Judaism is the oldest monotheistic faith, where the laws and principles are derived from “Torah”, the first five books of the bible. Jewish community traces its origin in the parts of Israel, where it is considered to be both an ethnicity and religion. Jews are both traditional and conservative who follow a set of traditions and customs pertaining to their religion. They observe daily prayers in the home and visit the synagogue; the Jewish house of worship and study, during important festivities. Jews are divided into various groups namely, Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Reformist and Modern Orthodox.

Though the Jewish people strictly appear to believe in single God, they equally emphasize greatly on the importance of marital relationship between a man and woman. Jewish dating relies on certain principles like monogamy, marrying a matured woman who is able to take her own decisions at the right age, meeting a woman in-person before proposing marriage and getting full consent from both, before walking the aisle.

Why Choose Online Jewish Dating Websites?

In the world of online dating websites intended to connect eligible bachelors and singles openly to meet, flirt and date each other, Jewish community has also come forward in building relationships through these services over the internet. Traditional dating websites cater to generic individuals who are willing to meet someone special and establish friendships, romance and long-term relationships. Niche dating websites, on the other hand, offer a separate class of services and are built exclusively to meet the needs of a particular individual.

Jewish dating websites fall under the category of niche dating websites that encourage Jewish men and women to meet online and check their compatibility based on their faith, beliefs and customs of Judaism. Online dating for the Jews is a serious affair and not for entertainment, since only matured men and women are allowed to search for their suitable partners in the community.

At a time where relationships between a man and woman are started as casual acquaintances due to the loosening of social restrictions, Jewish men and women focus on real emotional compatibility and intimacy between them. It is not based on attraction or sex, as these members take the time in getting to know the opposite sex before marriage.

Knowing these customs and principles, Jewish dating websites are designed specifically based on this conservative approach to dating. They offer free and premium membership for Jewish singles to join the website and meet a variety of people from the Jewish community who are seeking life partners. The one particular attribute on all these sites is the in-depth profile creation process emphasizing their religious beliefs and traditions. They can mention whether they cover their head, visit the synagogue and offer daily prayers, kosher, whether they are conservative, traditional or modern orthodox, which can easily help members to filter profiles according to their needs.

Most of these websites allow members to upload their photos and even offer extensive privacy features to keep their personal information and photos private. This encourages plenty of Jewish women to create a profile with photos and check their compatibility with interested men by utilizing several communication tools like messages, emails, winks and live chat facilities.

These websites create a wedding vibe by displaying good testimonials and successful relationships created through their online dating services. Some even boast of having paved the way for more than thousand marriages and engagements in the Jewish community. The success of Jewish marriages on these platforms is mainly due to their wide local Jewish community, where members are willing to arrange meetings between men and women based on their compatibility factors. Live human matchmakers are available on these websites for making the process of matching easier among Jewish singles.