African Women

African Mail Order Brides: Overview

Two oceans, apartheid, crime, amazing nature and excellent wine – what is known about South Africa, is intriguing and frightening at the same time. A country on the edge of the African continent combines Dutch heritage, British mentality, African traditions, 11 official languages ​​and even more nations.

The role of women in the life of African peoples is clearly underestimated. It is not very noticeable and is more of a behind-the-scenes character than the stormy and taking place in front of everyone’s activities of men, but the house is the patrimony of women. Thousands of household chores – from cleaning and cooking to childbearing and raising children – take a lot of time. On only one labor-intensive process – cooking takes almost the whole day. Women get satisfaction from work because they are forced to reckon with them.

Everywhere in savannas women are looked after, they are pampered and even after the wedding, especially among the southern nations, a man constantly gives his wife outfits and decorations so that she can appear in public and maintain his own status. Therefore, if you are looking for an African mail order brides, be prepared that she will constantly wait for your gifts. Do not ask, namely wait silently! You also need to take into account that the main influence of women is determined by the fact that they have children, and many peoples of the southern savannas, recognizing the importance of this role of a woman, establish maternal inheritance, and the female line becomes more important than the male.

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It is necessary to emphasize that the African woman is very suspicious and hypersensitive, it is very easy to hurt her. Her whole life is spent in dreams that someday the time will come when a person will appear in her life who will protect her from adversity and give her happiness. That is why African mail order bride often agree to marry a foreign man. She has incredibly sensitive organs of perception and a rich imagination. African woman devoid of greed. She does not fight for her happiness, but goes with the flow. She prefers not to see the unpleasant aspects of life, and if she faces difficulties, she hides in her illusions. An African woman has a strong sense of compassion. She is always ready to help loved ones, the sick and the needy. She spends most of her energy helping her relatives and friends, putting their problems on her shoulders. An African woman never cares about herself. It is a godsend for those who like to cry in a vest. No one knows how to listen and sympathize better than an African woman. The inner life of African brides is very rich, it must also be taken into account. With external tenderness and defenselessness, she has tremendous inner strength. The most difficult thing for her is to overcome her doubts and timidity.

African Mail Order Brides: the Way to Conquer them

Many men fall under the charm of a feminine and very peculiar African bride and try to achieve her favor. What qualities must a man have in order to win the love of an African woman? What do these women want? In order to date African women and to become the only prince for life, to achieve her respect, love and mutual understanding, a man should strive to behave as follows:

  1. Love, but not lose self-esteem. Every woman wants to love and be loved. Beautiful courtship, ardent declarations of love, gifts, romantic evenings, knightly behavior creates a feeling of inner peace and awareness of the fact that people love her. The feeling of security gives a woman the opportunity to start building a nest. The subordination of a man to her desires creates in her a consciousness of security and stability. In her view, a man should love, take care of her, fulfill all her whims, always understand her, calm and pity her. In a word, to be completely at her disposal. Over the years, such a man’s desire to look into her mouth and fulfill all her whims begins to annoy a woman, and a man loses all authority in her eyes. Thus, an African woman loses the support for which she was married. The blame for this mistake in her eyes rests entirely with the man;

  2. You must have principles and not be lazy. All African women want to see an accomplished person next to them, and the size of the wallet is also important. But, according to many women, the most important thing in a man is his desire to strive to achieve success, show initiative and integrity. A man should strive for change, and not succumb to his own laziness. A woman wants to see with her support and protection, this desire is inherent in her nature itself. The purpose of a woman is to become a mother, but in order to have children, she wants to have reliable support;

  3. Do not skimp on the gentle words and affection. Women are more emotional than men. As you know, women love with their ears, they want love and tenderness. In everyday life, do not skimp on the gentle words of love and affection. In a relationship with an African wife after several years, you can lose the feeling of love and novelty. It is possible to awaken the moments of tenderness and love again only by making an unexpected surprise or a complement to the woman. To preserve the love and warmth of the relationship, a man should be attentive, gentle and does not skimp on compliments. A woman wants to get from a man the feeling that, despite all her mistakes and shortcomings, she remains the only and beloved for him;

  4. Do not be offended and know how to forgive. Women are very quickly offended by trifles, but also quickly forgive. It is not worth with every offense to find out the cause or scandal. Do not try to cover the entire list of women’s “I want” at once; not a single man can cover the list of women’s requirements. However, every African woman wants to see in a man a magical prince who will fulfill all her desires. If this does not happen, the woman is offended and does not understand why a man cannot fulfill all her whims. As a result, the relationship may be destroyed. A man must show tolerance and not pay attention to the round of accusations against him. However, to indulge all the desires of an African woman is also not worth it, the subordinate man is also not needed by a woman. Women often simply do not understand their own contradictions and cannot give up their desires. The duality of requirements is peculiar to all African women, and especially strong. Such women are trying to crush a man, but at the same time they cannot stand if a man leans in front of him. Therefore, men need to learn how to find a way out of any situation, while maintaining respect and dignity in the eyes of the African bride.

Where to Find African Brides?

So, you decided to find an African bride … The choice is quite extraordinary, but quite reasonable! Now you need to contact the international marriage agency. International marriage agencies that provide spouse search services from other countries are experiencing a real boom. The wide distribution of the Internet allows in the shortest possible time to organize the search and meetings of potential African mail order brides. Internet agencies complement and supplement other forms of finding a spouse through third parties, for example, ads in newspapers. How does the selection of African brides for European men is being fulfilled? The process is quite complicated. African women dating agencies create databases that contain the personal data of potential spouses needed to find the best candidate. As a rule, a special questionnaire is filled out for this. Agencies organize meetings with African brides, during which potential spouses can better know each other. In cases where candidates share the language barrier, they are provided with an interpreter for additional price.

Representations of clients collected at a marriage agency range from a few words in a questionnaire and dating evenings in a cafe, to filming a full-scale portfolio and commercials, from demonstrations (or broadcasts) of video and radio interviews taken by agency employees from clients, and the questionnaire is the most common, but least reliable search criteria. Contrary to stereotypes, most of the emerging couples do not satisfy one of the key personal requirements for each other: by age or education, by height or relative to children. Qualified staff of agencies know almost everyone and can personally advise something, however, getting access to a representative and quite illustrated database of marriage offers, the majority of clients prefer to choose and call on their own. Regular psychologists provide moral support, sympathize, simultaneously adjusting values ​​and desires, trying to lead a person to the adequacy and normal tone not so much with his advice, as with a series of meetings (clashes) with potential partners.

African Mail Order Brides: Why to Choose them?

The main feature that attracts others to single African women is their heart — kind, sensitive, and generous. A married African woman tends to overly romanticize and idealize her partner, especially at a young age. But when her lover is a mere mortal, not without flaws, it causes her not so much bitter disappointment, as much as an interest in his complex personality. If an African woman gets a partner who can fully appreciate and feel her, she can become a model of an excellent wife. First of all, she is very feminine and attractive, can for many years attract the enthusiastic views of men. In addition, she truly believes in romantic love to the grave.

By nature, an African woman is a homebody. It is home and family for an African woman in marriage that is her whole world. The ideal house for her is a warm in every sense house, in which peace, love and harmony always reign. She doesn’t like big changes, visitors who are without an invitation, and too fun way of life, coupled with constant entertainment. An African wife permanently decorates her home, and does it in a rather traditional manner, often loves working in the garden. As a rule, African wives cook well, especially they manage pastries and desserts, which the family simply adores.

An African woman in marriage does not require luxurious living conditions from her partner, she is not naughty when it comes to material matters. It is enough just to appreciate her chores and self-sacrifice for others. Hot African woman cannot be happy without love and adoration. A compliment from her husband, a bouquet given for no reason or an unplanned dinner at a restaurant will give her great joy and can be inexpensive at the same time. It is a pity that men are often greedy and skimp on small signs of attention.

African Women and their Priorities

Despite their isolation, African brides do not like at all, and are even afraid to be alone – in the global sense of the word. That is, to spend the weekend in a society of books, in peace and quiet, asking family and friends not to disturb their privacy – this is quite in the style of an African woman, this is how they relax most effectively. But solitude and loneliness are completely different things: the first is easy to break at will, and getting rid of the second is not easy. The second is the longing and lack of fulfillment, which take forces, and not restore them. Native, friends, loved one, they all make an African woman feel happy and needed, and for this she is ready to give them all her love, tenderness and attention without a trace.

Love for African brides is a sacred, all-encompassing, almost cosmic concept. If they could, they would give a piece of this sacrament to every person in the world. Most African women are true humanists, eager to help all who need it, without thinking about whether a person deserves help. African women need the strong shoulder of a spouse, mother or father – someone who is able to protect their big and vulnerable soul from the dirt and rudeness of the real world. African women strive for self-development, for knowledge, they are interested in the unknown, they express themselves through creativity.

What can Attract African Women to Agree to Marry you?

According to social review, from early childhood, parents are trying to raise an African girl so that, as an adult girl, she could attract a man, tie him to her and successfully marry him. The inability to attract a man and marry him to yourself is a sign of her insolvency in life and unattractiveness for men. Therefore, every African woman unconsciously for herself is terribly afraid of being alone and striving to get married. At the same time, modern African women do not want to become dependent on men, they want freedom and try to achieve success in their careers. A woman as a wife and housewife who obeys her husband in everything today is not fashionable and not interesting not only to the representatives of the weaker half of humanity, but also to the men themselves. However, whatever success in career and in life an African woman has achieved, without a man, she is not able to overcome the feeling of inferiority. Therefore, for a successful woman, a man must be a winner, a leader and strong in all respects. Such African women for marriage challenges men to fight for her favor, and then selects among them the best partner in life.

Cultural dissonans: how to overcome it?

How can two lovers deal with such differences? Carefully, thought out and, probably, even before the wedding. Two people who grew up in different cultures, but met and allowed their feelings to connect their hearts and lives, may face difficulties. These difficulties are hidden, like a piece of iceberg, most of which, namely 85%, hides below, under water. “But we love each other!” – This is beautiful! But men and women who can openly declare their love for one another very often fail. They do not realize that in different cultures, men and women belong to the opposite sex in their own way.

Intercultural or inter-ethnic marriages are not prohibited or condemned by society, but the difference in culture introduces its own difficulties that both parties face. Each marriage is experiencing complications due to the fact that its members are from different cultures. Family life in any case has problems besides those that arise in inter-ethnic marriages. How to cope with such cultural differences if you marry an African girl? You must make every effort to understand the customs and traditions of the country in which your other half grew up. You should respect differences and get used to these differences as much as possible. You should not demand that your African wife give up her culture.

There are two types of relationships in a marriage: dependent and independent. The traditional African family is a close-knit family, with its family values. Relationships are built on dependency. For them to be together is the most important thing! Among Americans, however, there is a tendency of independence from each other, when friends — not necessarily from the family’s social circle — take a more prominent place. Their values ​​are more likely to be based not on the family as a notion, but on beliefs that are dictated by the level of education, position in society and relationships with God. Cultures collide. Whether you like it or not, but when you marry, then marry not only your African bride, but all of her family. Although these words do not sound at a wedding ceremony, they are still a subtext.

The main question, separate from understanding and taking into account cultural differences, is how you cope with the problems that arise: chase them, avoid them, or try to solve them. If you think that your personal comfort is more important than the needs of an African wife, then marriage is not for you and you do not know the real feeling of love. If you really love your soul mate, then your sacrificial love will help you to solve cultural problems: after all, for you the most important thing is to make you happy. If such a desire is counter, all difficulties can be overcome painlessly. You should always look for a healthy compromise, which is impossible to achieve by only unilateral concessions. Therefore, only sacrificial love will help you with cultural problems.


Despite the widespread belief that African brides are ready to do anything to marry a European and leave with him in search of better life, this is not entirely true. The African bride needs to be conquered, to attract her attention. So, you need to apply for qualified assistance of marriage agency in order to meet African women. Dating African girl, remember that this is a very complex nature, that often she is silent about her experiences, although a real storm occurs inside her.

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