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How to find Asian brides over the Internet

Asia is a huge region that includes dozens of countries and myriads of ethnicities. This is the largest and the most populous continent on Earth. Over 4.5 billion people live in Asia, and about half of them are women. Many men from the United States and Europe are interested in dating with hot Asian girls. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Thanks to the internet, you do not even have to leave your apartment in order to meet Asian women. There are dozens of Asian mail order brides platforms that help men from all over the world find a girlfriend from another country. We have reviewed the very best of them in this article. Using these services, you will be able to meet Asian singles of your dreams!

Who are Mail Order Brides?

Mail-order brides are single women who are trying to find a husband over the internet. They want to date men from other countries using specific websites operated by international marriage agencies. On legitimate Asian dating sites, every woman must upload her photographs, bio, and legit contact information. Unlike hookup websites, Asian mail order wife services are platforms for people in search of serious relationships.

Why do Asian women become mail order brides?

Just like women from other countries, gorgeous Asian singles are trying to find partners online. Nevertheless, what is the reason they choose online mail order brides services over traditional dating? Why do they create profiles on Asian dating sites instead of meeting husband of their own ethnicity? There are myriads of myths about that and today we are going to dispel some of the most popular of them.

  • Asian girls want money. Many people believe that single Asian ladies live poor and unhappy lives and that is the reason they want to marry a rich Westerner and steal their wealth. This is very far from the truth! The vast majority of Asian women are educated and financially secure. They not only earn enough money for themselves but also support their parents. At the same time, most of the Asian wives prefer families where the husband is the provider who earns more. Despite that, there are many businesswomen in Asia who get as much money as their spouses. Therefore, Asian girls will not consider you as their personal wallet.
  • Another popular myth about Asian women is that they hate their native countries and want to relocate as soon as possible. This is also false! On the opposite, the vast majority of Asian women, especially young girls, cannot even imagine their lives without family and home. They find it very hard to be apart for a long time. That is why most of the Asian women prefer to stay in their hometowns. Keep that in mind: if you try to ask a beautiful Asian girl for a date, she might refuse to visit your country but invite you to travel to her own.
  • Asian women are powerless. Some people think that Asians are helpless outside their home countries. This is yet another lie! In fact, most of the young Asian mail order bride can speak English very well. As we have mentioned above, they are educated and capable of providing themselves. You will not be bored if you choose a hot Asian wife! Women from Asian countries enjoy learning new things and you will definitely find something to talk about even if their English is not very good.
General Information about Mail Order Brides Websites
Finding a Bride
Step 1
Choose a reliable mail order website. There are hundreds of them.
The Process
Step 2
Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself.
Your choice
Step 3
Learn some information about the country, girl from which one you would like to meet here.
Step 4
Make a choice and write a girl you like.

So, what is the real reason why Asian women become mail order brides? The answer is simple: they want to find love. Every Asia girl yearns for care and support. All they dream about is to find a perfect partner and create a happy marriage. Even though young Asian beauties are very progressive, most of them want to find a loving husband and start a family. If you are willing to support this wish and meet a stunning Asian lady, register at one of the dating websites from our list!

What is the best Asian country to look for a wife?

There are many stereotypes about Asian women in modern culture. Most people in the United States and Europe do not know much about Asian countries. Meanwhile, there are over 40 regions in Asia according to the United Nations. You can find attractive women in most of them! Here is the list of the most popular Asian countries known for hot and desired Asian girls:

  • Thailand;
  • Philippines;
  • Korea;
  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Vietnam.

Of course, girls from these countries are different. Japanese women have wider, longer faces and bigger eyes, while Korean women usually have higher cheekbones and prominent jaws. At the same time, Chinese girls have rounder faces. Regardless of your taste, you can meet all kinds of Asian girls using the top Asian wife finder apps and websites.

What can you expect from your Asian wife?

If you are going to marry an Asian woman, you should expect the following things from her:

  • Asian girls do not like mindless conversations. As we have already mentioned, they are very educated, as well as passionate and experienced. They want to have real conversations, so you will have to keep up with them.
  • Asian women never tolerate disrespectful behavior. You will have to treat your Asian wife with respect if you want her to treat you the same.
  • Asian women are loving but humble. Your Asian wife will love you will all her heart but she will not show her feelings in public.
  • Asian girls are loyal. An Asian wife will never talk about her husband behind his back or do anything to hurt him. Even you did something wrong, your Asian girlfriend will make everything she can to support you. If she truly loves you, you can always count on her regardless of circumstances.

What makes Asian women so attractive?

Thousands of men all over the world find Asian women extremely beautiful. One of the reasons why they are considered to be so attractive is eyes. Asian beauties have amazing narrowly planted eyes, which makes them mysterious and seductive at the same time. A hot Asian girl can hypnotize any man and captivate his heart.

Another reason why Asian women are so desired is their light and soft skin. They take good care of their skin. Usually, Asian girls do not sunbathe and go out with umbrellas on sunny days. As you might have known, sunlight’s radiation damages skin and makes people look older. That is why Asian women rarely go on a beach but look so young and pretty.

Finally, Asian women have thin and beautiful figures. Most of them have amazing bodies. Young Asian women pay attention to what they drink and eat, as well as spend a lot of time in the gym. They do not age fast thanks to such a healthy lifestyle and remain very attractive for many years.

Are Asian Mail Order Brides Legit?

There are hundreds of dating platforms on the internet but not all of them deserve your trust. If you do not want to get scammed, we highly advise you to use verified mail order brides sites. We have picked the best services with strict verification systems to avoid frauds.

Do note that no matter how good the administration of Asian dating sites secures their platforms, there could still be some loopholes. Therefore, you must use online dating platforms extremely safely. Never send any money or your personal information to other people!

Best Asian mail order brides websites

This article covered the most important aspects of Asian brides. You have learned about their culture, habits, and differences from Western women. Now it is time to find out how you can actually start dating beautiful women from Asia. Are there any real ways to meet a hot Asian lady for a Westerner? Fortunately, there are! We have great news for you: you can easily find an Asian bride online.

Our team has tested legitimate Asian dating sites for those who are in search of a relationship with women from Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, and other Asian countries. Review: dating service for singles from Japan is a high-quality matchmaking website, operated by Cupid Media Company since 2005. It is meant both for Japanese people and for foreigners looking for a relationship with a person from Japan. It does not matter whether you are searching for a wife or just a pen friend — this dating service will help you in all situations. Do you want to find out more about it? Then this review is exactly what you need.

Main features of

The website has over 700 thousands of members from all over the world. It is available in many languages, including:

  • English;
  • Japanese;
  • Korean;
  • Dutch;
  • Swedish;
  • Polish;
  • French.

Just like China Love com, another dating service from Cupid Media, offers thousands of profiles of both male and female single people. It has an advanced search engine, claimed to be self-learning, which will help you find the perfect match for you. You can respond to matches with instant messages or using the electronic mail. The website design is intuitive and easy to learn, so you should not experience any difficulties with it.

How to register at

The registration process is extremely simple: you only need to enter the following personal information:

  • First Name;
  • Sex;
  • Age;
  • E-mail address.

Of course, after the registration you will be able to fill in your profile and add more contact information, share pictures of you, describe a person you are looking for and write your bio. Keep in mind, that the team of will check all of the submitted photos and the profile text. You might get banned if you try to upload fake pictures, so provided information should be completely legit. Such a strict policy helps the administration to protect users from scam and spam profiles.

Creating your profile is free, but you can also get a subscription and become a Gold member of the website. It will allow you to use additional features presented at You will be able to send and read video messages, visit chat rooms, and get access to many more additional features.

You can also become a Platinum member to make your profile rank above other members, automatically translate messages to your language and get a profile highlighting to attract more attention. This kind of subscription will let you use all website features without any restrictions.

The monthly cost of Gold and Platinum membership equals correspondingly 29.99 and 34.99 dollars. You are able to pay for three, six or twelve months at once in order to save up to 67% of your money. We highly recommend you to acquire at least the Gold membership, since it will help you to match with dozens of hot girls or men much faster.

Chinalovecupid: meet hot Asian brides from China

Chinalovecupid is the most popular dating website for Chinese people. It has helped numerous people around the world. At the time of writing, it has over a million active users!

Can western people use Chinalovecupid?

Of course! Just like most of the other websites owned by Cupid Media, this dating website is fully translated into English. Additionally, you can choose the following languages:

  • Chinese;
  • Danish;
  • Spanish;
  • German;
  • Italian;
  • Japanese.

In order to select the language, click the flag icon located at the top right corner of the screen. You can do it any time you want.

Best features of Chinalovecupid

The website is similar to other products offered by Cupid Media. It has a good intuitive design so you will get used it very quickly. Among the most popular features of this service are:

  • Live chat;
  • Audio chat;
  • Easy signup;
  • Advanced search feature.

Do note that you will need to purchase a premium account in order to use some of the above-listed features. Additionally, the premium subscription will allow you to send unlimited amounts of messages.

There are two types of paid accounts: Platinum and Gold. The first one will cost you 34.99 USD per month and the second one costs 29.98 USD per month. You can save some money by buying 3 months or 12 months of membership at once.

How to register at Chinalovecupid?

Chinalovecupid is very easy to use. Even if you have not used any matching services before, you will not have any troubles during the registration. The whole sign up process is completely free and takes only about five minutes. Open the main page of the Chinalovecupid website and fill in your personal information and the questionnaire. Upload your photo and wait for verification. You will be able to update your membership and get access to all features of Chinalovecupid right after the registration.

Chinalovecupid Mobile App

Many single people prefer to use their smartphones for online dating apps. If you are one of them, you can use Chinalovecupid app for Android or iOS. It has the same functionality as the desktop version of the website. The app is optimized for smaller screens, which makes it a better choice for portable platforms. However, you do not have to install it since the website is also available on mobiles.

Does Chinalovecupid even work?

Yes, there are many positive user reviews about this dating platform. According to the Chinalovecupid administration, over a million people use it on a regular basis. Sign up for free to see profiles of beautiful Asian girls for any taste. If you are looking for hot Asian women from China, this might be one of the best websites that you can find! Review: a big dating website for Chinese singles is a rather new dating service, which was founded in 2011. Quickly enough it became one of the most popular matchmaking websites for the Chinese diaspora. If you are interested in communication with Chinese people from all other the world, this is a great place for you. We have made a short review on to help you understand all its nuances.

A short history of 2redbeans

The founder of the company, Q Zhao, is a successful Chinese woman who worked in the United States. She noticed that many of her friends had trouble finding meaningful relationships that could lead to marriage. One day she decided to quit her job and help other people to find love. Soon after the launch of, Q Zhao met her future husband. They found each other thanks to the website and now are happy in marriage.

Currently, has over 700 thousands of users. Most of them are from China, but there are also men and women from the United States and all over the world. The user base of the website grows at a consistent rate of 10% per month and it is already as popular as China Love com.

Main features of 2redbeans

Just like the most dating services nowadays, has free registration. However, users can subscribe to get a VIP membership, which removes all kinds of limitations. The monthly cost for a VIP status varies from 34.99 dollars to 15.99 dollars depending on the number of months you are buying at once.

The website is available in Chinese (about 70% of users prefer it) and English. During the registration, you are asked questions regarding your age, sex, wealth, partner preferences and so on. There are also non-standard questions about your immigration status and the year of immigration. Based on your answers, the matchmaking system helps you to find a partner in situations similar to your own. Another unique feature called “The Secret Admirer” lets shy users to know whether the person they like likes them back.

The team uses advanced security options, which protects users from fake and scam accounts. Thanks to strict security measures, the site provides a nice and safe environment where anyone can try to find a wife or a husband. You have all the tools to do it: it is possible to send messages and e-mails to persons you liked. However, free users can only send up to 10 messages a day.

2redbeans mobile app

There is a mobile application for, available both on Android and iOS. You can log in using an existing account or register a new one right from your smartphone. The application itself has a smooth and beautiful interface, which provides all the features of the desktop version, such as messaging, advanced search, daily matches and many more.

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