Baltic Single Ladies

Baltic Mail Order Brides Overview

Baltic women are gorgeous ladies from the Baltic region, including countries like Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. They are true Northern princesses and are close to barbies in terms of appearance. However, that is not the only that attracts foreigners around the globe. Single Baltic lady  not only very beautiful, but also very hardworking and smart. Their time management skills are clearly on another level, because they are great at combining their careers with chores. They are not only great professionals, but also fantastic mothers and wives.

I totally understand all the controversy surrounding dating agency services, so I think it’s important to clarify the situation. Due to various misconceptions regarding the fact that the women a concept, these platforms receive many negative review. However, that is not how it works.  In fact, woman services are a quick and effective way communicate with Baltic beauties. Let me explain why.

Baltic Ladies: What are They Like?

Before I move on, it’s important to find out who is Baltic mail order bride. After all, this is what this review is all about.  Baltic women are beautiful girls who have decided not to search for a husband in their home country, but to register on online dating sites and find a suitable foreigner.  It’s also important to understand that Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are not the only countries commonly referred to as the Baltic, but they are the most common countries within the Baltic coast. Contrary to popular belief on the internet, Baltic women do not receive any money for registering on such platforms and are not scouted on purpose to be online mail order brides.

In reality, they voluntarily create their profiles for the sole purpose of seeking love, just as foreign men do when they want to find their love on the internet. The only difference is that women go through a more complex identity verification process to prevent fraudulent activity on such sites. Reliable websites do their best to contribute to the overall well-being and safety of the international dating service. They therefore know how important it is to get rid of all the dishonest people who try to outsmart those who seek love. Thus, you can be sure that the Baltic women presented on such websites are absolutely legal.

General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.

Features That are Common for Baltic Women

Hardworking And Independent

Baltic women find it absolutely normal to build their own careers as they love everything about gender equality and understand that they can only count on themselves to make the money and build a happy life. That said, they are very good at streamlining their time and setting priorities so they can perfectly combine housekeeping duties with their career. This means that they will continue working hard even after marrying and giving birth to children.

Not Too Talkative

They might not be very talking with you, mainly because they are unfamiliar with you, so they look shy. This is because they do not want to share their true feelings with people who they don’t know much about. On the other hand, you will be amazed at how happy and smiling they are as soon as you will get to know them a little better. Once they find out they can trust you, they become very open-minded and talkative. And trust me, they have a lot of interesting topics to discuss with you.

Incredibly Intelligent

As already mentioned, Baltic mail order brides are very hardworking. This applies to every area of ​​their lives, including education. They work hard to improve their skills every day. All Baltic women have a secondary education and most of them have at least one higher education. It just shows how well-rounded they are. They are interested in a lot of stuff, so it’s always nice to deal with them and have a meaningful conversation. You will never be bored with your Baltic soulmate.

Fantastic Appearance

The majority of Baltic women are very attractive. Most of them resemble the classic image of a Barbie: they are tall, slender, radiant and with beautiful blue eyes. In addition, they pay close attention to their appearance and invest a lot of time and money in improving their natural beauty by visiting beauticians on a regular basis.

One other thing that cannot be overlooked is the great elegant style of the Baltic beauties. They follow the latest trends and always wear something that makes their sexy bodies look even better (and that’s nearly impossible because of how stunning their body forms are).

Why Use Mail Order Bride Services?

Another thing that needs explanation is the term “brides for sale”. The logical question that can be in your head is whether you can simply transfer a certain amount of money to get a Baltic woman. The answer is short and clear: You only pay for the opportunity to communicate with beautiful babes when using dating agencies, such as send messages, use video chat, make gifts, and so on. Everything else depends from you and the girl. There is no guarantee that you will find the love of your life.

However, the chances are pretty good. That’s because online dating sites use advanced search tools to help you customize your search and highlight important criteria. In addition, the more information you provide about yourself during filling out your profile, the more likely you to meet someone with similar interests. Baltic mail order brides are very different, but they have a lot of interesting characteristics in common.

Things That Make Baltic Women Very Special

Most foreign men think of Nordic women as tall blonde beauties with blue eyes. However, not all Baltic women have such a picture of the Viking queen. Over the years, people in the Baltic mixed their genes strongly with Western and Southern Europe, and during Soviet rule, this mixture gained more genes from the East. In this way, you will easily find amazing looking brunettes and redheads.

Nowadays, most men understand very well that looks are not everything and a woman should have a lot more than just astonishing looks. The good news is that a typical Baltic girl is not only beautiful, but also intelligent. Among some other positive aspects of Baltic women are the education system, which is easily accessible to the masses. Thus, most of local women graduate here and hold important positions.

At the same time, family is more important than anything for them. Most of the Baltic women usually try to unite the two, and are very good at that. Some of them will prefer to take care of the housekeeping instead of having a job – of course, if they have the opportunity to not work. The standard of living in the Baltic region is quite high and the economy is growing rapidly, meaning that your soulmate will most likely get used to the right living conditions and will not compromise. Even though helping your Baltic wife with housekeeping isn’t a must, she will be incredibly grateful will all her heart if you do decide to help her with some stuff.

Speaking of children, it is not common for Baltic families to have more than a few kids. You also shouldn’t worry about annoying relatives, as they will visit you very rarely.

Keep in mind that most Baltic mail order brides take dating very seriously, whether you are online or offline It’s quite obvious that girls should not marry virgins, but high moral and ethical standards do not allow them to have more than one partner at the same time or change partners too quickly. So, if you attract the attention of a beautiful Baltic woman, you can almost be sure that you are the only man she flirts with at this stage of her life. And you can surely count on the same attitude after your marriage.

Looking for Your Baltic Love

Baltic girls are well represented on online dating agencies, so it should be easy for you to find beautiful Baltic women. However, it is important that you read the reviews and choose the websites you visit responsibly. This is because there are many websites that do not protect their members from all kinds of scams as intended, which can significantly worsen your online dating experience. Therefore, always be careful. You should register and deposit money only on trustworthy dating sites.

If you feel like looking for sexy Baltic babes right away, you can take a look at one of the sites below and choose one for your liking:

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  • An international online dating platform that has a lot of Baltic girls of any type;

  • Registration process won’t take much time;

  • The website has sophisticated and useful search tools that maximize the effectiveness of the partner search process.

Victoria Hearts

  • This dating agency does everything possible to get rid of fake profiles any prevent any fraud;

  • A fantastic choice of Baltic women that are willing to chat with you;

  • A transparent payment system is presented, making your life a lot easier.

How to Find Out if the Agency is Worth Your Time And Money?

I assume that you may have heard stories about online fraud, and you sure don’t want to be a part of one yourself. Like I have already said, professional mail order bride agencies put in a lot of work to make sure that all users are real people who are looking for long-term relationships with serious intentions. Therefore, it is always useful to start with the terms and conditions of the website – it should contain detailed information about the company, its activities, as well as legal procedures.

However, it can be a pretty boring activity to go through all of the pages, so here are the most important things that you need to pay attention to when choosing a site:

  • No registration fees. Avoid sites that try to charge you registration fees or request your credit card information during the registration period. Serious services will never try to sell you a pig in a poke. Instead, they will give you a chance to register for free, spend some time on the website, and see if you like it;

  • Integrated pricing: when it comes to monthly payments, you have to keep in mind that not every website charges them Some may prefer to charge for the number of messages and the amount of time you spend chatting. Both types of subscription have their advantages and disadvantages. However, when registering, it is important to know the pricing policy of the company. In addition, there should be no hidden fees or expenses;

  • Profiles. Mail order brides take marriage very seriously and rarely provide low-quality selfies as account images. In addition, most agencies provide their customers with a free photo shoot so that the entire platform looks presentable. It’s also nice to know that most Baltic women are well-educated and fluent in English. And even if your crush studied French, Spanish, German, or some other language, you can always ask for a translator, and the dating agency will gladly provide one for additional cash;

  • Easy site navigation. This is a very important factor that shows how much a dating agency cares about its customers. Interface of the website should be convenient and user-friendly, and the site shouldn’t be outdated;

  • Positive reviews and ratings: if a service has been on the market for some time now, it is likely that it has already connected more than one pair. Although marriage is a private matter, most happy clients still seek to share their positive experiences online. Just look at customer reviews and social networking sites, as this information is not difficult to find.

What You Should And Shouldn’t do When Dating Your Baltic Love Online


  • Take some time to find about your wife’s country and show her that you are interested in her culture and traditions;

  • Make sure to chat with multiple Baltic mail order brides before you find your one and only;

  • If you feel like you’ve found the right person, make sure to pay attention to her and do your best to impress her;

  • Surprise her with a gift. You can send a random gift through the website. It will not be expensive, but any gorgeous Baltic woman will surely appreciate this gesture;

  • Be honest about your intentions. In other words, you shouldn’t be quiet about how serious your intentions are, what you expect from your wife, how many children (if any) you would like, and so on;

  • Be sure to visit her one day. Obviously this is a very serious step and you only have to do it if you are sure about the lady. That said, flying to her country of residence will show her how serious you are about your relationship.


  • Never send her money, no matter how much she is begging for it. Nobody is completely protected from fraud;

  • Ask about the history of the USSR – the majority of Baltic girls have a vague idea of ​​the events of the last century; In addition, people from the Baltic region are not willing to talk about that period;

  • Make insulting jokes. Keep in mind that you are talking to the ladies;

  • Don’t be rude to her. If you don’t understand something about her culture, then ask her right way. There is no need to be rude even if something seems really weird to you;

  • Lose your patience. Remember that finding your one and only might take some time and that in some cases online dating is similar to traditional dating. Your luck will catch up with you sooner or later.


In general, your chances of finding a beautiful Baltic woman and marrying her are pretty good, especially if you take into account my opinion and find a trustworthy dating agency. The only advice left is to take things one by one and not rush with the decision. In the end, you have to be sure that you have truly found the perfect match before dating a Baltic lady.

17 Baltic female movers and shakers of the tech world

  1. Kaidi Ruusalep – Founder / CEO of Funderbeam
  2. Kristel Kruustuk – Founder / CEO of Testlio
  3. Maila Teramees – Co-founder of Callmidwife
  4. Mari-Liis Lind – Founder of Tech Sisters
  5. Karoli Hindriks – Founder and CEO of Jobbatical
  6. Kai Isand – COO of Garage48
  7. Alise Semjonova – Co-founder of, co-creator of Riga Tech Girls
  8. Alina Karpelceva – Co-founder of Riga Tech Girls
  9. Marija Rucevska – CEO of TechChill
  10. Dagnija Lejina – Co-founder and CEO of Digital Freedom Festival
  11. Gunita Kulikovska – Founder and CEO of Vividly
  12. Jevgenija Zigisova – Founder of GDG Daugavpils
  13. Milda Mitkute – Founder and CEO of Vinted
  14. Rimante Ribaeiauskaite – COO of Omnisend
  15. Roberta Rudokiene – Manager of Startup Lithuania
  16. Zydrune Vitaite – Co-founder of Women Go Tech
  17. Aurelija Urbonaviciute – CEO & Co-Founder Tipi