worthy to be near you. It is not a fact that a person with similar criteria can be met. Therefore, if you have already set the goal to find friends after 40 years, you should not demand too much from a potential partner. To build a relationship you need to be simpler and just tune in to a positive wave. Be active, open and you can easily build successful relationships.
  4. Women should not be picky and grouchy. Single men over 40 are looking for relationship but not to be told what and when to do. They, just like you, want to find a serious relationship. Men after 40 years have extensive experience in relationships with women, and they will not choose the first counterpart to create a family. If you find fault with and without cause, then your relationship will end without ever starting. A man wants a calm, happy family life next to a woman who understands him, who will respect, trust and love him.

40 Plus Dating Sites 


This website is one of the first portals that introduced online dating internationally. Often the portal offers special offers that allow you to use the services of the site absolutely free for a certain period of time. After registration, users are invited to briefly tell about themselves, their goals of staying on the site and the qualities that they seek in their beloved. In addition, you need to upload to the site up to 26 of your best photos.

⦁ SilverSingles

SilverSingles has been a leader in senior dating since the site launched in 2002. Thanks to its easy-to-use online tools, the portal supports an international network of thousands of singles from around the world. As part of the Sparks Network, the dating platform is a reliable and reputable place where you can meet suitable older people in your area. You can register for free. From the moment you visit the SilverSingles homepage, it guides you through a simple registration process and helps you create a profile in just a few minutes. It is incredibly easy to enter your information and join the international network.

⦁ EliteSingles

Elite Singles is an easy dating site. It has many functions that allow you to find a suitable match in a short time. The smart matching feature makes the entire search process very quick and easy. Moreover, the registration process is very simple. Users need to provide basic details, after which they can start. Many people have tried the dating platform, and most of them are very pleased with the services offered.

⦁ eHarmony

The eHarmony platform was launched in 2000. The site has a special technology for finding partners based on a comparison of character and personality to create a happier and stronger relationship between people. Each user fills out a detailed questionnaire. Based on it, the user is offered profiles of other participants on the portal, which are most compatible according to the results of the questionnaire. The following is a four-step process for dating partners. At this stage, a decision is made whether to start communication with the user of this profile or not.

⦁ OurTime

OurTime is a reliable dating app for dating over 40. Regardless of your age or personal preferences, you can find more than 1.5 million elderly people who are looking for casual encounters, love or something in between. The portal will notify the user of other users visiting his profile and let him know who they are. The site keeps track of things that can help in the search, including showing who visited your profile, flirting with you and what profiles you have already seen.

⦁ OkCupid

It is one of the most successful resources on which many people find their love. The platform has all the basic functions that a free dating site has: registration and profile creation; partner search, search settings; the ability to quickly and easily contact the user of interest; as well as the opportunity to show your interest in other participants. Online registration consists of passing a small psychological test. Answering a question, the user selects the answer and, if necessary, indicates how important it is to him. If participants appear with a high percentage of coincidence, the user will automatically receive a notification.

⦁ Love Again

The portal is very popular among Asian, Christian, more than 40+ dating, and these are just some of them. Among the best features that the platform offers is the ability to send instant messages to each other. Registration will only take a few minutes of your time, which means that the registration process is simple. The user must provide information about himself  that will help in finding a partner. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should inform the participants about this. Thus, it will be easier to meet people who are looking for a serious relationship, rather than easy flirting.

⦁ PlentyOfFish

This is a platform for those who love Tinder apps but don’t want to pay for their services. While Plenty Of Fish provides most of the functions for free, it is possible to send an unlimited number of messages, view profiles of other participants, etc. Applications for iOS and Android are very convenient to use and have a more modern design, which is much more comfortable than the usual interface.

⦁ MillionaireMatch

This is a large dating site with the help of which wealthy people are looking for a suitable partner. To use this over 40 dating site, users must have a minimum annual income of $ 200,000. To find a suitable partner you need to specify his gender. In addition, you will need to enter the name of your district or city with a code and indicate in which state or province you currently reside, your annual income.


This is the original No. 1 dating site for over 40 dating in the world. Users can download the SeniorMatch app for free and immediately contact local singles. A free trial offer allows you to create a profile, send and receive emails. Member profiles are an easy way to find out about them by reading their messages about their thoughts and experiences. Well-organized search results with great photos and candidate location. All profiles are checked on the site before other members can see them.

Remember, you’re exactly the right age to find true love

Search for acquaintances and communication on the Internet – this is the easiest, easiest and most effective way to find a soulmate today. This is especially true for dating in your 40s. If young people manage to get acquainted everywhere, whether it is a street, office, shop, public transport, institute, fitness club, disco, cafe or even a swimming pool, then it is much more difficult for people of more mature age to do this. However, it is enough to go to dating service for serious acquaintances and begin to get acquainted and communicate with interesting people. About 60% of all acquaintances on over 40 dating sites lead to serious relationships and the creation of a family. And it’s not just words.

Communicating on dating sites, you have more opportunities to get to know the person you like better before meeting with him personally and entering into a relationship with him. This saves your already busy time. Dating sites over 40 for serious relationships will help you find friends for those over 40. The site was created exclusively for people who are tired of loneliness and are set up and looking to find a partner for a serious relationship and create a family. So register on one of the best dating sites for over 40, fill out the form, add your best photos and start meeting interesting applicants right now.

Keep trying new things

New acquaintances for those who are dating at 40 may be prevented by traces of the past, old stereotypes and patterns. Some men and women who have crossed the line of 40 years, 50 years, personal relationships were not in the best way. Surely, there were grievances and guilt, unjustified hopes and regret for missed opportunities. Some people have a feeling of uselessness, non-involvement in life in a relationship. As a result, a man or woman lives in his newly formed psychological space, beyond which the past prevents him. This means that your heart is closed to new meetings and acquaintances. Also, it is no secret that most women believe that all worthy men “died out like mammoths”, and those who remained are already married.

Therefore, before you start to get acquainted and look for a soul mate, get rid of traces of the past, psychologically release people with whom you have no relationship, get rid of negative patterns. This is not easy, however, only in this case you have a chance to get to know each other and the opportunity to create new happy relationships after 40 years, and after 50, and even if you are older.

Create a truthful online dating profile

If you are over 40, then you must correctly fill out the form on the dating site. Here are some attractive suggestions:

  1. Write in the section about yourself about the joyful moments of your life that you would like to experience again. For example, you were very fond of riding horses. Write that you would like to spend more time together with your loved one and would love to go on horseback riding.
  2. If you know exactly what qualities your ideal life partner should be endowed with, describe it. But do it in a gentle, tactful manner. It is not welcome when people write: “No photo – do not write! You have a big belly – do not write! And in general – you do not know what you need – do not write, I will not answer! Let’s save each other’s time! ”This formulation makes a person a bitchy person, aggressive towards everyone. At least it scares me off, but seriously speaking, normal serious-minded people just shy away from such proposals and run away, as if from a fire. In general, all that you write, try to read through the eyes of an outsider and ask yourself, do you like yourself? If in doubt, then the questionnaire needs to be changed.
  3. Write about yourself and the person you are looking for  in friendly manner. After all, you are deep down dreaming of something good, of spiritual communication, understanding, care, love, finally. To find someone who can give you all this, you have to send the right signals to the people who are registered on one of free dating sites over 40. 
  4. Remember that on a dating site there are always those people who behave obscenely. They can write unpleasant things, swear at you because you do not reciprocate. To protect yourself from these people, just use the blacklist. But, in no case, do not contact people in your profile, as if everything is there. Therefore, you should know how to distinguish a fake from a real person on dating site. For a long life you must understand one truth – there is the only one person in the world that suits you perfectly. And you are looking for this person! Every first person who writes to you is most likely not compatible with you. That is the reality. Imagine yourself as a captain on a ship that is also sailing to his happiness, and there are opposing winds, high waves and thunderstorms on his way. But you are moving towards your goal and therefore do not scold the ship. In our case, the ship is a dating site that helps you find your soul mate and it doesn’t matter how old you are – 40 or 60.
  5. Upload the photos that reflect the best aspects of your appearance and inner world. Check what a successful photo should be like on a dating site. Do not use for the photo album those images where you  feel yourself “so-so.” That is how others will see you, as you see yourself. Have a spiritual look and smile to yourself, and then the person you always dreamed about will enter your heart .


Acquainted on the Internet is very easy and simple. Finding love after 40 online is quite possible as it will happen quickly and without much effort. It’s not as scary as people who have never met online can think. A lot of people from different countries and different ages are registered on such sites, so the selection increases. Moreover, you do not need to waste time on those who are not suitable for you – just block an annoying interlocutor and continue your search. Those who can not find a partner for a serious relationship should no doubt register on one of the dating sites and start their searches, because they will definitely be successful.

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