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Asexual Dating: Is It Possible and How Do Dating Sites Help to Asexuals?

Statistic says that about 1% of adult people identify as asexual. Probably, their real number is different, as many of them just don’t speak aloud of their true sexual orientation (yes, asexuality is considered to be a special form of sexual orientation). The attitude to asexual people in the modern society is still controversial.

Who is an asexual person? In general terms, this is an adult physically healthy man or a woman of a sexually active age who is not interested in sexual relations or doesn’t need/want sex to feel happy and satisfied with life. Contrary to a popular belief, asexual people are not disabled; they are not impotent. Life without sex is their choice. They just don’t want a sexual relationship with anyone and don’t have a sex drive.

Asexual Dating: Myths and Facts

It is generally believed that asexual dating simply doesn’t exist. Dating is associated with love or sexual desire, and love is associated with sex too, at least, as long as we are talking about the love of adult people. Asexual people don’t need sex, so they don’t need a partner. It means, any type of dating makes no sense to them. However, this is just a misconception. There is one logical inconsistency in this statement: the fact that a person doesn’t need sex doesn’t exclude his or her need for love, respect, warmth, and protection. Asexual people are not senseless: they just don’t equate love with sex. 

Meanwhile, dating can become a real challenge for an asexual person. Probably, the most difficult thing is to explain his or her asexuality. As of now, asexual online dating is often the only way to meet like-minded people, as their share is too small, and the probability of meeting one of them in your city is low. Let’s review the best dating sites for asexuals and those ones friendly to asexuals.

Top-7 Websites for Asexual Dating

You must be aware of the fact that dating sites are not made equal. While conventional sites are oriented to searching for traditional heterosexual relations, there are some specialized platforms with the focus on various types of non-traditional dating. Here are top-seven asexual-friendly websites, where you can meet other asexuals. 


Let’s make it clear: Match is not a dedicated asexual dating website. However, it is one of the largest online dating communities with an audience of over 30 million. Unlike numerous “hookup” apps and sites, Match is a serious platform where single people can search for all types of relationships. The site offers a variety of filters, which make it easier to narrow down the search. No matter whether you are looking for a friend or a husband, Match allows to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Other advantages of this dating site include a simple one-click registration, reasonable costs, and plenty of convenient communication tools. Among other things, Match offers a smart search system for selecting perfect matches for a user. If you want to meet asexuals, just specify this information in the settings of your profile. Irrespective of your orientation, Match is a perfect place to try your luck at.


As the name implies, Asexualistic is a specialized site that offers dating for asexuals. With a community of almost 30 thousand, it is, probably, the largest online service oriented for asexuals. After signing up, you’ll be requested to fill your profile with relevant data: your age, gender, origin, language you speak, marital status, hobbies, interests, and so on. The more detailed information you provide, the higher your chance of finding a partner is. 

Asexualistic works like most other dating sites. Once you log in, you may set the filters and search for people you’d like to start a conversation with. A special feature of the site is the availability of thematic user groups. You can join one of the groups or create a new one. Inside the groups, users discuss various issues associated with asexuality and beyond. This is a sort of live communication (like a forum or a live chat), which helps to start a relationship easier.


This is one of the fastest-growing asexual dating sites around as well as one of the oldest ones. It has been around for over ten years, which is not bad for a website with such a narrow specialization. AsexualMatch offers its users a variety of tools for seeking like-minded in different countries of the world. In the beginning, you’ll be requested to specify your goals – whether you are looking for friendship, a romantic relationship, a life partner, a co-traveler or someone else.

To make the most of the site, you may load your real photos and write some sentences about yourself. Let other site members see that you are open and ready for communication. Tell about your strong sides and preferences and try to outline what type of person you would like to meet. The site itself is easy to navigate, so using it should not make any problem. All popular channels of communications (messaging, chatting, and winking) are at your disposal.

Asexual Cupid

Nowadays, more and more people start speaking about their asexuality openly. Moreover, finally, asexuality has been considered a special form of sexual orientation (in some countries). No surprise the number of places where you can meet asexual people is growing. One of these progressive sites on the web is Asexual Cupid, which replicates the famous Cupid service but has a narrower specialization. Being a really progressive platform, Asexual Cupid welcomes users with all types of asexual orientations, including aromantic, homoromantic, and heteroromantic ones.

As usual, to start seeking like-minded people you must sign up and complete your profile with basic information. All registered users with verified accounts get full access to the site’s database of asexual personals and can write text messages and respond to inbox messages. Though the community of Asexual Cupid is not too large yet, it is worthy of having a closer look at.

Asexual Dating Site

The name of Asexual Dating Site speaks for itself. This is a cozy and secure place for those who prefer to keep away from the discussion of sex-related issues. If you want to meet like-minded people, find new friends, and feel support from the people who share your views on the relations between men and women, this dating site is the right place for you. The site guarantees the highest degree of scam protection and uses SSL to protect its users’ personal data.

Registration on Asexual Dating Site is free, so you lose nothing by creating an account. Moreover, it is a part of a larger online community called Online Connections. Once you create an account, it automatically (and for free) appears on other websites of this network. Of course, it’s for you to decide whether to use them or not. 

Asexual Chat

Asexual Chat is a service belonging to Asexual Cupid website. If you prefer live communication with people sharing your views, this platform will definitely meet your needs. The site offers smart search features, which help find potential partners based on a comprehensive analysis of user profiles. The service analyzes your location, lifestyle, and preferences, after which you are offered potentially perfect partners. Use the “Let’s meet!” feature to start the conversation. 

Other cool features of Asexual Chat include round-the-clock customer support, a focus on user privacy protection, and a special “Safety Tips” section. If your preferences are limited to the need for platonic relationships, the team of Asexual Chat invites you to join their community and find other asexual singles without the need for unnecessary explanations.


If you want to combine a convenience of social media sites and functionality of dating apps, consider CelibatePassions, which is a constituent part of the Passions Network. Here, you may synchronize your profile with your account on Facebook. Unlike other asexual dating apps, this platform offers you various interest groups, discussions, forums, message boards, etc. 

At the same time, the platform works like any dating site. After paying for the membership, you can use it for seeking other people with the help of various filters and communicate with them. You may take advantage of traditional chats and even two-way webcam chat rooms. Finding like-minded people is easier when you know how to meet other asexuals. CelibatePassions provides all the necessary tools for this.

How Dating Sites Help Asexual People 

As we know, asexual people face a lot of challenges every time when it comes to dating. Total misunderstanding of other people leads to the complete loneliness of an asexual man or woman. Often, these people get desperate, as they start thinking that nobody in the whole world understands them. In this respect, online dating has a lot of benefits if compared to offline dating. In particular, dating sites help to resolve the following problems.

  • They allow to sort out the profiles of potential candidates before you even start communication. Many dating services have a smart search feature, which makes it possible to select the best matches automatically. 
  • Dedicated dating sites for asexuals help find like-minded people much faster and more effectively.
  • By using asexual dating sites free, you can avoid discussing major controversial issues and the need for explaining your real views. Nobody will say you are weird or strange. 
  • In fact, the share of asexual people in the world is very small. You may never meet any in real life, which means you’ll have to stay alone or get on with your partner’s sexuality. Online dating sites provide a unique opportunity of finding like-minded people in different corners of the world right from the comfort of your home. 
  • Online dating with other asexuals helps you understand yourself better. Even if you are not planning to meet anyone in real life, you may take part in discussing various hot issues and controversial topics. You will listen to other people’s stories and analyze your situation.
  • Finally, dating an asexual girl or guy is just a wonderful new experience for both of you and a great way to make your life a bit brighter.

At the same time, one needs to be aware of possible problems and dangers. It’s crucial to understand that asexuality can have a different form. For example, you are just indifferent to sex but don’t mind hugging, kissing, and having other forms of a physical contact, while another person doesn’t accept any contact at all. Also, you may have different interests and different life values, which can become a serious obstacle too. 

Is It Difficult for an Asexual Person to Find His or Her Love?

While online dating definitely makes the life of asexual people easier, it is not a panacea. Even in a modern progressive society people who don’t accept sex often have to deal with misunderstanding, ignorance, and even aggression. What are the main difficulties that prevent asexuals from finding their love online?

  • They have to answer the same questions again and again. Both men and women repeatedly ask something like “What about marriage?”, “How are you going to have children?” or “What if you fall in love with a sexual person?”. This is rather irritating and annoying.
  • They often deal with misconception, which always comes in the form of aggression. Most people simply can’t believe that someone can have no sex drive. These people tend to make continuous attempts of making asexuals change their attitude to sex. Sometimes, these attempts are very aggressive.

As a result, after several unsuccessful attempts of finding understanding, asexual people give up. They just don’t know how to find an asexual partner online. They have nothing to do but stay alone.

To Sum It Up

Asexuality is quite a rare type of sexual orientation. We must confess that our world is almost entirely oriented on heterosexual (and, to some extent, homosexual) people. Fortunately, there are some noticeable positive changes in this field. Thanks to dedicated dating websites for asexuals, adherers of platonic love get a chance for finding their happiness.

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