Armenian Women

Armenian girls and women are different, both externally and spiritually. If you ever had to communicate with Armenian girls at least once in your life, then you most likely noticed a huge difference between them, in behavior, manners and appearance.

Armenian brides – What chances to meet your destiny?

Hot Armenian women attract attention with their incredible Caucasian beauty. They are very faithful to their national traditions. When an Armenian girl in an ethnic costume walks along the street, everyone pays attention to her. What is the secret of the popularity of Armenian brides and is there a chance to meet such a girl to create a family?

Today, Armenian women are very popular. We will not list the names and surnames of those beauties who won the hearts of not only Armenian men, but also overseas.

Of course, when you come to Armenia, you will not be able to get acquainted with Armenian mail order bride just on the street, the strict traditions of this people do not encourage this, but now there are many opportunities that allow you to communicate with people from different parts of the world.

So that men and women can freely communicate with each other, international dating sites are created on the Internet. This is a great chance to make your dream come true get a beautiful wife and amazing family There are many happy stories about how men and women met on dating sites and getting married a few months later.

Why are Armenian women so charming?

Women of Armenia are incredibly beautiful; their appearance is bright and peculiar. If you want a beautiful woman to be your wife, there is no better choice than pretty Armenian girls. This nation has a rich gene pool and the chances of meeting a woman of magnificent beauty are very high. In addition to this, your unborn children will inherit the best features from their mother and will be the most beautiful and sweetest creatures on the planet.

The beauty of Armenian women is difficult to describe in simple words. Their beauty was sung by the best poets in the world, trying to express it in their works. But in real life, these women amaze even more with their charm and grace and make an indelible impression.

The appearance of the Armenian woman is very diverse! Most of them are owners of brown eyes, brown or ash-black hair. However, among the Armenian women there are blue-eyed, green-eyed and gray-eyed girls. It happens that in Armenia, you also can meet girls with gold, red and even blond hair.

One of the famous American sites recognized Armenian girls as the sexiest ladies, and this is true. Most Armenians are naturally endowed with seductive shapes, but besides this, they carefully take care of themselves, constantly taking care of thick natural hair and delicate skin.

The character of the Armenian women is also different, as well as their beauty, and it is impossible to give an unambiguous assessment of this. Armenian women are brought up differently, in different families and countries. Large Armenian communities live in all major cities of the world, which plays an important role in the formation of their personality.

Syrian and Iranian Armenians are very similar to the women of Syria and Iran, not only internally, but externally. Many girls who are brought up in Slavic countries become like Slavs, and those who grew up in the West are like Americans or Europeans.

As they grew up in different countries, where a certain culture and traditions that influenced them, the character of the girls becomes relevant to this society. But of course, not only society determines the character, but also upbringing in traditional Armenian families.

Many young hot Armenian girls are constrained and shy, which is also associated with conservative views on life, members of her family. Other Armenians have a fighting character and can stand up for themselves, but they respect older generations and men. These girls are good and kind, until someone pisses them off. They can be hot, quick-tempered, moody and stubborn. But this is not bad, this character trait is inherent in many girls living in different countries.

Of course, thanks to their upbringing and Armenian traditions, the women of Armenia are perfect wives. Most of the Armenians are very hardworking and this is laid in them from childhood. Armenian families have many children, so girls from an early age have to help mothers at home and take care of their younger sisters and brothers.

The Armenian women are very clean and if you go to visit her, you will see how everything around is clean, fed children, a happy husband. A special place in the life of an Armenian woman is occupied by her children and parents. For the sake of her family and friends, she is ready for anything.

Caucasian women love and cook deliciously. The dining table in Armenia, the richest and most diverse, and the Armenians treat this with special trepidation. Many people like to cook a variety of dishes, salads and sweets, especially dolma, ghats and baklava. Armenian women, especially those who live in Armenia, will not let you go from her home without snacks.

Despite her humility and devotion to home, it is worth noting that many Armenians mail order brides are well-educated and intelligent women. That is why many Armenians in all corners of the globe managed to achieve unrealistic heights in the fields of medicine, science, fashion and culture.

They do not lag behind fashion and style. The Armenians dress beautifully, they are especially beautiful in their national dresses, which is not often seen now. They like to feel feminine, and they choose their clothes accordingly based on this principle. Nowadays, they like to do makeup to emphasize their natural beauty. Armenian women take care of their health and lead an active lifestyle. Many of them go in for sports: yoga, aerobics, go to the gym and pay attention to healthy eating.

Raising Armenian women does not allow them to lure and lie, so you can always be sure of their honesty. They will never create conflict situations and quarrels because they are wise and complaisant.

The first place in the life of girls from Armenia is primarily their relations with family and friends. Despite the fact that Armenian women are flexible, and men are serious and business-like, most of them walk under the heels of their wives without noticing it at all. Nothing in the house of an Armenian woman will move from the dead point: starting from buying a dishwasher and ending with questions of political choice if there is no consent of her mother:. And this despite the external political apathy of Armenian women.  Independent and self-sufficient Armenian man will not do anything without asking his wife or his mother. Armenian women are wise, and instead of the illustrious patriarchal Armenian family, we are faced with the so-called hidden matriarchy performed by wise Armenian women.

Conservative upbringing left its mark on Armenian single ladies and they became perfect wives. They can do everything: keep the house clean and prepare delicious dishes, raise children. Armenian women are wonderful cooks, and they can always surprise you with delicious dishes of traditional cuisine. All this turns out to be tasty and mouth-watering, having tasted such dishes as dolma, Armenian barbecue, manti and basturma, you will never forget this taste and these dishes will become your favorite food.

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The stunning looks of hot Armenian women

Recently conducted survey showed that more than 44,000 American men, and Armenian girls were recognized as the sexiest in the world. Armenian women look amazing, their almond-shaped, burning black and brown eyes, attract men. They have beautiful, thick, black hair, their shapes are slim. Beautiful faces with velvet, tanned skin, juicy lips and a fit body. Their movements are graceful and majestic, they just like queens.

But not only beauty attracts men from different countries. These women have excellent taste. They pay great attention to hairstyle, makeup and the choice of their clothes, their appearance is really impressive. An Armenian woman always knows the way to stand out from the crowd and look her best.

Beautiful Armenian women are a little shy and extremely feminine – because these features are inherent in all women of traditional Armenian society. Therefore, to achieve the love and favor of the Caucasian bride, you will need to have patience to defeat her shyness, but when you achieve her favor, you will become the happiest man in the whole world.

What you must know about Armenian brides?

To be ready to meet with an Armenian bride, you need to know what advantages these hot Caucasian beauties have and what values ​​they have in life. All these proud and impregnable women dream of creating a family, and this is true. Armenian brides, based on the example of their parents, want to create strong families, therefore they are all oriented to long-term relationships and will choose men who adhere to the same principles as their husbands.

 The fact is that all Armenian fathers take care of their daughters and protect them, therefore, in order to conquer her heart, you must envelop her with warmth, care and attention. Meeting with her family, you will be asked many questions, as in this way they want to make sure that you deserve the trust of their daughter, you are a good person and you will not harm her. Armenian families are quite conservative and adhere to their stereotypes, so you need to be restrained, you still have to go through this and answer all their questions. Be sincere, tell your bride and her parents only true information. Armenians do not tolerate lies, otherwise you will not succeed in a strong family. Each girl from Armenia is always devoted to her partner and you do not cheat on her, this is the only way to create a strong and reliable family.

Despite being rather shy, they like to have fun. Armenian brides are very hospitable and love to walk, receive guests and have parties to pamper guests with their own cooked dishes of Armenian cuisine, so you should be prepared for this. Sitting at home is not an option if you are dating an Armenian bride, take her to the cinema, to the theater, to a concert, to a restaurant and your life will be full of happy moments.

Many beautiful Armenian girls are virgins before marriage. This is the basis of their traditions and family education. Armenians believe that premarital sex is a sin. We are talking about premarital virginity as the cultural code of modern Armenia, and it does not matter, the bride is 19 years old, 25 or 30, – the bride must preserve girl’s innocence before the wedding.

 In Armenia, the rule of choosing a marriage partner by parents has lost its relevance, however, parents should guarantee the future husband that their daughters do not have premarital relations, and the mother-in-law should confirm the presence of evidence of defloration after the wedding night. Of course, there are exceptions inspired by the wind of change and the temptation of liberal values. They can often be observed in the capital, but for any self-respecting resident of a provincial town, not to mention the remote villages, all this is a complete disgrace for the whole family.

Hot Armenian girl should be understanding, submissive, obedient, but she should not be smart, otherwise it is believed that the husband will be complexed against the background of a smart wife. A girl must necessarily get married, preferably before 25, and she should be sympathetic if her husband cheats on her. Such situations have acquired the status of a granted event simply because he is a man and a woman must endure and obey hin in everything. Women in Armenia are limited in communication, movement, and the opportunity to work outside the home. Their sex life is identified with reproductive function and is controlled at all stages of the life cycle.

Armenian culture is generally very interesting and amazing; it is a unique country with a unique history. You should definitely visit Armenia and learn more about this country, ask your future wife about the culture and history of her homeland. Armenians love their country and with great inspiration and pleasure tell everything they know.

How important is the Family to beautiful Armenian women?

Historically, the concept that the family is the most important thing in the world is inherent in Armenians. These women unconditionally respect their husbands, they value marriage vows and will always be submissive and loyal to you. This is logical, because she wants to have a strong family and you will be happy with her.

It has traditionally developed in Armenia that the role of a woman is the wife and mother. In modern society, there are many women who want to get an education, build a career before starting a family. Sometimes modern Armenians become perfect mothers and wives, despite the fact that they decide to combine this with work and work full time.

They manage to pamper their loved ones and relatives with the preparation of delicious food. They love to cook and make it not only for family dinners, but also for large parties arranged for friends. All hot Armenian women, excellent mothers, they simply adore children and want to have their own. They are very caring for their children. There are independent and free women, similar to European and American feminists in modern Armenia. They work and make their own decisions about their lives and parenting. But still have respect for their husbands, an integral part of their marriage.

Tips and advice for online dating

Before you start searching for your beautiful Armenian wife, you need to choose a reliable online dating resource on which there are profiles of these amazing representatives of the Armenian culture.

A reliable dating website means safe and reputable one, with good reviews from grateful customers. Selecting a site on it you need to register and create your profile. To draw the attention of single Armenian girls to your person, you will need to add your best photos and write your true data, tell about your hobbies and plans for life.

Looking through and choosing girls do not stop on Armenian woman. If you write to several ladies, it will increase your chances of success. On dating websites, there is a video chat function, using it you can make sure that the bride from Armenia is real and looks exactly as you expect.

When you understand that you like a girl and she likes you, you can arrange a meeting in your homeland or you should go to Armenia. Dating sites at your request provide translation services, if necessary. They can also help you with the organization of the trip and with the paperwork. Think about your actions on the trip. Do not forget to grab some lovely presents for the bride and her parents. After all, you will certainly have to get to know them.

Offline dating – how not to screw up?

When you come to Armenia and meet with the bride and her family, behave yourself freely and confidently, only in this way can you make a good impression on them. Be respectful with the parents of the bride, they will appreciate it. Bring your Armenian bride and her mother flowers and small boxes of sweets. You can present a bottle of excellent wine to her father.

Usually parents worry before such a meeting no less than the chosen one of their daughters. Each family has its own traditions of guests’ welcoming. Try to tell them about yourself what they want to know, because they trust you with their daughter. It will be perfect if you find any similar interests or hobbies with them.

You have to behave carefully and gently with the bride. It is not necessary to seem aggressive and irresponsible, this will not impress any woman. No need to think about spending at least one night with while you are dating Armenian girl. It just can be considered as an insulting offer. Do not forget that Armenians are virgins before marriage and believe that you can make love with someone who has serious intentions only after marriage.

Conclusion – Are Armenian ladies worth your attention?

Without a doubt, every man who is lucky to win the heart of such a girl will appreciate the Armenian wife. Besides the fact that they are beautiful, innocent, caring, they are also mostly educated (often with two higher educations), able-bodied girls and women who can make any man a happy husband and father.

Armenian mail order brides are very submissive, respect their husbands realizing that the man is the head of the family. These all myriad advantages made these amazing women in demand for men from all over the world. Beautiful Armenian woman can become perfect life partner and will always be a faithful wife and support you in any life situations, both in grief and joy.

10 Armenian women who changed the course of history

  1. Saint Shushan-Vardeni (409-75)
  2. Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumanad Banu Begam) (1593-1631)
  3. Alenoush Terian (1920-2011)
  4. Diana Abgar (Anahit Aghabekyan) (1859-1937)
  5. Zabel Yesayan (1878-1943)
  6. Anita Conti (Anita Karagoshyan) (1899-1997)
  7. Zaruhi Kavaljian (1877-1969)
  8. Anna Ter-Vardanyan (1920-2011)
  9. Gohar Vardanyan (1926-)
  10. Dame Sayan Srbouhi Ilayas